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The Hidden Consequences of Neglecting Duct Cleaning Services

12/1/2023 (Permalink)

An example of a dirty AC vent that needs to be cleaned A dirty AC vent

Your home's HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system is a crucial component of your daily life, providing comfort and clean air. However, when was the last time you thought about the cleanliness of your ductwork? Neglecting regular duct cleaning services can lead to a host of issues that affect both your health and your home. In this blog post, SERVPRO explores the effects of not having regular duct cleaning and why you should call us for an evaluation.

1. Poor Indoor Air Quality:

Over time, dust, allergens, pet dander, and other particles accumulate in your ducts. When your HVAC system operates, these contaminants can be recirculated into your living spaces, leading to poor indoor air quality. This can exacerbate allergies and respiratory issues, making your home less comfortable and healthy.

2. Reduced Energy Efficiency:

Clogged and dirty ducts can impede the airflow in your HVAC system, causing it to work harder to maintain your desired temperature. This results in reduced energy efficiency and higher heating and cooling bills.

3. Allergy and Asthma Aggravation:

For individuals with allergies or asthma, the presence of dust and allergens in the air can worsen symptoms and cause discomfort. Regular duct cleaning helps create a cleaner, healthier living environment.

4. Unpleasant Odors:

Over time, dust, mold, and other contaminants can lead to unpleasant odors in your home. Cleaning your ducts eliminates the source of these odors, leaving your home smelling fresher.

5. Mold Growth:

Moisture can accumulate in your ducts, creating an ideal environment for mold growth. Mold spores can then be distributed throughout your home, posing health risks. Duct cleaning can help prevent mold infestations.

6. Increased Wear and Tear:

A dirty HVAC system can experience increased wear and tear, potentially leading to costly repairs and a shorter lifespan for your equipment. Regular cleaning helps prolong the life of your HVAC system.

7. Peace of Mind:

Knowing that your ducts are clean and your indoor air quality is improved provides peace of mind for you and your family. You can breathe easier, knowing you're in a healthier environment.

Why Choose SERVPRO for Duct Cleaning:

  1. Professional Expertise: SERVPRO technicians are trained and equipped to provide thorough and effective duct cleaning services.

  2. Advanced Technology: We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure that your ducts are cleaned to the highest standards.

  3. Tailored Solutions: Our team assesses your specific needs and tailors the cleaning process to address your home's unique challenges.

  4. Improved Indoor Air Quality: With SERVPRO's duct cleaning, you'll enjoy improved indoor air quality, leading to a healthier and more comfortable living environment.


Regular duct cleaning is essential for maintaining a clean and healthy home. If you haven't had your ducts cleaned recently, it's time to consider calling SERVPRO for an evaluation. Our professional duct cleaning services will help you enjoy cleaner air, improved energy efficiency, and peace of mind. Don't wait until the effects of neglecting duct cleaning become a problem; let SERVPRO help you breathe easier.

Home for the Holidays: Keeping Your Home Safe from Fire

11/25/2023 (Permalink)

The results of severe interior fire damage The aftermath of interior fire damage

The holiday season is a time of warmth, joy, and cherished traditions. It's also a season when fire risks can increase due to decorative lighting, cooking, and the use of heating sources. At SERVPRO, we're committed to helping you keep your home safe during this special time of year. In this blog post, we'll share valuable tips to prevent fires and steps to take if you ever find yourself the victim of a fire.

Preventing Holiday Fires:

1. Careful Decoration:

  • Inspect Lights: Before decorating, carefully inspect holiday lights and extension cords for damage or frayed wires. Replace any damaged items.
  • Safe Placement: Ensure that lights, ornaments, and decorations are placed away from heat sources, such as candles, fireplaces, and heaters.
  • Candle Safety: Use flameless LED candles as a safer alternative to traditional candles, and never leave lit candles unattended.

2. Safe Cooking Practices:

  • Stay in the Kitchen: When cooking, stay in the kitchen to monitor food on the stove or in the oven. Unattended cooking is a leading cause of home fires.
  • Keep Flammable Items Away: Keep kitchen towels, oven mitts, and other flammable items away from stovetops and ovens.
  • Timers and Alarms: Use timers to remind you when dishes are done, and ensure your home has working smoke alarms installed.

3. Fireplace and Heating Safety:

  • Fireplace Safety: Use a screen or glass door to contain sparks and embers. Ensure the fire is fully extinguished before leaving the room or going to bed.
  • Space Heater Precautions: Place space heaters on stable surfaces and away from flammable materials. Ensure they have safety features like tip-over switches and automatic shut-offs.

4. Electrical Precautions:

  • Avoid Overloading Outlets: Do not overload electrical outlets or power strips with too many decorations or devices.
  • Turn Off Decorations: Turn off decorative lights and unplug them when you go to bed or leave your home.

5. Outdoor Decorations:

  • Use Outdoor-Rated Equipment: Ensure that outdoor decorations, extension cords, and lights are specifically rated for outdoor use.
  • Prevent Tripping Hazards: Keep outdoor decorations and extension cords clear of walkways to prevent tripping hazards.

What to Do If You're a Victim of a Fire:

If, despite all precautions, a fire occurs in your home, here are the immediate steps to take:

1. Ensure Safety:

  • Evacuate your home immediately and ensure the safety of all family members and pets.

2. Call 911:

  • Dial 911 to report the fire and request emergency assistance.

3. Do Not Reenter:

  • Do not reenter your home until it has been declared safe by firefighters.

4. Contact SERVPRO:

  • After ensuring your safety, contact SERVPRO for professional fire damage restoration and cleanup services. Our expert technicians will assess the damage, provide immediate cleanup, and initiate the restoration process.

5. Document the Damage:

  • Document the damage for insurance purposes by taking photos and making a detailed list of damaged items.

6. Inform Loved Ones:

  • Notify family members and loved ones about the fire and your safety.

7. Seek Support:

  • Reach out to local disaster relief organizations or support groups for assistance and guidance during the recovery process.

At SERVPRO, we understand the devastation that fires can cause, especially during the holiday season. Our experienced technicians are here to support you in the aftermath of a fire, restoring your home and belongings to their pre-fire condition. Remember, your safety is paramount, and we're here to assist you every step of the way. We wish you a safe and joyful holiday season, free from the worry of fire hazards.

SERVPRO of North Leon County: Your Local Experts for Biohazard Cleanup

11/18/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO team working on a biohazard job SERVPRO team on a biohazard job

At SERVPRO of North Leon County, we take great pride in being your trusted partner for biohazard cleanup in Leon County, Florida. Allow us to share why we are uniquely equipped and capable of handling any biohazard cleanup job specific to Leon County. Biohazard situations, such as crime scenes, sewage backups, infectious disease outbreaks, and hoarding scenarios, require a specialized and professional approach to ensure safety, thoroughness, and compliance with local regulations.

1. Local Expertise, Community Commitment:

As a locally owned and operated
SERVPRO® franchise, we are deeply rooted in the Leon County community. We understand the unique challenges that our county faces, and we are committed to the safety and well-being of our neighbors. Our local expertise allows us to tailor our services to meet the specific needs of Leon County residents and businesses.

2. Immediate Response, Leon County's Peace of Mind:

In biohazard situations, time is of the essence to prevent further contamination and minimize risks. That's why we offer 24/7 emergency response right here in Leon County. We know that a swift response is crucial, especially when it comes to public health and safety. When you call us, we're always ready to mobilize and get to work promptly.

3. Expert Technicians, Personalized Solutions:

Our certified technicians are the heart of our operation. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every biohazard cleanup job specific to Leon County. Whether it's a crime scene, sewage backup, or infectious disease outbreak, our team tailors a unique cleanup plan to address the particular challenges of Leon County's biohazard situations.

4. Comprehensive Cleaning and Restoration, Leon County-Style:

Biohazard cleanup involves more than just cleaning visible messes. It requires decontamination, thorough cleaning, and the restoration of affected areas to ensure safety. In Leon County, we take pride in our advanced cleaning techniques, specialized equipment, and meticulous attention to detail, which ensure that every surface, item, and element is restored to a safe and sanitary condition.

5. Safety and Local Compliance:

Biohazard situations come with specific safety and regulatory concerns in Leon County. We are committed to adhering to all local and federal regulations for biohazard cleanup, ensuring that we protect both our Leon County community and our beautiful environment. Our team is trained to handle biohazardous materials safely and to ensure their proper disposal.

Success Stories, Leon County's Own:

Over the years, we've had the privilege of assisting our Leon County community with various biohazard cleanup needs. Our commitment to professionalism, compassion, and safety shines through in every Leon County project. You can explore some of these success stories on our website, where we share examples of how we've made a positive impact on our Leon County neighbors' lives.


At SERVPRO of North Leon County, we're more than just a biohazard cleanup service; we're your local partner in ensuring the safety and well-being of our Leon County community. Our expertise, dedication, and deep roots in Leon County make us uniquely capable of handling any biohazard cleanup job specific to our county.

If you find yourself facing a biohazard cleanup situation in Leon County, whether at home or in a commercial setting, don't hesitate to contact SERVPRO of North Leon County. We're here to provide the support, expertise, and unwavering commitment needed to restore safety and peace of mind to our beloved Leon County community. Your safety and the well-being of our Leon County neighbors are our top priorities.

Why Choose SERVPRO for Mold Remediation in Tallahassee, FL

11/9/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO experts in PPE sealing off mold contaminated areas and preparing remediation steps SERVPRO expert team work on mold remediation

When it comes to dealing with mold issues in your Tallahassee, Florida home or business, you want a team of experts who understand the ins and outs of mold remediation. At SERVPRO, we take mold seriously, and we're here to explain why choosing us for mold remediation is a decision you won't regret.

Mold: Understanding the Basics Mold is a type of fungus that exists naturally in our environment. It thrives in moist and humid conditions, making Tallahassee's climate a suitable breeding ground for mold. Mold spores are microscopic and can easily spread throughout a property via air or even by attaching themselves to clothing or shoes.

The SERVPRO Approach to Mold Remediation At SERVPRO, we've honed our mold remediation process to be as efficient and effective as possible. We follow industry standards and guidelines to ensure the job is done right.

Here's why you should choose SERVPRO for mold remediation in Tallahassee:

  1. Expert Assessment: Our experienced professionals begin with a thorough assessment of the affected area. We identify the source of moisture, contain the mold growth, and create a detailed plan for remediation.

  2. Containment: Mold can spread easily during the remediation process. SERVPRO takes precise steps to isolate the contaminated area, preventing cross-contamination.

  3. Air Filtration: We employ advanced air filtration equipment to capture microscopic mold spores from the air, ensuring the environment is safe for both our team and the property's occupants.

  4. Removal and Cleaning: SERVPRO uses specialized equipment and cleaning products to eliminate mold colonies. We focus on not just removing mold but ensuring it doesn't return.

  5. Prevention: Mold remediation is only part of the solution. SERVPRO also addresses the root cause of the mold issue. We identify and eliminate the source of moisture to prevent future growth.

  6. Verification: After remediation, we conduct a final inspection to ensure the property is mold-free and safe for occupancy.

  7. Documentation: We provide comprehensive documentation of the entire remediation process, giving you peace of mind and records for insurance claims or future property transactions.

The SERVPRO Difference Choosing SERVPRO for mold remediation in Tallahassee means you benefit from our extensive knowledge, advanced technology, and a commitment to exceptional service. We understand the importance of swift action when mold is involved, and we're here to make your property safe and healthy again.

So, if you find mold in your Tallahassee property, don't hesitate. Contact SERVPRO, your trusted mold remediation experts, and let us help you get back to a clean, safe, and mold-free environment. Mold may be a formidable foe, but with SERVPRO on your side, you can breathe easy.

Restoring Tallahassee's Heritage: SERVPRO's Water Damage Expertise in the Capital City

11/6/2023 (Permalink)

Water damaged carpet being dried SERVPRO dealing with the aftermath of water damage

In the heart of Tallahassee, Florida, where the state's capital meets a rich blend of culture, heritage, and natural beauty, water damage can be a homeowner's unexpected challenge. Whether it's a sudden rainstorm, a plumbing mishap, or a roof leak, the impact of water damage can be truly disheartening. Fortunately, Tallahassee has a dedicated team ready to help, no matter the size of the job – SERVPRO®.

Local Insight and Expertise:

  • In Tallahassee, local insight is invaluable. Our SERVPRO team is proud to serve the capital city and understands its unique character. We recognize the local climate, common sources of water damage, and the most effective strategies to address them. We're not just a restoration team; we're your neighbors privileged to serve the heart of Florida.

Skilled Professionals Rooted in Tallahassee:

  • Tallahassee's distinctive blend of history and modernity requires specialized expertise. Our team consists of skilled professionals who call Tallahassee home. They're trained and certified to serve our city effectively, ensuring that we can handle any size job with precision and care.

Advanced Equipment for Every Tallahassee Challenge:

  • Tallahassee's diverse weather patterns demand adaptability. We're equipped with state-of-the-art tools, including advanced moisture meters and powerful dehumidifiers, to address water damage effectively, regardless of the challenge.

Initial Assessment for Tailored Solutions:

  • Understanding Tallahassee's unique climate and potential sources of water damage, we begin with a comprehensive assessment. We evaluate the extent of the damage, whether it's caused by a local storm, flooding, or internal issues.

Safety as a Community Privilege:

  • Safety is paramount in our capital city. Whether we're tackling a small residential issue or a significant job, we immediately shut off electricity and gas to protect our team and our neighbors.

Efficient Water Extraction for Tallahassee Residents:

  • Tallahassee residents can trust us to swiftly remove standing water. We understand the importance of quick action, especially during stormy seasons, no matter the size of the water intrusion.

Thorough Moisture Detection:

  • Tallahassee's unique humidity can create hidden moisture pockets. We employ advanced moisture detection equipment to ensure every corner is covered, regardless of the job's size.

Respect for Your Belongings in Tallahassee:

  • We treat furniture, cherished items, and valuables with care, regardless of the size of the job. Tallahassee's rich cultural heritage deserves nothing less.

Community-Based Mold Prevention:

  • Tallahassee's warm and humid climate makes mold prevention vital. We take all necessary steps to control humidity and ensure thorough drying, no matter the scale of the water damage.

Dehumidification and Structural Drying in Tallahassee:

  • In a city that values its historical sites and modern developments, we use dehumidifiers and specialized drying equipment to reduce moisture levels and restore building materials, regardless of the challenge.

Cleanliness and Sanitization in Tallahassee: - Tallahassee residents can count on our commitment to cleanliness. Whether it's a small residential issue or a larger commercial challenge, we disinfect all affected areas, preventing mold and bacteria growth and maintaining a healthy living environment.

Preservation and Restoration in Tallahassee: - Tallahassee's rich history and architectural heritage deserve preservation. Whether it's a small residential issue or a significant commercial crisis, our restoration process ensures damaged structures and materials are repaired or replaced, preserving the city's unique character.

A Focus on Community in Tallahassee: - In Tallahassee, we're not just a service provider; we're your neighbors, privileged to serve the capital city. Our commitment to our vibrant community means we maintain open lines of communication with property owners, ensuring that clients are informed about our progress, any adjustments, and what to expect, regardless of the job's size.

Final Inspection in the Spirit of Tallahassee: - We complete our work with a final inspection to ensure that all water damage has been addressed, and our community is safe and habitable, no matter the size of the challenge.

Serving Tallahassee, we understand the privilege of serving the capital city and its unique character. Whether it's a minor residential issue or a significant community crisis, our SERVPRO team feels deeply connected to Tallahassee and is committed to preserving its heritage, culture, and vibrant life. We're not just a restoration team; we're part of your community, your friends, and your support system. In Tallahassee, we're here to ensure that the capital city remains a vibrant and welcoming place to call home.

Rising from the Ashes: SERVPRO’s Comprehensive Fire Damage Restoration

10/17/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians suit up for restoration Our Tallahassee experts were called out to a commercial fire damage site ready to provide immediate restoration.

A fire can leave a trail of destruction in its wake, affecting the structural integrity of your home and the safety of your loved ones. SERVPRO® steps in during these trying times with a comprehensive fire damage restoration service, aimed at not just repairing the damage but restoring hope and comfort.

Beyond the visible charred walls and furniture, fire leaves behind smoke, soot, and odors that permeate into various materials. Our team understands the complexities of fire damage and is equipped to tackle both visible and invisible aftereffects.

The SERVPRO Fire Restoration Process:

  1. Emergency Contact: Your recovery journey begins with a call. Our 24/7 emergency response ensures that help is always at hand when you need it most.

  2. Inspection and Fire Damage Assessment: Our professionals conduct a thorough assessment to ascertain the extent of the fire, smoke, and soot damage, laying down the blueprint for the restoration plan.

  3. Immediate Board-Up and Roof-Tarp Service: To prevent further damage, we ensure that your property is secure by boarding up missing windows and walls and placing tarps on damaged roofs.

  4. Water Removal and Drying (if water damage is present): If water damage occurs due to firefighting efforts, SERVPRO will address this immediately to prevent additional damage and mold growth.

  5. Removal of Smoke and Soot from All Surfaces: Utilizing specialized equipment and techniques, our technicians meticulously clean smoke and soot from ceilings, walls, and other surfaces.

  6. Cleaning and Repair: Beyond structural repair, the team takes care of cleaning, sanitizing, and restoring your belongings, ensuring that memories and valuables are preserved.

  7. Restoration: The culminating step of making your home habitable again, ensuring it's not just structurally sound but feels like home, "Like it never even happened."

Navigating Insurance: Fire incidents can be financially impactful. Our team eases this burden by working closely with your insurance company, facilitating the claims process, and ensuring that you have one less thing to worry about.

Fire damage goes beyond burnt walls and destroyed belongings; it takes an emotional toll on those affected. SERVPRO’s fire damage restoration service is a holistic approach designed to restore not just properties but lives. With our prompt, professional, and empathetic service, recovery and restoration are not just possible but are achieved with a touch of compassion and excellence.

Repairing Hidden Water Damage in your Tallahassee Property

9/25/2023 (Permalink)

Home in Tallahassee with water damage Tallahassee family called SERVPRO water restoration technicians after enduring water damage in home.

Repairing Hidden Water Damage in your Tallahassee Property

Water that appears clean to the naked eye can still carry and attract microbial bacteria. If left alone clean water can stagnate and move to a more severe stage classed as Grey Water or even Black Water, which is harmful to your health. A small-scale caused by a leaking pipe should always be remedied by a professional with an awareness of potential outcomes and the associated property damages.

Leaks occurring in a non-frequented area of the home in like a wall cavity or attic space can cause permanent water damage in Tallahassee. Reaching out to SERVPRO Franchise professionals immediately for assistance could help to contain the issue and avoid expensive replacements and remodeling work. Our technicians are local to the area and have experience in dealing with properties like yours.

Since our inception, SERVPRO has a superb record of helping property owners overcome these issues. We provide employees with the training and qualifications they need to be consistently effective. On top of that, our technicians have access to modern equipment which can make a critical difference in your restoration service.

Two types of equipment that SERVPRO can make available to our water technicians are injectidry systems and drying mats. Both are designed to drain moisture from difficult to reach areas such as wall cavities or beneath floorboards. Using vacuum power and injectors or mats these technologies are incredibly effective at drawing water. In the long run, deploying this type of equipment can prevent unpleasant odors or secondary damages like mold growth.

The restoration of possessions after coming into contact with water is not always easy. However, we promise to work with restoration over replacement. In severe situations, we can perform pack out services which involve sending items to external cleaning facilities, treating them with industrial-grade ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Usually, odors in the home pass once moisture is dried. If this is not the case, our odor control technicians can thoroughly deodorize the affected area.

If you are struggling to deal with property damages by yourself, contact SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599.

Read about Tallahassee here.

What Water Damage Does to Florida Flooring- Not All Materials Are Affected Equal!

9/7/2023 (Permalink)

Commercial building with hurricane cat 3 water damage After Hurricane Idalia passed through Tallahassee, our crew was brought into the Bass Pro Shop to restore the water damage.

Some Flooring Fares Well During Floods While Some Does Not

Flood damage is very rarely a light load on a home, and in the vast majority of cases, flooding has a severe negative impact on the home. In many cases, the most damaged and most concerning element of the damage is flooring. Floors are completely submerged during floods, causing water to seep in and wreak havoc. But how exactly does water damage affect different types of flooring? Our technicians are trained to deal with and restore all of these flooring types, and can help with any flooding on them.
Wood Flooring
In Tallahassee, water damage is often most pronounced on wood flooring. Wood is very vulnerable to flooding and other water damage, as its materials have been intentionally dried and when wet can rapidly change shape and warp. Flooring commonly loses color, stains, and loses shape, but thankfully we have techniques to deal with all of these problems, and can replace the floors if all else fails.
Carpeting is often typically very hard-hit by a flood. Carpets have space in between their fibers and underneath them and are usually composed of cotton, fabric, or plastic fiber, all of which are highly susceptible to permanent water damage. The aforementioned spaces can be widened, tearing the very material apart, and carpets are very prone to staining and discoloration. Where a rug of a different color is on top of a carpet, its color may bleed through and cause thick discoloration. Carpets are often ripped up and replaced after a flood to prevent serious mold growth from occurring in the home.
Tile and Concrete
Tile, concrete, and other stone floors often fare the best in a flood. The tiles themselves are typically immune to water, requiring only cleaning and sanitization following a flood. Concrete, on the other hand, may stain and become discolored, although this is typically cleanable or easily painted over. Be mindful, however, that some types of tile grout may be susceptible to water damage, and can easily grow mold. A fresh grout layer may be required following flooding over tile.
Well-equipped to deal with all types of flooring following a flood or other significant water damage, SERVPRO of North Leon County is a reliable home restoration and repair company ready to help 24/7. Call us at (850) 536-6599 for emergency water damage services.

Your Valued Possessions Are SERVPRO’s Priority: What Happens To My Things During Restoration?

7/14/2023 (Permalink)

Household items covered during restoration process Personal items in a North Leon County home are covered for protection during the restoration process with SERVPRO team.

SERVPRO takes several measures to manage and prevent damage or loss of valuables during the restoration process. Here are some key practices we follow:

1. Pack-Out Services: SERVPRO offers pack-out services where we carefully inventory, pack, and transport the contents of a property to our secure storage facility. This ensures that valuable items are safely stored away from the restoration area, protecting them from further damage.

2. Detailed Documentation: Before the restoration process begins, our team conducts a thorough inventory of the property's contents, including photographs and detailed descriptions. This documentation helps keep track of valuables and ensures their safe return.

3. Secure Storage Facilities: SERVPRO maintains secure storage facilities equipped with advanced security systems to safeguard valuable items. The facilities are protected against theft, fire, or water damage, minimizing the risk of loss.

4. On-Site Protection: During the restoration process, our technicians take precautions to protect valuable items that cannot be moved. They use plastic coverings, tarps, or other protective materials to shield possessions from dust, debris, and potential damage.

5. Skilled and Trained Technicians: We employ skilled and trained technicians who understand the importance of handling valuable items with care. Those technicians follow specific protocols and techniques to minimize the risk of damage while working on the restoration.

6. Specialized Cleaning and Restoration Techniques: When restoring damaged items, SERVPRO utilizes specialized cleaning and restoration techniques tailored to different materials and valuables. This helps minimize any further damage or deterioration during the restoration process.

7. Constant Monitoring: SERVPRO staff closely monitors the restoration process, ensuring valuable items are not overlooked or accidentally damaged. We continuously assess and adjust our procedures to ensure the highest level of protection for the contents.

By implementing these measures, our team aims to provide comprehensive protection and minimize the risk of damage or loss to valuable items during the restoration process.

Fire Damage Facts: SERVPRO Teams Are The Experts to Know

6/14/2023 (Permalink)

Fire damage in local home in LEon County SERVPRO team comes in to restore extensive damage in kitchen area of Tallahassee home.

Florida is a state that is well-known for its warm climate, sunny beaches, and lush landscapes. Unfortunately, it is also a state that is susceptible to wildfires, particularly during the dry season. In recent years, fire damage in Florida has been a significant concern for both its inhabitants and the authorities.

Wildfires can occur naturally, caused by lightning strikes or spontaneous combustion. However, many wildfires in Florida are the result of human activity, such as unattended campfires, discarded cigarettes, and fireworks. These fires can spread quickly, especially during the dry season when the air is hot and humid while the vegetation is dry and flammable.

The effects of wildfires can be devastating. Large areas of land can be destroyed, vegetation can be burned to the ground, and wildlife can be displaced or killed. Moreover, the smoke and ash from wildfires can pose a serious threat to the respiratory health of those living close by, particularly the elderly and young children.

In addition to the effects on the environment and human health, wildfires can also have a significant economic impact. Lost property and infrastructure damages can cost millions of dollars, and tourist activities may be seriously affected, which will result in a devastating loss of revenue for the local economy.

Florida has taken steps to minimize the risk of wildfires by implementing measures such as controlled burns, clear cutting, and creating firebreaks. Education and awareness campaigns have also been implemented to educate people on the risks of human behavior that can lead to fires. However, despite these efforts, wildfires still occur, and there is always the inherent risk of property, environmental, and economic damage.

In conclusion, fire damage remains a significant challenge in Florida. The impact of wildfires in the state can be devastating, lasting, and can have far-reaching consequences on communities, economies, and the environment. In the future, Florida must plan long-term solutions that will help the state prevent wildfires and minimize the damage when they do occur.

Our teams are trained to handle your water damage restoration needs, but before that we are here with prevention tips and solution as well.  

Hurricane Preparedness Starts With Knowing the Facts

5/31/2023 (Permalink)

Family works together to prepare for hurricane season Family gathers to prepare for hurricane season 2023

Hurricanes are one of the most destructive natural disasters that can cause massive damage to property and loss of life in their path. That is why it is important to take the necessary steps to prepare for hurricane season. Here are some general steps that we, and SERVPRO, suggest to practice.

1. Stay informed - Pay close attention to weather updates and advisories from the National Weather Service. Make sure you know the warning signals and emergency procedures in your area.

2. Stock up on emergency supplies - This should include non-perishable food items, bottled water, flashlights, batteries, a first aid kit, important documents, and a battery-powered or hand-crank radio. Make sure you have enough supplies to last at least 3-5 days.

3. Secure your property - Bring in any outdoor furniture, secure windows and doors, and trim trees and shrubs to remove any potential threats. Reinforce your garage door and make sure it is in good working order.

4. Create an evacuation plan - Know where you will go in case you need to evacuate, have a designated meeting spot for your family, and make sure you have transportation and fuel ready if you need to leave quickly.

5. Review your insurance coverage - Make sure your insurance coverage is up to date and covers hurricane damage. This should include flood insurance if you live in a flood-prone area.

By following these general steps, you can help ensure that you and your family stay safe during hurricane season. Always remember to take the threat of hurricanes seriously and be prepared before a storm hits.

Water Damage in the State Capital is Restored By SERVPRO

4/10/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO service trucks parked for water damage services SERVPRO trucks are parked and called in to provide water damage restoration for residents of Tallahassee, FL.

If you possess real estate, either your own home or rental properties, you're aware that many things can damage your investment. Instead of doing repairs yourself, you should have a professional crew that is experienced in water damage and the related problems that moisture and standing water can cause.

Damaged Interiors can Create a Loss of Enjoyment or Rental Income
Water damage in a Tallahassee home occurs quite often, and should always be taken care of immediately. Even if walls are not left soaking wet, absorbed water can wick up walls, damaging them. If water damage has happened upstairs, because an upper floor bathroom has had flooding or even a window was left open during a heavy storm, water can flow down the walls into lower stories. The water may not always be visible, either. Equipment like moisture sensors, thermal hygrometers, and infrared devices are used by SERVPRO technicians to detect the presence of water that is hidden from view.

Flooring and its coverings need to be dried quickly, and the underlay plus any supporting beams need to be inspected for damage. We employ powerful pumps, and wet vacs to extract as much water as possible before the use of drying equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers. If this is done quickly enough after water has been deposited by rains or by overflowing bathroom faucets, the damage caused by the presence of water can be minimalized.

Restoring Water Damaged Interiors is Less Costly When Water has Been Quickly Removed
This is because less drying time and fewer repairs are likely to be needed. This reduces the cost, as well. When fewer walls, hardwood flooring, furniture and other interior structures are damaged, the cost of materials and repairs decreases. It also means that your home or real estate property will be in habitable condition once again sooner. Water damage can create other issues too, such as bacterial and mold growth that can create adverse health effects to people. Our IICRC certified technicians from SERVPRO salvage as much as possible.

Protect Your Investment and Get the Professionals to Repair water Damage to Your Home
When you've got water damage in your home or real estate property, give SERVPRO of North Leon County a call at (850) 536-6599. We'll take care of any leftover water and then repair the damages.

Restoration Professionals Use Rapid Extraction and Drying on Tallahassee Water Damage.

3/13/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO service truck ready to head out to job called in. The SERVPRO team in North Leon County prepares to service another water damage in Tallahassee.

Rely on SERVPRO to Mitigate Water Damage with Rapid Extraction and Drying

Water damage is one the most severe events in a home or organization. SERVPRO has a highly trained team in water removal and damage restoration for both commercial and residential water losses. The working team follows the best practices of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification IICRC, and they are certified to have exceeded the expected industry demands.

The source of the water is not a problem to the team since there is cutting edge equipment handled by qualified technicians to perform the required tasks without delay. Our company has an excellent reputation for water removal and handling damage events in the Tallahassee area. When water affects a property, not to worry, our teams are well trained for any level of water removal and cleanup. Using the water extraction machines, SERVPRO team members can dry property fast and offer documentation to validate when the drying process has reached the desired moisture content level of the building materials and possessions.

The office staff, managers, and technicians all have knowledge of repair and restoration. The SERVPRO team has added the advantage of many years of working experience hence developing much confidence to handle various situations. The expert understanding of removing water helps to extract water quickly, detect moisture in a hidden area and ensure a thoroughly clean and dry home. Water damage is unique in different areas, therefore, requiring different techniques in removal and restoration, but the procedure is similar.

SERVPRO is locally owned and operated and is ready and near to help, the main aim being to make the surrounding areas including FAU free from the effects of unwanted water. The strategic position of the company plays a significant role to access many areas immediately either during the day or night. The primary goal is to return the damaged areas to its preloss condition, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of North Leon County is a quick emergency response team ready to serve you at any time of the day. Contact us 24/7 by calling (850) 536-6599 in Tallahassee, FSU, and Centerville.

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What Fire Damage Looks Like, and What SERVPRO Experts Can Do to Restore Your Property.

3/1/2023 (Permalink)

Fire Damage on Tallahassee Property SERVPRO of North Leon County is brought in to restore fire damage in Tallahassee structure.

SERVPRO of North Leon County can clean up damage from smoke and soot in your Tallahassee home.

Smoke is a mixture of gases and small particles. The small particles are also called ash, and they include soot.

Soot is the collection of particles left from incomplete burning of products that contain carbon. These products include wood and coal.

Smoke and soot do not destroy materials the way fire does. They leave behind greasy films and have an unpleasant odor.

Smoke moves from warmer areas to cooler areas. You will find smoke and soot damage on the ceiling above where the fire started, but you will find the damage in other places. SERVPRO of North Leon County looks for damage in/on:

  • Outside walls and windows: Even if the fire was in the center of the room, smoke travels to the cooler areas.
  • Closed-off spaces: Smoke and soot settle in cooler areas, including dresser drawers, closed closets, and wall cavities.
  • Air ducts: smoke and soot travel throughout the house
  • Drapes and blinds. The drapes and blinds are cooler than other parts of the house. During a fire, the areas behind the drapes and blinds are cooler than the rest of the room. Remember that smoke travels to the cooler areas, leaving behind smoke and soot.

Our fire damage restoration experts investigate these areas to get a good idea of what kind of damage is in the building.

Water Damage From Toilet Overflow in Tallahassee Homes.

2/22/2023 (Permalink)

Water damage in Tallahassee Home Toilet overflow caused severe damage in Tallahassee home.

We have seen water damages of all kinds. One, the family had a little one who loved the flush the toilet. He/she loved it so much they flushed and flushed and continued to do so until it caused the toilet to start overflowing. Causing the water to overflow onto the tile, out the bathroom, through the floor to the downstairs ceiling and floor.

When our technicians arrive to a job, they introduce themselves, evaluate the entire damage and scene. Then they explain the next steps, and what needs to be done for that first day. We do our best to treat and set equipment the first day to control the temperature and environment as soon as possible to avoid any mold or further damage.

We understand that things happen, and it is not always in our control. Toilets can be fun and fascinating to little ones. We understand this was not the plan for you and your household. Our staff and technicians do their absolute best to walk you through the process and communicate the best they can. Remember SERVPRO of North Leon County is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. We are trained and ready to help you through your water damage today.

IICRC Qualification Is Part Of Our Commitment To The Community

10/5/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of North Leon County takes pride in IICRC Certification SERVPRO is an IICRC Firm in Tallahassee

SERVPRO of North Leon County is an IICRC firm. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) creates the standards for the restoration industry and provides training and certification to restoration companies. IICRC Certified Firms have the right to display the IICRC Certified Logo.

IICRC Certified Firms must:

  • Present accurate information to consumers and conduct business with honesty and integrity.
  • Require a technician on all jobs who has been formally trained and passed all required tests.
  • Require a continuing education program to keep technicians up-to-date on the latest changes in the industry.
  • Maintain liability insurance to protect all parties in the event of an accident.
  • Maintain a written complaint policy and agree to Better Business Bureau or similar arbitration to resolve disputes, and accept the conclusions and recommendations of arbitration.

The IICRC Develops The Standards For The Restoration Industry

The IICRC has been the driving force in establishing the main industry standards and reference guides for professional carpet cleaning, water damage restoration and mold remediation. These IICRC standards take years to develop and require the coordination of experts in the field: manufacturers, industry organizations, insurance professionals, training schools, contractors, and public health professionals.

Every five years, the standards are reviewed and updated. The water damage restoration field changes rapidly with advancements in technology and science, and therefore the standards must evolve to keep pace.

Condensation from your HVAC Can Cause Water Damage that SERVPRO Experts Can Fix

10/4/2022 (Permalink)

Water condensation leads to damage from ac unit in our North Leon County territory Tallahassee home has our team come provide dry out from ac unit damage.

Summer is over, but we aren’t fully into cold temperatures yet in Florida. During the warmer months, you have most likely been running your HVAC more than ever to keep it cool in your home or business. As the result, your HVAC creates plenty of condensation. That water needs somewhere to go, and it’s easy for those lines to become clogged quickly. This can cause your emergency line to either break or your drop pan to overfill. So what are you supposed to do if this happens and causes water damage?

  • First, call your HVAC company to service your unit. We have many great providers that we work with regularly and are always willing to call for you as well. This is probably the easiest and most efficient method, however you will have to pay for the service.
  • Make sure you check your primary condensation line is slowly dripping water when your HVAC is on. This is usually located near the ground outside the home located in an  area of high foot traffic.
  • If your primary line is not dripping check the secondary line, usually located somewhere like above a window or door.
  • If the primary, or both lines are not dripping while the unit is on, that means there is blockage. Find a way to flush out or remove the potential blockage. The cleanout will usually be located close to the HVAC main unit. Make sure you thoroughly research how to properly clear your lines before attempting to!
  • Check your HVAC unit drip pan, make sure it has no holes or rust around it. If it is damaged you may need to replace it.

