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To Clean or to Remediate? Knowing What Services You Need When Mold Strikes.

4/20/2022 (Permalink)

Mold Detected in Tallahassee Home Mold in Leon County home assessed for cleaning and remediation services.

The difference between mold cleanup and household mold remediation - What you know can help you save BIG!

Household mold is inevitable, especially living in Florida. Outdoors, most molds are harmless and noninvasive. It is the molds inside, however, that can cause you, and your home, major damage to health and wealth. The mold spores being referenced are the type that come with no invitation and linger long after you want them too.

Simple tips and tricks can be found on sites and sources all over when it comes to household mold, but there are some situations that won’t resolve by chatting with your neighbor or reading a quick tip sheet. Even the most reputable information offers strategies and solutions that aren’t fool proof or result guaranteed. One thing that poses the most challenges is that mold often returns! It is important to know when it is appropriate to use DIY mold cleaning and when you may need to call for household mold remediation like ours.  

In the following we will lay out a few things that can be indicators as to what your mold needs are. The first thing to assess is if mold cleanup or remediation is called for.                       

Mold Clean Up:

In mold clean up, you are aiming to completely eliminate mold that can be seen with just the naked eye. An example of that would be spotting a small patch of mold caused by a water leak or burst pipe. For this, you can use targeting cleaning techniques in the case of smaller, non-toxic growth observed. 

Outbreaks that are fluid, consistent and larger have the potential for being more toxic- causing a remediation to be needed. Larger consistent, and potentially toxic outbreaks, household mold remediation is in order. This is an act focusing on bringing the mold levels back down to normalcy. These natural levels are not non-existent, as it is impossible to remove all traces of mold completely. 

When Should I Turn To Household Mold Remediation Services?

Good question! There are a lot of sure-fire ways to help you decide if you need to hire a mold remediation specialist. Here are our most important tried and true signs of whether you need to hire us to help with an outbreak in your home:

It is helpful to note that not all mold is the same color. The most common and well known color is black, but gray, white, brown red and some pastel shades are also common in the mold varieties. 

Another way you may suspect mold in the home is observed odor changes. Often a strange, musty scent is noticed, and it should never be ignored. If you smell sometime, but do not see any signs of mold, it’s a good idea to call the experts in for a deeper assessment and dive into the areas not seen by the naked eye. A great example of when this happens in homes is when mold grows underneath the flooring. It is here where the smell is detected, but no mold can be found. 

With decades of experience, SERVPRO teams understand the importance of impeccable customer service, and fast results. If you have any suspicion of mold, call our team out for a free assessment today.

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