If you have experienced issues with water damage due to your HVAC leaking, call our SERVPRO experts today.

SERVPRO Knows The Value of Water and the Danger of Water Too!

10/4/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO team loads all equipment to handle large load after excesses rain in short period. Team has to rally after an extremely wet rain week causes extensive damage to our area residents.

Water, is a source of life and refreshment, but can also be devastating!  We all need water to survive, and in fact our bodies are made of mostly water, but when water is present in the wrong circumstances it can mean loss of life or property.  SERVPRO of North Leon County deals with the later on a daily basis- taking on the tough water moments so you can enjoy the satisfying ones!

During recent months, excessive rain was experienced in our area, so our team was called into action.  Now, our normal method of operation is to kick into action, but this rain event put us into high gear!  Everyone on the SERVPRO team was on high alert and ready to help our community with the water overage experienced by all.  It should be noted that at the start of this weather alert we were also called out to a very large sewage loss, which only added to the stress of the situation.

Calls were pouring in and the team was at capacity. Through level-headed composure, we were able to stay calm and wait. True to our belief systems, eventually something wonderful happened!  The team, with the direction of our fearless leader, dug deep and made it happen.  Everyone was filled with the true spirit of teamwork!!  Office staff were now field staff, field staff were happily working over-time and what we like to call the “Green Dream Team” was taking it all in stride. We even received a little help from our sister location SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee. We were taking care of our customers and in the end, that’s what is important to our team!

Today, it's still wet outside, but rest assured that our team is out there helping our community get dry and keeping water in the best place possible, their drinking glasses.

Water Damage Detection Requires Proper Tools- SERVPRO Has The Best of The Best to SERV You With!

9/1/2022 (Permalink)

Warehouse filled with SERVPRO equipment for water restoration services  Team in North Leon County houses endless water restoration tools that help our experts detect damage before it gets worse.

Most water damage can be identified pretty quickly, as it destroys structure and all that is in them right before your eyes.

Still, it’s the water you don’t see that can be equally detrimental to your most valued spaces and things.

Even the smallest  water damaged areas have the potential to cause serious structural and indoor air quality issues over time. The key to avoiding costly restoration in the future  is to handle every water problem as a real threat to your residential home or commercial property. Our Tallahassee team has the professional equipment, highly-trained staff and proven experience to detect and dry hidden water before secondary damages occur. The proper equipment makes a measurable difference in reducing the damage expense during a fire or water loss. When time matters, technology and equipment must be counted on to perform. Our crew will answer your call with fast action and a full arsenal of drying equipment. Here are a few of the tools we use can you to detect and find hidden moisture:

  • Moisture Sensors are used to detect moisture in carpets, baseboards and walls.
  • Moisture Meters are used to determine the actual moisture content of various materials. The moisture tester provides accurate readings, allowing us to monitor the drying process.
  • Thermohygrometers measure temperature and relative humidity. When armed with this information, SERVPRO® of Bay County can calculate and create an environment most conducive to drying. When facing a contaminated water loss, it is not only important to dry the structure, but the structure must also be disinfected and deodorized.
  • Ultra Low-Volume (ULV) Foggers will atomize liquid deodorizing agents, producing a fine mist that can easily penetrate the site where odor-causing residues may accumulate. This device can also be used to inject fungicides and disinfectants into wall cavities and other hard-to-reach areas.
  • Thermal Foggers dispense solvent based products by creating a dense fog. The fog consists of tiny particles of deodorant solution that attach to and neutralize odor causing particles to deodorize structures, garments, automobiles and other places where cleaning cannot reach.

It’s most important that you know our team has the training and equipment to make it “Like it never even happened.” Call SERVPRO of North Leon County today at (850) 536-6599.

SERVPRO Shares Homemade Cleaning Solutions For Savings in Emergency Service Needs and Cleaning Supplies.

9/1/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO team gathers items to demonstrate homemade cleaning supplies SERVPRO of North Leon County Connects with customers by helping make homemade cleaning supplies.

Our team at SERVPRO knows that helping our community with prevention and money-saving tips is what makes us truly the best SERVice providers in restoration. Making homemade cleaning supplies is a sure-fire way to “save” yourself from disasters in the future.

While there are several great green cleaning supply brands that are safe, healthy, and effective, some people like the option of going “full green” and making their cleaning supplies using simple ingredients. By making your own cleaning supplies, you know exactly what’s in the solution and can reduce waste. Not only will you help the environment, but you can also save money.

You might be surprised to learn what ingredients you can use to clean and which ones might already be sitting in your pantry.

The following are common ingredients that can be used to clean, either alone or with other ingredients:

  • Lemon
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Cornstarch
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Borax
  • Citrus extracts
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Castille soap

Here are a few essential cleaning products you can make yourself:

Carpet Cleaner

If your carpet is a little smelly or just needs to be freshened up, simply sprinkle baking soda or corn starch onto the carpet and let it sink in for up to an hour. Then vacuum.

Air Freshener

You can easily make your own air freshener by boiling lavender or citrus extracts in water.

Window Cleaner

Forget common cleaning products that use ammonia. Make your own window cleaner by combining four cups of water to every one cup of vinegar. Add a couple of drops of essential oils for a pleasant smell.


Behold the wonder of citrus! To disinfect, just use lemon juice. Lemon can even remove oil stains on laundry.

All Purpose Cleaner

Mix a quart of water with four tablespoons of baking soda for a quick and easy all purpose cleaner.

Furniture Polish

For every one cup of vegetable oil, mix in one teaspoon of lemon oil. Mix together and use a dry rag to make your furniture shine like new.

Grout Cleaner

Using a 50-50 mixture of water and white vinegar, clean your grout with a toothbrush. For more hard-to-budge dirt, mix baking soda with water to create a paste and scrub with a toothbrush.

Increase the Shine of Stainless Steel

Simply use olive oil on a dry cloth and buff to make your stainless steel appliances shine bright.

Rust Remover

Have a buildup of rust on a metal pan? Use salt and lime. Sprinkle salt onto the rust and add lime juice over the salt. Let sit for three hours and then use the lime rind to remove the mixture.

Whether you make or purchase your cleaning supplies, it is important you keep your space clean in order to create a defensive strategy against home health breakdowns. 

Fire Safety Tips Are Only As Good As The Tools They Require.

9/1/2022 (Permalink)

Sharing proper fire safety tools and tips is our teams priority North Leon County teams seek to inform and educate the community on fire safety.

When it comes to prevention, we love to offer tips.  

Still, when dealing with structure fires, nothing is more important than the right TOOL.

It is widely known that having an in-date fire extinguisher on your property is imperative to fire safety, but did you know that there are different kinds of fire extinguishers, as well as a proper way in which to use one?  Keeping yourself, your family, and your property protected in the event of a structure fire is paramount, and the below information can help facilitate that process.

The most common questions we hear is, “What are the different kinds of fire extinguishers, and what is each used for?”

 The U.S. Fire Administration defines five primary types of fire extinguishers used to put out different kinds of fires

  • used for ordinary material fires, such as wood, cloth, or paper.
  • for use with combustible or flammable liquids like grease, gasoline, or oil.
  • for use with electrical equipment like appliances and tools.
  • for use with flammable metals.
  • for use with animal oils, vegetable oils, and fats in cooking appliances.

Many fire extinguishers may also be multipurpose, in that they carry multiple letter definitions and can put out a variety of material fires.

The next most common question we hear is, “What is the proper way to use a fire extinguisher?”

The U.S. Fire Administration suggests the acronym “PASS” as a means of properly discharging a fire extinguisher:

     P - Pull the pin. Hold the extinguisher with the nozzle pointing away from you and      release the locking mechanism.

     A - Aim low. Point the extinguisher at the base      of the fire.

     S - Squeeze the lever slowly and evenly.

     S - Sweep the nozzle from side to side.

To keep yourself safe, it is important to use extreme caution within a fire damaged structure, and always follow the guidance of local fire authorities.  SERVPRO of North Leon County has years of experience helping customers both before and after a fire. If you have any questions, or need services, call our team today.

Ongoing Cleaning Can Help Keep Your Business Running Smoothly in the Wake of the Pandemic.

9/1/2022 (Permalink)

North Leon County continues to suit up and show up for cleaning Certified Cleaned program executed by the North Leon County teams for businesses all over Tallahassee

Covid-19 brought elevated cleaning services to life. Today, local businesses continue to reap the rewards of our Certified SERVPRO Cleaned program.

Now that we have gotten everyone BACK to business, it’s important to us that we KEEP you in business.

For almost a full year, the expectations of visitors, customers, and employees who come into our establishments have evolved, and staying safe and well is a top concern. The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed what it means to be clean, and we’ve developed a program to help your business meet the new higher standard of clean that is now expected.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned is a defensive cleaning program we continue to offer businesses and commercial locations to address the continued sanitization methods we need to help people stay safe. Our proactive viral pathogen cleaning program goes well beyond janitorial or carpet cleaning. By choosing Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, you, your employees, your customers, and your community can rest assured that you’ve selected a higher cleaning standard – you are Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

Extensive training and specialized products

As the #1 choice in cleanup and restoration*, we stand on more than 50 years of experience and expertise to help your business become Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.  Beyond fire & water, SERVPRO professionals are trained and experienced in biohazard decontamination and chemical spills – always adhering to the cleaning and decontamination standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local authorities. 

From formulating and creating our proprietary cleaning products, like SERVPROXIDE, at our headquarters in Gallatin, TN, to taking the utmost care while disinfecting, we will ensure you and your business are set up to inspire consumer confidence as the economy continues to reopen.

3 C’s – Consult, Clean, and Certify

When the stakes are this high, you want a partner who has developed an industry leading, proprietary training program, cleaning solutions, and remediation processes over decades. We’ve cleaned up some of the most challenging biohazards imaginable. Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned reflects our unique experiences and capabilities. The program is grounded with our unique 3 C’s: Consult, Clean, and Certify.

Consult – Every business is different, which is why you’ll be assigned a Cleaning Protocol Consultant who understands your business and will create a cleaning program to meet your specific needs. This program will be developed based on your business type, size of space, amount of high frequency touchpoints, foot traffic and congestion points.

Clean – Based on your specific business needs, your location will undergo a thorough, deep clean, using exclusive cleaning products, according to protocols set forth by the CDC. Our employees have years of experience, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform. Cleanup procedures generally include cleaning of porous and non-porous surfaces, disinfecting of non-porous surfaces, cleaning and disinfecting of equipment, tools, and/or supplies used for cleanup process, and disposal of hazardous materials.  In the event of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 event, we will be there cleaning within 24 hours to ensure you get back to business as quickly as possible. 

Certify - Once your business location has been Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, you will gain access to proprietary signage, digital emblems, and other collateral that communicates that you’ve selected a higher standard of clean available to help protect your employees and customers. And because we add the day, month, and year to that proprietary stamp of clean, your guests will know that not only did you choose Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, but that your location is being cleaned regularly at this standard.

Our team is standing by now and ongoing- ready to make sure you stay in the solution by way of our services.

* #1 Choice in cleanup & restoration based Commercial Attitude & Usage Tracking study. Polling 816 commercial business decision makers on first choice for future needs related to cleanup & restoration work. Study conducted by C&R Research: October 2019

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned means professionally trained SERVPRO franchises perform the requested cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection services according to proprietary SERVPRO protocols and recognized industry and CDC standards with EPA approved cleaning products to deliver a SERVPRO certified cleaning experience.  Each SERVPRO franchise is independently owned and operated.

Local SERVPRO Teams Prove to be an All Encompassing Storm Solution Service!

7/17/2022 (Permalink)

Restoration equipment loading up for Leon County serving.  Tallahassee SERVPRO team prepares for storm solutions for residents with storm damage.

It’s obvious why our services are even more crucial during hurricane season, but it’s not just our emergency services in fire, water, mold categories that make our team your best “go to.” With years of serving theTallahassee community after storm damages are suffered, we know the leaders in related services too, and we are committed to being a resource for all storm damage needs.

One of the inevitable steps you will need to take- post- storm is picture documentation of accidental damages. Homeowners insurance generally covers thunderstorms with winds, roof damage, tree collapse, hail and more. Still, some policies have exclusions that can make it very challenging to get the coverage you need to get your life back to good. It is important that you read the fine lines in the policy you decide on and discuss it in detail with your selling agent without worrying about being a hassle- it’s their job after all. In addition, natural disasters are often NOT covered and separate flood insurance is needed. The National Flood Insurance Program is your best bet to finalize coverage for your loved ones and home.

Storm damage restoration is a process- one our teams have mastered. The first priority is for us to ensure your safety by checking for house damage. Looking for any fallen power line, standing ware or electrical issues is what we tackle first. Once we do that, we are able to take care of the services that we specialize in and walk you through the services that our preferred partners can execute.Plumbing is a common example of just that. Checking pipes inside and outside the home, closing the valves to sinks and toilets, and even shutting the water off completely are some of the post storm plumbing priorities that we can assist in getting serviced for you. Additionally, checking for sewage backups is a step that must be handled by our partners as well.

Service from the inside out and the downside UP is standard after heavy storms- making our roofing partnerships crucial in the emergency service process. Checking the roof for missing shingles is a simple job but a dangerous one still. It’s important you don’t add to the tragedy by risking injury or your life in trying to check for damages. Our team has the skills to do so, and our partner has the skill sets to remedy any detected damage as well. You are not alone.

Another major area of common damage and great danger is electrical malfunction. Appliances that are exposed to water, must be disconnected from the power source and cleared by a professional before using again. Keeping the power off is an important precaution that pays off in the safety of your loved ones big time. The exterior breaker boxes are usually sealed tight to keep water out, but a big enough storm can seep through even that. A good rule of thumb is to avoid metal fences all together and to steer clear of any fallen or dangling utility wires. Do not try to remedy these issues alone. A professional must be called in. 

In general, the best plan to handle all post-storm damages is to call in a professional company like ours. It is sad, but cannot be denied, that many companies try to take advantage of vulnerable situations such as the above, but a few tips can help you avoid falling into the trap. 

  • Try to work with local or known contractors for storm damage restoration, as you can verify credibility best. 
  • Make sure you don’t step into the upfront payment scam- pay with a check or a credit card.
  • Be alert and look out for any contractor who tries to pressure you. If an offer is only good “now or never,” find someone else.
  • Demand the delivery of written estimates for all proposed work that include proposed scopes and prices.

These simple tips can make it easier to avoid making a bad situation worse, and calling our team in is the most sure-fire way to make the recovery process as quick and painless as possible. 

Restoration Company Uses Innovative Shifts in Marketing to Reach the Community.

7/17/2022 (Permalink)

Local Businesses Join Hands in Connecting with the Community SERVPRO hosts a key tag campaign that bring community and SERVice solutions into partnership with local businesses of all types.

Being the local leader in restoration services is something out team is most proud of. Being the local leader in partnerships, community support, and a major contributor of easy access resources is beyond a bonus for our eager to SERV staff. When our Marketing Director came on board, she onboarded a sentiment of community care that our franchise stand for, but she has done much more than that. 

When Jackie Chelly settled in, she took the community by storm by finding ways to unify and support one another, while giving the Tallahassee residents added value wherever they shopped and sipped! “My goal has always been to ensure that people knew who to call when it was crunch time. Having emergency contacts in the palm of their hands seemed like the best way.” Jackie shares that she was determined to find a way to incentivize the community to utilize the key tags with emergency contacts QR codes embedded. 

After some brainstorming, and contemplation, she landed on the “other side” solution. Jackie created a second side with he fun stuff, as she puts it. “I decided to go to local businesses and give them free advertising- offering a code with ever-changing offers for patrons. I manage the code pages, our company pays for the cost of the key tag, and all the partners have to do is pick an offer/pass them out.” This lane has served just like her team hoped. The businesses feel a sense of togetherness, the community feels excited to see rotating offers, and they are all armed with the contacts needed if an emergency should occur! 

The teams at SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee and North Leon County started out with 2000 key tags and have had to add another 3000 as the demand continues to increase. Now, more than ever, businesses need support and residents need to reconnect over entertainment and pleasure. We are seeing a rise in the traffic and the sentiment which is exactly what we were hoping would happen. Jeris CafeHanger 38Argonaut CoffeeKwench Juice Cafe, and many more are all seeing big results with the code offerings. 

Being that this medium is limitless, we will shift to back to school offers and keep things exciting. “The partnership sky is the limit,” Jackie says. Evidence to date shows she is absolutely right.

Chance of Unwelcome Showers: 5 Crucial Signs of Water Damage

7/17/2022 (Permalink)

Restoration Technician gets water reads after flooding. SERVPRO team member pulls meter readings to assess water damage in Tallahassee home.

By the time you notice leaks and other water damage signs around the home, it may already be too late—but don't worry, proper repairs can help you recover!

Under normal circumstances, we associate water with life and health. However, as soon as that water penetrates your home in some way, it’s more like cancer. Its effect can be insidious, far-reaching, and destructive.

Water damage, like cancer, can be very hard to spot the initial symptoms and like some cancers, only recognized when it's too late and the damage is already done. You don’t have to be a victim of water damage in your home. 

In this article, you will read about 5 crucial signs that indicate you have water channeling to places it shouldn’t be and causing potential damage. The effect of missing these signs can be catastrophic for your home and detrimental to your health, so make sure you read on to learn more. 

 1. Blister Bubble Flake

That may sound like a recipe from Hogwarts but these are important indications that water is affecting another surface such as your paint. The reason the surface blisters like this or changes in some other way is that the adhesive layer of the paint that connects it to the underlying surface, such as the wall, has become compromised by water penetration.

The result is that the paint starts to lift off the underlying surface in some places, creating the bubbling or blistering effect.

2. Sticky Stuck

Anything that's designed to open and close should do so with relative ease. If, for example, your doors or windows start to get stuck, or they seem to stick together when opening or closing, then this is an indication the frame has changed shape.

Changes in the frame like this could be caused by water getting into the frame and causing it to swell or warp in some way.

3. Stains and Discoloration

These are symptoms of water penetrating another surface like the ceiling or sometimes parts of the wall. When the color changes or gives the appearance of being stained don’t ignore it. This is the time to start investigating further to track down the source of the moisture causing the problem.

4. Signs of Mold

You may think this is the easiest of the signs to spot. Still, mold damage can appear gradually and at first be difficult to notice unless you're looking for it. So make it a habit to check for signs of mold even if you do that only a few times a year. 

5. Follow Your Nose

Sometimes our noses will pick up odors that indicate subtle water damage faster than any visual signs we may recognize. If you detect a musty smell don’t dismiss it as a sign of a building aging. 

If you notice your nose reacting in a sort of allergic way in some rooms of the house and not others then this too could be an early indication of water damage. 

Follow These Tips to Spot Water Damage

In this article, you have read about 5 crucial signs of water damage. Now that you know about them, you watch out for them. If you spot one of these signs don’t think it will sort itself out, it won’t. 

In fact, it will just get worse and wreak havoc on your property as time passes. If you don’t have the time personally to do something about it you can hire our professional team to come in and assess, or take care of your water remediation.

SERVPRO Technicians Have the Skills Needed to Keep Local Businesses Safe

7/17/2022 (Permalink)

Commercial Cleaning Team tends to Tallahassee commercial needs. IICRC Certified Technicians respond to commercial cleaning service call.
When you feel like germs are everywhere and you can't keep up, SERVPRO is here to help.

Our technicians have earned IICRC Certifications, making them just what the building ordered when it comes to germs!

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification(IICRC)  is the world’s leading authority on the standards for the restoration, mitigation, and remediation industry. SERVPRO of North Leon County is an IICRC Certified Firm, and that makes us uniquely qualified to serve any business in need of quality specialty cleaning services. That includes the standards required at retirement communities, assisted living centers, and many other such facilities. Our team performs specialized cleaning in buildings of every type after a property damage event such as sewage spills, water or fire damage, and anti-microbial remediation for mold, bacteria, or viruses on a daily basis. So this kind of cleaning for Tallahassee is in our wheelhouse. 

What can professional preventative cleaning do that goes beyond day-to-day cleaning? 

  • The right cleaners for the job. SERVPRO technicians are trained and licensed to use a broad array of EPA-registered antimicrobials for use in safeguarding the places you work, play, and live.
  • Protecting the public, especially seniors.  The CDC has announced that proactive deep cleaning provides a measure of protection from the potential spread of infection.  Of course, social distancing and washing our hands frequently also play a huge role in “flattening the curve”.
  • SERVPRO technicians use commercial grade equipment.  They have access to a variety of EPA registered cleaning agents and are experienced at using them in indoor environments.  In some cases they will construct a containment chamber to cordon-off a portion of the indoor environment. They can work safely within the contained area and reduce the risk of spreading pathogens from contaminated areas to non-contaminated areas.

SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee is a phone call away from implementing effective commercial sanitation measures at (850) 536-6599.

To learn more about Tallahassee, click here

Disclaimer: Advice from the medical and scientific community regarding how to deal with the coronavirus is based on present knowledge, which is subject to change as the situation continues to develop. There can be no assurance that disinfectants alone will be adequate to fully eliminate the virus. We are not physicians or infectious disease professionals. Consult your medical professionals for individual medical advice.

Moisture Affects Tallahassee Campuses- a City with Four and Growing.

6/1/2022 (Permalink)

Florida State University Student Building Large Leon County Campus Facilities Subject to Mold

Moisture in Large Spaces Pose Threat to Dormitory Living 

With four major colleges in the city of Tallahassee, thousands of students occupy student living across the campuses. A large percentage of students live in shared space through the four year duration in college- sharing laundry areas, bathrooms, and other rooms that have water passing through regularly. Furthermore, group area facilities, that house student life amenities, are communal spaces that carry a high likelihood of challenges with water.

Delayed Cleanup and Maintenance Facilitates Mold Growth 

Undergrads are busy with studies and social lives, many savoring their first time living away from home in Tallahassee. Mold damage can get out of hand when housekeeping tasks are far down the to-do list. Dorm rooms can incubate molds in piles of damp laundry, kitchenettes can harbor mold when leaks are ignored, and study and party rooms offer moisture “hot spots” when beverages are knocked over and left unattended. 

Conventional Cleaning Methods Can Fail for Mold Remediation 

When your housekeeping staff finds mold damage in buildings on campus, they may unwittingly contribute to its spread. Mold spores are incredibly tiny and opportunistic, needing only oxygen and a small bit of moisture to swell and grow. The organism sends out hyphae as it grows, branching filaments that can delve deep into porous materials like drywall, ceiling tiles, wood, and even cracked and poorly sealed grout lines. Often the answer to visible mold is to use a diluted bleach solution sprayed on the surface. This treatment might fade a mold or mildew stain, but it cannot follow the wide-ranging hyphae that move far from the surface. As the water-heavy solution soaks structural components, it provides an additional source of moisture for mold, creating a rebound in the outbreak. SERVPRO manages the situation differently. 

Call in the Mold Remediation Experts     

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols for mold remediation are SERVPRO’s blueprint. They include: 

  • Containment of the mold-infested area--traditional cleaning methods skip this step, permitting spores to travel 
  • Removal by scraping, brushing, and abrasive methods like soda blasting to rid the area of colonies and incapacitate the hyphae thoroughly
  • Cleaning of disturbed and settled spores and other debris with vacuums and wipe-downs with EPA-registered products.
  • Drying of the space and elimination of the moisture source to limit future outbreaks 

SERVPRO of North Leon County has a reliable protocol and experience in mold remediation applicable in commercial settings.

Call us at (850) 536.6599 to schedule a walkthrough and evaluation of mold damage in student living and recreating quarters today.

The Proper Tools and the Best Pros- Local SERVPRO Teams Prove to Have it All

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Water Extraction Equipment for Top Rated SERVPRO Crew Tallahassee Crew Shows Water Removal Equiptment

When you live near an area subject to storms, you have to have a team that can handle them on hand! Our SERVPRO team has the tools, and experience, needed to help you navigate the uncertainties of storm season. 

Proper tools make all the difference in the world.

After a flood, SERVPRO uses large pump trucks with attached extraction heads to remove large amounts of water. However, when your house or business in Leon County has a broken pipe, we don't need to use such large-sized and powerful pumps. We can solve the problem and protect your home with smaller units that address more localized problem areas.

One thing that we must begin with is restoring your Tallahassee building by using water extraction methods that focus on the elevated humidity. Humidity remains as long as damp areas in the structure exist. Once we dry these areas, the humidity decreases down to normal again. However, while we extract water, a large percentage of it evaporates into the air. This evaporation aids us in getting the water removed from your property.

Instead of letting the water vapor condense on surfaces and lead to other problems, we have powerful desiccant machines that pull it out of the air. If we could only pull water out from the materials in your home and not the air, water extraction would take an extremely long time and involve handling every affected item individually. 

Using the air to move the water that came out of a broken pipe helps us extract the water. Doing this efficiently requires us to move the air so that it not only absorbs the moisture that penetrated into your carpets and other materials, but so that the now-saturated air rapidly moves toward the desiccant machines. 

For carpets, we often use weighted extraction units that can double as cleaning units. These can also remove many stains. They can also leave the carpet smelling fresh and clean, instead of musty and damp. 

Odors often drift and rarely stay in one place, even after we finish extracting all of the water. We can also deodorize if odors become a problem after a leaking pipe drenches your residence. There are many effective options available, depending on the individual aspects involved. 

SERVPRO of North Leon County has all of the equipment needed to perform any size water extraction job. Call us at (850)536.6599 so we can get started restoring your home, "Like it never even happened."

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From DIY to Calling in the PROS- SERVPRO Has the Resources You Need!

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Residential home endures water damages SERVPRO DIY tips help Tallahassee residents manage water damage.

When it comes to  experts, we are it! Still, there are times where you may be able to remedy restoration issues, and you deserve to know how to do just that when you can.

Storm damages, sewer line bursts, pipes leakage and other water damaging scenarios can cause really serious, long-term consequences. This damage can be toxic and cause mold growth. To avoid this, and other long-lasting complications, you can try the steps below on your own.

Timing is a huge factor in the success of DIY tactics. The sooner you can act, the better. This helps prevent a worsening issue and even more health challenges to you, your family and co-workers. From the moment you notice signs, get moving ASAP for best results.

The first thing you should do is disconnect the outlets in the area. Water and electricity can be a fatal combination, so make sure to disconnect all outlets the moment you discover water damage in your home. Even if it is not apparent that high impact damages are in store, the first step MUST always be this one. If this step is not prioritized, and you go into the home without disconnecting the outlets, electrical shock explosions can take place.

The next thing to do is to check for mold in the area. As most know, mold thrives in  moist spaces, so taking the time to inspect the entire home or building immediately is key. Here are a few common signs to look for:

  • The prevalence of a musty, earthy smell
  • Darkening of the grout in your shower tiles
  • Wallpaper peeling
  • Dark or colored spots on your walls

Most obviously, it’s important to dry the water out! Also was dry asap to prevent the damage from worsening. Leaving still water in any spaces, for any period of time, is a haven for germs and bacteria- weakening the structure of your home. A few ways that you can do this are using fans, dehumidifiers to dry out walls and carpets as well. 

Another thing you can do on your own is remove any damaged items. All too often, water damage will wreak havoc on the items inside the home as well. It’s important to inspect furniture, carpet, flooring, drywall and other items that are of no use and are holding moisture ongoing.

The last DIY tactic we recommend is to disinfectEven if it seems a small area has the damage, you can’t be certain that bacteria has not reached other areas. We use the “better safe than sorry” method here and always suggest sanitizing the property with bleach as quickly as possible. 

If you attempt some or all of the above, and you are still not reaching a remedy stage, calling our crew in is a sure bet to getting a solution in place and restoring the routines you need to carry on life as usual. We pride ourselves on being both educational with tips and hands on when the help is needed. That is how we SERV!

Florida Storm Season Approaches- What to Expect From the PROS

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SERVPRO Storm Teams Prepare to SERV Leon County Residents Armed With Storm Crews in Waiting.

Tis the season for STORMS! 

If you have experienced a Florida storm season, you know turbulent weather can cause serious damage to vegetation, homes and buildings alike. Wind damage is a leading cause and can loose shingles and tiles on the roof structures. When this happens, rain and snow can seep into the protective surfaces of the roof and cause wood swells and lead to mold in the future. The most common elements- wind, hail, rain, lightning can cause catastrophic damages and greatly impact your life. For that very reason, restoration companies, like ours, exist. Here are some of the activities you can expect from the  SERVPRO storm restoration service professionals.

For both businesses and residential needs, our team will come to the affected property with the best of the best, trained experts to do a detailed examination of the inside and outside of the building. This discovery process can help determine the level of damage. Most often, we will discuss the service needs with the client and the insurance adjuster.

Once the conversation has reached the agreement phase, the work can begin. With various levels of damages, the plan with map out time needed very clearly to meet all expectations of the customer and insurance company. Often, flooding requires specialized pumps and vacuums to remove the water and moisture.

In addition to those, generators are typically brought in to provide power to the air movers and other machinery so as to avoid mold and future damages. Cleaning supplies patented to SERVPRO are used as well for best results. Any carpet or tangible items that can be salvaged are presented to the client to keep.

If contacted in time, our team will be able to rescue your building from greater structural issues, by inspecting the roof and replacing the dilapidated areas. After sealing and renovating the roof, they will then address the ceiling and restore to its former condition.

As you can see, when you suffer from natural disasters, the storm damage restoration process is something our experts can handle.   If you've recently suffered from storm damage and are looking for storm damage repair or water damage cleanup, contact our team today

Commercial Disinfecting Services- What to do When Emergencies Return.

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SERVPRO crews line up to deliver commercial services in Tallahassee Leon County SERVPRO restoration team amps up to bring commercial services to the community on demand.

There's nothing more important in a workplace environment than guaranteeing the health and safety of all employees. During a global pandemic, that task seems much more challenging than it might usually be. 

Now more than ever, office disinfection is crucial to the functioning of your workspace. It may seem like a daunting task, but we're here to make it simple for you and your business. Read on to discover the best ways to keep your employees safe with office disinfection. 

Develop Your Office Disinfection Plan 

According to the official CDC guidelines, the first step to cleaning and disinfecting your facility is to create an office disinfection plan. This may seem obvious at first but it's incredibly important that all your employees are on the same page about this plan. 

Determine what areas in your office space need to be cleaned most. Then, determine how each area should be disinfected and what resources and equipment will be required to do so. 

Address Air Quality and Ventilation Systems 

As you probably know, the coronavirus is an airborne virus which means that air quality is more important than ever. Not only that, but according to a 2017 HBR study, stale office air can actually make you less productive. 

If your office was already suffering from poor air circulation, now is definitely the time to address the issue. You can conduct air quality assessments to test existing HVAC systems and adapt controls and any necessary filtration measures. 

Promote Handwashing Even More Than Usual

Your employees should already be required to wash their hands before returning to work but now this is more important than ever. Post handwashing and drying signs everywhere! 

Make sure your hand soap is always full and encourage employees to wash their hands for at least twenty seconds. You can also provide alcohol-based hand sanitizer throughout the office space to encourage even better hygiene. 

Consider a Professional Cleaning Service 

It can be a lot of work to constantly keep up with an office disinfection plan. Fortunately, you don't have to task on this task completely alone. 

Hiring a professional cleaning service might be a good thing to consider if your office is particularly large and a lot of people are coming in and out of the space every day. A cleaning service can come in as often as you desire to help you stay on top of your office disinfection. 

Maintain and Revise Plan as Necessary 

Of course, what we know about the coronavirus is changing every day. Make sure you stay in constant communication with your employees to see how they feel. 

Revise based on appropriate disinfectant and PPE availability. A plan is only effective if you continue to follow through and update it when you need to. 

Keeping Your Employees as Safe as Possible 

It may seem like a scary time, but going to work doesn't have to be scary. Your employees work hard for your business, so they should feel safe when they show up for work. 

Restoration Needs for Florida Residents Must be Met By Seasoned Professionals.

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Water meter used by SERVPRO professionals. Leon County team uses meter readings in crawl space to assess service needs.

Restoration Needs for Florida Residents Must be Met By Seasoned Professionals.

Calling the right crew can be a game changer both financially and for your productivity. If you need solutions NOW, you need to be SERVed by a team ready and able to meet your needs ASAP. We know the importance of performing water cleanup to crawl spaces for our Tallahassee residents.

Flooding is always a persistent threat to Tallahassee homes and businesses, as the city often falls in line with storms making landfall from the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. Heavy storms and gale-force winds can be damaging enough, but substantial rainfall over days can cause groundwater flooding in various ways. Oversaturated earth cannot absorb rain, and it can sit on the surface and pool until it becomes a hazardous situation.

Flood from groundwater under Tallahassee homes can threaten areas like the crawlspace of residences. This open area beneath a structure can be the ideal installation point for utility connections like the water and gas. Because this is a hub for your in-house services, addressing Tallahassee flood damage in the area is critical to protect these fixtures and exposed structural elements supporting the house. When standing water exists underneath the house, there are several strategies to dry up the area.


Groundwater extraction is more complicated and problematic than removing standing water inside the house. Instead of electric submersible pumps that can continually remove volumes of water quickly and quietly, our SERVPRO professionals must utilize more powerful equipment like gas-powered trash pumps and engine-driven truck-mount pumps.


Drying up the lingering moisture in the area is the only way to address potential threats like mold and microbial growth. Lingering dampness can feel active spores in this environment to use organic materials like wood framing and supports to colonize. With centrifugal air movers carefully positioned, we can begin universal evaporative drying for the entire damaged space. We can also assess at this time if any reconstruction or other build back needs exist for your residence before we conclude restoration.

Flooding can often be one of the most damaging situations for homes and businesses in the area. Even if the standing water is underneath your home in the crawlspace, you might still be at risk for the effects that this elevated moisture and humidity can cause. No matter how we can help.

Fire Damage Tips You Can Do Before Calling in the Pros

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Building in Tallahassee with Fire Damage Leon County Resident Suffers Fire Damage in the Home

Having a fire in a structure you occupy both impacts you immediately and in the long term as well. The first concern is understandably the confirmation that everyone nearby is safe and out of danger. The next concern that follows is property damage from the fire and smoke. One of the biggest challenges in moving forward is the lingering smell of smoke that serves as a constant reminder of the tragedy. Whether it is bothersome or causes physical uncomfortability, the smell of smoke can’t be ignored.

Full removal of the move smell is not as easy as a deep clean. The smoke is usually ingrained in the walls and furniture fabric as well. It’s not a one stop solution article that we have created here. What we will offer below are a few effective ways to get rid of the smoke smell in the home or business. Despite the feeling of despair, it’s important to remember that you are not alone, and we are one call away with experts that can assist the recovery.

The speed in which to begin to remove the smell is crucial. The faster the better is a great rule of thumb here. Large and lengthy fires leave black soot which has a strong odor and sets on surfaces. Softer surfaces, like carpet, curtains, cushions and other items that absorb the molecules.

The first thing you can do is air it out. Keeping the doors and windows open for at least a full day can help with the ventilation and have a great impact on the smell. Fans and other air-moving tools should be run at full-blast on the highest speed to get a leg up in the cleaning that will follow.

The next step that can follow the airing out step above, is to move into creating positive pressure. This is when the air pressure outside of the structure is greater than the pressure on the inside. What this does is allow the air on the inside shift to move outside. The way to do this is like so:

  • Leave your front door open- running a fan placed outside and blowing inward.
  • Close all other entryways and windows in order to save one that will act as a ventilator.
  • Turn the fan on full-blast for 15 minutes and then close the open door and window.
  • Repeat this routine with all structural openings- allocating 15 min to each. 

Another popular method is using baking soda. It is preferred by many that lean towards a natural method and it is gentle on the surfaces being treated. We suggest beginning with carpets by sprinkling baking soda on all of the dry carpets and using a broom to help it saturate at the deepest level possible. The baking soda, if effective, can neutralize the smell. You can repeat this process as many times as you deem necessary. All fabric-covered furniture can be treated in the same way as well. Leave it out overnight, and simply vacuum the remaining with a vacuum the next day.

There are plenty of other DIY-like methods you can find from numerous sources. We encourage all attempts to reduce the smell at a fast and low-cost rate. Still, it is usually the case that you can’t completely eradicate the smell without calling professionals. Experienced technicians at SERVPRO have access to industrial equipment that can go deeper than most methods. Unlike many services, our team is focused on offering cost- competitive, and experience elevated service to all of our customers and to leave your structure “Like it never even happened.”

Water Mitigation Process for Local Businesses in Tallahassee

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Office in Tallahassee Flooded Leon County office endures serious water damage

SERVPRO Can Help Develop the Right Water Mitigation Processes for Tallahassee Businesses to Minimize Disruptions

Water can mess with your business operations in different ways if there is an uncontrolled leak or other sudden intrusions at your retail outlet. You can expect interruptions whether the water spill affects the service areas, storage sections, or utility areas at your Tallahassee business premises. Incidents affecting the areas accessed by customers tend to have more noticeable impacts.

What concerns does the water mitigation done at your Tallahassee premises need to address to eliminate work disruptions?

  • Failure of some of the infrastructures that support your business
  • Risks of injury to customers or staff members
  • The vulnerable feeling you have that the incident might recur

Water is a universal solvent that affects many materials found in buildings. For instance, it can corrode power cables interfering with the flow of current to lights, electronic appliances, and other utilities that you need to deliver services to your clients. Indoor rated data cables are affected when water permeates the jacket material, thus disrupting signals. Moisture can also eat into structural materials. If water removal and other restoration processes do not address such deterioration, you might be forced to close the business indefinitely at a later date to make expensive repairs and replacements.

Our SERVPRO technicians help scrutinize all areas by opening up sockets, checking recessed lights, and inspecting various types of cables for accumulated water, or signs of moisture intrusion. Alternatively, we inspect wall cavities, ceilings, and other areas using non-invasive methods such as scrutinizing them using thermal cameras.  If we find water in any of the cavities that we inspect, we can remove it using mechanical approaches such as drilling weep holes or by using sophisticated systems such as drying mats or injecti-dry systems.

What injuries can water intrusion cause?

Water is mostly harmless when you consider the quantities that leaks or other types of spills involve.  However, interaction with other materials at the property can create risky conditions for the people that visit your business premises. For instance, the water that spills on floor surfaces leaves them slick, increasing the chances of slip and fall accidents. The immediate response to water intrusions is to mark and isolate wet areas using warning signs meaning that people can no longer access those areas. Since the signs are mostly placed outside the building, some potential clients may end up avoiding your business altogether when they notice the warning signs. Completing water extraction faster can ensure the signs only stay in place for a short while, minimizing the disruption.

Water removal may require the use of pumps, extractors, and other equipment that utilize different types of hoses and power cables, which end up creating obstacles that can trip people as they move around your business premises. Our technicians use various approaches to ensure that the restoration process is organized.  For instance, we must have a staging area for the equipment and supplies we need to fix the damages caused by water intrusion. We also group cables or hoses and secure them with Velcro straps or other fasteners. An arranged loss site poses minimal risks to customers and other visitors.

How likely are water damage incidents to recur after mitigation?

The primary reason water damage in Tallahassee might recur is likely to be associated with the cause rather than the mitigation efforts.  Water intrusions affecting commercial establishments mostly originate from:

  • Leaky roofs
  • HVAC condensation issues
  • Faulty appliances
  • Leaking pipes

Establishing the exact source of the water that damages your business, and taking steps to fix it helps eliminate any feeling of vulnerability that you might have. Most of the source points are located in hidden areas such as crawlspaces and cavities, thus necessitating a skillful approach to pinpoint the origin of the intrusion. Choosing a comprehensive repair option such as replacing all damaged and worn out parts from the utility systems, helps forestall the possibility of immediate recurrence, which would be detrimental to your business.

Lack of thoroughness during the mitigation process can lead to the recurrence of secondary water damage. For instance, failure to dry materials to the correct level leaves moisture residues that can spark mold development, rotting, or other kinds of deterioration.  Our SERVPRO Structural Drying Technicians work with specific moisture content figures to guarantee sufficient drying. For instance, when drying solid wood, we confirm that the moisture drops to an average of 10% in all affected wooden materials.

Not All Water is Created Equal- Types of Storm Water and What to do About Them!

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Water Damage to Tallahassee Home Water damage on multiple floors of Leon County Home.

Many Floridians can say they have heard the “cat terms” discussed around them, and most can also say they don’t know what that really means! One thing is certain: These terms aren't going anywhere, so it is best to get educated on them.

One of the first cautions, that is helpful for parents, is that storm water has a high likelihood of being contaminated with raw sewage, dangerous chemicals, or harmful bacteria and viruses capable of transmitting dangerous diseases to your family.

Now that we cleared that up (pun intended,) we will decode storm water characteristics that determine which type of restoration service is needed. All of the services we office are in an attempt to reduce property destruction based on the damage incurred. The 3 levels of water will be covered in more detail below:

Category 1: Clean water

This is made up of water damage from sanitary disasters. Overflowing sinks and bursting pipes and failed supply lines to appliances are the most common in this category..

Category 2: Grey waterThis category has consequences that are painful if ingested. It is generated from washing machines, dishwashers, and urine-tainted toilets. 

Category 3: Black waterThis is deemed the worst of all classifications. Severe illness is probable if ingested. It consists of sewer backups, flooded rivers and any other disasters that cause stagnant liquid to harbor bacterial growth. 

Experts like our technicians can save your structure and their belongings in it when they are called in for service. 

The services can be categorized as below:

Aggressive cleaning includes wall cavities and other surfaces. They are identified and pressure washed with SERVPRO products that are of the highest,most effective quality. Materials that can be restored are flushed and disinfected. 

Moisture detection is one that identifies water damage that can’t be seen with a naked eye. This happens when water is trapped in wall cavities, so SERVPRO’s cutting edge equipment can be used to detect and eliminate odors and further structural damage. 

Rapid structural drying is used when mold begins to spread on moisture-ridden surfaces within only 24 to 48 hours. Oftentimes it is used to seep all the way down to the building’s substructure and it’s necessary to restore pre-flood conditions.

It’s important that you contact a specialist immediately without diagnosing the damage on your own. Our experience can see hope in many elements that seem ruined beyond repair.

When Cooking Leads to Flames- What do to After a Cooking Fire.

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Kitchen Fire Call in Tallahassee Home Leon County resident calls for help in cooking disaster, kitchen fire.

SERVPRO Technicians Have Specialized Cleaners Available to Restore Your Tallahassee Home After Fire Damage

Kitchen fire damage is easily the most common type that occurs in homes today and accounts for an estimated 49% of home fires inTallahassee. On top of that, residues and odors from the fire can be dispersed throughout your home through your vents, leaving you with more cleanup than you can easily handle.

If you need a team that can respond quickly to fire damage in your Tallahassee home’s kitchen, SERVPRO technicians are prepared to help. This crew offers both fire and water damage mitigation tools, as well as rebuilding services, to return your home to a safe and comfortable preloss condition.

What Type of Fire Extinguisher Is Best for Kitchen Fire Damage?

  • Stick to a lightweight extinguisher. A five-pound extinguisher may run out faster, but it will be easier to carry and use when you need it.
  • Type B is the way to go. Type A extinguishers are made to tackle fires caused by conventional solids like wood and paper. Type B, on the other hand, is targeted at oil and grease fires in homes. Some homeowners might prefer Type K, but these extinguishers are designed for commercial kitchens.
  • Consider more than one extinguishing method. Try installing a small magnetic extinguisher to put on your range hood that automatically dispenses baking soda upon exposure to flame. If your range hood is not magnetic, many brands offer mounting kits to accommodate you.

How Does SERVPRO Remove Fire Damage Residues from My Kitchen?

SERVPRO technicians use a broad selection of tools to address different types of fire damage residues. For example, protein residues require specialized enzyme digesters to convert these foul-smelling, filmy coatings into water-soluble byproducts. These cleaners remove the protein enzymes that can cause odors to aid in odor control efforts.

Our technician team is ready to leave your kitchen looking, “Like it never even happened.” Call 850.536.6599 for cleanup that can begin within hours.

A Business Under Water is No Use to Their Customers- Commercial Water Clean-up Help is Here

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Local Restaurant Suffers Water Damage Tallahassee Business Seeks Water Damage Support From the Pros

Tallahassee has many excellent restaurants, and each has extensive plumbing to serve the kitchen, salad bar, and restroom facilities. A small water line break is all it takes to flood a large area.

When a Tallahassee restaurant ends up with flooding, commercial water removal is required. Starting this process soon after the water line breaks can often help us save carpeting, as well as wood flooring, much more efficiently. When these become extensively damaged, saving them becomes much less likely.

Removing water from a broken line is much more than pumping out all the standing water. Our technicians also use hand-held extractors, heated floor mats that cause an increased rate of evaporation, and massive air movers. Drying out walls, much like flooring, can save these from needing replacements, if completed quickly. Rapid drying keeps moisture from spreading in interior areas of drywall, flooring, and other materials.

Furniture can also become saturated when water wicks upward from floor-length fabric pieces. These need specialized care that our Certified Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technician expertly provides. Protecting the look your patrons know and recognize is important to us.

In the kitchen, however, there remain a vast supply of food goods that, according to local health regulations, can no longer find their way to diners' tables. Disposing of the food inventory that came into contact with flood water is always listed on an inventory sheet. Part of restoring your restaurant includes helping you replace what the disaster destroyed.

Odor often results from saturated carpets, regardless of how clean your staff keeps them. Minute food particles that escape vacuum cleaners adds significantly to the smell. Our Odor Control Technician (OCT) can ensure that those dining at your establishment find no unwanted odors present to interfere with their enjoyment of your chef's creations.

SERVPRO of North Leon County is always available when you need them the most. Call us at our local number, 850.583.9024, for the latest in technological advances that make a difference in the final result of your water removal needs.

For more information regarding Tallahassee, visit http://www.talgov.com

Fire Restoration Equipment and Expertise are the Game Changers in Getting Back to Good!

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SERVPRO Advanced Fire Equipment Serves Tallahassee Community Leon County Community Benefits From Top-Notch Fire Restoration Equiptment.
Odor Removal Tools for Fire-Damaged Tallahassee Homes

Fires that affect Tallahassee homes often come with multiple layers of damaging effects for homeowners to overcome. As overwhelming as these circumstances can be, there are ways that you can work to resolve some of the pressing and challenging lingering symptoms on your own with the right equipment and products. Knowing what you need for aspects like deodorization can help the process to complete more efficiently and to be more successful in the end. By looking at the tools that our SERVPRO team uses for this niche of fire recovery, you can too acquire some of this odor removal equipment for your property. 

Fire damage in Tallahassee might feel overwhelming at first, especially with various obstacles all present at the same time. Our SERVPRO team has certified Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT), many with additional endorsements as Odor Control Technicians (OCT), so we have experience and industry-leading equipment to make a difference quickly should you decide it is too much to handle on your own. Part of our success in fire recovery over the years stems from our ability to manage symptoms like lingering smoke odors amid these other effects. 

Regardless of the severity of fire damage incidents, odor control is a considerable phase in recovery and restoration. Our SERVPRO team has an entire inventory of practical deodorization tools and products that lead the industry, and when combined with our extensive experience in fire recovery, improve the speed and success of these odor removal endeavors. Some of these devices we use regularly are:  

-  Hydroxyl Machines – These units can help to reduce or eliminate harsh odors in a compromised environment. Units also work to filter out particulates, debris, dust, and soot circulating in the damaged areas of the property. 

-  Thermal Foggers – While our SERVPRO professionals lean more towards UV foggers for the elimination of lingering smoke odors, thermal fogging is still a powerful tool in our arsenal. These machines are highly portable, helping to address odors throughout the entire property quickly and efficiently. 

If you need our experienced SERVPRO of North Leon County fire restoration specialists or a second opinion on the work you have done for your home, give us a call today at (850) 765-5706.

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To Clean or to Remediate? Knowing What Services You Need When Mold Strikes.

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Mold Detected in Tallahassee Home Mold in Leon County home assessed for cleaning and remediation services.

The difference between mold cleanup and household mold remediation - What you know can help you save BIG!

Household mold is inevitable, especially living in Florida. Outdoors, most molds are harmless and noninvasive. It is the molds inside, however, that can cause you, and your home, major damage to health and wealth. The mold spores being referenced are the type that come with no invitation and linger long after you want them too.

Simple tips and tricks can be found on sites and sources all over when it comes to household mold, but there are some situations that won’t resolve by chatting with your neighbor or reading a quick tip sheet. Even the most reputable information offers strategies and solutions that aren’t fool proof or result guaranteed. One thing that poses the most challenges is that mold often returns! It is important to know when it is appropriate to use DIY mold cleaning and when you may need to call for household mold remediation like ours.  

In the following we will lay out a few things that can be indicators as to what your mold needs are. The first thing to assess is if mold cleanup or remediation is called for.                       

Mold Clean Up:

In mold clean up, you are aiming to completely eliminate mold that can be seen with just the naked eye. An example of that would be spotting a small patch of mold caused by a water leak or burst pipe. For this, you can use targeting cleaning techniques in the case of smaller, non-toxic growth observed. 

Outbreaks that are fluid, consistent and larger have the potential for being more toxic- causing a remediation to be needed. Larger consistent, and potentially toxic outbreaks, household mold remediation is in order. This is an act focusing on bringing the mold levels back down to normalcy. These natural levels are not non-existent, as it is impossible to remove all traces of mold completely. 

When Should I Turn To Household Mold Remediation Services?

Good question! There are a lot of sure-fire ways to help you decide if you need to hire a mold remediation specialist. Here are our most important tried and true signs of whether you need to hire us to help with an outbreak in your home:

It is helpful to note that not all mold is the same color. The most common and well known color is black, but gray, white, brown red and some pastel shades are also common in the mold varieties. 

Another way you may suspect mold in the home is observed odor changes. Often a strange, musty scent is noticed, and it should never be ignored. If you smell sometime, but do not see any signs of mold, it’s a good idea to call the experts in for a deeper assessment and dive into the areas not seen by the naked eye. A great example of when this happens in homes is when mold grows underneath the flooring. It is here where the smell is detected, but no mold can be found. 

With decades of experience, SERVPRO teams understand the importance of impeccable customer service, and fast results. If you have any suspicion of mold, call our team out for a free assessment today.

Leon County Prepares to Weather Possible Flooding from Local Storms

3/11/2022 (Permalink)

Leon County Looks at Flooding Ahead Areas of Tallahassee water damage as families head into Spring Break.

Leon County Prepares to Weather Possible Flooding: Preparation is Key.

As of Wednesday morning, forecasters are warning the Tallahassee community of flooding potential as families gear up for Spring Break. The rainy day forecasts warrants suggested caution in areas that are prone to flooding.Tornado Watches have also been issued to our West and Northwest Florida- in addition to areas in South Alabama. Residents are staying positive and are soaking up the few breaks of sun that offer reprieve from the steady showers and thunderstorms.

It is probable that a cold front will ensue and hit homeowners with potentially problematic gusts of wind. The rain may reach above the one inch mark and temperatures are set to stay in the 70’s.

While the first weekend of Spring Break may be spent indoors, as strong and severe thunderstorms will continue to hammer in with heavy rain. Consequently Flash flooding is likely resulting from rainfall totals end up between 3-5" over the next few days with some locally higher amounts where flash flooding is a possibility.

Conditions should settle by Saturday afternoon, but the old weather may be here for the duration of Spring Break vacations. 

To learn more about high risk flood areas in Tallahassee, you can visit the City of Tallahassee’s detailed site and maps.

No matter where you celebrate it, our team wants the community to focus on school break fun, and let us SERV them with a stress free week.

Should you experience flooding, wind damage or any other challenge, you can call our crew to come and SERV you!

Save Money and Aggravation, Call SERVPRO for Water Damage Problems

3/10/2022 (Permalink)

Tallahassee home needs water removal by skilled SERVPRO specialist Tallahassee residents rely on SERVPRO crew for water removal services.
Save Money and Aggravation, Call SERVPRO for Water Damage Problems

After a water emergency that floods a home or business, the last thing that most people want to deal with is a bill for cleaning up the damage. This is what leads many homeowners to attempt water extraction on their own instead of calling a professional.
If you're in need of water removal, you may be tempted to save money by trying to get rid of the excess water on your own. However, going this route typically has more consequences than benefits and will result in greater losses of time, money, and your possessions in the long run. Here's why calling SERVPRO for professional water removal is a smart move.
Professional water extraction works extremely well.
While some homeowners resort to opening windows and doors, turning on ceiling fans, and blotting towels around the house, SERVPRO has powerful equipment that ensures efficient and thorough water removal. We're also often able to restore documents, books, furnishings, and electronic devices affected by water damage, plus we'll get your home's humidity back to an appropriate level.
Many water emergencies are hazardous.
If your house has been flooded with gray or black water, such as that from a natural disaster, backed up sewer line, or a leaky toilet, expert attention to the problem is best. These types of water are risky for untrained persons to handle because it involves disease causing waste and debris. This is the type of material that can't simply be put out with the week's garbage and needs proper and safe disposal.  We're knowledgeable about how to get rid of contaminated waste during water extraction, so there are no lingering health risks to your family or pets.
It's important to consider mold and mildew.
One reason that so many homeowners who attempt DIY water removal eventually end up calling a pro is unseen damage caused by mold and mildew. While your flooring and possessions may look and feel dry, without proper water extraction and controlling humidity mold and mildew will thrive, cause off odors, and ruin your home's structure along with your possessions and furniture. SERVPRO technicians are skilled at protecting against the growth of mold and mildew and have effective strategies to combat it. We have many AMRT certified technicians for this specific task.
At SERVPRO of North Leon County, we know how important it is to get your home back in order as quickly as possible. We'll help you mitigate the costs of any water emergency by restoring your possessions and preventing future damage to your home. For more information about our water removal services or to receive a quote, call us 24/7.

Fire Damage in Your Tallahassee Home May Necessitate Cleaning of the HVAC System

3/10/2022 (Permalink)

HVAC work needed after fire in home. Tallahassee Home Have Fire, Smoke, and Soot Problems? Even Foul Odors?
Fire Damage in Your Tallahassee Home May Necessitate Cleaning of the HVAC System

Many building materials and items in a Tallahassee house can sustain damage after a fire. Residual smoke damage is typical after such an incident. SERVPRO has a comprehensive fire and smoke damage restoration process that can restore your home to its usual condition.

We can take the correct steps to clean up the smoke residues from your home and its ventilation system. Our restorers can use specialized cleaning tools and equipment to handle the fire damage in your Tallahassee property. We can apply restoration products that can remove smoke stains, soot, and odors.

Our smoke damage specialists can eliminate smoke damage and odors caused by dry smoke, wet smoke, fuel oil smoke, and protein smoke. HVAC ventilation systems can also sustain smoke damage. The HVAC system’s ductworks can spread residues throughout your home by distributing hot and smoke-filled air. Our team can inspect your HVAC system to check for smoke residues. We can check for the extent of the damage by considering the type of residues in the system, if they are heavy, moderate, or light and if smoke smells are present. We can perform HVAC cleaning if there are moderate to heavy smoke residues in it.

Cleaning contaminated ducts can prevent them from distributing smoke particles back into your restored home when you operate the HVAC system. Our HVAC and duct cleaning services can eliminate smoke residues from ductwork and the ventilation system to ensure that you breathe clean air. Our team can take the following steps:

  • Inspect the conduits in your air duct system.
  • Clean the air duct system if necessary
  • Clean the blower fan, drain pan, and coils.
  • Apply environmentally safe solutions to decontaminate and sanitize your ventilation system
  • Seal the ducts if it is not possible to clean them effectively during the restoration

We can also use high-efficiency particulate (HEPA) filters to help purify the air during the cleanup process. HEPA filters can capture smoke particles, which are as small as 0.3 microns in size. HEPA filtration is useful when restorers have demolished hazardous materials during the fire damage mitigation process. These devices can also have attached carbon filters to defeat malodors.

Besides using HEPA filters to eliminate smoke particles from the air, our restorers can also use HEPA vacuuming to capture and remove fine particles from surfaces. We can vacuum the surfaces before cleaning them with detergents to prevent the spread of the smoke particles. HEPA vacuuming is also useful in removing smoke particles that could have settled in crevices and cracks.

After extinguishing a fire successfully, call SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599. We can handle your fire clean-up and repairs professionally to your peace of mind and satisfaction.

Florida Panhandle Fights Fires and Flooding

3/10/2022 (Permalink)

Fires cover thousands of acres in Bay County. Fires rage, and rain falls, on the Panhandle leading into the weeks of Spring Break vacations.

As untimely as ever, Florida’s Panhandle is in the fight of a lifetime, at the worst time! Bay County reported wildfires covering over 34,000 acres on Wednesday morning, March 9th. What was deemed another threat to the upcoming weeks of vacations for families from all over the country, may now be called a “saving grace” or at least quality problem to have. The heavy rain that has said could cause flooding, may be helpful after all, as the steady rain can reduce heat and intensity for the fires. The firefighters will try to use the opportunity to tighten up the containment lines circling this rapid-paced fire.  

The last report of the fire status were shared on Wednesday offering the following, helpful information:

  • Bertha Swamp Road Fire: 33,047 acres, 10% contained
  • Adkins Avenue Fire: 875 acres, 80% contained
  • Star Ave. Fire: 197 acres, 80% containe

It has also been documented that the 

The Bay County Sheriff's Office announced that the mandatory evacuation for the Bear Creek area due to the Bertha Swamp Road Fire has been lifted.

Deputies informed residents that they can return to their homes.

Law enforcement also warns to stay on high alert while we see wind shifts that could bring the fires back around to the panhandle.

Our purpose and mission is to help the community weather any storm and all consequences that they come with. With education and experience, we are your safety source in the most challenging times.

Flushed... Not so Far Away: How to Clean up a Sewer Line Leak and Why you Should Call SERVPRO of North Leon County.

2/4/2022 (Permalink)

Sewage Line to be Serviced in Killearn Lakes Area Killearn Lakes home serviced for sewer line leaks in Tallahassee.

Flushed... Not so Far Away: How to Clean up a Sewer Line Leak and Why you Should Call SERVPRO of North Leon County.

Even a small sewer line leak can turn into a major issue quickly. Make sure you keep reading this guide to learn how to clean up the mess.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, people are seeing a 25 percent increase in plumbing issues due to more frequent use. One of these common problems is a sewage backup or a sewer line leak. 

Not only can these types of leaks cause serious damage, but they can also cause bring major contaminants into your home. 

If you own a home, small business, or restaurant, you need to know the best ways to spot signs of a sewer line leak and how to clean up effectively. 

Here is your quick guide on everything you need to know about fixing a sewer line leak and the following clean-up. 

See if You Can Stop the Leak 

If you come upon a plumbing failure like a sewer line leak, first try to see if you can safely stop it. Turn off the water to the entire house. This will prevent further leakage. 

If you can, try to determine where the leak is coming from. Is the main sewer line leaking or is it happening somewhere else? Calling a professional who specializes in sewer line leak repair can help you identify the source of the leak to better inform the clean-up. 

Take Picture for Your Insurance Company

A critical part of any sewer line leak clean-up process is to take pictures for your insurance company. Take pictures of any damage caused by the leak, including to the walls, floors, and furniture. 

The Importance of Cleaning and Sanitizing

If you have a sewer line leak, clean-up and sanitization are critical. Bacteria and other contaminants can cause infection or illness if not cleaned properly. 

If the resulting mess is relatively small and you can manage the clean-up, first try to mop up or wet-vac any excess water. Wear protective gloves and shoes. Use hot, soapy water to clean off any surface the water from the leak touched. 

Do your best not to track the water into other parts of your home not affected by the leak. You do not want to spread any contaminants any farther. 

If the sewer line leak is extensive, you need to call a professional team to clean and sanitize your home effectively. 

Need to Clean a Sewer Line Leak Fast? 

Whether you have a sewer line leak in a yard or indoors, it is critical that you fix it fast and begin the clean-up process. While you should try to clean the best you can, calling a professional team can help give your house a deep clean that will give you peace of mind. 

If you suspect you have a sewer line leak, be sure to reach out and give us a call here at SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee. In addition to fire and water cleanup and restoration, we can help you fix a sewer line leak fast before it can cause any further damage. 

Reach out and give us a call to get help cleaning up your mess today. 

What to do Before and After a Storm in Tallahassee

1/9/2022 (Permalink)

Storm Damage on Tallahassee Home Tree causes roof damage after storm in Tallahassee, Florida.

Far too many relate to the following scenario:

A storm is on the radar, and you think you have done all you can to prepare for minimal damage, but you still find yourself with unforeseen damages in the wake of it. When this happens, you can feel like your entire world has been turned upside down! It's overwhelming, and it's challenging to get organized and decide what to do first. So many home and business owners feel confident in the prevention plan, and yet they lack the protocol needed to handle the aftermath of a storm and natural disaster. With a task as big as storm recovery, there may be more steps needed in some cases, so get to planning now! Here are our top 3 steps to take so you can be prepared if a storm damages your home or business in Tallahassee.

1- Stay alert and proceed with caution.The national storm damage service site offers deeper insight to identifying storms of any kind and the potential dangers involved, such as injury. The first thing to ensure is that all household, or business employees are safe and out of harm's way. This can be done by checking for hazards like broken glass, exposed nails or screw, etc. Piles of debris or unsteady structures should be identified too. Further, you want to ensure that there are no other risks that can be avoided in the immediate future. Once you’re certain you and your household members are safe and unharmed, take the necessary precautions to avoid injuries. The last items are extremely important and at the top of the danger radar. Staying away from power lines in the area and checking any smells associated with gas is crucial. Shut off all valves to prevent continued danger.

2- Assess and document next.                                                                                                                                                        There are many steps ahead, and Tallahassee professionals who can help you carry them out, but the more info you gather, the better! Once the storm has passed, you will have some time for the insurance company to get involved, so go ahead and take as many pictures as you can. The more you have, the more likely you are to get the best compensation for your loss. Be sure to take pictures of any interior and exterior damage to your home- knowing that it could have structural damage that is not seen. In the notes taken, be sure to cover the following: 

  • Roof damage. Try to identify any holes, leaks, dents, gutter damage, or missing shingles. If extensive, call a local roofer for a second opinion.
  • Exterior siding damage. Rain can cause damage to siding and strong winds can tear it right off, so check this even if the storm seemed moderate.
  • All damage to windows and doors. Outside of the damage from the wind itself, the flying debris can affect even larger objects like windows and doors.
  • Moisture damage. Once water makes its way into your home, mold will begin to develop in insulation, wood, furniture, and carpeting. 
  • Fire damage. Downed power lines or water in the outlets of electrical equipment can create shorts and cause fires. 

3- Stay detailed, organized and keep receipts. Your homeowner's insurance can be a lifesaver in "getting back to normal," but the agents need your help along the way. Documentation is HUGE! save all receipts for materials, labor and even miscellaneous items in the aftermath to ensure fair reimbursement. Knowing your policy is your responsibility too. Make sure you fully understand your coverage- from tree damage to flood damage, because not all standard policies cover such things. If flood damage is not covered in your policy, it is wise to get it on an additional one. Most homeowners insurance policies cover: 

  • Weather damage: This typically includes damage due to hail, wind, fire, snow, and more.
  • Non-weather events: Common non-weather events are actions like theft and vandalism.
  • Sudden/accidental events: This includes situations like a water pipe breaking or a water leak.

If you are living in an area labeled "high storm risk," you will want to be thorough with an agent that has experience in that field. There are many options outside of standard policies, so shop around before making the decision.

There is a lot to do, and "off-season" is a time to not rest on your prevention laurels, so get ahead of the disaster today!

Content Restoration Services in the Tallahassee Community.

11/28/2021 (Permalink)

Damaged items in home get content restoration service. Items submitted for restoration in residential service call in Tallahassee, Fl.

Often we hear the question, "do you service residential projects?" While we take pride in offering services to large loss and commercial work, we wouldn't be satisfied if we didn't service the most important space to our Tallahassee community customers- their homes.

Homeowners in our community find themselves in need of flood damage cleanup, repair damage from frozen pipes, ceiling and wall damage, storm recovery, water extraction, attic and mold remediation, fire damage, black mold and much more.

One area that has come to be wildly important for customers is content restoration. It's not just the "things" that we will miss, but those material items can hold so much memory value and resemble decades of history for families. Companies, like ours, are having to dig deep and become resourceful to offer services that specialize in the restoration of prized possessions. Being a franchisee in the fastest growing restoration company in the world, we are proud to have headquarters that service such items with professionalism and care- especially with content restoration.

Unlike ours, many companies have not climbed on board to offer services like these in-house. Using subcontractors leaves many inquiries getting the same response, sending damaged items out to another vendor. The trends, and demands, set forth by millennials create heavy focus on technology and they won't accept non-digital inventory or the age-old sifting through the box tactics. Content restoration firms are expected to embrace and implement 3D mapping of loss sites, real-time data and online tracking of contents utilizing pack-out inventory and claims management software.

Jumping into the moving protocols, the implementation of such technology helps restoration companies meet service measurables without disturbing the homeowners, reduces the time frame for claim cycles, and even reduces the claim cost. Expectations from the customer are much higher today. No longer is it enough to have good customer service, but the customer EXPERIENCE must meet standards above and beyond today.

Even further, residential customers want to keep things under one roof today when it comes to services. Historically, companies took pride in having an "expert" in every corner. From document drying to furniture refinishing, companies had a referral for each category of need. Today, for ease and speed, it is preferred that companies handle all of these in-house. At first glance, it may seem like an overwhelming amount of added work and obligation, but this shift offers restoration companies more control over the claim and customer experience as a whole. It can also create more revenue and increase profit margins.

Still, restoration companies are not the only ones with more opportunity in this new setup. Insurance companies are able to serve better- increase the length, and quality, of their customer relationship too. It also increases the likelihood of a positive referral for insurance companies. Lastly, the "all inclusive" service model shortens the claim cycle and opens the door for more productivity for adjusters as well.

We have the ability to offer much more under the SERVPRO umbrella and are able to move along with trends at the fastest pace for residential clients. Our franchise refuses to fall into the complacency trap or rest on our service laurels. We are open-armed to technology advances and take great pride in capitalizing on opportunities it offers to SERV best.

Managing Flood Loss in Your Tallahassee Home Until Help Arrives

11/18/2021 (Permalink)

Flooding in Tallahassee Flood and wind damage in Tallahassee, Florida

Managing Flood Loss in Your Tallahassee Home Until Help Arrives

While flood disasters can be overwhelming and stressful for Tallahassee homeowners, especially coming on the heels of severe weather events that destroyed portions of the property, securing professional assistance quickly is a wise choice. With one of the most regarded storm relief teams in the state of Florida, we can mobilize quickly when homes and businesses are at risk. We have ready trailers stocked with industry-leading equipment to aid in extraction, drying, cleaning, and reducing mold growth potential.

Even with our fast response to these emergencies, even amid the storm, there are ways that a homeowner can help manage flood damage in their Tallahassee residence as well. It is important to note that while there are helpful objectives that property owners can manage until our SERVPRO team arrives at your home, it is only beneficial to do these tasks if it poses no risk or danger to you or your family. Understand your limitations, vulnerabilities in exposed areas of your home, and the progress of the rising water before you commit to any of these actions.

  • Gather Sentimental Items – One of the most critical tasks that any homeowner can embark on is gathering the sentimental and irreplaceable items from their residence before you vacate the premises. While our SERVPRO professionals have a skilled approach with content management, it is often impossible for us to manage the recovery of flood damaged photographs and other keepsakes.
  • Shut Off Other Utilities – Other utilities, especially your electric service, can become damaged with high flooding. The best solution to prevent a fatal situation where water can become electrically charged is to shut off the power to your residence if you know that substantial flooding is inevitable.
  • Take Photos of the Current Damage – Your insurance company is going to want documentation and proof of the damage that your home has sustained. Even additional aid groups often require documentation and cataloging of how your property was affected by the severe weather incident, so having photographic evidence can help.

Often flooding is challenging to avoid, even with barriers and damming that many homeowners attempt. Knowing how to overcome these damaging effects as they occur begins with securing the experience and skill of our team. Our fast response team stays prepared to help with all storm loss incidents 24/7 at(850) 536.6599

See more about Tallahassee.

Tis the Season to SERV!

11/10/2021 (Permalink)

Thanksgiving Giveaway Enter to win a Turkey Day Feast.

Tis' the season to SERV! 

We are a team of "can do" crew members year round- coming to the aid of Tallahassee residents and business owners when disaster strikes. Still, the holiday season offers even more ways to give back, and we don't want to miss a beat. 

Partnering with a tried and true taste bud favorite, Jeri's Midtown Cafe, we are sponsoring a Thanksgiving meal for 6-8! With this simple and easy Free Meal Giveaway Form, you can nominate a worthy family in the Tallahassee community and enter them to win. Jeri has long been a staple in Tallahassee. Even more impressive, she has always given back to the organizations that do above and beyond for the community. Partnering with The Kearney Center, Second Harvest and more, Jeri makes sure her "love on a plate" makes it to mouths in need. "I wanted to make sure that the sentiment of family and love stays at the center of holiday celebrations. That's why I began to create a lavish, yet simple, catering menu for people to put TIME together above all," says Jeri. Her simple ordering system and flavor-bursting menu is what you could call "classic with a twist!" We couldn't think of a more exciting partnership than that. 

With a SERVice-based nature, our team prioritizes Tallahassee residents outside of any disaster too! From sponsorships to events, we have pushed to do all we can to ensure that businesses can still serve- even in the emergency state of a pandemic. We know that the show must go on, and we aspire to do our part in making sure it does no matter what. That's how we came up with a sponsored feast idea this year. We are always looking for ways to engage and SERV our clients outside of the emergency setting, and this was a perfect opportunity to do just that. 

The magic is in the story, so we wanted to make sure that we got to hear the WHY in each submission and nomination. If you know a deserving family, tell us about them and enter them to win!

Community Event in Leon County Secured by Covid Cleaning

11/1/2021 (Permalink)

COVID Cleaning in Leon County Event space COVID Cleaned for community in Boys and Girls Clubs of the Big Bend.

Good news is great news! While Florida COVID 19 cases fall a whopping 32.5% Leon county follows suit in the progress with a decline of 25.8% too. This is very promising as we head into the holiday season and open the doors more flagrantly for season-seeking patrons. With events and community events resuming in recent months, our team has had the opportunity to enhance the feeling of safety for attendees and even come in at the last minute to COVID Clean facilities that would otherwise not be safe to use.  When you hear the name SERVPRO, you most likely think of emergency services. We are more than that. Coming in after an emergency is, in fact, our area expertise. Still, our team also offers services that cater to emergency prevention too! You don't need a disaster to seek help trying to prevent one. Whether you have had confirmed exposure or not, it's always a good idea to get a large event space cleaned prior to heavy incoming traffic. Hosting community events is important now more than ever before, as we seek ways to unify after a long-lasting period of distancing. That's why we are committed to doing our part to ensure that the show goes on! Last month, we were able to SERV at a local eco-friendly event serving the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Big Bend. With over 150 kids on the way, we received word that the event space would not be ready to use unless it was COVID Cleaned, so we rushed in to offer our Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned service and guarantee.  Needless to say, the event got the Greenlight, and the club members from 4 counties experienced presentations from Heisman Trophy winner Charlie Ward, Olympic Gold Medalist Maicel Green, and Mrs. Florida Earth, Jennifer Powell. We are proud and privileged to SERV our community.

What to Look For When Hiring Water Damage Services

10/6/2021 (Permalink)

Water Damage Services How to know what you need.

What to Look For When Hiring Water Damage Services

What to Look For When Hiring Water Damage Services

Are you on the lookout for water damage services but don't know how to choose? Learn what to look for here and make choosing easier.

Owning a home comes with a lot of attractive perks and benefits. It's an investment that pays off while you're living in the home and after. Many homeowners go on to sell their homes for far more than what they paid. 

However, being a homeowner also comes with a lot of responsibilities. All maintenance and repairs fall on you. This can be particularly problematic if you've experienced a flood, burst pipe, or any other type of situation that has led to water damages. 

Fortunately, you aren't alone. There are affordable and reliable water damage services out there that can help you get your home back into perfect condition. 

We can help you find the right water damage repair company. Keep reading for everything you need to know. 

Water Damage Experience and Expertise

First, look for water damage services that are fully qualified to inspect your home for damage, extract water, dry the affected area, and make repairs. At SERVPRO, our water damage specialists are all IICRC-certified

Furthermore, we have years of experience and training to effectively mitigate damages and restore your home. This includes decontamination and cleaning services to help prevent the spread of disease. 

Positive Customer Reviews

Next, when looking for "Water damage near me," you should only consider water damage restoration companies that have positive reviews from their customers. Customer reviews can tell you a lot about a service provider's integrity, workmanship, professionalism, and customer service skills. 

For example, at SERVPRO, we have 5-star ratings on both Facebook and Yelp and a 4.7 rating on Google. We make it our mission to ensure every one of our customers is satisfied before we call it a day. 

All-Inclusive Services

To make your life easier, the best water damage services will provide everything you need to complete the job from start to finish. This includes taking care of water damage mold. SERVPRO offers mold remediation, on top of water excavation and drying to ensure you and your family won't be vulnerable to any complications. 


At SERVPRO, we understand that disaster can strike at any time, including nights, weekends, and holidays. For this reason, we offer 24-hour emergency services. You shouldn't have to sit by and wait for Monday while your house continues to flood with water. 

Similarly, we take great pride in responding faster to all sizes of disasters. We don't want to keep you waiting. 

Affordable Rates

Finally, before hiring water damage services, make sure you're paying competitive rates. While you can't place a price on the safety and security of your home, you shouldn't accept exorbitant fees. 

Fortunately, many homeowners' insurance policies lend a hand with disaster restoration services. Regardless, this doesn't mean you should let a dishonest company overcharge you in your time of need. 

Do You Need Water Damage Services?

Have you experienced a flood or a burst pipe in your home? Maybe you have negative drainage that filled up your basement after a heavy rainstorm?

No matter what's going on, you can count on our water damage services to get dry, clean, and restore your home. Contact us today to get ahold of one of our specialists and get a quote for our services. 

4 Important Ways a Water Damage Company Can Help You

10/5/2021 (Permalink)

Water Damage in Home Water removal services needed in customer home.

4 Important Ways a Water Damage Company Can Help You

Trying to tackle water damage on your own may not be the best idea. Learn what a water damage company can do to help you.

It can feel overwhelming to see standing water in your home. What do you do first? Focus on getting the water out or removing your possessions from the water? Whether it’s from a flood or a burst pipe, the faster you react to the water damage, the better.

Luckily, you don’t have to take this on by yourself. Water damage professionals should be the first people you call when realize your home has suffered from unwelcome water. Let’s look at everything a water damage company can do for you, but first, let’s cover the basics.

What Is a Water Damage Company?

Improperly treated water damage can lead to black mold, mildew, and wood rot. This means time and expertise are crucial.

Water damage remediation professionals go through training through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. They strive to preserve your house and valuables by removing water and making repairs.

Water Damage Services

A highly-trained team of professionals will serve you from the minute you call until your house is dry back to normal. Here are just four of the ways a water damage company can help you after a flood.

Plan of Action

Water damage services begin with the initial assessment of testing the water to determine the extent of the threat it poses. There are three different types of water that can damage your house. The flood could be of clean water, gray water (from washing machines, showers, etc), or black water (contaminated from the septic tank). Once the water damage remediation team knows what they're dealing with, they can form their plan of action.

Water Extraction and Drying

The next step focuses on extracting the water using submersible pumps and wet vacuums. Once they remove the water, the drying process can begin. Industrial-grade dehumidifiers pull moisture out of the air and high-speed fans circulate airflow to speed up the process.

Cleaning and Restoration

After everything is dry, the cleaning and repairs begin. Carpets, floors, drywall, and anything else affected by the water damage must be removed or sanitized. Depending on the severity of the water damage, your home may need reconstruction. Your water damage company will address these as well to restore your house to be your home again.

Possible damage to the foundation or structure of your house can be costly and dangerous if done incorrectly. This is why it’s best to leave this kind of work to the experts.

Peace of Mind

Hiring a water damage company gives you the peace of mind that no spot is overlooked. They work knowing that every hour can mean more water absorption and more permanent damage.

Go With the Pros

You’re one call away from having all your flooding problems solved by water damage company experts. If you or someone you love is a flood victim, be sure to call our 24-hour emergency service at (850)765-5706. For more information about the other services we offer, including fire damage and mold remediation, contact us today.

The Big Question: Can Drywall Water Damage Be Fixed?

10/5/2021 (Permalink)

Water Damage on Drywall Water damage on drywall- professional services needed.

The Big Question: Can Drywall Water Damage Be Fixed?

Has your drywall been damaged by water and are you wondering if it can be fixed? Keep reading and learn more about drywall water damage.

Many people don't realize just how much drywall is favored in America relative to other places. In fact, about half of all the drywall in the world is used in North America. That is despite the fact that North America has less than 5% of the world's total population! 

That makes North America the world's expert on drywall as well as on drywall water damage. In many cases, it can be difficult to know when damaged drywall is still reparable versus when it will need replacing entirely.

So how can you detect signs that your drywall needs repairing or replaced? Read on to learn all about the top signs that your drywall needs professional attention! ??

Soft Spots in Your Drywall 

When it comes to water damage repair, one of the most common signs of water damage is soft spots in your drywall. Despite the fact that this is a common occurrence, it is also the easiest sign to miss.

This is because it is the only sign that cannot be spotted merely with the eyes. Although other signs of water damage present visibly, soft spots have to be felt with the hands.

When the far end of your drywall becomes soaked through with water, it destroys the structural integrity of your drywall. However, the face of the wall that you can see may look completely normal.

If you think you might have drywall that suffered excessive exposure to water, then feel around all over the exposed area. If you find spots that collapse under your fingers, then you have found significant drywall damage. 

Because of how long the water may have been on your drywall, you may also have a risk of mold

Bubbles or Cracks in Your Paint 

Bubbles especially occur in the ceiling. They are generally full of water and may require water damage restoration.

If they are small enough, then you may not need professional water damage repair. You can pop them yourself as long as you are prepared for the water that will come out of them. You may want to solve this sooner rather than later, since chronically wet drywall can lead to mold.

On the other hand, if the bubbles are large, you may need to call a professional.


If you look up "signs of water damage near me", then you will likely find discoloration. It generally turns your drywall yellow or brown. 

You can cover it up with paint if you like. If there is discoloration across a large area of drywall, then you might need to call a professional.

Be Prepared to Manage Drywall Water Damage

We hope that you were able to learn something helpful about some of the most important things to know about drywall water damage. When drywall is reparable, it can save you a lot of time and money to do so rather than having it replaced. On the other hand, it needs replacing, and you should do so as quickly as possible and accept that it will cost more than repairs.

To learn more about how to manage damage caused by water, fire, and other problems, feel free to reach out and get in touch with us at any time! 

How to Prevent Home Flooding: 5 Simple Tips

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house flooded from storm storm causes flooding in Tallahassee home

How to Prevent Home Flooding: 5 Simple Tips 

Storm waters and flooding from hurricanes, thunderstorms, or even tornadoes can leave your home damaged and you feeling overwhelmed. If you live in a flood zone, your home flooding chances are magnified and even more scary. 

A flooded house can lead to everything from mold to flooring damage, not to mention the hit to your bank account. In this blog, you'll find a few tips on how to prevent flooding in your home. 

1. Check Your Foundation for Cracks

The first thing you can do to protect your home from flooding is to check your foundation for cracks. If you see any cracks in the foundation, seal them immediately before storm season begins. Then, you can pick up masonry or mortar caulk from your local hardware store. 

Water damage from storms or water seeping into your home needs to be dealt with right away to prevent further damage and health effects. 

2. Check Your Basement Windows

Many flooded homes have happened because of water seeping in through the basement windows. During the yearly maintenance checkup of your home, don't forget to check the basement windows for any cracks or holes.

If the windows are too bad, it's best to invest in new basement windows, and that goes for the rest of the windows in your home as well. If you find any cracks, make sure to seal them well before the rainy season begins. 

3. Clean Your Downspouts and Gutters

Check and clean your gutters and downspouts at least once a year, but preferably in the spring and fall of the year. If you're afraid of heights, it might be best to hire someone to come in and do this job for you. However, if you have a lot of trees around your home, you'll need to check the gutters and downspouts more often for the best results. 

4. Keep Drains and Ditches Clear of Debris

It's important to avoid mulch, leaves, and debris gathering in your drains and ditches, as when it starts to rain, if it floods, the water has nowhere to go. If you live in an area with a lot of trees, make sure to rake your leaves, bag them up and take them away instead of letting them pile up and be swept into your drains. 

5. Invest in a Sump Pump 

One sure way to prevent flooding in your home is to invest in a sump pump. If you do have a flood in your home, then this works to pump the water back outside where it belongs. Though most sump pumps are electric, you need to invest in a battery-operated one, just in case the power fails. 

Prevent Home Flooding Today

These are just a few of the things you can do to prevent home flooding from happening to you and your family. There are many causes of house floods out there, but if you're prepared, you don't have to worry about them as well. For help with any flood or fire damage as well as mold remediation, contact us today. We are standing by to take your calls and answer your questions.  

5 Questions to Ask a Water Damage Restoration Company

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water leak in ceiling of home rain causes leak inside Tallahassee home

5 Questions to Ask a Water Damage Restoration Company

Before hiring a water damage restoration company, there are several things you should bring up. These are the important questions to ask.

Being a home or business owner has profound benefits. However, these benefits come with certain responsibilities. For example, if your property has been exposed to flooding or suffered damages from a burst water pipe, you are responsible for handling the cleanup. 

Fortunately, you can find a water damage restoration company out there that can help. They specialize in water damages and mold removal. This is vital, as being exposed to black mold can have health effects. 

The question is, how do you find the best restoration company? 

We can help. Keep reading for five questions to ask a water damage restoration company before hiring them.

1. Are You Fully Licensed?

First, verify the company's qualifications by asking about their licensing. Is the business licensed through the state? Additionally, what contracting and mold removal certifications do they possess?

For example, at SERVPRO, we are certified through IICRC, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. All of our employees are highly trained to ensure our customers receive the best services. 

2. How Long Do You Expect the Process to Take?

Next, ask about availability and potential timelines. Whether your home or business was affected by water damage, you need to know how long it will be until things can return to normal. 

Ask how long they expect the process to take. Of course, the water damage restoration company will likely need to inspect the damage to give you a proper assessment. 

3. What Restoration Services Do You Offer?

Not all restoration services are qualified to offer the same types of services. At SERVPRO, we believe in offering an all-in-one service to our customers. We handle water damage restoration, mold removal, and even commercial building services. 

You shouldn't have to hire multiple companies to complete a single job. By hiring a company that handles water damage clean-up and all of the related services, you can save time and money. 

4. Do You Have Positive Customer Reviews?

When searching for "restoration companies near me," consider customer reviews and testimonials. Find out what other homeowners and business owners think about the company in question. At SERVPRO, we're proud of our reputation in the community and post our customer reviews on our website. 

You deserve to know what other people are saying about a service provider before trusting them with your home or business. Are the contractors professional, friendly, and efficient? Are property owners satisfied with the services completed by the water damage restoration company?

5. Can I Get a Quote for Your Services?

Finally, ask to get a quote for the water damage services you need. This is a great way of identifying your potential costs and finding affordable restoration companies. 

In most cases, the company will need to inspect the damage in-person to provide you with an accurate quote. Then you can compare costs and services and find the best company for your needs. 

Looking for a Water Damage Restoration Company You Can Trust?

If your home or business has recently suffered water damages, we understand the stress and frustration you're experiencing. We want to help you put your life back in order. 

For a water damage restoration company your can trust and rely on, contact us today to get a free quote for our services. Let's take of this problem together. 

The Main Types of Mold Found in Commercial Properties in North Florida

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Mold on wall person cleans mold inside a Tallahassee business.

The Main Types of Mold Found in Homes

Did you know that health services have found more than 1,000 types of mold in homes throughout America? Contrary to what many people think, mold can pop up in both old and new homes.

It just takes a bit of moisture and some tiny spores for an infestation to begin. Once this happens, you may not notice a mold problem right away.

There are several different kinds of mold found in commercial buildings. You can learn more about these types here, along with what you should do to get rid of mold.


Let's begin with a common type of house mold, Alternaria. This mold can grow both inside and outside of your home and likes damp areas. So, keep an eye out for mold growth where water tends to pool or sit.

Check things like your drains, faucets, and showerheads. Also window sills in arge commercial windows.


Along with Alternaria, you could also have Aspergillus. It is another common type of building mold. It may cause health effects.

So, even though Aspergillus does not rank high in terms of level of concern, you still want to remove it. It is never good to have mold in any building as it can grow everywhere. 


Next, we have Aureobasidium, a mold commonly found in wooden objects. If you check around your furniture, you might find this mold growing there.

It also favors things like old walls and wallpaper. You can identify this mold easily because it takes on a pink, spotted look when it grows on surfaces. 


Chaetomium is found in drywall. That is especially true if the drywall has water damage. It is a common mold that we have to remove often in Tallahassee businesses. 

Stachybotrys Chartarum

Stachybotrys Chartarum is the mold everyone knows. Its other name? Black mold. That is one of the most dangerous molds you can find and you should have it removed immediately. Please refer to our Mold Damage Tips to learn more about mold and what to do until help arrives. 

Mold Prevention

Once you discover mold in your house, call a mold remediation service. They will come out and inspect the area. Once they determine what type of mold you have in your home, they will move forward with containment and removal.

Once they rid your home of the problem, a service like SERVPRO will continue with a restoration process. If you want to prevent mold growth from the start, be sure to pay attention to areas of your house that may experience water damage. Inspect those areas, and take action before mold can grow into a bigger problem. 

SERVPRO of North Leon County Battles Different Types of Mold

As you can tell, there are several types of mold you need to watch. Black mold may be one of the most dangerous, but it isn't the only mold spore that can grow inside your home.

We hope this article helps you better understand how to pinpoint the signs of mold growth. If you notice something in your home, it may be time to hire a mold remediation service like SERVPRO.

We will employ a highly-trained team that will come out to remove the mold from your home. Please feel free to contact us the moment you notice an infestation. That way, we can keep it at bay and prevent it from coming back. 

What Are the Common Causes of House Fires?

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house graphic with fire symbol of a house with a roof on fire

What Are the Common Causes of House Fires?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are nearly 350,000 house fires every year in the United States. House fires are one of the most common at-home disasters.

What is even scarier is they can happen at a moment's notice. And, once they spark, a home can go up in flames within minutes.

Even if the fire does not destroy the house, smoke damage can ruin the interior, exterior, and belongings. But how do house fires start? If you want to know the answer, keep reading to learn the most common causes of house fires and how to prevent them.  

Cooking Fires

If you wonder how a house caught on fire, cooking may be to blame. Cooking fires are one of the most common mishaps. Many times, these happen because of grease slipping down into the burner.

When grease hits an intense amount of heat, a fire can spark. Sometimes, these flames are minuscule and go away. However, there are instances where they shoot up and grow out of control.

To prevent this type of fire damage, ensure no grease falls into your burning while you cook. You also want to clean out your burners to prevent grease build-up.   

Electrical Fires

Faulty wiring in your house can spark and light a fire in your walls. That is why it is critical to pay attention to your home's electrical system.

If something isn't working right, you might want to call someone out to inspect the situation. Allowing poor electrical wiring to persist can eventually lead to a fire. 

Smoking Fires

Another main house fire cause is due to smoking cigarettes. An estimate of 100,000 fires occurs due to smoking inside. All it takes is for someone to drop a cigarette on a flammable surface.

People will sometimes fall asleep with a lit cigarette in hand that eventually falls to the floor. To ensure this doesn't happen to you, make a rule or habit of smoking outside and putting the cigarette out in an ashtray. 

Candle Fires

Candles are nice objects to have in the house. They add mood lighting and a wonderful smell. However, candles are also easy to forget.

If they burn for too long, a candle flame could catch with another object like a table. A pet might even knock it over and set fire to your home.

If you are a candle person, try to set reminders on your phone. That way, you get notified to blow them out before leaving. 

SERVPRO Helps With Common Causes of House Fires

As you can tell, there are several causes of house fires that you can work to prevent. Simple tasks like cooking or lighting candles can result in thousands of dollars in damages.

If you do experience a fire, then your home may have extensive smoke damage. If you want to know what to do after a fire, SERVPRO in Tallahassee, Florida, is here to help.

We offer professional, 24-hour emergency services to help with fire restoration and repair. Feel free to contact us today. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.  

Tips on Hiring a Storm Damage Service for Homeowners

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storm in florida storm approaching with dark clouds and rain

Tips on Hiring a Storm Damage Service for Homeowners

Finding the right professionals to fix storm damage in your home requires knowing your options. Here are tips on hiring a storm damage service for homeowners.

A natural disaster has struck your area, and your home bore the brunt of the damage. Once you’ve ensured your family’s safety, the next step is to assess the damage to your home. 

Where do you begin? The world of storm damage service can be confusing. In the article below, you can find tips to find a high-quality storm damage repair company. Read on and learn how to make the best decision for your home and wallet.

Look For and Read Reviews

Just like you read the reviews of a new restaurant before trying it yourself, you should also read references and reviews of the company you’re hiring for the purposes of fixing storm damage. You can start with the Google Reviews that show up on the company’s Google My Business page. From there, you can dive deeper by visiting local review sites specific to the home repair industry. 

Ask if the Service Company Can Help With Insurance

Anybody who’s ever experienced home damage knows how difficult it is to deal with home insurance companies. What’s covered, and what do you have to pay out-of-pocket? How quickly will you get the money? 

You could do this research on your own, or you could hire a storm damage repair service that has experience with insurance companies. When you’re shopping around for a company to help with damage from storms, be sure to ask if they can help you communicate with your home insurance company. 

Find Out How Quickly the Company Can Get to Your Home

Unlike that home improvement project that you’ve been putting off, storm damage to your home requires immediate attention. While you don’t want to base your decision entirely on which company can get to your home soonest, it is an important factor. 

The longer you wait, the worse the storm damage can get. This is especially true if you have flood damage, as the water may seem into other parts of your home or cause unhealthy mold.

Ask About All the Service Options the Company Offers

If your basement is flooded, you might just think you need experts in flood damage. However, there’s no telling what kind of other damage a major storm may have caused to your home. 

Instead of going with a company that only offers niche storm damage services, try to find a business that provides all types of storm damage repair. That way, you won’t have to find a new company if you find out you need additional repair services as a result of other storm damage.

Experience Matters in Storm Damage Repair

Whether you’re dealing with minor storm damage or a major project, it helps to use a company with employees who know what they’re doing. When comparing repair fees, you may find that new companies have lower rates. 

While less experienced storm damage repair companies may offer lower rates as a way to get you in the door, it’s generally worth paying for an experienced team. The more knowledge the company has about how to do repairs right, the less likely it is that they’ll have to come back to your home over and over again to make repeated repairs.

You’re Ready to Find a Storm Damage Service

Experiencing storm damage in your home is a real pain, but the right repair company can get your house looking great in no time. If you’re in the market for storm damage service, get in touch with us today.

Why You Should Hire a Commercial Mold Removal Company

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mold growth on wall water damage with mold damage on bathroom wall inside home

Why You Should Hire a Commercial l Mold Removal Company

Keeping your office mold-free requires knowing when you need an expert. Here are signs you should hire a professional mold removal company.

Mold isn't just ugly to look at, it can also spread quite rapidly and wreak havoc on your home.

Whether you're seeing mold for the first time or you're concerned that it could get worse, there are some key things to look for when considering whether or not you should hire a mold removal company.

Read on for a list of five signs it's time to make the call so you can mitigate the mold and move on with your life.

1. You Smell Mold But Can't See It

Mold has a very distinguishable musty smell that can show itself well before you actually see it. If you're suddenly noticing the smell of mold, it's quite likely that there is some lurking under the surface of your walls, floors, or other areas. When it comes to the smell of mold or mildew, you should call a mold removal company before it gets out of control.

2. Signs of Mold in Your HVAC System

Mold thrives on moisture, so it's not surprising that it can build up in your ductwork and the rest of your HVAC system. When this happens, it can easily start to spread into the air, releasing tiny mold spores that you can't see. If you notice visible mold near air vents or the system itself, it's time to give the professionals a call.

3. Mold on Walls: Time to Call the Mold Removal Company

Mold typically starts out small but can quickly spread over a large area, leaving you surprised and worried. If you can visibly see mold on your walls start to grow, it's definitely time to look into hiring mold removers. The damage from mold can be quite extensive, so the sooner you call, the better.

4. Water Damage in the Home

Whether it's from leaky plumbing or a leaking roof, water damage in your home means mold will either show up eventually, or it's already there. Any water damage inside your home can become a breeding ground for mold. Contact a mold removal company as soon as possible, since they have the mold removal tools and skills to pinpoint and eradicate it fast.

5. You Tried to Remove it Before

There are many health effects of mold, so if you've seen it in the past, there's a good chance you've tried to get rid of it yourself. While some methods might work temporarily, they don't always kill the mold long-term. If you've tried to get rid of mold in the past and it's still hanging around, you'll need to contact the professionals to help you get it out of your home for good.

Keep Mold Gone for Good

Whether it's that unpleasant smell you recognize, or you see mold with the naked eye, it's important to know the signs when it's time to call a mold removal company. Not only will this service get rid of the nasty mold, but it'll also give you peace of mind.

When you're ready to get help with your mold problems or if you have questions about our services, be sure to contact us today.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fire Damage Company

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fire damage on roof fire and smoke damage inside home

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fire Damage Company and Why you Can Trust Us!

Finding the right company to fix fire damage requires knowing your options. Here are factors to consider when choosing a fire damage company.

Did you know that that 37 percent of all fires occur in or on structures? Ideally, we’d be able to prevent that from happening, but it’s essential to prepare for the unexpected.

These disasters don’t only cause property damage. They cause emotional damage as well. 

When a fire occurs, you’ll need to contact a fire damage company. They’ll be able to offer cleaning services as well as refurbishment, coordination, and construction. You can focus on restoration and moving forward.

You shouldn’t settle for the first contractor you find. This guide will go over the factors to consider when choosing a fire damage company. Let’s get started. 

1. Work With Contractors in Your Local Area

The first thing you want to do is support your local business by working with contractors located nearby. Local contractors will understand how to deal with the problems that affect the neighborhood.

There’s already an establishment and familiarity with your area. They built a reputation for themselves and have valuable knowledge regarding the city. This ensures that they’re likely a better choice than a contractor from a different area.

2. Fire Damage Restoration Experience 

If you want peace of mind, you’ll need to hire a licensed and certified fire damage company. You should also look for contractors that have a significant amount of experience. Licensed companies are reputable and have few client complaints. 

Be sure to check how many years a company has been in service and what customers have to say about them.

3. Online Customer Reviews

Thankfully, it is easier than ever to get an idea of the type of company you should hire. With the click of a mouse, you’ll be able to see customer reviews for practically any business. 

While customer reviews aren’t the only reference you should use, it does provide valuable insight. Look for different fire damage companies and compare what past customers had to say.

4. What Services Do They Offer?

As you look for different companies, you’ll want to get a complete list of services offered. That way, you can see which place aligns with what you’re looking for. This is also a great way of comparing restoration fees.

5. Property Should Be Inspected First

You can expect a reputable company to inspect your property before they start working. You should make sure that they do an initial inspection before they provide a quote. This will ensure that they can properly access the situation and make the entire process easier.

6. The Company’s Response Time

Property fires happen unexpectedly, and the company you select should be able to respond right away. You’ll want to find a company that responds whenever you need their help. They should also start cleaning immediately to prevent your home from getting exposed to additional damages.

Choosing the Right Fire Damage Company

Having your property damaged by fire can leave you stressed and anxious. The right fire damage company will reduce your worries. It will also ensure that your home or business will be restored in the right way. 

Are you looking for the best fire and water restoration in Tallahassee? Look no further than SERVPRO of North Leon County. Be sure to contact us for more information!

Common Water Damage Restoration Mistakes to Avoid for Homeowners

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water damage on ceiling leak from 2nd floor on ceiling of first floor

5 Common Water Damage Restoration Mistakes to Avoid for Homeowners

Fixing water damage in your home requires knowing what can hinder your progress. Here are common water damage restoration mistakes

Water damage can cause a myriad of problems for your property, your wallet, and your peace of mind.

When it comes to being a homeowner, you can't afford to make mistakes if you need to have water damage issues corrected.

Read on for a list of five common water damage restoration mistakes to avoid so you can get back to living in a dry, safe home.

1. You Wait for the Issue to Go Away

Whether it's a major storm or a burst plumbing pipe, one of the most common water damage restoration mistakes that homeowners make is waiting too long to get help. You might think that everything will dry out on its own and that your home will return to normal. The truth is, water can wreak serious havoc on your home's structure even more than what you can see, so contacting a water damage cleaning service ASAP is key.

2. Water Damage Restoration Mistakes: Doing Things DIY

Fixing water damage yourself is almost impossible except for the initial cleanup and doing things like bringing furniture outside to dry. Otherwise, there are many things that you'll need to leave in the hands of the professionals. The pros have the water damage equipment needed to repair things the right way so that serious problems don't creep up later when you least expect them.

3. You Think It's No Big Deal

Water damage to homes can cause all kinds of issues with the structural integrity of your house. Mold and mildew can also grow, so it's important to make sure that everything is restored the right way the first time. If you shrug your shoulders and think that water damage isn't so bad, you might end up with a lot more issues later that could've been avoided if repairs were made upfront.

4. Not Knowing Signs of Water Damage

If you're recovering from a disaster, you might not easily recognize the signs of water damage right away. When this happens, problems can start to multiply without you even realizing it. Look for signs like discoloration of walls and floors, warping, and mold growth so that you're aware of serious issues before they get out of hand.

5. You're Using the Wrong Tools

Mops and towels can help to absorb excess water on the floors, but they're not enough to get the job done right. A water damage cleaning service has the proper water damage equipment to get things cleaned up the right way. These pros have a variety of specialized equipment and tools in their arsenal that will help to restore your home back to its original condition.

Say Goodbye to Water Damage

Don't make these water damage restoration mistakes if you've recently undergone water-related issues in your home. Never ignore the signs of water damage, and always contact the professionals to help you navigate this stressful time.

For more information about our water damage restoration services and how we can help, feel free to contact us today.

Dangers Present in the Aftermath of Fire Damage

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roof on fire Tallahassee roof on fire

Let SERVPRO Make Your Property Safe After a Fire

In the event of a fire, most homeowners are only able to grab their most cherished belongings and items before evacuating the building. After the fire has been put out or run its course, it is only natural to want to go back in and see what can be salvaged from the remains. However, caution is advised when doing this, as there may be unseen hazards and dangers everywhere in the burned-out property after a fire. Even if the fire was small and contained, one should still be careful when re-entering the property. Here are some of the dangers you may encounter after a fire in your home.
Twisted, Rusted, and Sharp Metal
Any metal appliances pipes or building materials in your home may become irreversibly warped during a fire, as they are heated almost to or past melting point and bend under their weight and heat. This can create a number of sharp, dirty edges across the house, waiting to slice open a fresh wound to unsuspecting victims.
Spilled and Melted Chemicals
During a fire, household objects and cleaning supplies may be melted or boiled, potentially creating dangerous pools of liquid or trapped fumes. Although fumes are rarely in high enough volume to cause an issue, victims of fire damage in Bradfordville should be careful in and around rooms which contained cleaning supplies or other chemicals.
Structural Instability and Falling Objects
During a fire, many parts of a home are severely damaged, often including key structural support regions. While these may not collapse immediately, they may be severely weakened after a fire and prone to disaster if improperly handled. Do your best not to lean on walls and pillars, and always be wary of dangerous-looking walls, ceilings, and supports.
SERVPRO of North Leon County is a locally owned and operated business, with key restoration experience in a variety of types of fire damage, water damage, mold damage, and other types of household damage. If you need professional fire cleanup and restoration services in the area, please don't hesitate to call us 24/7 at (850) 536-6599.

Contact SERVPRO of North Leon County for Water Damage Cleanup

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water damage on wall storm damage in Tallahassee

SERVPRO of North Leon County residential water damage cleanup services are critical after a big storm has occurred in the area. Torrential rains and high winds are a combination that can lead to severe damage to homes. Strong winds often blow off shingles or throw debris around a residence until a window breaks, and rain can flood a home through roof or window damage, leading to serious concerns if Tallahassee residential water damage cleanup services are not performed immediately. Extremely heavy rains or water that has built up over time can also seep into a home under doorways. There are many ways that flood damage can occur in just a short amount of time.

Water damage can start off small and end up leading to secondary problems and expensive repair and restoration fees. The faster water damage is discovered, the better. Whether water damage is being caused by a roof leak or some other emergency, the first step is to find out exactly where the water is coming from so that it can be stopped.

Rely on Professional Tallahassee Residential Water Damage Cleanup Services
Fast water extraction methods are necessary to make sure that your home sustains the least amount of damage as possible. To begin with, it is important to find out what type of water you are dealing with. Specialists can get rid of clean, gray, or black water with ease. They use reliable, high-powered equipment that can extract standing water rapidly. After water is removed, carpet pads should be checked out to make sure that they do not need to be removed to save the flooring underneath them. Walls should also be inspected for damage. Moisture meters and sensors can detect moisture levels all over your home whether it is visible or not.

Along with removing water, cleaning and sanitizing your property are also essential. If there are bad scents, deodorizing your property may be a necessity too. You want to return to your home knowing that there are no lurking bacteria left over from the flooding.

When a severe storm attacks your property, getting it repaired right away can help to stop water damage from getting worse. It is important to salvage as much as possible from your home. Be careful walking around the property that has standing water in it because it could be holding many dangerous surprises that only specialists are equipped to handle.

SERVPRO of North Leon County is standing by to assist you with all sorts of residential water damage cleanup services. As we're a local company, you can trust us to arrive promptly to clean up your water damage as quickly as possible. Contact us today at (850)536-6599

How Different Types of Flooring React to Water Damage

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inside home with wooden floor wood floor in Tallahassee

Some Flooring Fares Well During Floods While Some Does Not

Flood damage is very rarely a light load on a home, and in the vast majority of cases, flooding has a severe negative impact on the home. In many cases, the most damaged and most concerning element of the damage is flooring. Floors are completely submerged during floods, causing water to seep in and wreak havoc. But how exactly does water damage affect different types of flooring? SERVPRO technicians are trained to deal with and restore all of these flooring types, and can help with any flooding on them.
Wood Flooring
In Tallahassee, water damage is often most pronounced on wood flooring. Wood is very vulnerable to flooding and other water damage, as its materials have been intentionally dried and when wet can rapidly change shape and warp. Flooring commonly loses color, stains, and loses shape, but thankfully we have techniques to deal with all of these problems, and can replace the floors if all else fails.
Carpeting is often typically very hard-hit by a flood. Carpets have space in between their fibers and underneath them and are usually composed of cotton, fabric, or plastic fiber, all of which are highly susceptible to permanent water damage. The aforementioned spaces can be widened, tearing the very material apart, and carpets are very prone to staining and discoloration. Where a rug of a different color is on top of a carpet, its color may bleed through and cause thick discoloration. Carpets are often ripped up and replaced after a flood to prevent serious mold growth from occurring in the home.
Tile and Concrete
Tile, concrete, and other stone floors often fare the best in a flood. The tiles themselves are typically immune to water, requiring only cleaning and sanitization following a flood. Concrete, on the other hand, may stain and become discolored, although this is typically cleanable or easily painted over. Be mindful, however, that some types of tile grout may be susceptible to water damage, and can easily grow mold. A fresh grout layer may be required following flooding over tile.
Well-equipped to deal with all types of flooring following a flood or other significant water damage, SERVPRO of North Leon County is a reliable home restoration and repair company ready to help 24/7. Call us at (850) 536-6599 for emergency water damage services.

A Musty Smell In Your Tallahassee Home Means It's Time To Call Us

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woman holding nose from oder oder removal for your tallahassee home

Have you noticed an odd, musty smell in home or part of your home? This smell happens in a lot of homes, especially older homes.

There are several things that have caused this smell, from mold issues, to neglect, or just the age of the home. It could have nothing to do with the home at all. 

Perhaps it's left over from the previous occupant. There have long been jokes about 'old people smell,' but it's a real thing.

Knowing the cause of the smell is one thing, though, and knowing how to get rid of it is another. We'll talk more about possible causes and solutions in this article.

1. Mold and Mildew

One of the most common causes of a wet, musty smell in the home is mold or mildew. There are a few differences between mold and mildew.

The main difference is severity. Mildew only shows up on the surface of affected areas, and can be easily cleaned.

Mold, on the other hand, can be a much bigger problem. It's not confined to surfaces, so visible mold might be a sign of a more serious problem.

If you do have a mold problem, we'd recommend calling a professional. In rare cases, mold can be dangerous.

2. Poor HVAC Maintenance

Sometimes, a bad smell in the air can be something as simple as the air itself. Trapping air in one place can cause it to grow musty. 

This occurs because the air isn't be circulated and filtered, meaning that dust, tiny particles, and various other contaminants aren't being pushed into larger spaces or filtered out.

The solution for a musty smell in home AC vents is often replacing the filter in the HVAC system and turning it on. Keep in mind that the air may be musty when you first start running it. That air's been in there for a while and it might take some time to get it clean.

If you'd prefer to get professionals to clean the system, you can always call an air duct cleaning service.

3. Second-Hand Smoke

Despite all the bad press smoking has gotten over the years, there are still people who do it. If you happen to buy a house from one of those people, you may notice the smell of tobacco smoke still lingering in the air.

Unfortunately, the smoke clings to objects and surfaces, which makes it harder to get out.

Again, this isn't much of an issue. You may need to give the house a thorough cleaning, but otherwise, there won't be too much trouble.

Musty Smell in Home: What It Is and How to Get Rid Of It

If you're looking for the source  of a musty smell in home, house, and hearth, look no further. We've talked about some of the most common causes of musty odor in this article, but there are other potential causes, as well.

For more information on home ownership and various home maintenance issues please visit our site. If you have any questions, or are thinking of hiring us for a maintenance job in your home, feel free to contact us.

SERVPRO of North Leon County Cleans Sewage Backup

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toilet leak in bathroom water leak emergency in Tallahassee home

Get this: A whopping 1.8 million people drink from contaminated water sources every day. On the bright side, though, there are plenty of ways to figure out how to clean after sewage backup problems head your way.

On the hunt for some sewage backup cleaning tips?

If you are looking for a quick sewage backup fix, we are here to help you out. Take a look at the five steps to recover after a sewage backup below!

1. Avoid Flushing Toilets and Drains 

To reduce your sewage damage significantly, do your best to avoid flushing toilets or drains immediately after the problem has occurred. This includes sinks too. The point is to prevent any additional water from being used in your house until the sewage problem has been taken care of by a trusted professional!

2. Ditch Any Harsh Cleaning Products

The next step that you should take after a serious sewage issue is to ditch any harsh cleaning products. Not only can this make your sewage clog even messier, but it may cause damage to your sewer lines and pipes as well.

Pro tip: Instead, we recommend that you use more eco-friendly cleaning products that rely on enzymes rather than chemicals.

3. Close off the Sewage Area

Once you spot the sewage area in your home, we encourage you to close off the impacted area in your home. For those of you who are unaware, this includes removing your pets and your children from the sewage area too.

4. Turn off Your Power Source 

If the infected area in your home isn't flooded yet, you might want to try to turn off your power source if it's still somewhat safe. If not, you should avoid your electrical box until a trusted professional arrives at your home.

5. Don't Forget Your PPE

In case you didn't know, it's important to wear your personal protective equipment while cleaning up any sewage backup. This includes everything from:

  • Gloves
  • Eyeglasses
  • Rubber boots
  • Face mask

In addition to this, washing your hands in between cleaning sessions is always a smart choice!

Searching for Sewage Backup Help?

Are you still searching for sewage backup help? If that's the case, then your search is officially over.

From a sewage backup in the basement to a sewage backup in the house, we've got you covered!

Not only can you help to prevent sewage damage by avoiding flushing toilets and sinks, but you can also ditch any harsh cleaning products to prevent further damage too.

Besides this, closing up the sewage area to your kids and pets and turning off your electrical source are great ways to deal with the sewage backup as well. Last but not least, wearing protective personal equipment like gloves, eyeglasses, rubber boots, and face masks might do the trick too!

Need help with sewage damage cleanup? If so, don't hesitate to contact our team of experts today!

Early Signs of Water Damage That Shouldn't Be Left Ignored

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woman walking in flood flood damage at Tallahassee business

Water damage at your business should never be ignored. The damage itself may seem minimal and, in a way, it is.

That's because the real problem is the cause of the water damage. For instance, it's possible that you have an exterior leak that's eating away at your roof. Or, water could be trickling from a damaged pipe that's about to burst.

In any case, it's imperative that you deal with water damage as soon as you see it. To help with this, we've listed the 8 most common signs of water damage to look for in your home. Read on to learn more.

1. Dampness, Leaks, Puddles

Excess moisture that never seems to go away is a bad sign. If it hasn't caused any damage yet, it definitely will soon. Besides, moisture that isn't dried up quickly enough can allow mold to grow.

2. Dripping Noises

Sometimes you don't see any leaks but you can still hear them. If you hear dripping in your home, seek out the source of the noise until you find it.

Hopefully, it's an easily fixable faucet leak. But if the water is dripping anywhere else, call a professional water damage restoration company right away.

3. Water Stains

Water soaking through your ceiling or trickling down your walls leaves dark stains. These usually look like rings on the ceiling or streaks trailing down your walls.

4. Bubbling/Flaking Paint

When moisture gets under the paint on your walls or ceiling, the paint begins to detach from the wall. As a result, the paint will blister, crack, and start flaking away.

5. Swelling, Sagging, or Cracking of Ceiling or Walls

Wood and other building materials become swollen when moisture remains on them for a long time. That's because absorbent materials like wood will soak up the water like a sponge.

You might see this in your interior walls and ceilings. But this damage can also occur on the exterior of your home, namely in the roofing and siding.

6. Musty Odors

Musty odors are usually from constant dampness or mold growth. Do your best to find out where musty smells are coming from so that water/mold damage can be addressed.

7. Increased Water Bill

Lastly, if your water bill has recently increased by a lot, and you can't figure out why, it could mean that you have a plumbing leak. That doesn't necessarily mean that the leak is inside your property where it can cause damage to the building. But it's still definitely worth it to have your plumbing checked.

Watch Out For These Signs of Water Damage

If you noticed any of these signs of water damage, we can help. Contact us here so we can restore your water-damaged building right away.

How to Deal With Graffiti at Your Business

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graffiti on wall graffiti clean up service for Tallahassee business

Are you having a graffiti problem in your area? Unfortunately, you're not alone. In the United States, graffiti removal costs around 12 billion dollars each year.

But, what's the safest and easiest way to remove graffiti from your home or business? Read on for our guide to graffiti removal.

Consider The Surface Affected By The Graffiti

You'll need to consider what surfaces are damaged by the graffiti when considering how to remove it effectively.

For example, if you're asking yourself, "how to remove graffiti from brick", you'll probably require power washing. That means it's safest to contact professional cleaning services to remove the graffiti from your home or business.

Removing graffiti from metal surfaces is usually easier since it can often be removed with paint thinner. If graffiti is painted on wood, it can be extremely difficult to remove without damaging the wood, particularly if the wood is damaged in any way or is older. 

If your problem is that you need to remove graffiti from concrete, you may be able to remove some of the paint with good old soap and water. It could be a little time-consuming, though, so you may want to pay someone else to do it anyway. Your time is valuable, after all.

No matter what, you should be trying to remove the graffiti from your home or business as quickly as possible.

Consider The Materials Used To Create Graffiti

Different materials used in graffiti can be easier or harder to removed, based on the chemicals contained in the products. Some things that can be used to create graffiti include:

  • Magic markers
  • Permanent markers
  • Spray paint
  • Oil-based chalk
  • Paint Markers

Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell what materials were used to create graffiti, especially when you're not an artist. A professional graffiti removal service can evaluate the situation and figure out what the best approach is.

If graffiti is painted on a previous paint job, it may be easiest just to repaint and cover up the graffiti. As long as the graffiti isn't altering the surface of the material, it's usually a simpler call.

Call in the Professionals

Ultimately, it's always safest to contact professionals for your graffiti removal needs. You'll be less likely to accidentally damage or stain the surfaces you're trying to remove the graffiti from.

Before you call in the professionals, however, you should contact your city or town. Some areas have bylaws and the like regarding graffiti, and some may even offer graffiti removal services. You want to stay within the bounds of the law, and take advantage of what services are offered to you.

After that, look into the best possible graffiti removal options in your area, and choose what's right for you.

Get Started With Graffiti Removal Today

Clearly, you have many options when it comes to graffiti removal. 

Are you looking for graffiti removal and cleaning services in the Tallahassee area? Contact us today for everything you need.

The Complete Guide on What to Do After a Flood

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man on sofa in flood flood damage after a storm

Floods are everywhere; 99% of American counties have experienced at least one flooding event since 1996. 

They can occur at any moment and damage any part of your home. It is absolutely important that you know what to do after a flood. But the steps to take after a flood involve a lot more than evacuating and wiping down puddles. 

What can you do to stop water inside your home? What should your first steps be after you return? How can you help clean up your property? 

Answer these questions and you can make your flood cleanup a lot easier. Here is your quick guide. 

Stop the Water When You Can 

When people think about flood damage, they think about natural disasters bringing water in. It is true that a hurricane can bring floods into your home. 

But burst pipes or appliances can also fill your home with water. When that's the case, turn the main water valve off. Lock doors leading into the room and fill the gaps in them with towels to keep leaks from coming through. 

If you are expecting a natural disaster, you should shut your valve off. Seal your faucets and wrap your pipes with rags to protect them from breaking. 

You should also turn off the electrical systems in your house. Unplug all appliances and remove the batteries in clocks. 

Never endanger yourself. If turning off the valve will put you at risk for poisoning or electrocution, do not do it. 

Get Out and Stay Out 

Floodwaters are a significant danger. Six inches of moving water can knock you off your feet, and one foot can drag your vehicle away. 

If your local or state government tells you to evacuate, you should do so. Gather your essential belongings, including medications and photo IDs. Get out as soon as possible. 

If you cannot leave your home, move to the upper levels. Avoid touching the water unless you must evacuate. 

When you can return to your home, you may be tempted to enter right away. You should avoid doing so since toxins can be inside. Wait until you get an all-clear from a trained professional.

Get in Touch With Others

If you sustained any sort of injury, you should get medical attention. A cut that had water inside can develop into an infection. If you're safe, call a family member to tell them you are alright. 

If you live in a rental property, call your landlord. Tell them how the water got into your property and what the exterior seems like. You should also tell them how other residents are doing. 

If you own your home, call your insurer. Tell them what happened and where you think the damage might be. 

Your insurer may want to send an inspector before they give you compensation. Wait for them before heading inside if your insurer decides on this. 

Document the Damage 

Take photographs of absolutely everything. The more proof you have of damage, the more insurance compensation you can receive. 

Photograph the exterior of your property, including doors and windows. If you have a garden or shed that got damaged, take photos of that as well. 

Move through your house room by room. Take a look at the far corners and the bottoms of your walls. 

Proceed into your basement with caution. Wear personal protective equipment, including a respirator that filters out airborne substances. If you see mold or animals, stay away. 

In addition to photographs, create written lists of everything that is damaged. Provide detailed descriptions of each item to increase your chances of getting a replacement. 

Photos of damaged rooms are especially effective if you have photos from before the flood. Take photographs of anything you've bought that is valuable, like television sets. Keep receipts in a waterproof container that you store in your attic. 

Cleaning up After a Flood

You should call a service when you encounter any flood damage. Flood damage has several hidden dangers that are hard to detect. Water strains foundations, which you may not notice until you put weight on them. 

Once your insurer is done looking at your home, contact professionals near you. After a major emergency, there will be a lot of people calling them. Be patient and try to assess the damage on your own. 

You can help in a few ways. Remove possessions that you think you can salvage. Keep them dry in waterproof containers. 

Air-dry your clothes and linens on clotheslines and tables. Spray them with antibacterial substances before wearing them again. 

Open doors and windows to allow air to circulate. Make sure that this does not allow bacteria or mold to spread. If the doors or windows are broken, place boards over them to keep animals from entering. 

Use a sump pump to remove standing water. If you have small pools, you can use buckets, but be careful. Wear gloves and boots and make sure you can carry the water out by hand. 

Know What to Do After a Flood 

Now you should understand what to do after a flood. If you're able to, turn off the water valve. Shut off electricity to prevent electrocutions. 

Evacuate before any major natural disaster. Stay out of your home until you get clearance from someone. Also, call your family, then contact your landlord and insurer. 

Take photographs of damaged objects and call a service that will clean up mold and repair your foundations. Keep things dry until you can go back inside. 

Don't wait around to get help. SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee has more than 50 years of experience in managing flood damage. Contact us today.

What To Do After A Fire: A Guide To Fire Damage Restoration Services

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roof with fire damage fire damage on roof inside Tallahassee home

There are over 350,000 house fires each year across the United States, and the aftermath of these fires can be devastating. Post-fire, it can feel like nothing will ever be the same again; however, there is hope! We are going to show you just want to do after there is fire damage at your property so you can mitigate losses and get your life back! 

From finding a fire damage restoration service to fire damage cleanup, we have the resources you need. Let's get started! 

Safety First 

A house or property fire can be crippling for anyone; however, if you and your loved ones have managed to escape unharmed, you should consider yourselves lucky. There are over 16,000 injuries each year due to fires, and in many cases, the injuries occur because of people trying to reenter the property during or after the fire. 

Safety should be your number one concern. Even if you think a fire is 100% under control, there could still be hazards, such as compromised structures. Don't rush to reenter your property to check for damage or recovery important items; instead, enlist the help of a local fire damage restoration service to help you with the process. 

Seek Shelter 

If you have experienced a fire, it is unlikely that you will be able to reenter the home right away for safety reasons. Finding a place to stay during the fire damage, cleanup, and restoration period can help you and your family maintain some normalcy after the incident and ensure your safety. 

In most cases, your homeowners' insurance will cover things like finding a hotel room, clothing, food, etc. With that being said, handling claims after a fire can add additional stress, so consider working with a fire damage restoration company that helps its clients work with insurance companies to manage claims. 


Not all house fires completely destroy the property, however, some damages can be hidden and dangerous. For example, smoke from the fire can permeate through the house and will need to be cleaned up by professional fire damage restoration services. Additionally, water damage is another factor to consider when managing post-fire restoration.

When firefighters use water to put the fire out, there is often a need for fire water damage restoration. Other items that might have been partially damaged but not ruined, such as furniture and clothing, should also be cleaned and restored by professionals to ensure they are safe again. 

Fire Damage Restoration Service 

After a fire, you need an advocate. Finding the right fire damage restoration service can help you navigate life after the fire and get you and your family back into your home and your routine faster.

At SERVPRO, our dedicated team is committed to helping our clients manage damages and the restoration process. So, if you are in need of our services, contact us today so we can help you get started!

Why Should You Use A 24 Hour Emergency Service For Flooding?

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SERVPRO service truck 24 hour SERVPRO water damage repair truck

Why Should You Use A 24 Hour Emergency Service For Flooding?

Homes are one of the most expensive purchases a person may get. Unless you want to throw all of the money you spend out the window, you should always maintain the property you get. You can expect to spend 1-4% of your home's value on maintenance fees. 

Be careful though. The cost for regular maintenance will turn into costly repairs should you hold them off later. It's more of a grave mistake if you are dealing with issues like water damage.

Seek a 24-hour emergency service ASAP in these cases. Keep reading to learn why flooding requires rapid intervention. 

How Soon Does Water Damage Occur?

Ever notice how paper you spill with water is never the same? You can consider a similar effect to your home if you have flooding in your home. The look of your walls changes and damage may be evident within minutes. 

Dealing with water damage is a race against time. The longer you allow the water to sit, the worse it will get. However, if you discover and address water damage once you see it, very little damage will occur. Extensive flooding can attack your walls as well as your belongings. 

Allowing the water to seep through the walls can cause structural issues with the house. Hard floors may swell from the excess water. The ceilings may also start to crack. Rotting can begin within a few hours and cause odor as well. 

The two most important factors when dealing with water damage is determining how much water you have and the rate it's traveling. Knowing both will help you determine how fast damage will occur as it does vary. 

Actions To Take With Water Flooding

The longer you wait to correct water damage, the more likely you are to be left with major damages. Waiting will cost your more too which makes it an implausible option. It's a good idea to do what you can first as you contact a 24-hour emergency plumbing service to help you.

You should start by removing as much of the water as you can by yourself. Depending on how deep the water is you may need a bucket, mop, cloth, or combination of the three to help you. Your eyes are also your best friend in assessing possible water damage. 

Homeowners who live in states such as Florida are most prone to dealing with water damage. Florida isn't only known for its hot climate. Floridians have to deal with tropical storms and are at the highest risk of water damage during hurricane season

Extensive water damage is not something you want to handle on your own. Cleaning the water is not the only problem you have to remember about. Getting in touch with water restoration companies can save your home. 

SERVPRO: A Timely and Affordable 24-Hour Emergency Home Service

SERVPRO is a company in Florida that offers prompt damage control for residences and business properties. We are a 24-hour emergency flood service you can count on.

We have highly trained specialists who will come in, clean up, and restore damages (such as water flooding) before the problem gets worse. Contact us for damage control at an affordable price. 

A Guide To Fire Cleanup Services And Preventing The Effects Of Smoke Damage

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fire extinguisher fire extinguisher used for fire damage and fire damage cleanup in Tallahassee.

A Guide To Fire Cleanup And The Effects Of Smoke Damage

Are you the victim of a house fire and unsure where to begin? Fire cleanup services can help prevent the long-term effects of smoke damage on your home.

There were over 1 million house fires in 2019, responsible for close to 15 billion dollars worth of damage. If your home or business was subject to fire, you know how devastating they can be.

You also know how difficult the fire cleanup process is. Home fire damage cleanup can be expensive and time-consuming. Worse, some unreliable fire cleanup contractors can rip you off, even at this vulnerable time in your life.

Use this guide to plan your best course of action when it comes to your fire damage cleanup.

Take Stock

Your first step is to take stock of the extent of the fire damage. Your building could be salvageable, or it may be left in utter ruins. This will influence the overall cost of your fire cleanup. 

If the fire department used vast amounts of water to subdue the blaze, you may need both fire and water damage cleanup. For small fires, you may only need smoke damage remediation services.

Smoke damage can leave lasting odors. It can also cause structural and aesthetic corrosion in your home. Remedying smoke damage can be very hard and requires a professional.

Either way, getting an inspection and assessment is your first step in finding out what services you need.

Find a Reliable Fire Cleanup Company

You will want a name you can trust with a good reputation when it comes to your fire cleanup company. Make sure whoever you choose is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

You can use their online scam tracker to find any undesirable fire restoration candidates yourself. There are all sorts of unreliable fire cleanup contractors out there who will overcharge you or rip you off.

Some will promise you work and not complete it in a timely fashion, if at all. Many are looking to take advantage of your insurance company.

They know that people are vulnerable after a fire and willing to go with the lowest prices without doing proper research. Don't fall prey to this pitfall. Go with a name you can trust. Always look for a B.B.B. accreditation.

Rebuild Right

If your home was destroyed by wildfire, take some fire prevention methods to keep disaster from striking again. Create defensible space around your home and make it out of non-combustible materials such as brick.

Make sure to have a metal roof so that ember-wash doesn't catch it on fire. If your home was not destroyed by wildfire and was subject to a normal structure fire, there are still some measures you can take.

Replace cheap, particulate wood furniture with less combustible materials. Avoid reconstructing and renovating your home out of materials such as wood to avoid future fire risk. Also, have proper fire insurance for your home and land.

Call a Pro Today

After a traumatic experience such as a fire, you just want to move on with your life. To do that, you will need to finish your fire cleanup process. Your best bet is to call a professional.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment. That way, you can go with a trusted name in the business that guarantees you good results.

Air Duct Cleaning Services and Protecting Your Business

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man cleaning air duct SERVPRO employee cleaning air ducts

5 Ways Air Duct Cleaning Services Could Protect Your Business

Check your ventilation systems with an air duct cleaning service and see the benefits it could have on you and your business.

Making your building more comfortable is one way to boost employee morale and efficiency, as well as make your customers happy. An often overlooked but crucial part of keeping your business clean and comfortable is to keep your ventilation system in top shape.

When was the last time you considered your air ducts? If it's been a while or if you've never thought about it, now is the time.

Here are five benefits of using an air duct cleaning service for your business.

1. Improves Heating and Cooling Efficiency

Your heating and cooling system works harder when there is a buildup in the air ducts. Why? Debris in the air ducts impedes the airflow.

As a result of the motor working harder to deliver warm or cool air, the system uses more energy. When your heating and cooling system works harder to keep the building comfortable, all that extra energy use costs you more.

An air duct cleaning service leaves your ducts clean and clear, resulting in a more efficient system.

2. Better Air Quality

Clean air ducts can help improve the air quality inside your business. Dirty air ducts can push all the accumulated dust, pest debris, pollen, mold spores, and so on into the building.

Keeping your business air ducts clean by using commercial cleaning services benefits you and your employees.

3. Clean up Leftover Dust From Remodeling

If you've recently remodeled your business or performed any sort of construction inside, you probably realized how much dust and debris it caused. Even if you think you've done a great job with post-construction cleaning, much of that dust ended up in your air ducts.

Thankfully, a ventilation inspection and air duct cleaning can remove all that leftover dust, leaving you to enjoy your newly remodeled business.

You might also want to consider investing in commercial cleaning services to keep your business clean, healthy, and safe for your employees and your customers.

4. May Help With Odors

If you notice an unpleasant odor that might be coming from your HVAC system, an inspection and cleaning may help. An air duct cleaning will remove particulate deposits. That said, you may need to discover the source of the odor to eliminate the problem completely.

Common reasons for offensive odors include moisture buildup or mold growth, rodents, droppings, etc. A technician can help pinpoint the source of the odor.

5. Longer System Lifespan

Regular cleaning services can help extend the life of your heating and cooling system. Debris and dust that make their way to your system can get inside the components, including the motor. This can cause the components to wear down and break over time.

Air duct cleanings ensure your system stays clean, which can reduce wear and tear.

Schedule Your Air Duct Cleaning Service Today

We hope these five advantages of getting an air duct cleaning service convinced you. Maintaining your air ducts can help protect your business by keeping the air clean and healthy. As a result, your employees, customers, and heating and cooling system all benefit.

If you're ready to schedule an air duct cleaning, leave it to us at SERVPRO of North Leon County. Fill out our online form to request a service or ask us any questions.

What Is The Difference Between Mold Remediation And Mold Removal?

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mold on wall mold damage on a wall inside Tallahassee business

Mold Remediation Process VS. Mold Removal: What Is The Difference?

Are you unsure of which route to go down regarding a problem with mold? Read this guide to understand the difference between mold remediation and mold removal.

Spring season is here. This is the best time to clean, de-clutter, and organize your home. In the process, you may realize that some areas in your home have some mold growth.

While mold is an essential component of decomposition, indoor mold growth can cause health effects. It makes your home uninhabitable due to the musty odors and humidity around the affected areas.

How do you solve the problem? The best way to completely get rid of mold is through the mold remediation process.

Nonetheless, most individuals tend to confuse mold removal and remediation. If you are unsure which route to go down regarding a mold problem, read this guide to understand the difference between mold remediation and mold removal.

What Is Mold Removal? 

Ideally, mold removal is just as the name suggests; the process of removing mold. It is one of the many steps of mold remediation.

What Is Mold Remediation Process?

From the word remedy, mold remediation is the process of finding a cure to mold growth, thus preventing its future growth.

Steps for Mold Remediation

Considering that you want to get a long-term solution to mold growth, remediation is a bit complex.

It involves the removal, cleaning, and sanitizing of the affected areas. Therefore, you should let experts handle the job. Here are the mold remediation process steps to expect from the professionals.

Establishing the Type of Reproductive Spores

The remediation process begins with air samples to establish the type of mold reproductive spores and the concentration.

Determining the type of mold based on the spores and concentration will help the experts develop the best remediation approach.

The concentration, on the other hand, helps to establish the extent of contamination in your home.

Suppressing Dust

Once the mold remediation specialists have assessed the affected and geared up with protective clothing, the next step is to suppress dust with moisture.

Introducing more moisture in a mold-prone area may sound like a bad idea, but it helps keep the particular rooms' spores. The experts may use a humidifier in the process.


Depending on the extent of mold growth, the specialists may need to demolish or remove the affected materials in the building. These include insulation, drywall, and carpets.

Damaged materials will be sealed and sprayed to prevent the spores from escaping to other parts of the house.


The remaining parts of the house are cleaned using special detergent solutions and brushes. The process is tricky, and if not careful, you may end up stirring spores in the air.

The used cleaning materials should be disinfected or disposed of.

Pay attention to the HVAC system, and if it is affected, the mold remediation experts will use special tools and treatments to clean the problematic area.

Biocide Application

The specialists may apply Biocide to the space to kill any spores. They may also use encapsulating products that act as mold resistant to prevent future infestation.


Upon reorganizing and restoring the house, the remediation team will use sanitize the room and eliminate any spores that escaped when carrying out the previous steps.

Eliminate Mold in Your Home Completely With Reliable Remediation Experts

Improve the quality of your indoor air and make your home comfortable with mold remediation. Unlike basic removal, mold remediation process leaves your space spotless and prevents future mold growth.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any mold removal and remediation inquiries. We will be glad to take you through the processes.

How We Work with Insurance to Protect Your Business

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businesses downtown commercial buidlings downtown

Apart from our experience in a crisis, we also have established business dealings with all area insurance providers and major brands, giving us a distinct advantage with areas like damage assessment and cataloging.

We strive to work quickly and efficiently, limiting any modifications to an active schedule or listing of events upcoming in the venue or arena. Apart from our experience in a crisis, we also have established business dealings with all area insurance providers and major brands, giving us a distinct advantage with areas like damage assessment and cataloging.

Water damage can be particularly hazardous, as excessive moisture can damage expensive flooring of all types of surfaces. As is the case with all water loss incidents, the faster that professionals like our SERVPRO team can get to the emergency, the less costly and destructive it can be. We have sophisticated tools that can help to protect newly saturated flooring materials like wood and vinyl.

We understand that your facility is likely well protected with insurance coverage and that threats like water damage should get covered by this plan. Our SERVPRO team has worked with the insurance providers in the area and understand what they need to approve a claim and can work alongside adjusters to provide accurate assessments and inspections to get approval for all of the work that your property needs. 

Insurance companies often need an experienced guiding hand in a crisis to place value and importance on specific tasks and practices. Wood planking with a finish and paint on it can have a degree of water resistance, often leaving our professionals to only have to utilize our drying mats over a short period to ensure that the right degree of moisture removal occurs to return the flooring material to its original look and feel before the next home game.

While water loss incidents do not always happen, knowing how to address these concerns in advance is critical. We have a full team of qualified SERVPRO of North Leon County water restoration specialists. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (850) 536-6599.

Click here to learn more about Tallahassee. 

Our Skilled Technicians Have The Experience To Restore Your Tallahassee Home After A Storm

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lightning from storm storms bring lightning and rain and can cause damage to your home.


Our Skilled Technicians Have The Experience To Restore Your Tallahassee Home After A Flood

Managing Flood Loss in Your Tallahassee Home Until Help Arrives

While flood disasters can be overwhelming and stressful for Tallahassee homeowners, especially coming on the heels of severe weather events that destroyed portions of the property, securing professional assistance quickly is a wise choice. With one of the most regarded storm relief teams in the state of Florida, we can mobilize quickly when homes and businesses are at risk. We have ready trailers stocked with industry-leading equipment to aid in extraction, drying, cleaning, and reducing mold growth potential.

Even with our fast response to these emergencies, even amid the storm, there are ways that a homeowner can help manage flood damage in their Tallahassee residence as well. It is important to note that while there are helpful objectives that property owners can manage until our SERVPRO team arrives at your home, it is only beneficial to do these tasks if it poses no risk or danger to you or your family. Understand your limitations, vulnerabilities in exposed areas of your home, and the progress of the rising water before you commit to any of these actions.

  • Gather Sentimental Items – One of the most critical tasks that any homeowner can embark on is gathering the sentimental and irreplaceable items from their residence before you vacate the premises. While our SERVPRO professionals have a skilled approach with content management, it is often impossible for us to manage the recovery of flood damaged photographs and other keepsakes.
  • Shut Off Other Utilities – Other utilities, especially your electric service, can become damaged with high flooding. The best solution to prevent a fatal situation where water can become electrically charged is to shut off the power to your residence if you know that substantial flooding is inevitable.
  • Take Photos of the Current Damage – Your insurance company is going to want documentation and proof of the damage that your home has sustained. Even additional aid groups often require documentation and cataloging of how your property was affected by the severe weather incident, so having photographic evidence can help.

 Often flooding is challenging to avoid, even with barriers and damming that many homeowners attempt. Knowing how to overcome these damaging effects as they occur begins with securing the experience and skill of our SERVPRO of North Leon County team. Our fast response team stays prepared to help with all storm loss incidents 24/7 at (850) 536-6599.

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Odor Removal Tools for Fire-Damaged Tallahassee Homes

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building fire fireman putting out building on fire

Odor Removal Tools for Fire-Damaged Tallahassee Homes

Fires that affect Tallahassee homes often come with multiple layers of damaging effects for homeowners to overcome. As overwhelming as these circumstances can be, there are ways that you can work to resolve some of the pressing and challenging lingering symptoms on your own with the right equipment and products. Knowing what you need for aspects like deodorization can help the process to complete more efficiently and to be more successful in the end. By looking at the tools that our SERVPRO team uses for this niche of fire recovery, you can too acquire some of this odor removal equipment for your property. 

Fire damage in Tallahassee might feel overwhelming at first, especially with various obstacles all present at the same time. Our SERVPRO team has certified Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT), many with additional endorsements as Odor Control Technicians (OCT), so we have experience and industry-leading equipment to make a difference quickly should you decide it is too much to handle on your own. Part of our success in fire recovery over the years stems from our ability to manage symptoms like lingering smoke odors amid these other effects. 

Regardless of the severity of fire damage incidents, odor control is a considerable phase in recovery and restoration. Our SERVPRO team has an entire inventory of practical deodorization tools and products that lead the industry, and when combined with our extensive experience in fire recovery, improve the speed and success of these odor removal endeavors. Some of these devices we use regularly are:  

-  Hydroxyl Machines – These units can help to reduce or eliminate harsh odors in a compromised environment. Units also work to filter out particulates, debris, dust, and soot circulating in the damaged areas of the property. 

-  Thermal Foggers – While our SERVPRO professionals lean more towards UV foggers for the elimination of lingering smoke odors, thermal fogging is still a powerful tool in our arsenal. These machines are highly portable, helping to address odors throughout the entire property quickly and efficiently. 

If you need our experienced SERVPRO of North Leon County fire restoration specialists or a second opinion on the work you have done for your home, give us a call today at (850) 536-6599.

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6 Reasons Why Water Damage Cleanup Is Essential

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flood damage water damage in home

Water - we can't live without it. But sometimes, we can't live with it, either. Do you know that $13 billion is spent on water damage restoration services in the U.S. alone? Uncontrolled water presents several dangers.

Water damage to homes and businesses ranges from burst pipes to major storms to regional flooding. So home and business owners can't always avoid it. But you must respond to water damage quickly.

Water damage cleanup with a fast response time is critical, no matter the cause or magnitude of the flooding. We'll discuss reasons why you must never delay treating water damage.

1. Fast Responses Usually Mean Lower Water Damage Cleanup Costs

You might feel relieved when floodwaters subside or the source stops flowing (e.g., water flow to a burst pipe is shut off). But that doesn't mean the damage is under control.

Water is destructive until it's removed and the affected area thoroughly dried. So we strongly advise calling for professional help as soon as possible. Doing this will save you time, property damage, inconvenience, and money.

2. Immediate Help Can Prevent Structural Property Damage

And speaking of costly damage – do you know what uncontained water can do to your home's foundation, frame, and walls? It varies, depending on the circumstances but is a lot, nonetheless.

The faster you can get things to dry, the better off you'll be. That's where you need help from water damage restoration professionals. Our heavy-duty drying equipment can make a huge difference.

3. Response Time Affects How Much Personal Property You Can Salvage

Think about the personal possessions you've gathered over the years — old family photos, boxed keepsakes, inherited antique furniture, and other cherished items.

You need to get these to a dry area quickly once you know there's a flood. Lay them out in the sun or on an upper floor. Use space heaters and blow dryers. When they're dry, take them to a water damage restoration service.

4. Quick Action in Water Damage Cleanup Forestalls Mold Growth

Let's face it. We all have mold where we live and work. Mold spores are a natural part of the environment. But with the right conditions, they will form colonies and flourish. Mold can cause problems for home and business owners.

The best way to prevent mold growth is to clean up water damage before it starts. It's one reason not to delay calling water cleanup experts. We can help with that.

5. Eliminating Standing Water Repels Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes (and the dangerous germs they carry) breed in stagnant water. The health risk this poses becomes more severe as new species migrate from overseas. Don't let floodwater pool on your property!

6. Floodwater Can Contain Human Waste

Waste released in floodwaters might contain fecal matter, toxic chemicals, decayed animal carcasses, or industrial run-off. If significant flooding affects your home, you should evacuate and call for help immediately.

Timely Water Damage Cleanup Makes a Difference

With or without flood insurance, hiring the best water cleanup services ASAP is essential to your health and property.

If you think water damage cleanup is expensive, you are correct. However, untreated water damage's long-term costs can cost a lot more — including severe illness, loss of home and property, and other tragedies.

If you need water cleanup services in our service area, contact us, SERVPRO of North Leon County.

The Telltale Signs of Smoke Damage (and What to Do About It!)

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fire damaged furniture fire damage in home

Say you've had a recent fire in your home, but it was mostly contained. You got rid of the damaged furniture, but your home still smells like smoke.

That's because smoke can spread throughout your home even if a fire doesn't. It can ruin your furniture, causing smells and stains that can become permanent. 

Here are some signs of smoke damage to stay aware of.

Signs of Smoke Damage

Lingering smoke damage is one of the many types of fire damage you'll have to deal with. 

Furniture that hasn't been burned can still carry a strong smoke smell. If not cleaned soon, that smell can linger and cause health effects down the line. Both fabric and leather furniture are equally susceptible to this issue. 

Wooden furniture may not carry scents as strongly as other types, but it can still have soot or debris in its many crevices. 

Smoke damage can also present itself on your walls and ceilings in the form of stains. You'll have to clean drywall carefully to prevent mold or damage. 

Be sure to document any damage you come across if you intend on making a smoke damage insurance claim. Most policies cover professional cleaning costs. 

Dangers of Smoke Damage

Fire isn't the only thing that can cause damage to your health and home. Acidic soot can cause metal surfaces to corrode over time. Porous surfaces can develop permanent stains, and appliances can yellow within hours. 

Even though the fire is gone, your furniture can hold onto the fine soot particles long after. Every time you sit on your couch, you could end up inhaling a puff of smoke. So it's important to hire a professional to cleanup as soon as possible. 

Smoke Damage Restoration

In order to avoid a smoke-damaged home or health effects, you should do your best to clean your home after a fire. 

Fabric-cleaner can help with certain pieces of furniture. Baking soda can also help lift out whatever soot is in your cushions. 

Leather furniture may require a harsher cleaner. A brush or vacuum should be used to remove ash residue. 

As for your walls, you need to be careful not to cause damage. Too much moisture can damage your drywall of cause it to develop mold. 

When in doubt, reach out to your local fire damage repair and restoration experts. They come especially handy after your home has just survived a fire.

Avoid Lingering Smoke

If you're noticed any of these signs of smoke damage, don't wait to do something. They can quickly become permanent fixtures in your home if they're not removed. 

And when you've scrubbed all you can and still notice smoke damage, reach out for help. Request a visit online or ask whatever questions you want about cleaning, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

5 Benefits of Hiring Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services

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smoke damage in home soot all over floor of home

2020 was such a wild year that it's difficult to remember what was happening right before Covid hit. In the early months of the year, almost the entire continent of Australia was ablaze.

The unprecedented giant fires engulfed the entire continent. Experts say climate change was the cause. With that in mind, we should expect even more fire-related events in the coming years.

If your home or business catches fire, then fire damage restoration services can help. Read on to learn five important benefits that the pros can provide to help you overcome a disaster.

1. Determine Your Losses

Fires are terrifying and traumatic. If you were in your home or business when the blaze started, then you'll need time to cope with what happened.

Revisiting the scene of the fire can bring back scary memories. Unless you've had time to process what happened, then you might not want to visit the area right away.

Fire damage experts can help you avoid emotional distress by going to the scene for you. They'll comb through the wreckage and determine the extent of your damage.

This way, you'll be more prepared to speak with your insurance company. You can give them an expert's estimation of your losses, which will speed up your claim, too.

2. Remove Excess Water and Dry Out Your Home

Did the fire department help put out your blaze? If so, then you might be surprised at how much water gets left in your home.

Fire damage restoration services include water removal. Experts will use wet-vacs and dehumidifiers to ensure your home is water-free.

3. Deep Cleaning Your Home and Valuables

Excess water isn't the only thing you'll need removed after a fire. Blazes also cause significant smoke and soot damage. This damage isn't easy to clean off, either.

Experts will use specialized cleaning agents to remove soot and smoke. They'll deep clean your home and ensure your air quality isn't affected by the smoke, soot, or mold spores.

A prompt response could mean the difference between losing and preserving your valuables.

4. Helps You Recover Faster

The best part about hiring fire damage experts is the speed at which they operate. Hiring the pros will ensure that you recover faster than if you go at it alone.

After the fire, you're likely ready for things to get back to normal. Let the professionals help you get there as soon as possible.

5. Safeguards Your Future

Experiencing one fire is more than enough in one lifetime. That's why the experts will help safeguard against future fires. They'll rebuild or restore your property using the most up-to-date technology and materials.

Fire Damage Restoration Services You Can Trust

When disaster strikes, it's all-too-easy to withdraw and isolate yourself. It's a real challenge for some people to ask for help. Despite that, fire damage restoration services are just the helping hand you need.

Not only will the pros speed up your recovery but they'll also help preserve your valuables, too. If your home or business went down in flames, let us help lift you up.

Our experts at SERVPRO are ready to get started. Contact us on our online form now, and we'll get in touch ASAP.

Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Best Commercial Cleaning Company

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rubber gloves woman wearing rubber gloves to clean

Is your team struggling to focus? Have you noticed a drop in their productivity? It's possible your commercial space is to blame.

Clutter can overstimulate the mind and steal our focus. It also contributes to anxiety and frustration. By cleaning up, you could boost your team's productivity and creativity.

Meanwhile, you can also reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading through your team.

You're already busy enough worrying about your business. By hiring a commercial cleaning company, you can take the stress off your shoulders.

Here are the five tips and tricks you need to find a business you can trust. Keep your business squeaky clean with these tips!

1. Head Online

First, head online and search for "the best commercial cleaning company near me." Don't choose the first business you come across. Instead, take the time to research each company's services.

Do they specialize in commercial properties? What services do they offer? Do they have a strong online reputation?

Visit the Better Business Bureau website and the company's Google My Business listing. Read reviews from their recent customers.

If they have any complaints filed against them, scratch that company off your list.

2. Look for Experience

If you want to find the best commercial cleaning company, look for experience and expertise.

How long has the company operated? Have they survived competition in the area?

A new business is likely still working out in the kinks in their operations. They might not know their employees well, either.

Instead, look for a long-running business with a certified and trained team. 

3. Check the Supplies

With COVID-19 still a threat, it's more important now than ever to keep your offices clean.

Ask the cleaning company about the supplies they use. Do they use all-natural products and cleaners? Are their cleaners strong enough to kill the coronavirus? SERVPRO uses EPA-Approved Hospital-Grade cleaning solutions and always adhering to the leading level of cleaning and decontamination standards set by the CDC.

Make sure the team you choose has the supplies necessary to do a thorough job.

4. Confirm Their Coverage

Make sure each company on your list has their insurance, worker's compensation, and bonding paperwork in order. If there's an accident, you shouldn't have to take responsibility for what happened. Otherwise, you'll have to pay out of pocket if someone's injured at your offices.

Choosing an insured company will give you peace of mind. 

5. Ask for Quotes

Take a look at the companies on your list and ask at least three for quotes. Asking for multiple quotes will help you determine the local average.

Don't choose the cheapest option. Instead, use these tips to find the best commercial cleaning company around. 

Squeaky Clean: 5 Tips for Finding the Best Commercial Cleaning Company

Keep your company clean and give your employees the peace of mind they deserve. With these tips, you can find a commercial cleaning team you can trust. Start your search and discover your squeaky clean offices with these tips today!

Don't let wear and tear ruin your offices. Instead, get ahead of the problem with our specialty cleaning services.

Contact us today to get started.

Biohazard Cleaning Services: What Is It? When Is It Needed?

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yellow cans with biohazard symbol biohazard waste containers

Cleaning is crucial. After a biohazard accident, it is absolutely essential. 

The biohazard cleaning industry is worth more than 350 million dollars. This may seem like a lot of money, but biohazards can go anywhere. Infectious and biological substances can spread across a room, infecting an entire company. 

Many people know about crime scene cleanups. But biohazard cleaning services are more complicated than that. Here is a quick guide on the biohazard cleaning process.

The Basics of Biohazard Cleaning Services

Biohazards constitute a wide range of substances. Nearly everyone knows that blood, vomit, and body tissues can spread infections.

But towels and plasticware that are contaminated also count as biohazards. Soil and plant matter can be biohazards if they are infected with pathogens. "Sharps" are needles and knives, which can contaminate a surface with just one drop of blood or spit. 

Cleaning services remove all sorts of biohazards. They arrive on a scene with personal protective equipment. They need goggles, gloves, and masks to avoid exposing themselves to hazards. 

They seal off an area, allowing no one to enter. They remove the hazards themselves, then they clean the space. 

Body fluids can leak through carpeting into the floor, requiring cleaning down to the floorboards. An entire room may require cleaning. 

Scenes with biohazards can be emotional areas. Service teams try to avoid upsetting people who may be around. Some service companies offer counselors who talk to people while the services are working.

When You Need Biohazard Cleaning

You should not clean biohazards yourself. Contact with any bodily fluid can infect you. Fluids seep through the flooring, making it impossible to clean up without help. 

Though many people think of biohazard cleaning for crime scenes, there are other uses for cleaning. Hoarders can fill an entire room with dangerous objects. Body fluids and debris can become trapped, spreading infections. 

Animals can leave large amounts of waste, even in a well-maintained home. Biohazard cleaners can remove the waste and track how animals enter your home. 

Chemical spills can damage an entire workspace. Acids can dissolve your personal protection equipment, burning you and exposing you to toxic fumes. Service providers have stronger protection equipment than you. 

Allowing the experts to clean up your home or workspace frees you. You can reconnect with your family or employees. You can start working on new safety strategies right away. 

Get Your Biohazard Emergencies Cleaned

Biohazards can be devastating. Get the help you need when they contaminate your home or office. 

The most common biohazards are body fluids. But plant matter and needles also pose a threat to human health. 

Always call a service for hoarding, animal waste, and chemical spills. Never clean up biohazards by yourself. Specialists have years of experience in removing biohazards and cleaning all surfaces so infections cannot spread.

SERVPRO is North Leon County's leading biohazard cleaning services. Contact us today, or call us at 850-536-6599. 

4 Benefits of Expert Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services

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grey couch in water flood damage in house

In the past decade, worldwide flooding and rains have increased by 50%. That means extreme rain events are happening four times more often than they were in the 1980s!

While flooding may not have been a concern in the past, it's worth your consideration now.

Have you already suffered the effects of extreme rainfall first-hand? If so, then you may be considering commercial water damage restoration services.

Read on to learn four important benefits these services can offer you.

1. Get Back on Your Feet ASAP

Cleaning up water damage is a lengthy process. Not only do you need to remove any excess water, but you need to dry up your space, too.

Water restoration service experts have access to tools that speed up the process. Once that's complete, you'll need to disinfect the area, too. The pros will already have the cleaners you need to ensure you're back on your feet in no time.

2. Avoid an Insurance Headache

Immediately after an accident, you're likely wondering how you'll financially recover. Most often, you'll wonder whether your insurance policy will cover the damage. On top of that, you might not have experience filing a claim.

A professional water restoration service can help. They'll have experience documenting losses and working with an adjuster. They can even help provide proof if your insurance attempts to deny your claim.

As a result, you're more likely to get fair compensation for your insurance claim. Avoid an insurance headache by hiring a water damage restoration service first.

3. Combat Mold and Other Health Concerns

Have you ever heard of black mold? What about other types of molds that grow in damp, dark places?

Floodwaters can cause your home to be more susceptible to mold. Mold can cause health effects, so it's a good idea to hire a pro to clean up after a flood.

That's not the end of your worries, either! Floodwater can also carry bacteria and microorganisms in it. If the water was exposed to sewage, then you need to approach the situation with caution.

Water restoration experts have personal protective gear to clean up any mess. They'll ensure your home or business gets dried out and disinfected.

4. Preserve Valuables Where Possible

Are you afraid that water damage has ruined your valuables? All hope is not lost! The faster you call a restoration service, the more likely they are to recover your assets. They'll handle your items with care and preserve everything they can.

The Many Benefits of Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services

Commercial water damage restoration services have a lot to offer after a storm. Not only can they get you back on your feet fast, but they'll help preserve your property, too. In the end, you'll cut your losses by hiring a professional.

Are you still considering whether you need the help of the pros? Let us answer any questions you might have about your property. Send us a note on our online form now to hear back from our experts as soon as possible.

A Building Owner's Guide to Fire Restoration Methods and Services

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large house on fire fire damage to house

It was almost midnight when the candle caught your drapes on fire. If it hadn't been for your dog panic barking to wake you up, you might not have made it out in time!

Studies show that there were about 379,600 residential fires reported in the United States in 2018 alone! So, many people have had to go through the same nightmare that you did.

Now that the fire is out and the fire trucks have gone, how do you fix the damage that the fire inflicted on your home? Keep reading to learn all about the methods professionals use in fire restoration.

Top Causes of Residential Fires

While there are no limits to the ways a home could catch on fire, there are a few causes that occur more often than the others. Here are the most common causes for house fires.

  • Cooking
  • Heating Appliances
  • Smoking in the Home
  • Faulty Electrical Equipment
  • Unattended Candles
  • Faulty wiring

Try to mitigate these risks as best as you can. If your home does catch fire, the repairs can cost between $3000 and $40,000 depending on the extent of the damage.

Fire Restoration Methods

When you call in professionals to restore your home, there are a few processes that they go through. These are the 4 major methods they use for fire damage repair and restoration.

Water Damage Repair

When the fire department comes to put out a house fire, they use lots and lots of water. All that water sitting in your home will cause further structural damage if not dealt with right away.

They may set up dehumidifiers or large fans to help dry the area and help prevent mold from growing. The dehumidifiers and fans help draw water out of the walls and floors as well.

Soot Removal

Do you see a fine layer of black or grey covering your belongings? That's soot left behind when something burns until there's nothing left but carbon.

You'll want to clean up the soot fast too. If you leave soot on a porous surface like fabric for too long, you'll never get it all the way out again!

Smoke Damage Repair

After the soot and water damage, the next step is to look at any smoke damage. Regular cleaning methods may get all the visible soot, but you'll want to do a deep clean to get all the smoke remnants out of the cracks, crevices, and fabrics.

Burn Damage Repair

The last method is to remove anything that the fire touched. You may love your Mom's old stuffed animal, but if it has char on it, you'll need to get rid of it.

Don't Let a House Fire Be a Total Loss

No one wants to go through the trauma of your home going up in flames. But, with any luck, it doesn't have to be the end of your life!

As the professionals take care of restoring your home, focus on your family and finances. If you feel overwhelmed, don't shy away from asking for help.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned a few things about fire restoration methods. If you have any questions about this article, or if you need home restoration services in the Tallahassee area, contact us today!

5 Reasons to Include SERVPRO in Your Company's Disaster Recovery Plan

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business papers with eye glasses on top commercial disaster cleanup and restoration

Roughly 40 percent of businesses that experience a disaster are unable to reopen. Of the businesses that do reopen, a quarter of them close within a year following the disaster. 

Fires, floods, storm damage, and mold damage are all common types of disasters that can happen to any business. These may seem like unavoidable events. However, there is something your business can do to protect itself in the event of a disaster. 

It is critical that your business has a disaster recovery plan in place should you experience any major business disruptions

Here are the top 5 reasons why your business needs a disaster recovery plan with SERVPRO.

1. Reduce Your Revenue Losses

A reason why so many companies fail to reopen after a disaster is that they were unable to earn any income in the days, weeks, or even months following the disaster. 

Businesses without a disaster recovery plan have no easy-to-follow plan on getting operations running again once a disaster hits. They experience major unexpected costs in the clean-up process that can deplete their funds quickly. 

By having a disaster recovery plan in place with SERVPRO that you can implement rapidly after a disaster, you can minimize your revenue losses. 

2. Get Up and Running Faster

After a disaster, you need to get your operations back up to speed. By having a disaster recovery plan in place, you can focus on the high-impact areas that can help you start earning revenue again.

For example, the faster businesses restore water damage, the sooner they can reopen to customers. 

3. Maintain Strong Company Reputation 

One of the most important things to a business is its reputation. Reputation is everything when it comes to keeping old customers and gaining new ones. 

If your company is unable to deliver on promised services following a disaster, you are more likely to lose your valued customers

Having a disaster recovery plan with SERVPRO also communicates to customers that come rain or shine, your company can be trusted to continue to provide great service, no matter the circumstances. 

4. Increase Flexibility and Scalability

A great benefit of having a disaster recovery plan with SERVPRO is that it is extremely customizable to fit your unique needs.

If you are more likely to experience mold damage than a flood, then you can adjust your needs with a service provider when developing your plan. 

5. Prioritize Cost Effectiveness

At the end of the day, the greatest benefit of having a disaster recovery plan is that it is the most cost-effective option for your business.

It allows you to prioritize your spending in places where it can help you get your operations up and running faster while maximizing customer retention. 

Connect With Us to Make Your Disaster Recovery Plan Today

Experiencing a disaster can wreck a small business. Business disruptions like fires, floods, and storm damage can cause permanent damage to your business. That is why it is critical that you have a disaster recovery plan. 

Contact us here at SERVPRO to learn how to create a disaster recovery plan customized to meet your needs. We specialize in helping keep your business up and running faster after disasters. 

How to Get Rid of Mold

1/8/2021 (Permalink)

mold remediation Mold Damage Clean Up

So you've discovered some mold in your home, now what do you do? Here are some tips to get rid of black mold in your home safely and when to call for help.

Tell-Tale Signs of Mold

There are several tell-tale signs that you have mold in your home. The smell of mold is commonly described as musty. The smell may be the first indication of a mold problem.

When mold is visible, it appears as dark or black spots or rings. These may appear on walls and ceilings or near a source of moisture.

Look out for signs of mold wherever you have a water leak. A broken or ineffective downpipe can also cause dampness that attracts mold growth. If there has been flooding in your home, this could also be the site of mold growth.

Reduce Humidity and Repair Leaks

As mold loves damp and humid conditions, you should remove this to prevent mold from thriving. Check for any leaks and fix them. Dry out any water that has accumulated.

Remove any other sources of water, including broken downpipes, puddling on the roof, and missing roof shingles. Check and repair any other roof damage, such as cracks in flashing.

If you have had flooding, dry out the flood water as soon as possible. You may need professional standard equipment to do this quickly and effectively.

dehumidifier can remove moisture from the air very effectively. Be sure to have removed the source of the moisture, or you will be forever running the dehumidifier with no benefit. 


Lack of ventilation can be a contributor to creating a suitable environment for mold to grow.

Ventilate attics by ensuring that there is airflow between the roof and the walls. Ventilate rooms by opening windows and doors. Check that vents and air-conditioning are in working order and effective.

Clean Mold Yourself

You can clean small areas of mold using household cleaning materials.

Wear clothing, including gloves, a mask, and goggles to protect yourself from both the mold and the cleaning products. Ventilate the room you are working in by opening windows. This will inhibit the spread of the mold spores to other places in your home.

Removing furniture and belongings that are mold-free from the room will also help inhibit the spread of mold. Mold damaged items should be disposed of safely.

Clean surfaces with a mold remover, bleach, or a solution of vinegar. Porous surfaces are more problematic and may need to be removed.

After spraying the cleaning solution onto the moldy surface let it sit for up to one hour. Scrub the mold away using a sponge. Repeat this until the mold has been removed.

Professional Mold Treatment

Extensive areas of mold need professional help. Professional services after a flood can help prevent mold damage.

Once mold has a toe-hold, professional removal of black mold involves both treatment and remediation.

Whether you have a small area or a large area, you will want to get rid of black mold.Contact us to discuss your mold solution here.

5 Immediate Steps to Take After Your Home Has Been Fired Damaged

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Fire damage fire damage tallahassee

After a fire it can be hard to think and know what to do. Here are 5 immediate step you should take immediately after your home has been fire damaged.

Between 2014 and 2018, there were over 350,000 home fires.

Many of us grow up learning fire safety in school, but we never thought about having to put those safety tips to use. House fires can be small, but they can also leave huge amounts of damage. 

What they didn't teach you in school is what to do after significant fire damage. Processing the news and knowing what step to take next can be overwhelming, but we're here to help. 

Below are 5 steps to take after your home has been fire damaged. Hopefully, you'll never have to take these steps, but it's better to be safe than sorry. 

1. Find a Safe Place to Stay

While much of home fire damage is noticeable, there's also a lot of damage you aren't able to see. There are hidden layers of soot and weakened ceiling spots. 

Grab your kids and pets, and find somewhere to stay for a few nights until you know it's safe to go back. Call nearby family and friends, or check out apps like Airbnb for more long-term stays. 

2. File an Insurance Claim

Directly after you settle into somewhere safe, file a claim with insurance. If you wait to file a claim, you'll also be waiting to receive a lot of the help you need. Insurance will help pay for repairs or help you find a new home.

When filing the claim, don't forget to thoroughly document all fire damage spots.  

3. Talk With Your Family

In addition to physical recovery after fire damage, there will also be the process of mental and emotional recovery. House fires are traumatic events for many people, and it's important to talk together as a family after the damage. 

Let everyone talk about how they're feeling, and decide if anyone may benefit from seeking out mental health services. 

4. Look Into Fire Restoration Services

The fire restoration process is long and complicated, so you'll need to find someone you trust. Check out local company reviews online or speak to your insurance provider about any suggestions. 

5. Pause Utilities

Until the local fire department gives you the green light, pause the use of all of your utilities. Keep the water and electricity off. If you use your water or electricity before approval, you run the risk of another fire or water damage. 

Once you believe you're safe, contact a professional to inspect your home to provide you with your next step. 

Take Action After Your Home Has Been Fire Damaged

It can be extremely overwhelming knowing what to do after your home has been fire damaged. Above is a quick list of some first steps to take. 

Immediately after the fire has been put out, find somewhere safe to stay such as a hotel or friend's house. You'll want to later document the fire damage and file an insurance claim. Most importantly, take some time to sit down with your family for love and support. 

Are you searching for a water and fire damage restoration company? You've come to the right place. Contact us with any questions about the cleaning process. 

The First 3 Steps to Take if Your Home Has Been Storm Damaged

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storm damage storm damage tallahassee

You may be wondering what to do after a storm. If your home is storm damaged you may be feeling a bit anxious.

It can all become very confusing and you may be wondering what you can do immediately after the storm has passed.

There are several steps you can take to quickly get things back to normal. Take a look at these critical ones.

1. Check Your Home

One of the first things you have to do after a storm is to check the power. This is especially true if you have a generator that chips in once the power is gone.

Before you do any further checks of your home make sure you turn off the electricity and the gas lines. The next step is to check through your home to find any storm-damaged areas.

The first place you should check is the roof since it normally takes the brunt of the damage. If there is damage call in the professionals to deal with it immediately. 

If there is standing water in your home then you should be careful. You never know what you may step into especially if it is dark. Watch out for roofing materials that may be lurking in the water, nails that may have come loose, and broken glass from windows. 

2. Contact Your Insurance Provider

You are going to need to document all the damage that happened during the storm. Make sure that you take photographs of any damage that occurred before you move items out of the way.

Keep receipts in case you had to make other living arrangements. The costs that you incurred is something that your insurance company may be able to cover.

As soon as you have all the information you need then you should contact your insurance provider. Ask them how you can go about making a claim.

3. Get a Contractor for Your Storm Damaged Home

It is fine to deal with any damage that you can handle on your own. Just ensure that you do not do any additional damage. If you are not comfortable with repairing something it is best to wait and get professional help.

Getting in touch with a storm damage contractor is the next step especially if your home was badly damaged. A storm damaged home will need to be evaluated carefully and a quotation for the repairs given, so that restoration can begin.

Getting Back to Normal

Once your home is storm damaged, the priority is always to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. This can be done if you assess the damage quickly and get in touch with your insurance company.

Start handling any repairs that you can after that and get help from a professional company if you need it. These steps will get you back to normal as quickly as possible.

If you would like to get help with restoring your home after storm damage, please do not hesitate to contact us.

5 Telltale Signs Your Home Has Black Mold

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mold remediation mold clean up

Have you been suspicious that your home might contain black mold?

Black mold is a serious issue that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. It's aesthetically unappealing, it can spread with ease, and it may cause health effects if left untreated.

So how do you know if your home contains toxic black mold? We're here to help. Keep reading to learn 5 common signs of black mold, so you know what to look out for.

1. Condensation

If you don't notice any obvious puddles, leaks, or drips, you may think that you're safe from the problems that black mold brings.

You'd be mistaken.

Condensation is another sign that there's moisture in your home somewhere, and that moisture can turn to mold before you know it. Check on your doors, windows, and walls to see if there's a fine layer of condensation. If so, seek out a professional to find that mold. 

2. New Smells

Mold tends to have a "musty" smell. Many of us recognize it as a common smell in basements and attics. If a room with mold is closed up for too long and then reopened, you'll notice the smell immediately. 

This smell may also come through the heaters and air conditioners, making it spread throughout the home. 

This smell is a sure sign that there's some kind of moisture causing mold or mildew in the home. Find it or find a professional who can. 

3. Quick Growth

If you already know that you have mold, but you're unsure of whether or not it's black mold, check out how it grows and spreads.

Aside from the color (dark brown to black), black mold is made obvious by how quickly it spreads. It can start with a small patch and expand in no time at all. You need to seek help as soon as possible, so it doesn't spread too far for you to treat it. 

4. Bubbling or Peeling Walls

If you haven't noticed any leaks, puddles, or condensation, how can you know that you have moisture and mold?

One of the sure signs is that your walls will start to change. If you have wallpaper, it can begin peeling. If you have paint, it will start to bubble up. The space underneath the paint or wallpaper may be soft and spongy. 

5.  Darkened Grout

Everyone's grout in the bathroom gets a bit dingy from time to time. It's always good to give it a good cleaning once in a while to keep it bright and new.

But what if your grout is looking suspiciously dark, seemingly all at once? 

This is a sign that black mold has made a home in your restroom. This color might be harder to remove than typical "grout gunk." Don't waste time; contact a pro for help. 

Is There Black Mold In Your Home?

Do you have pesky black mold growing somewhere in your home? Don't let it linger. You can take care of it today.

We want to help you with your black mold problem. Contact us to request a visit from a professional or to ask any relevant questions about your black mold issue. We'd love to help!

3 Common Water Issues in Commercial Facilities

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water damage commercial water damage

Commercial property owners are often most concerned about leaking pipes ruining inventory, and causing significant business interruptions. However, several hidden problems can lead to costly repairs and the temporary closure of operations. The key to prevention, then, is being aware of the potential pitfalls of facilities, and in the case of commercial buildings, and depending on age, those pitfalls can land in three areas.

  • Foundation
  • Sewer Lines
  • Water pipes

If you feel concerned about the problems that could be lurking underneath cosmetic surfaces, you may want to call on a water mitigation service in Tallahassee, FL. These services typically offer onsite assessments, helping you determine current and future projects.

Foundation Problems
The foundation is the most critical element of your structure. The integrity of the facility rests, literally, on the sturdiness and strength of this base layer. You want to ensure that there are no signs of significant cracking or sagging. If you find cracks, gaps, or sags, it can mean that the sediment layer of the foundation is compromised.
The age of a building can often play a role in the settling or sinking of a property. Depending on the area's dampness, soil can wash away, making the bedrock of your building slightly less capable. A full property assessment can help determine if there are any structural concerns.

Sewer Line Issues
Cast iron sewer lines were once thought to be the most durable material for underground work. Unfortunately, time has proven otherwise. After years in the soil, cast iron systems deteriorate, leading to potential problems and significant expenses. When these lines deteriorate enough, they collapse, compromising the entire sewer system, possibly causing a toilet backup, or worse.

Water Pipe Damage
While water lines carry a clean supply, a pipe break or even slow leaking pipes can lead to extensive damage. The scary things are small, sustained leaks because they can lead to mold. Again, routine inspections are a must.
How long has it been since your last thorough building inspection? Contact a plumbing specialist to check on these three common commercial water issues, including leaking pipes.

Why You Need to Fix Storm Damage Immediately

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storm damage water damage tallahassee

Why You Need to Fix Storm Damage Immediately

Has your home recently suffered from storm damage perhaps due to a hurricane?

Every year, many people's homes around the world suffer storm damage. Some people expect this due to where they're located but for others, it can be a rare and unfortunate event.

Storm damage not only disrupts everyone's lives, but it can bring financial problems too. So, getting storm damage fixed quickly by professionals is a priority.

In this article, we're going to share 3 reasons why storm damage can be so deadly and why you should get it fixed asap.

Structural Issues

When your home suffers storm damage, it can often suffer structural issues due to flooding. The water damage may come from excessive rainfall and it's very easy to see. However, storms can also cause pipes to burst and leakage. In these cases, it can be much harder to identify.

This is why you should hire professionals to take care of the drying process and do an all-around inspection. They'll be able to spot any unseen water damage and replace it with structurally sound materials.

If you don't take care of the issues, the consequences can be significant and pose a threat to you and your family's safety.

Build Up of Mold

Water damage from storms can result in mold appearing around your house. If it's not taken care of properly, it can spread throughout your home.

Professionals will be able to identify and remove mold quickly and safely. They'll also be able to ensure it doesn't return, saving your family from harm.

Damage From Sewage Waste

When you think of water damage, it's common to think of rainfall or a burst pipe is a cause. However, during a storm, waste from sewage can get inside your home.

Not only is this quite disgusting to think about but it can be very dangerous if not cleaned up properly. In fact, if the contaminants become airborne, it can not only affect your health but also your pets. Being airborne also means it's invisible to the naked eye and may go unnoticed for years.

That's why you should let the professionals handle this type of clean up. They'll have both the experience and proper equipment. Plus, none of us really want to handle sewage waste.

Why Fixing Storm Damage Quickly Is Important

We hope you have enjoyed reading our article and it's educated you more about storm damage.

As you can see, storm damage is a very serious problem that needs to be taken care of quickly. It's also important that you bring in professional help to ensure the cleanup is carried out properly.

If you have suffered storm damage recently, contact us to find out how we can help you.

Mold in Your Home and How to Prevent It

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mold remediation mold damage tallahassee

Mold in Your Home and How to Prevent It

Moisture is unavoidable in any home or commercial building. In the winter, the difference in temperature from the outside and the inside is drastic, these changes in temperature can cause mold growth. The best way to avoid moisture is to open up the windows, but this is not always possible in all seasons. 

Facts About Mold

Mold is everywhere. When visible to the naked eye, it tends to look like velvet or fuzz. It often has a color, like black, yellow, green, blue, or white. 

Mold can enter a home or commercial building virtually any way possible. It can float in through windows, be carried in on shoes or clothing, and even through vents and HVAC systems.

Mold is attracted to moist, dark places, and can even be smelled when the infestation is large enough.

It is estimated that there are around 300,000 different types of mold. Some of these pose more of a risk than others, but there are many types that commonly exist indoors.

Preventing Mold

It is impossible to prevent mold, and one should be wary of any company that claims to remove it completely. These microscopic spores exist naturally throughout the planet, both indoors and outdoors, which is why mold is remediated, not removed.

However, there are some steps you can take to minimize the spread of mold indoors. These include:

  • Controlling humidity inside with the help of devices like a dehumidifier
  • Checking that there is adequate, unobstructed venting or purchasing exhaust fans to assist with ventilation
  • Examining all water sources and determine if there are any leaks
  • Investigating wet areas and finding the sources
  • Repairing any sources of water leakage 
  • Taking care around areas prone to moisture, like bathrooms, laundry areas, and kitchens

Mold Remediation

The presence of mold is not something to be ignored. Unfortunately, removing mold may be just as difficult as preventing it. Mold spores are stubborn and spread easily. Due to its complexity, it is best to hire a professional to check that it is thoroughly remediated. 

For professional help with mold, or to schedule a consultation about your situation, do not hesitate to contact the mold experts at SERVPRO of North Leon County. 

Warning Signs Your Home Might Have Mold Damage

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mold remediation - image of mold up wall mold remediation Tallahassee

Warning Signs Your Home Might Have Mold Damage

Are you concerned that your home has mold?

There's nothing worse than seeing mold has taken a grip on your house. But mold isn't always easy to spot and can be hidden from view. But don't worry as there are warning signs you can learn to spot mold before it becomes a major problem.

There are signs of mold damage so you can stop it in its tracks.

Stale Odors

A telltale sign of mold is the stale, unpleasant odor it releases. You may not actually be able to see it, but you'll likely always smell it.

If your house has a constant unpleasant odor which you can't get rid of, it's not necessarily your teenager's feet. Before you insist they take more showers, go round and do a full inspection of your home. Be sure to look in hidden places such as behind wardrobes and under sinks.

If you find mold be careful not to touch it and cover it up if you can. We then advise you to call in professionals to remove it properly.

Spots or Fur on the Walls

Mold can appear in a variety of ways but it's common to show up as spots or fur. It usually builds up in moist, damp areas such as windows and bathrooms so check these areas first.

Once you have checked these areas then focus on hard-to-reach places such as air vents.

Paint, wallpaper, and other surfaces can become discolored over time, so it won't always be mold. However, if you're unsure then you can buy testing kits or just call professionals in to clarify.

If you suspect you have mold damage in your home, contact us to find out how we can help remove it safely.

Is it Safe to Drink? How to Know If Your Water Is Contaminated

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storm damage water damage tallahassee

Is it Safe to Drink? 7 Signs Your Water Is Contaminated

Are you drinking contaminated water? There are some sure tell-tale signs that your water is not safe to consume and it's important to know what they are.

You should feel safe in your own home, and that includes having safe water to drink. 

In any given year, around 8 percent of water utilities report a contamination violation. You could be drinking contaminated water and not know it. 

Are you worried about the water quality in your home? Keep reading to know how to tell if your water is contaminated or not.

Safe Water Is Clear Water

One tell-tale sign of unsafe drinking water is if it's not clear. This includes cloudy water, discolored water, or water that has sediment floating in it.

Cloudy or discolored water can come from bad pipes. Water with sediments can come from nearby bodies of water.

Signs of Contaminated Water: Storms and Flooding

There are ways to predict contaminated water. If you've had storms or flooding in your area, keep an eye out for unusual water. 

Storms and flooding can flush contaminants into groundwater and compromise your safe water. In this case, you'll need to call a water restoration service to fix the water in your home.


Living on or near a farm can have negative effects on your water. Even a consistently fertilized lawn or garden can cause your water to become unsafe. 

If you fall into these categories, keep an eye on your water. Fertilizers, pesticides, and animal waste can seep into groundwater and contaminate your home's water.

Broken Sewer Lines

Sewer line leaks can cause a lot of harmful chemicals to enter the groundwater. If your community notifies you of a sewage leak, keep a careful eye on your water whether you're drinking it or using it to shower or wash your hands. 

Sewage backups can also cause water contamination. If one of your spigots or toilets shows signs of a sewage backup, try not to drink tap water until the problem is fixed.

Faulty Construction Work

Construction work usually requires digging underground and connecting water main lines. If a water main near you is broken during construction, it can mean bad news.

The chemicals and other microorganisms in the soil around the break can enter the water main and contaminate your home's water.

Bad Odor

To always be safe, make sure you take note of any unusual smells from your water. If you notice that it smells different, it's likely contaminated because of the above reasons. 

If it smells like a public pool, a sulfur spring, or like gasoline, that's a big red flag.

Bad Taste

Tap water shouldn't have much of a taste. If you notice a metallic or chemical-like taste, steer clear.

Bad taste is a sign that contaminants are in your water.

Stay Safe

Now you know how to tell the difference between safe water and contaminated water. Keep an eye out for these signs to keep you and your loved ones safe. 

If you do have contaminated water, SERVPRO is here to help. Give us a call or send us an email and we'll make sure you have safe water to drink, bathe in, and clean with.

Proactive Cleaning For Your Business

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anti bacterial cleaning cleaning services Tallahassee

SERVPRO is Here To Keep Your Business Clean

During this new era caused by the global pandemic of coronavirus, this is a reminder to our customers that we are specialists in cleaning services, and we adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitation standards. 

Specialized Training 

We are prepared to clean and disinfect your business, according to protocols set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We have years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform on a daily basis. 

The CDC encourages cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets and tables. Other spaces mentioned in the CDC’s guidance for commercial spaces include: 

  • Kitchen/Food Areas 
  • Bathrooms 
  • Schools/Classrooms 
  • Offices 
  • Retail Spaces 
  • Water Fountains 
  • Shelving/Racks 
  • Sales Counters 
  • Carpets and Rugs 
  • Stair Handrails 
  • Elevator Cars 
  • Playground Equipment 
  • Fitness Equipment 

Specialized Products 

The CDC recommends usage of a labeled hospital-grade disinfectant with claims against similar pathogens to the coronavirus. Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line carry the EPA-approved emerging pathogens claims. While there is currently no product tested against this particular strain of the coronavirus, we are following all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities. 

Call Today for a Proactive Cleaning 

If your commercial space in Tallahassee, Florida needs deep cleaning services, call the experts today at 850-536-6599. 

Helpful Tips For Tallahassee Homeowners After a Storm

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storm damage storm damage Tallahassee

Helpful Tips For Tallahassee Homeowners After a Storm

Storm damage can be especially traumatic. It's good to have a plan together in the event of a disaster.

It’s November in Tallahassee, that means we are still in hurricane season. It is wise to have a strategy in place to help you be ready in the event of any storm related damage to your home.

Use Caution

Strong winds and rain can create tangible physical hazards such as falling or collapsed roof materials, broken window glass, compromised wall structure and standing and possibly stagnant water in the basement or crawl space. Additionally, moisture can permeate into carpets, furniture, drapes and walls, creating an ideal environment for unhealthy mold to flourish. Turn off your main gas line if you smell gas. Use caution and keep an eye out for broken glass, exposed nails and other sharp objects. 

Take Pictures

If you can safely navigate around your property, take as many photos of your property as you can to provide to your insurance company. This will help with insurance compensation.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Alert your insurance agent of your home's damage immediately. An adjuster will be dispatched to assess the damages to your home. SERVPRO of North Leon County can help you navigate this process.

When storm related disaster strikes, you may be filled with a myriad of emotions, but having these steps in place can help you start the process of getting your life back to normal. SERVPRO of North Leon County offers 24/7 disaster restoration services. We are always here to help. 

Call Us 24/7 at 850-536-6599 

Salvaging Belongings After Water Damage

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water damage water damage Tallahassee

Salvaging Belongings After Water Damage

A broken pipe, Mother Nature’s wrath or forgotten faucet can quickly create havoc in your Tallahassee, Florida home. Along with potential structural issues it can cause, unwanted water in a home can ruin cherished belongings. While some items can’t be salvaged, such as medicine, food, saturated wood and personal hygiene items, much more can be saved when taking a careful and gentle approach.

Caring for Belongings

As you sort through your wet belongings, keep the following in mind:

Furniture – Wipe down any affected furniture to remove excess moisture. If it is on a wet rug or carpet, remove from the area or place on blocks to lift it up. For upholstered pieces, saving it may depend on the amount of saturation.

Fabrics – Clothing, curtains, bedding and rugs should be immediately cleaned and dried. Use hot water to kill any potential bacteria.

Books, Photographs, Documents – These fragile pieces take time to deal with and often require expert help. The best option is to store them in a box or container in the freezer until they can be properly addressed.

Electronics – While not all may make it through being waterlogged, many can be restored. Again, it is vital to leave that to a trained technician. Any devices that have been in water need to be unplugged.

Professional Expertise

When faced with extensive water in a home, ensuring you save as much as possible means placing the care of your belongings in the care of water damage and restoration company. Along with helping restore your home and ensure no mold grows or other hidden damage happens, they have trained experts in the restoration of other items. Various techniques are used on- and off-site to restore many items back to normal. Depending on the material, methods used include immersion, foam, abrasive, wipe and clean, wet and dry cleaning.

Just because you have water at home doesn’t mean everything has to be tossed. Before diving into the mess, get help that is Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Call us today at 850-536-6599

Best Ways to Detect Whether You’ve Got Mold

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mold remediation mold remediation Tallahassee

Best Ways to Detect Whether You’ve Got Mold

Whether you’ve just moved into a home in Tallahassee, Florida or if you’ve lived in your current place for years, you want the peace of mind that it will be a safe, comfortable haven for a long time to come. Many homeowners have concerns about mold growth—and for good reason. If you want to find out whether mold has found its way into your place, there are a few steps you should follow.

Get a Specialist Involved

As an unskilled, untrained novice, you’ll have a difficult time uncovering mold unless, of course, it’s out in the open on walls or floors. Mold can live in obscure places that require the expertise of an indoor environmental specialist. This professional is well trained and uses specialized techniques to detect mold in various places in your home.

  • They have experience looking for mold in homes and environments like yours.
  • They have the right equipment and use the best techniques to locate hard-to-find mold.
  • The Specialist may use a mold test to detect non-visible mold.

Follow Your Nose

Your best tool may be with you all the time. Often, you can skip the indoor environmental specialist and smell the mold. Mold has a musty, damp, stale smell that you won’t easily forget.

Look in the Familiar Places

Sometimes, mold will be right out in the open in common mold-growth areas. Start in your basement and cellar. Look in dark, damp places for any mold growth. You should also look in your bathroom, particularly on the shower walls. Mold can also grow on your food in the pantry or refrigerator.

Hunt for Leaks

Check your plumbing regularly. Slow leaks or broken pipes are common causes for the appearance of mold at home.

Whether you use an indoor environmental specialist, or whether you search for it yourself, there are effective ways to uncover mold. If you find any, it’s imperative that you clean up quickly and call a professional to assist. Call SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 to schedule an assessment.

What Are the Best Methods of Flood Removal?

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipment on ground behind SERVPRO vehicles Flood damage? We have the equipment and expertise always available.

Lower Levels can be a Spot Most Likely to Collect Flooding That Affects Your Tallahassee Home.  

When flooding occurs in the Tallahassee area, lower levels in a residence are most likely to experience the most significant volume of pooling water and potential contaminants. As damaging as these circumstances can become, our prompt response can reduce the spread and saturation of this standing water in your Tallahassee home to other places.  

The damage occurs quickly, causing the need for floor removal in your Tallahasseehome; choosing the right professionals makes a difference in these steps' efficiency. As you might expect, our inventory of industry-leading tools plays a role in how we aim to protect area homes and save customers money.  

Some of the Efficient Tools We Use in Flood Recovery Include:  

  • Submersible Pumps: Extraction, where water exceeds two inches in depth, requires submersible pumps to remove. High-pressure pumps are ideal for water removal, though self-priming trash pumps are often necessary to manage debris in the water. 
  • Wet Vacuums: When water gets to a more manageable two inches or less in-depth, we can use versatile and portable options like wet vacuums to manage the remaining standing water.  
  • Containment Barriers: Establishing containment barriers creates drying zones that reduce the spread of floodwater to other areas of the lower level.  
  • Portable Heaters: The use of portable heaters in the established drying zones can promote a higher temperature on specific surfaces to promote evaporative drying.  
  • Air Movers: Airflow is vital to eliminating trapped moisture in structural elements and contents. Combined with dehumidifiers, these tools can almost single-handedly manage evaporation.  

Flooding can be challenging for any homeowner. Our SERVPRO of North Leon County team can help with efficient tools and strategies to make it "Like it never even happened." Give us a call at (850) 536-6599.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned – a defensive cleaning program

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cleaning services - Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned decals on table cleaning services Tallahassee

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned – a defensive cleaning program

Let us help you get back to business

As our communities re-open, we’re all moving back toward a new kind of normal. The expectations of visitors, customers, and employees who come into our establishments have evolved, and staying safe and well is a top concern. The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed what it means to be clean, and we’ve developed a program to help your business meet the new higher standard of clean that is now expected.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned is a defensive cleaning program we’re offering to businesses and commercial locations to address the current COVID-19 pandemic. This proactive viral pathogen cleaning program goes well beyond janitorial or carpet cleaning. By choosing Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, you, your employees, your customers, and your community can rest assured that you’ve selected a higher cleaning standard – you are Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

Extensive training and specialized products

As the #1 choice in cleanup and restoration*, we stand on more than 50 years of experience and expertise to help your business become Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.  Beyond fire & water, SERVPRO professionals are trained and experienced in biohazard decontamination and chemical spills – always adhering to the cleaning and decontamination standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local authorities. 

From formulating and creating our proprietary cleaning products, like SERVPROXIDE, at our headquarters in Gallatin, TN, to taking the utmost care while disinfecting, we will ensure you and your business are set up to inspire consumer confidence as the economy continues to reopen.

3 C’s – Consult, Clean, and Certify

When the stakes are this high, you want a partner who has developed an industry leading, proprietary training program, cleaning solutions, and remediation processes over decades. We’ve cleaned up some of the most challenging biohazards imaginable. Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned reflects our unique experiences and capabilities. The program is grounded with our unique 3 C’s: Consult, Clean, and Certify.

  • Consult – Every business is different, which is why you’ll be assigned a Cleaning Protocol Consultant who understands your business and will create a cleaning program to meet your specific needs. This program will be developed based on your business type, size of space, amount of high frequency touchpoints, foot traffic and congestion points.
  • Clean – Based on your specific business needs, your location will undergo a thorough, deep clean, using exclusive cleaning products, according to protocols set forth by the CDC. Our employees have years of experience, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform. Cleanup procedures generally include cleaning of porous and non-porous surfaces, disinfecting of non-porous surfaces, cleaning and disinfecting of equipment, tools, and/or supplies used for cleanup process, and disposal of hazardous materials.  In the event of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 event, we will be there cleaning within 24 hours to ensure you get back to business as quickly as possible. 
  • Certify - Once your business location has been Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, you will gain access to proprietary signage, digital emblems, and other collateral that communicates that you’ve selected a higher standard of clean available to help protect your employees and customers. And because we add the day, month, and year to that proprietary stamp of clean, your guests will know that not only did you choose Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, but that your location is being cleaned regularly at this standard.

Call SERVPRO of North Leon County today at 850-536-6599 for your Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned consultation.

What Type of Restoration Equipment and Processes Will Be Used On the Water Damage in My Tallahassee Home?

10/25/2020 (Permalink)

silver pipe leaking water Water damage can be caused by the smallest thing - like a leaking pipe. Contact SERVPRO for remediation services using our professional equipment.

SERVPRO in Tallahassee Reassures Concerned Homeowners by Using State-of-the-Art Equipment and Techniques

Tallahassee homeowners have to worry about cleanup and restoration after water loss just like anyone, and regardless of the cause of the water loss. But how do you know whether the methods used by the company of your choice will be effective? What if the last service provider you used did not get the job done the way you hoped or expected?

Unfortunately, this type of situation happens more than we would like. But the good news is that at SERVPRO We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, and we use technologically up-to-date machinery and methods to restore the water damage to your Tallahassee home and belongings. First, however, our trained service professionals will ask you some ‘Emergency’ questions to help us determine the best course of action for your needs. Next, we will conduct an inspection consisting of an assessment of the damage done. After that, techs will bring in the equipment and begin the removal and restoration process.

What Specific Equipment Will the Techs Bring Into Our Home?

While there are many resources available at our disposal, depending on your need, the equipment used will be determined by the assessment process once it’s complete. Some things our techs work with to get things back to normal for you include:

  • Strong vacuums and water pumps (for actual water removal)
  • Dehumidifiers and air movers used for drying out the structure and your belongings
  • Cleaning and sanitizing is the next step, and several methods are used to get rid of dirt, mold, mildew, and the like from your possessions
  • Restoration is the final step, and this will aid in getting your home and belongings back to the way they should be. This step may consist of minor panel or installation replacement to reconstruction, depending on the amount of damage done. Many different tools and equipment are used during this last step

Because of the careful order of the process, and the consistent use of all resources needed, you will find th-at we will get the job done to your satisfaction. SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599; we are the ones to call if you want things back to normal, “Like it never even happened.”

Click here for more information about Tallahassee.

What Safeguards from Contaminated Flood Water Can Professional Disaster Recovery Companies Offer Storm-Damage Victims in Tallahassee?

10/18/2020 (Permalink)

flood damaged home We are ready to provide professional storm and flooding mitigation and remediation round the clock with one call to (850) 536-6599.

Specialized Training and Knowledge of and Adherence to Local Hazardous Waste Regulations Prepare SERVPRO to Resolve Flood and Storm Damage Safely for Tallahassee Residents

You and your family are understandably rattled in the aftermath of a devastating storm in Tallahassee, whether a hurricane, tropical storm or depression or a wind and thunderstorm roaring across the Panhandle from the west. The realization that the water rising in your lower storage or living levels contains significant quantities of contamination is sobering at a time when you are feeling reasonably pessimistic that your house can ever feel like home again or even be habitable.

Can a House Ever Regain Its Past Function and Appearance After Severe Storm Damage and Flooding?
When unrelenting winds and torrential rains attack your Tallahassee dwelling, flood and storm damage can seem irreparable. The water comes at your property from all angles, destroying building materials on every level and then percolating down into the foundation or crawl space to gnaw at the building's very supporting structures. Common routes water takes to invade you home include:

    •    Through the roof after shingles and flashing rip away due to vicious winds
    •    Through smashed windows and doors, and holes in siding created as tree limbs and debris crash and burst through exteriors
    •    Through overland flooding, walls of water pushing in through garden-level and egress windows, and seeping through cracks and the porous materials of a foundation as the ground surrounding your home becomes supersaturated

How Do Professional Flooding and Storm Damage Restorers Manage the Enormous Influx of Water?
Your home's future might seem grim as water pours in from everywhere, but SERVPRO's highly qualified flood and storm damage team trains for precisely this kind of crisis. Make the call immediately, as we answer 24/7. We arrive with fully-stocked service vehicles and certified technicians led by an experienced crew chief or project manager. The crew lead assesses your home directly for safety and hazard risks and controls those concerns before giving the nod to the workers to commence emergency services such as:

    •    Boarding up and tarping of exterior damage
    •    Shutting down electricity temporarily to avoid shock risks
    •    Moving contents out of affected areas, either to a dry, protected space on your property or to our production facility
    •    Positioning submersible pumps in spaces where the flooding is deeper than two inches (gas-powered equipment so electricity unnecessary)
    •    Using truck-mounted extractors (our service vehicles carry generators, so we do not need your power connected)

How Does Rainwater Become Contaminated So Quickly?
SERVPRO categorizes flood water as extremely contaminated or Category 3. This realization can be shocking and hard to understand, as rainwater seems as though it should be relatively clean. No matter how contaminant-free rainwater is as it falls from the sky, it swiftly picks up a wide range of substances that mix with the water to create chemical and biohazard concerns:

Debris from roofs and crumbling building materials can taint water coming in from exterior damage, ordinary dirt joined by:

    •    Organic hazards such as moldy leaves and branches
    •    Crumbling wall and ceiling materials
    •    Asbestos in shingles, flooring, plumbing, heating, and HVAC pipes (for fireproofing and heat protection)  
    •    Lead paint chips and dust

Overland flooding can contain countless contaminants:

    •    Mud and silt
    •    Road and sidewalk debris, including oils, gas, dead animals or insects, decomposing organics (molds and mildews plus the materials they consume)
    •    Landscaping chemicals
    •    Industrial waste
    •    Sewage from overwhelmed sanitary waste systems
    •    Sewage from your home's waste pipes if they back up because of the sheer quantity of water flooding every system

Is Mopping Up and Drying Out the Storm Damage Flooding an Adequate Response?
Obtaining professional help is critical when removing and drying out your home after storm damage and associated flooding. SERVPRO crews not only collect and remove the contaminated muck and water; they also contain the dangerous fluids and solids for appropriate disposal. We are up to date on the hazardous waste disposal requirements in your locality and take care of the paperwork and the actual transfer of fluids and debris. Also, our workers:

    •    Clean affected surfaces with EPA-registered products
    •    Disinfect affected surfaces with EPA-registered antimicrobials
    •    Ensure the detection and removal of all trapped water
    •    Conduct effective structural drying
    •    Process and restore the contents of your home either offsite at our production facility or in a sheltered space on your property
    •    Arrange for repairs and build backs of damaged structural components

The dangers of incompletely removed and inappropriately disposed floodwaters due to storm damage are well known to SERVPRO of North Leon County. We are ready to provide professional storm and flooding mitigation and remediation round the clock with one call to (850) 536-6599.

Why is Hidden Moisture in Bathrooms an Issue?

9/18/2020 (Permalink)

bathroom Don't let moisture wreak havoc in your Tallahassee bathroom. Call SERVPRO today.

Tallahassee Homes are in Danger of Costly Water Damage if Hidden Moisture Lurks Behind Building Materials.

Most bathrooms get designed in a way that allows them to handle excessive moisture and the potential for slight spills from your sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers. However, certain situations call for the help of trained professionals so that you do not develop building material rot or the onset of potentially harmful mold and mildew. SERVPRO can come out to your Tallahassee property to look at your bathroom if you suspect that you may have hidden water damage. We have a broad range of moisture detection methods and equipment to assess your home and get to the heart of the matter.

There are some noticeable signs that you may need help with water damage restoration in Tallahassee. For example, you could have moisture hidden behind your walls or ceilings if you begin to notice things like:

  • Sudden, unexplainable musty odors
  • Paint or wallpaper that starts to discolor, bubble, or peel
  • Drywall that is spongy, moist to the touch, or begins to crumble

Without prompt action after noticing one or more of these symptoms of water damage, you could be in for costly damage to your building materials and the structure of your home. SERVPRO performs a thorough assessment to mitigate the damage while also looking for any areas where moisture might be hiding. We bring water removal tools and drying equipment to each water restoration job so that we can get to work quickly on a tailored plan to restore your interior and make it “Like it never even happened.”

With the help of moisture sensors, thermal imaging technology, and moisture meters, we find damp areas and use industrial-strength dehumidifiers and air movers in tandem to facilitate evaporation. If necessary, we can put polyethylene sheeting in place to amplify drying by creating a drying chamber. All surfaces are then finished off with disinfection and sanitization with our range of EPA-registered antimicrobial and antibacterial cleaning agents and deodorizers.

SERVPRO of North Leon County is available to handle any water damage restoration needs that you may have. We are Faster to Any Size Disaster, and you can reach us by calling (850) 536-6599.

Can Water Restoration Companies Accurately Estimate the Cost of Renovating A Damaged House Before Starting the Process?

9/9/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicles and equipment staging area Here Is Why SERVPRO Is the Water Cleanup Restoration Company of Choice for the Greater Tallahassee Region!--Plus--We're Faster To Any Size Disaster!

In Your Search for Water Restoration Companies in Tallahassee Consider SERVPRO To Get Accurate Estimates and Superior Services

After you discover water intrusion at your property, one of the greatest concerns you might have is whether you have the wherewithal to restore everything to the preloss state. Your worries could center around cost or the time taken to complete the process. Getting estimates early in the restoration process can help eliminate the uncertainty. SERVPRO offers Tallahassee homeowners looking for water restoration company solutions that include precise estimates and a comprehensive restoration plan.

How much trust should I have in the estimates provided?

An estimate is only useful if the water restoration companies fixing your Tallahassee home use the right approaches when evaluating the damage left by water intrusion. Before our SERVPRO technicians inform you of the expected cost of restoration, or the time it might take to mitigate the damage at your house, we consider a couple of factors like:

  • The number of equipment needed for water extraction or drying
  • The percentage of affected areas including hidden ones
  • The procedures needed to restore the damages

Performing initial evaluation without taking adverse steps such as demolishing walls and other assemblies within the structure and getting good information is the ideal approach because it helps you determine the steps you need to take before you make irreversible decisions.

Our technicians use various approaches to make such evaluations. We can use penetrative moisture meters to check the actual moisture levels within materials. We also use thermal cameras to check for wet areas hidden behind other materials. Thermal cameras identify temperature differences in materials, making it easy to pinpoint the affected areas without removing the covering materials first.

What else does evaluation reveal apart from the spread of moisture?

Water intrusion in a house can cause a wide range of problems, so any evaluation done must factor in other aspects, including:

  • Mold growth
  • Presence of stains
  • Soiling patterns
  • Physical deterioration levels in materials

Such factors can extend the time it takes to complete the restoration by several days, if not weeks. The issues might also necessitate the use of specialized cleaning procedures, thus increasing the costs incurred to renovate the home to its preloss state. For instance, when you notice stains on the carpet, you have to stop other cleaning procedures and focus on spot removal to ensure the stain does not set. In the case of mold, various time-consuming procedures, including setting up containments and removing the infested materials, are necessary before proceeding with the cleaning. Drawing on past experiences, our SERVPRO technicians can factor in these aspects to the timeline we quote.

Why should the equipment estimate matter?

Some aspects of an estimate, such as the number of equipment, crews, or other resources set aside for the restoration, may not matter to you. However, they affect the outcome, so even if you do not need to get into the specifics with the restoration crews, you need to know that the restorer you have chosen has a systemic way of determining what is needed to do the job. When estimating the number of equipment needed, especially for major tasks such as drying or water extraction, our IICRC Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification SERVPRO technicians rely on factors established as having a big impact, including:

  • The depth of standing water
  • Percentage of porous materials affected
  • Level of wicking on the walls

The total surface area affected by the water intrusion

For the air movers, which we use to boost the evaporation rates, we need one unit for every 10 to 16 linear feet. Since such equipment is placed along the walls for typical drying situations, it is easy to estimate the number. In case a significant percentage of porous materials are affected, we can estimate the number of air movers by square feet, placing a unit every 50 to 60 feet. For dehumidifiers, we consider the number of pints a unit can remove per day. We also factor in the level of wetness in the materials to establish the square feet each unit can cover and thus an accurate estimate of how many units are required.

Using specific formulas to make estimations of the equipment needed minimizes chances of making errors and thus protecting you from accidental secondary damage such as mold development when the process drags on too long because of underestimating the resources needed.

Many aspects of water restoration require a technical understanding of the situation. Call SERVPRO of North Leon County to handle any challenging aspect at your Centerville, Florida State University FSU, Midtown Tallahassee property, “Like it never even happened.” You can reach us at (850) 536-6599.

What Should I Do After a Pipe Bursts in My Business?

9/1/2020 (Permalink)

pipe burst Call SERVPRO for any type of water removal and remediation efforts you need. We can get you back to work in no time.

SERVPRO Commercial Water Extraction Teams in Tallahassee are Available Within Four Hours of Notification of Loss.

What forms should I fill out for commercial restoration?

When restoration is required at your Tallahassee business, it is vital to understand the claims process for both your records and accounts. The first form you should fill is a notification of loss, which forms the basis for your claim. Burst pipes can leak hundreds of gallons into your business in a matter of hours. In urgent, emergencies the necessary form to fill out is the authorization to perform services form. This legal document gives our technicians the ability to begin emergency mitigation procedures that can significantly reduce the expense of a commercial claim. Water extraction typically involves the deployment of electric submersible pumps and extractors to transport excess water out of the premises.

How are emergency services recorded for my commercial claim?

When we perform water extraction at your Tallahassee business premises, work is recorded in a water damage emergency services report. SERVPRO is a qualified and accountable commercial restoration team, which means we welcome your review of work services. Typically, these forms include a job diagram to display the dimensions and extent of the damage. It also includes your commercial claim estimate. You can also review emergency services, restoration estimated charges, and any notes a crew chief has made regarding the repair. This information can be passed onto your business insurer to complete a stress-free claims process.

What are the critical documents needed to carry out commercial business restoration?

- An authorization form to begin working at your business

- Water damage emergency services report for your claim

- Crew chief notes that are digitally recorded in a job diary

Emergency services could help to control the losses in your business. Contact SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599.

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Why Should You Look For Mold Removal Companies In Tallahassee That Carry Out Restoration?

8/19/2020 (Permalink)

Black Mold on basement walls of a home If you are looking for a company that will help restore your home after mold damage, call SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599.

Tallahassee Homeowners Need To Know The Job Is Complete

Tallahassee residents are looking for remediation companies they can trust to complete a job on time, to budget, and without cutting any corners. Letting a cleanup crew into your home is a big step, and it is essential to know they will see the job through till the end.

If you’re looking for mold removal companies in Tallahassee, be sure to choose one that includes restoration as part of the job.

What should I look for in a mold removal company?

SERVPRO understands you want to find a mold removal company that will do a good job. We suggest looking for a company that:

    •    Trains its staff thoroughly (all our team go through a rigorous training process)
    •    Arrive quickly (we are available 24 hours a day which makes us Faster to Any Size Disaster)
    •    Equips its staff with quality equipment (our teams have powerful up to date equipment)
    •    Will deodorize your home after mold remediation (our technicians come equipped with deodorizers and air scrubbers)
    •    Carries out restoration if needed (restoration is part of the SERVPRO process)

What is restoration?

Restoration is the rebuilding and repair of any parts of your home, which have been damaged by mold growth. For example, you might need to:

    •    Replace drywall because of mold growth on the existing material
    •    Put down new carpets because there was too much mold growth on the current carpets
    •    Hang new wallpaper if your present paper has been warped and discolored by mold
    •    Repaint walls after mold removal

Choosing a mold removal company that will also carry out restoration saves time and is a lot less stressful than employing a separate company for the restoration part.

What can SERVPRO restore?

Our technicians can take care of minor repairs such as replacing drywall, hanging new wallpaper, repainting, or laying new carpets. We can also handle significant maintenance, such as replacing subfloors or reconstructing part of your home.

If a job requires more specialist intervention, we will bring in hand-picked experts for the job, so you do not have to worry about it.

If you are looking for a company that will help restore your home after mold damage, call SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599.

Does Your Business Need A Fire Damage Escape Plan?

8/10/2020 (Permalink)

"Emergency Plan" It's important to plan ahead to better prepare for an emergency situation. SERVPRO can help you with our Emergency Ready Plan.

Tallahassee Companies Must Help Their Employees Escape In Case Of Fire Damage.

Business owners in Tallahassee know it is essential to look after their employees and ensure a safe and comfortable working environment. Part of taking care of your staff is making a plan for potential disasters and ensuring everyone knows what to do if a problem arises.

Tallahassee entrepreneurs need a fire damage escape plan that protects their employees in the event of a blaze. It is better to draw up your strategy sooner rather than later.

What is a fire escape plan?

A fire escape plan sets out all the actions staff should take if a fire breaks out. Do not take the plan lightly – SERVPRO of North Leon County recommends dedicating plenty of time to meeting with staff to hash out the details. It is best to have a committee draw up the document, rather than just one person.

Once the plan is complete, all staff members should familiarize themselves with it. You should also keep copies in easily accessible places within your business.

What should I include in the plan?

Every fire damage escape plan should include:

A communication plan – communication during and after a fire is not easy, so draw up a plan that clarifies who is responsible for calling emergency services and contacting staff members and insurers

Escape routes – make sure staff in all areas of the building know their primary and secondary escape routes, and make sure you post appropriate signage and maps throughout the building

Assembly points – once people are out, ensure they know where to go

A list of staff roles for dealing with fires 

Which roles should I assign?

Assigning staff roles is vital. If a fire happens to break out, it is likely to be chaos in your business. People will be panicking, the emergency services will arrive, people will lose access to their regular equipment and communication channels. Establish in advance who is responsible for what, to lessen confusion. Assigning roles means staff can respond faster.

Staff roles should include:

Fire wardens are responsible for planning the fire response and for taking charge in the event of a fire

Assistant fire wardens are usually accountable for sounding the alarm and calling the emergency services

Floor monitors make sure everyone has left and therefore are the last to leave – in a larger company you will need several floor monitors, each with an assigned area

Route guides supervise evacuation, make sure everyone knows where to go, and does their best to keep people calm

Fire extinguishers fight the blaze with the provided equipment but only if it is entirely safe to do so, and they must be trained in how to use the equipment

How can SERVPRO help if a fire breaks out?

Even with excellent planning, a fire might break out in your business premises. In the event of fire damage, SERVPRO is on hand to help with fire restoration, building repairs, and clean up after the firefighters have left.

SERVPRO understands that getting back to business is your top priority. Our teams arrive fully equipped to clean and restore your business premises. We start by removing excess water from fire hoses and sprinklers to help dry your building and prevent spore growth. Once the water is gone, we turn our hand to cleaning and scrubbing any soot-damaged surfaces, including floors and ceilings, HVAC ducts, drapes and blinds, and office furniture such as chairs and desks. We use a range of scrubbing, vacuuming, and cleaning preparations to achieve our aim.

We also take care of deodorizing your premises afterward, so it is pleasant to work in once more.

How can SERVPRO help me prepare?

Our Emergency Ready Plan (ERP) is ideal for helping you prepare for a fire. It is free to get started – download the app, and create an online account. Once you have created your account, the app guides you to carry out a thorough walk-through of your office or warehouse. When prompted, you will take photos and note down all the information the app asks for, such as water main location, exit routes, and premises layout.

You can use the information you gather to draw up a thorough fire damage plan, which includes information on staff responsibilities, the chain of command, and evacuation points.

You can also use your ERP to establish us as your first point of contact for cleanup.

Having your ERP to hand helps you respond quicker in the event of a disaster, and makes it easier to get in touch with us.

If you are concerned about the effects of fire damage, give SERVPRO of North Leon County a call at (850) 536-6599.

I Fear Water Is Hidden Inside Walls and Ceilings of My Tallahassee House -- Who Can Help and How Is the Water Removed?

8/6/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in home Give us a call at (850) 536-6599 to explore the opportunities we offer to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Countless Cavities Capable of Collecting Leaking Water Exist In Every Residence in Tallahassee, Why SERVPRO Prepares for Water Removal Scenarios That Can Be Challenging

Water can quietly and slowly damage the structures and fixtures of your Tallahassee home, often without realizing there is a problem. A minor leak in a pipe or a poorly sealed connection can seep or drip water for days, weeks, or longer. The building materials near the leaking absorbs moisture, perhaps drying out periodically at the inception of the leaking. Eventually, the materials cannot manage the moisture load and are always damp. The silent leaking then finds its voice, signaling the problem in ways you might not read correctly, but that water removal professionals recognize. Determining where the water has found shelter before removal is difficult, why you need a reliable recovery company.

What Are Some Signs of Hidden Leaks?

One hint that your Tallahassee home needs water removal can come in the mail. If you note that your water bill shows an unexpected increase, it could mean a leak is active. Tip-offs more directly related building materials in your home include:

    •    Blistered paint on walls or ceilings
    •    Stains on surfaces unrelated to other soiling
    •    Peeling wallpaper
    •    Bulges on walls or ceilings
    •    "Sweating walls"
    •    Cracks on walls
    •    Squeaking floors
    •    Spongy feeling floors
    •    Unusual musty odors
    •    Visible mold growth

How Can a Restoration Company Help Interpret the Signs Before Water Removal?

Your honesty in sharing information about the confusing things you see in your house is why SERVPRO can start to narrow down the location of the water loss. We listen because no one knows your home better than you do. Then our crews use the tools described, and the skills learned during the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training to determine the extent and severity of the water incursion. This data allows the development of a best practices-based plan to remove the water and dry out the space:

Detection and Monitoring Devices
Moisture Sensors
Sensors have probes that detect the presence of moisture and must be calibrated for the materials tested

Moisture Meters
Meters measure the current moisture content of structural materials
Penetrating moisture meters can check the moisture levels within building cavities and underneath wood flooring
Metering of unaffected materials in a different space in the house help during the active drying phase, providing a comparison goal as the moisture in the damaged materials reduces

This tool measures temperature and relative humidity -- we use it during drying to ensure the proper balance is struck to facilitate evaporation of water locked into structures

How Do We Move from Detection to Water Removal?

Once we know where the water lurks, the next task is to decide how to evacuate it. Different strategies work for different scenarios. Sometimes a reasonably non-disruptive approach can release the trapped water, like when a toe kick beneath a kitchen cabinet pries out to allow access. Other times our crew might need to employ different techniques to reach the water for release, including limited, controlled demolition:

    •    Weep holes -- punched through the ceiling when water is overhead. The safest way to accomplish this water release is to start by a wall and let the water drain entirely through one hole before another is punched closer to the middle of the room. This avoids the trapped water from pouring through in uncontrollable quantities.
    •    Holes cut or drilled at the baseboard level of a wall -- reduce the pressure of the water trapped gradually. The holes also allow for the insertion of hoses connected to a negative air pressure to suction out the water below the drilled opening.
    •    Flood cuts -- if the drywall has crumbled, sawing several inches above the water line removes materials that cannot be saved and permits the water to be extracted.

Is Water Extraction Enough?

Although water extraction is critical to getting wet building cavities back to preloss condition, it is also necessary to dry the still-wet porous materials to normal moisture levels. The limited demolition used to extract the hidden water enhances structural drying efforts by opening the spaces to air movement and the dehumidifiers' effect.

Water removal can be a tricky business in your home, why SERVPRO of North Leon County seeks out and enrolls our team members in advanced training developed by the IICRC. Give us a call at (850) 536-6599 to explore the opportunities we offer to make it “Like it never even happened.”

What Do I Do After the Recent Storm in Tallahassee?

7/31/2020 (Permalink)

flooded kitchen in a house with furniture floating Without proper flood damage mitigation, your home could become more damaged than when it was during the storm. Contact SERVPRO right away.

Call in the Help of SERVPRO to Your Tallahassee Home When You Need Reliable Flood Damage Restoration

Some small showers may turn into a lot of rain that leads to flooding in one or more areas of your home. Regardless of the season, Tallahassee homeowners need to know what to do after a storm to limit the loss and bring their interior back to normal. Severe weather does not have to get you down when you have SERVPRO on your side to help handle the fallout.

What Should I Do When the Storm is Finished?

Once you contact your insurance company to inform them of your flood damage in Tallahassee, you can call our team at SERVPRO. Because safety is always a concern with flooding events, you need to be mindful of standing water that could have electrical charge, fallen power lines due to wind, and slip and fall hazards.

When flooding occurs, skilled restoration technicians handle it best with the right tools and methods. We work to minimize the damage by:

  • Remove standing water with pumps, wet/dry vacuums, or squeegees
  • Remove absorbent materials contaminated by the flooding, including furniture, carpets and carpet padding, drapes, and more
  • Perform flood cuts in the drywall, if necessary, to remove any unsalvageable materials
  • Begin drying measures with the help of dehumidifiers and air movers 
  • Dispose of any debris or interior belongings harmed by floodwater
  • Locate any hidden moisture within walls, behind baseboards, and in small cracks or crevices
  • Clean all impacted surfaces within the flood loss zone with EPA-registered agents once drying is complete

No matter the circumstances, any damage from floods or storms is no match when you have trained and prompt professionals at your door with SERVPRO of North Leon County. With one phone call to (850) 536-6599, we can have a crew on your property and ready to get to work.

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Help! My Home Has a Significant Water Damage Problem--How Do I Find the Best Water Restoration Companies in Tallahassee?

7/17/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipment being used in commercial building When your office suffers water damage, call SERVPRO for fast remediation.

Follow These Tips to Make Sure You Consider All Aspects of Your Needs as You Choose from Among Tallahassee Water Restoration Companies   

Water damage rarely gives its victims time for a deliberate response. One minute you are busy running your Tallahassee business, and the next, you are splashing through several inches of water from a ruptured water heater or a burst supply pipe. Seasonal storms strike, and some years your number is up as you watch high winds and torrential rains deposit floodwaters inside your house, top-down, and bottom-up. As each minute passes, both the structure and contents of your business are taking a beating. The intensity of the damage is beyond your DIY skills. You must get professional help, but how to choose from among many alternatives? 

Is the Location of a Water Restoration Company Important? 

Some water restoration companies in Tallahassee seem to have no permanent presence in the area, announcing their services with a knock on the door or a sticky flyer attached to your mailbox. Although you might jump at a chance to engage a restoration company at the height of your crisis, finding and partnering with a reputable local company is crucial. 

  • You can talk directly with management, not just a salesperson.
  • You can check into the firm's reputation with your local BBB and talk with friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members who used the company's services in the past. 
  • You can ask to talk to recent customers or view local testimonials for a good sense of the company's results and work ethic.
  • You can continue your relationship with a local restorer if questions or concerns arise after your project completes. 

Is There One Crucial Feature Beyond Location that Separates High-Quality Water Restoration Companies from Also-Rans? 

As you sort the water damage restoration options available to you, a deal-breaker is any indication that the company you consider lacks licensing or restoration training, especially no certification from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Check to see if the company and its technicians have mastered this international restoration standards-setting organization's rigorous coursework. At SERVPRO, we obtain certification for our business and our employees, update ourselves regularly, and avail ourselves of e-learning and continuing and advanced education courses: 

  • Initial Franchise Training at SERVPRO's Corporate Training Facility
  • Employee Certification Training
  • IICRC Training -- basic to master levels 

Local and Appropriately Trained -- Check! What Else Should I Require When Choosing a Restoration Company? 

Inquire at a minimum about two other key features of premier water damage restoration companies in Tallahassee

Does the Water Damage Restoration Company Invest in Innovative, High-Quality, and Large Capacity Equipment? 

Although the fundamental actions needed from a water restoration company are water extraction and structural drying, the tools with which technicians achieve these tasks can differentiate between a fast recovery and a long slog. Failing to remove the water and begin efficient drying within 24 to 48 hours risks secondary damage like mold growth and progressive deterioration of building materials. To facility fast progress, we stock:

Commercial-grade truck-mounted extractors with a holding tank capacity of 60 to more than 100 gallons, should containment and legally prescribed disposal become necessary

  • Portable extractors that technicians can wear like backpacks, gaining access to confined spaces
  • Negative pressure air systems can focus suction on wet areas of multi-layered wood floors and pull flooding out of building cavities when connecting hoses through drilled or cut holes -- reversing the pressure to positive to direct warm air into cavities for drying
  • Significant inventories of air movers and several different types of dehumidifiers to achieve structural drying 

Will the Water Restoration Company Help with Insurance Claims? 

Proving that the damage done should receive payment from your insurance company is an exacting exercise. Flood coverage is best confirmed before any loss as it is not always part of regular home insurance policies. Our team works closely with you to document the harm caused by the water incursion regardless of source. We have constructive relationships with many carriers, and your agent might even recommend our services, indeed a point in our favor. 

Not surprisingly, all water restoration companies cannot offer the same services. SERVPRO of North Leon County wants to earn your business through our training, experience, equipment, and commitment to our community. Call us at (850) 536-6599 to schedule an assessment.

Who Has the Time to Help Me with Tallahassee Water Removal?

7/7/2020 (Permalink)

Faulty appliance Homeowners have to deal with many things which may include water damage caused by faulty appliances. Contact SERVPRO right away.

Plumbing Leaks or Appliance Breakdowns Happen Year-Round in Tallahassee, Why SERVPRO Prepares for Water Removal Requests Large and Small in Our Community

Severe storms and hurricanes are far from being the most common reason for significant water damage in your Tallahassee home. Still, during the tropical storm season, you might feel that restoration companies will have no time to help with more mundane water removal. Do not fail to reach out because of our perceived lack of capacity to manage the aftermath of an overflowing dishwasher or plumbing leak. Varying needs of our customers are why we make sure we can scale up and down our response.

Why Is It Crucial to Rid My Home of Water After an Accidental Loss?

If you think all that appropriate water removal in Tallahassee needs is a bucket and a mop, the long term damage you experience might show this opinion to be an error. Water flowing from a plumbing leak or spreading across the floor after a dish or clothes washer spewed fluids from a broken hose or pump moves quickly. It seeps into building cavities and soaks into the many porous building materials used in residential construction. If the escaped water remains, progressive breakdown of structural components and the risk of mold growth are constant.

What Can I Expect from a Restoration Company for a Household Leak?

Just because the damage done is not yet cataclysmic does not mean we do not take your water removal project seriously. Our attention to detail and commitment to proceed appropriately for any size water emergency are among the reasons why SERVPRO is an excellent fit for your concerns. We assess the circumstances thoroughly, and craft a mitigation and remediation plan scaled precisely for your needs. We will:

  • Extract visible liquid water
  • Test spaces for hidden and absorbed water
  • Use proven strategies to release, contain, and dispose of hidden water
  • Set up an efficient and effective drying plan, and implement it   

A commitment to help any member of our community with their water removal issues is why SERVPRO of North Leon County should be your first call after a water loss. We can be reached 24/7 at (850) 536-6599.

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How Long Does Burning Smell Stay in after a Cooking Fire?

6/25/2020 (Permalink)

Kitchen Fire Our professionals have state of the art equipment to clean up and restore your business so you can return safely after a fire.

SERVPRO Can Mitigate Commercial Fire Damage in your Tallahassee Restaurant by Performing Effective Odor Removal.

What causes fire odor in a restaurant?

Tallahassee restaurant managers may have to deal with a cooking fire in their business at some point during ownership. These odors can spread rapidly through the smoke and are complicated to deal with due to their greasy texture. Commonly, a kitchen fire occurs because of grease or animal protein. These sticky smoke deposits do not respond well to water, which increases the risk of spreading damages around during a cleanup. SERVPRO technicians can deploy a full range of chemical cleaning agents with an oil-based composite to soak and remove soiling on oven hoods, appliances, walls, and ventilation systems (HVAC). We pre-test smoke residues to understand both the pH level as well as whether they are oil or water-based to ensure that we use the right cleaning solvent for your business.

Why do odors remain after a fire?

Odor particles are volatile, spreading quickly and requiring commercial fire damage restoration from a Tallahassee expert. Usually, these odor particles are local to the smoke residues that affect surfaces throughout the building. In some situations, these particles can enter small crevices behind cooking equipment or wall-paint, flooring, and ceiling. Odors do depart naturally, but often the period for dispersal can be as long as two weeks, for most restaurant managers that can be too long to wait as it can affect the dining area or affect food quality. The most effective method of removal is to dispose of any non-salvageable charred materials while using solvent cleaning to deal with thick smoke residues. 

What should I do after a restaurant fire?

- Temporarily close the business 

- Contact your business insurer to explain the situation

- Use a qualified fire restoration services to clean and restore damages

Odors can affect your business's bottom line by creating an unpleasant environment for both customers and staff. Contact SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 for commercial restoration assistance.

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How Do I Address Flooding in the Crawlspace of My Tallahassee Home?

6/12/2020 (Permalink)

A crawlspace with white mold. Flooding can create so many issues for your Tallahassee home, call SERVPRO for help.

Flooding can be a hazard to all exposed, so it is crucial to resolve this disaster as soon as possible. 

Natural flooding is one of the most destructive situations for many Tallahassee homes throughout the year. With the probability of flooding, especially in the rainier seasons, many homes have gotten constructed with crawl spaces. While this provides more convenient access to utilities tucked neatly beneath the main floor of the house, it also suspends the property and protects it from much of the destruction that flooding can do. 

There are several considerations for the property owner when contending with this flood damage in your Tallahassee home. The first is understanding how the flooding in the crawlspace can impact the rest of the house. Understanding the steps necessary to restore and protect this area can help you appreciate securing skilled technicians like our SERVPRO team as soon as possible. 

Can Flooding in a Crawlspace Affect the House? 

While you might be among the many that consider flooding in the crawlspace and not your home to be an averted crisis, this might not be as harmless as it might initially appear. Several pressing concerns exist when standing water persists underneath your home. Identifying potential problems and understanding the severity of natural flooding can lead you to four primary conditions:

  • Microbial Threats – Persistent water damage and an elevated moisture content can provide the ideal conditions for the development and spread of microbial colonies. Mold and fungal threats can be a hazard to those exposed, and these colonies can pass through the flooring to impact occupants of the property above the crawlspace.
  • Moisture Wicking – With wooden supports and subflooring, direct exposure to flood water can allow porous materials like wood to absorb this water and move it within the material to structural supports, joists, and framework.
  • Structural Deterioration – After prolonged exposure to standing water and trapped moisture in the materials, wood framework and other exposed materials can begin to deteriorate and degrade. 
  • Contamination – One of the pressing concerns of natural flooding is potential contamination. Nearly all natural flood situations must be treated like blackwater instances, assuming that the migrating water encountered hazardous bacteria, sewage, viral pathogens, and other germs. 

How Can Water Get Removed from this Area? 

Extraction and drying are vital concerns to avoid many of the situations that could develop. As with nearly all conditions relative to flood exposure, longer wait times can make things much worse. We have sophisticated water removal and drying tools that can remove surface water, even standing water with solids and debris. The right choice in removal equipment can impact the overall efficiency of restoration and get you back into your home more quickly. Some of the practical extraction tools in our arsenal include: 

  • Trash Pumps
  • Truck-Mount Extractors 
  • Wet Vacuums 

How Can Mold Get Prevented? 

Even though considered to be a secondary effect, you cannot seek to address a natural flooding situation without considering the possibility of mold. Removing colonies as they develop is one strategy, but when possible, our technicians work to remove the possibility. Preventing microbial growth and restoring potential hosting materials involves several specific strategies, including: 

  • Applying Antimicrobial Agents – We have many powerful antimicrobial cleaning products and agents that can be applied directly to sensitive materials in the region of migrating mold colonies to inhibit mold development or thwart the growth and expansion of early-stage mold colonization. 
  • Drying Out Damaged Areas – Removing the supporting conditions is an effective strategy to starve out colonization. Without the appropriate conditions for colony survival, combined with other remediation tasks, we can gain control of a mold-damaged portion of the property. 
  • Soda Blasting Surfaces – Abrasive techniques like soda blasting are effective methods of removing surface threats and the embedded hyphae of the organism. Sanding is also one of these same practices that can remove surface threats. 

How Can This Get Prevented in the Future? 

Flooding in a crawlspace can be a considerable challenge when you do not realize the impact this occurrence has on the house. Preventing this situation is not impossible, but requires some permanent solutions like crawlspace encapsulation. This practice covers all of the exposed open areas beneath the property with thick plastic sheeting. It also installs permanent diversion implements like sump pumps or drainage to keep flooding from occurring beneath the house again. 

No matter how severe flooding might be in your home or crawlspace, our SERVPRO of North Leon County professionals can help. We have a team of technicians standing by 24/7 at (850) 536-6599. 

I Need to Restore My Centerville Home After a Fire. What Should I Do?

6/3/2020 (Permalink)

Burnt house interior “Like it never even happened.”

Seek Professional Help from SERVPRO to Handle the Fire damage in Your Centerville Property

Several factors cause fires in homes that leave property owners in a devasted state with no idea of where to begin. The professionals from SERVPRO can get your life back to normal by restoring your Centerville home to its preloss condition.

Where should I begin?

Begin by seeking help from SERVPRO technicians who have the skill and experience to restore your Centerville property after fire damage. Our technicians can conduct a comprehensive inspection of the damage. We help our customers to record and document everything in the property for insurance purposes. Our technicians can remove valuable items like upholstered furniture immediately after the inspection so that smoke and soot do not embed themselves into the fibers.

How secure is my property during the restoration process?

Our priority during the restoration process is to protect the property from more damage. We can seal any openings to protect the structure from rainfall and intruders. Our team of technicians can attach plywood to the surface around the holes.

How do you conduct the cleaning and soot removal?

It is difficult to clean out smoke residues after a fire. Our team has access to hi-tech equipment and tools to clean it. Since the stain goes beyond the surface, we can deep scrub, sand, and refurnish the surfaces to rid of the soot on hard surfaces such as the floor.

To remove stains on carpet and furniture, we can use a natural fabric brightener. We mix the product with shampoo super concentrate to remove oxidized stains from cotton and wool.

What about the water damage on my property?

We understand that firefighters often use gallons of water to fight the flames Residual water from fire extinguishing efforts can cause mold to grow throughout the affected areas if it is not mitigated properly. The increased moisture interacts with mold spores. In confined spaces, this allows the mold to proliferate on porous sources. Our water damage restoration service involves:

    •    Inspecting the affected areas.
    •    Extracting water using portable pumps.
    •    Thorough drying using air movers and dehumidifiers.
    •    Cleaning and wiping down all affected surfaces with anti-microbial agents.

Our SERVPRO technicians can also use a ventilation box fan to generate high-velocity airflow. The equipment moves dry air in the property, helping the affected surfaces to dry faster. Also, the box fan removes the charcoal-like odor in the affected area.

After a fire loss in your home, contact SERVPRO of North Leon County immediately at (850) 536-6599 for effective restoration. “Like it never even happened.”

What Types of Mold are Lurking in My Tallahassee Residential Complex?

5/31/2020 (Permalink)

mold damage lurking in office ceiling Those telltale patches often signify that you have both water and mold damage in your office ceiling. Call SERVPRO to investigate and remediate.

SERVPRO Technicians Have the Tools Necessary for Effective Commercial Mold Remediation for Tallahassee Businesses

Did you know that there are over 100,000 types of mold to be found in the world today? While only some of these fungal growths typically settle indoors, and all buildings in Tallahassee contain some amount of mold, too much can create both structural and air quality concerns.

If you need commercial mold damage remediation for your Tallahassee multi-family rental property, SERVPRO is available to provide these services 24/7. Technicians receive training in mold remediation to maintain a high standard of professional knowledge while meeting industry benchmarks.

What Types of Mold are Common in Rental Properties?

  • Alternaria. This common mold lives both outdoors and indoors. It prefers damp areas like sinks, showers, and dark, humid areas.
  • Chaetomium. If you have had water-damaged drywall previously, you have likely encountered this mold. Chaetomium is easily identified by its old, musty smell, which is typically associated with water damage in walls.
  • Trichoderma. Trichoderma is another type of mold that prefers damp areas, but tends to proliferate in damp carpeting, wallpaper, and similarly damp, porous surfaces in the home.

How Does SERVPRO Prevent the Spread of Mold?

SERVPRO’s contamination procedures are not only designed to prevent mold from spreading in the contaminated area, but they also keep mold spores out of adjacent units, HVAC systems, and common areas. Containment measures for mold remediation include:

  • 6mm polyethylene sheeting to cover entryways in the affected area and sealing HVAC vents.
  • Separate decontamination areas for tools and equipment used by SERVPRO techs.
  • Creating negative air pressure in the affected area to prevent mold spores from traveling.

SERVPRO of North Leon County is ready to leave your property looking, “Like it never even happened,” when you call (850) 536-6599.

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Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned – a defensive cleaning program

5/18/2020 (Permalink)

Table tent signs describing the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned program on top of a wooden table. Our defensive cleaning program gives your business a way forward by providing your employees and customers ongoing safety and assuredness.

Let us help you get back to business

As our communities re-open in Tallahassee, we’re all moving back toward a new kind of normal. The expectations of visitors, customers, and employees who come into our establishments have evolved, and staying safe and well is a top concern. The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed what it means to be clean, and we’ve developed a program to help your business meet the new higher standard of clean that is now expected.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned is a defensive cleaning program we’re offering to businesses and commercial locations to address the current COVID-19 pandemic. This proactive viral pathogen cleaning program goes well beyond janitorial or carpet cleaning. By choosing Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, you, your employees, your customers, and your community can rest assured that you’ve selected a higher cleaning standard – you are Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

Extensive training and specialized products

As the #1 choice in cleanup and restoration*, we stand on more than 50 years of experience and expertise to help your business become Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.  Beyond fire & water, SERVPRO professionals are trained and experienced in biohazard decontamination and chemical spills – always adhering to the cleaning and decontamination standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local authorities. 

From formulating and creating our proprietary cleaning products, like SERVPROXIDE, at our headquarters in Gallatin, TN, to taking the utmost care while disinfecting, we will ensure you and your business are set up to inspire consumer confidence as the economy continues to reopen.

3 C’s – Consult, Clean, and Certify

When the stakes are this high, you want a partner who has developed an industry leading, proprietary training program, cleaning solutions, and remediation processes over decades. We’ve cleaned up some of the most challenging biohazards imaginable. Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned reflects our unique experiences and capabilities. The program is grounded with our unique 3 C’s: Consult, Clean, and Certify.

  • Consult – Every business is different, which is why you’ll be assigned a Cleaning Protocol Consultant who understands your business and will create a cleaning program to meet your specific needs. This program will be developed based on your business type, size of space, amount of high frequency touchpoints, foot traffic and congestion points.
  • Clean – Based on your specific business needs, your location will undergo a thorough, deep clean, using exclusive cleaning products, according to protocols set forth by the CDC. Our employees have years of experience, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform. Cleanup procedures generally include cleaning of porous and non-porous surfaces, disinfecting of non-porous surfaces, cleaning and disinfecting of equipment, tools, and/or supplies used for cleanup process, and disposal of hazardous materials.  In the event of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 event, we will be there cleaning within 24 hours to ensure you get back to business as quickly as possible. 
  • Certify - Once your business location has been Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, you will gain access to proprietary signage, digital emblems, and other collateral that communicates that you’ve selected a higher standard of clean available to help protect your employees and customers. And because we add the day, month, and year to that proprietary stamp of clean, your guests will know that not only did you choose Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned,but that your location is being cleaned regularly at this standard.

Call today for a Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned consultation

We’re Here to Help – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – until life is back to normal in the communities we all call home.

Call SERVPRO of North Leon County today at (850) 536-6599 for your Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned consultation.

* #1 Choice in cleanup & restoration based Commercial Attitude & Usage Tracking study. Polling 816 commercial business decision makers on first choice for future needs related to cleanup & restoration work. Study conducted by C&R Research: October 2019

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned means professionally trained SERVPRO franchises perform the requested cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection services according to proprietary SERVPRO protocols and recognized industry and CDC standards with EPA approved cleaning products to deliver a SERVPRO certified cleaning experience.  Each SERVPRO franchise is independently owned and operated.

Count on SERVPRO to Clean Your Tallahassee Place of Worship

5/15/2020 (Permalink)

close up of virus cells on a red background Cleaning and sanitizing are both keys to helping stop the spread of viruses.

SERVPRO Follows Cleaning Protocols at Tallahassee Houses of Worship  

Some Tallahassee area churches, cathedrals, chapels, temples, halls, synagogues, parishes, mosques and meeting houses continue to hold services, encouraging social distancing, and adapting rituals such as communion practices to decrease the possibility of viral spread.  

Because concerns about adequate cleaning of viruses and other pathogens, several local
Protestant and Catholic churches in Leon County are choosing an alternative approach to their
regular weekly service such as home-based gatherings. Some faith groups are even
choosing temporary closure of their buildings. These approaches provide ample opportunities
for focused cleaning when congregants are not in the building.

choosing temporary closure of their buildings. These approaches provide ample opportunities for focused cleaning when congregants are not in the building. 

Why Your Regular Cleaning Routine Needs Changing  

Although not yet established that transmission of the virus always occurs when individuals touch contaminated surfaces and then their face, preventative cleanup of potentially infectious areas is a best practice. SERVPRO follows a protocol developed in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The procedure recommends professional cleaning and then applying disinfectants that meet the established criteria. 

How Cleaning and Application of Disinfectant Work Together 

The CDC stresses that routine cleaning of touchpoints removes soils and germs from surfaces. Following up with the application of a disinfectant registered by the EPA with emerging viral pathogens claiming it can reduce the risk of spread. Typical touch points include doorknobs, push bars, light switches, railings, fixtures in restrooms, and more. SERVPRO technicians concentrate on cleaning the following location-specific surfaces in a house of worship: 

  • Pew tops and armrests
  • Communion rails
  • Confessional kneelers
  • Altars
  • Holy water dispensers  

Buildings that serve as a place for people of faith to gather are considered sanctuaries by community members. SERVPRO of North Leon County is here to inspire continuing confidence in your holy space as a refuge. Call (850) 536-6599 for a consultation. 

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Advice from the medical and scientific community regarding how to deal with the coronavirus is based on present knowledge, which is subject to change as the situation continues to develop. There can be no assurance that disinfectants alone will be adequate to fully eliminate the virus.

Who Should I Call When My Property is Flooded From Extreme Weather Conditions?

5/12/2020 (Permalink)

interior of house with walls and ceiling falling apart form storm damage Storm and flood damage can harm your property, and cost a lot of money if it is not handled correctly. Call SERVPRO to mediate the damage.

A Complete Guide to Storm Damage Remediation in Tallahassee

In a violent weather event, you should notify your insurance provider as soon as possible. If you notice any burst water mains or felled trees, it is beneficial to contact the water-company and environmental agency here in Tallahassee. Our restorers can mitigate massive amounts of loss at your property, providing that we receive your call and arrange service quickly.

Are you a certified water restoration company?

SERVPRO technicians undergo extensive training to become part of our storm damage team here in Tallahassee. Our qualifications come from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certifications (IICRC) which is a nationally recognized body. Our experienced roster covers water restoration technicians (WRT) as well as applied structural drying (ASD) and applied microbial remediation technicians (AMRT.) While WRT technicians are part of our core services, and adverse weather event can throw up many different challenges involving microbial growth and water migration. By utilizing a diverse set of technicians with a range of skills, you can ensure the property has a strong chance of returning to its original condition.

What coverage am I likely to have for storm-related damages?

You should check your insurance policy before the winter months to ensure that you have the proper coverage for these types of emergency. These areas include:

  • The structure as well as the crawl space and foundation of your home
  • Wiring, as well as plumbing, can malfunction in wild weather. Make sure your policy covers electric and plumbing systems.
  • Essential appliances such as your refrigerator, stove, washing machine, dishwasher and dryer.
  • Structural contents like permanent carpets as well as panels or other materials used in the building construction. 
  • Detached garages generally need to be listed under a separate insurance policy.

How do I clean up my home after a water intrusion or flood?

Cleanup after a severe flood in Tallahassee can be a time consuming and arduous process. You can undertake this task in three key stages. The first is emergency services which mainly focus on preventing further loss rather than reversing existing damage. SERVPRO emergency units can drain your property using pumps for large amounts of standing waters and extractors for smaller amounts. 

Floodwaters have high levels of contamination. Water contamination can affect both your possessions and the building materials in your home. Our technicians can wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to safely enter a building that may contain raw sewage, herbicides, viruses, debris or saltwater. WRT technicians have cross-training to aid them with biohazardous substances. We can seal affected areas, decontaminate and remove any salvageable items. Doing so can remove the risk of spreading contaminants or other debris into unaffected areas of the house.

When both stages are complete, we can undertake the restoration. Restoration involves repairing any material harm to the property. These steps may include installation of drywall and the repair or replacement of permanent fittings like blinds and carpets. Depending on the scope of harm, restoration may take several days or several months. Properties with expensive material construction, like hardwood flooring and tiles, generally take longer and require more expertise to restore fully.

Do I have to wait for a quote from my insurance adjuster before restoration can begin?

In situations that require significant emergency mitigation, you may not need to wait for an estimate. When a property is flooded, it may be impossible to assess the damages accurately until certain procedures take place, such as extracting water. There may also be significant damages that take time to assess. These may include water migrating into wall cavities. We can begin right away with a clear record of what we have done prior, during and after the adjuster estimate.

What procedures does an adjuster take to estimate the overall costing in a flood restoration?

  • Replacement Cost Value (RCV) is generally used for building materials or structural damage. The adjuster is assessing how much it costs to replace or remodel the building without factoring in depreciation.
  • Actual Cash Value (ACV) estimates the expenses of a replacement but, crucially, subtracts a percentage based on the age of the item and fair wear-and-tear. A fitted carpet, for example, could depreciate significantly over ten years. Your possessions are valued at their ACV.

How can you help me to keep my claims expenses low?

High expense claims can see increases in insurance rates. At SERVPRO, we operate with a restore over replace mentality. In most situations, we can seek to restore your contents to a preloss condition using cleaning or repair. Many items of furniture can benefit from our drying and cleaning methods to be restored without watermarks or other blemishes. We can thoroughly clean fabrics using suspension washing technology in our Esporta washing machines. Even wooden furnishings can frequently benefit from sanding and refinishing of the surface. 

For help recovering your losses after a flood or storm, contact SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599

Why Should My Business Outsource Water Loss Recovery?

5/7/2020 (Permalink)

A commercial bathroom, with SERVPRO equipment on the floor. SERVPRO wants to help your Tallahassee company get back to work.

Water Damage Mitigation and Remediation in Tallahassee Commercial Buildings Streamlined by SERVPRO Crews

As a company owner, you understand your unique mission to provide goods and services to your customers. You have the skills and tools to meet their needs and the ability to respond to their challenges. 

How Can a Specialized Disaster Response Company Help You Achieve  Your Mission?

Although you might have confidence in your cleaning staff or contractor, responding to events like significant water damage in your Tallahassee retail or production facility is beyond their training, experience, and equipment. Even clean water incursions from broken supply lines can overwhelm your staff’s resources. If you add the complications of infectious waste when sewage backs up or chemicals and other hazardous substances mix into the fluids, the training and expertise of water containment and disposal experts are crucial.

How Does a Water Disaster Company Prepare for Your Crisis?

SERVPRO counts professional commercial water damage mitigation and remediation as the cornerstone of our mission. We invest in both cutting-edge equipment and advanced training for our technicians through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), ensuring our team is ready for any disaster. 

What Are the Skills Our Team Brings?

Our managers and crew members certify in a broad range of IICRC specialties. After we manage safety concerns, we move into action, addressing water removal, containment, and disposal needs, following local regulations for any hazardous fluids. Water and moisture detection and measurements inform our drying goals, and we compare that data throughout the drying stage to the information we glean during periodic monitoring of those levels. 

How Does Our Equipment Compare?

Our submersible pumps and truck-mounted equipment extracts even thousands of gallons of water swiftly. During the drying phase, we use the following commercial-grade equipment to create a balance of the following to achieve normal moisture levels before secondary damage occurs:

  • Air movers
  • Heaters
  • High-efficiency dehumidifiers

Rely on SERVPRO of North Leon County to provide an appropriately scaled and successful response to any water damage scenario your business suffers. Call (850) 536-6599 day or night. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Fire Damage Restoration In Centerville

4/20/2020 (Permalink)

fire caused damage to home If you ever notice foul odors or soot residues after a small fire burns inside your home, call SERVPRO.

Fire Damage Restoration In Centerville Can Involve Using A ULV Fogger

Even if a small blaze ignites inside your Centerville home, the smoke coming from it can cause you several different issues. Smoke and the odors and residues it leaves behind can become a significant portion of any fire damage restoration project. When the inferno is small and extinguished quickly, smoldering items can still give off a large amount of smoke. The smoke can then find its way all over your house.

Once the smoke that consists of partially combusted particles comes into contact with cooler surfaces such as your walls or ceilings, it can harden and turn into soils or soot residues. During any fire damage project in Centerville, our SERVPRO technicians know that the cleaning of soot residues is vital to restoring your structure. Soot residues can ruin some surfaces, cause discoloration, and become the source of foul odors. The smoke coming from the burnt items in your building can also penetrate deeply into your porous contents and building materials like your carpets or upholstered furniture.

When foul odors are still prevalent inside your home after all burnt materials get removed, and the soot residues are cleaned, our SERVPRO crew can implement specialized deodorization procedures. In some cases, the key to removing all malodor particles is to dispense a chemical deodorant into the atmosphere that mimics how the smoke flowed throughout your structure. To do this, we can use industrial deodorization equipment such as thermal or Ultra Low Volume (ULV) foggers to break down the chemicals into microscopic particles so that they can penetrate deeply into your affected contents and structural components.

ULV foggers atomize water-based chemical deodorants and turn them into a fine mist. These foggers can break deodorants down into particles as small as 20 to 60 microns in size, which can penetrate most affected items. ULV misters can be used to deodorize your building materials, contents, air supply system, or your attic. We can also use air movers to push the mist further into an affected area or to keep the deodorants airborne for a longer time.

If you ever notice foul odors or soot residues after a small fire burns inside your home, call SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 24/7. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

For more about Centerville click here.

My Home in Tallahassee has Soaked Carpet, What Do I Do?

4/19/2020 (Permalink)

soaked and water damaged carpet and carpet pad When you react quickly after water damage, team SERVPRO can dry out your carpeting saving the need for replacement. Call right away.

SERVPRO Technicians Use Specialized Extraction Techniques and Equipment for Effective Water Removal in Tallahassee

A water leak that dumps unwanted gallons of water onto your carpets is problematic and needs professional attention quickly to mitigate further loss. Otherwise, there is the potential of secondary damage to your home, including ruined carpet and potential mold growth. 

What is the water removal process our SERVPRO specialists follow for soaked carpets in Tallahassee?

  • Extract: We use portable and truck-mounted extraction equipment to remove excess water. Extraction wands hold between 5-10 gallons of water and fit into every corner of the impacted room.
  • Disposal: Our technicians dispose of water according to local, regional, and state ordinances, including disposal directly into a treated sewer, and sometimes to an offsite location.
  • Dry: Through the strategic placement of industrial-strength air moving equipment and dehumidifiers exhausting warm dry air, technicians dry the carpet.  

Call SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 for assistance with water removal from your carpets. 

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Does Cleaning My Centerville Home After a Fire Remove Odors?

4/15/2020 (Permalink)

Hands holding home Your Home is in good hands with our Experienced Technicians at SERVPRO. Give us a call, We are always available to help.

Smoke Odors Can Be a Challenge to Remove, But Our Professionals Have Many Tools and Products to Get the Job Done.

After a fire loss incident, you might find that the damage has stayed localized to a specific area. However, migrating effects like odors have penetrated almost every area of the house. This situation might be even worse when structural damage and the destructive effects of a fire encompass more than a small area of your Centerville property. Cleaning up after a fire loss can be easier said than done, as different materials and areas of the house require different approaches to protect underlying substrates.

When you consider how quickly and thoroughly the spread of fire damage in Centerville homes occurs, it can show how critical fast-responding technicians are in this situation. Even in the reduction and eventual neutralization of smoke and fire odors, steps to make odor elimination more efficient can begin with the arrival of our emergency responders. There are many ways that we can limit the concentration and continued spread of smoke scents.

Will Fire Odors Disappear on Their Own? 

It is a common belief that given enough time, fire effects like odors dissipate and disappear on their own. In truth, while it might appear as though the effects have wavered some, it might be due to a closing of the pores in the affected materials in the fire-damaged areas. When temperatures in the house rise again naturally, pores can reopen and spread a smoke smell throughout the property once again. The only effective way to address this is during the mitigation and restoration phases of your home following fire losses with sophisticated equipment.

Some materials are more susceptible and sensitive than others when it comes to absorbing smoke and fire odors. Often, this has much to do with the permeance of these materials and how likely they are for gases and liquids to penetrate surface layers and infiltrate the molecular structure of the structural element or content. Some of the most vulnerable in your home are:

  • Drywall
  • Wood Framing
  • Soft Materials
  • Porous Surfaces
  • Carpets
  • Fabrics

What Can Reduce Odors from a Fire? 

Reducing the immediate severity of odors is a step that is often left to the emergency technicians responding to the disaster. By implementing some of these practices, we can reduce the great lengths necessary to neutralize odors without slowing the spread of it.

  • Debris Removal 

One of the first steps that our SERVPRO team can take is to remove rubbish, debris, and charred remnants of structural elements and contents out of the house. These piles of ash and debris can be highly concentrated points of odor circulation.

  • Cleaning

Cleaning surfaces and exposed contents might be part of the mitigation and restoration phases, but it can also help to reduce the severity of odors and threatening circumstances like soot circulation.

  • Content Management

It is no surprise that one of the priorities of the customers that we serve is the belongings in their house, and these items can become odor hot spots as well. With content management practices like pack-outs, we can remove damaged possessions to our nearby facility for cleaning, deodorization, and storage until mitigation completes.

What Equipment is Best for Fire Odor Removal? 

Choosing one piece of equipment for odor removal is much like traveling through Tallahassee in the same way every day, regardless of traffic patterns, the time, or construction projects. You might always get where you are going eventually, but there are often more efficient routes than the same path over and over. We have several critical pieces of deodorization equipment, including:

  • Thermal Foggers

Foggers are a versatile piece of equipment. By superheating deodorizing products to a vapor fog, the gaseous compound can penetrate porous materials with trapped odors to neutralize these odor molecules permanently.

  • Hydroxyl Machines

By using the same natural reactions from our atmosphere with UV interacting with water droplets, we can use this equipment to clean environments and eliminate odors with the production of hydroxyl radicals. The onboard HEPA filter can help to reduce circulating debris as well.

  • Ozone Generators

A machine that divides an oxygen molecule in two produces an unstable result that bonds with odor compounds in the environment and breaks them apart. Ozone itself is harmful to be exposed to, so this is only a beneficial approach in a vacated house or our warehouse’s ozone chamber, which can eliminate odors in several items simultaneously.

Odors can often be one of the most troublesome aspects of fire recovery, but our SERVPRO of North Leon County team can help. We have experienced professionals ready 24/7 to reach out when you need it most. Give us a call anytime at (850) 536-6599.

What Everyone Must Know About Flood Damage Remediation in Tallahassee

3/22/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in Florida When flooding affects an area near your home, contacting SERVPRO is your best recourse. Call us right away after an event for best results.

The Aftermath of Flood Damage in Your Tallahassee Home

Flooding is an issue all over Florida and requires special care and consideration to rid your home of any damage effectively. After mopping up the water and removing any debris, it is crucial to start searching for hidden moisture and possible contamination within your home in conjunction with cleaning and deodorizing. Common places that you may find moisture and damaged materials are in walls, trim, and flooring.

Having flood damage in your Tallahassee home is not the time to panic, but the time to take a systematic approach to restore your home to preloss conditions. You may be able to clean up the sludge and debris left by the flood. Still, you may often need professional assistance to ensure your home recovers from the flood and mitigate secondary damage such as warped flooring and dangerous mold infestations. 

Public health officials consider floodwater contaminated water, categories 2 (gray), and 3 (black) water, which should be dealt with safety in mind. For instance, if the flood exposed carpet to contamination, carpet padding is usually removed and replaced. The carpet itself may be salvageable after a thorough cleaning and disinfecting. Other types of flooring, such as hardwood, tile, and laminate, may require water extraction through portable extraction devices. In some cases, when moisture is trapped under the flooring, it may need to be lifted and cleaned underneath before putting the flooring back down. 

When floodwater reaches the drywall in your home, it is vital to make flood cuts in the wall since moisture can readily travel through the material, resulting in extensive damage such as mold growth and your walls deteriorating if not adequately removed and restored. SERVPRO technicians typically cut several inches above the visible water damage. Technicians use a stud finder and to determine where to cut. They then use a rotary saw, Kett saw or reciprocating saw to cut through just the drywall, making sure to avoid plumbing or electrical cords. After removing and disposing of the affected drywall, they replace it, to make it "Like it never even happened."

For 24/7 assistance after a flood or any other disaster, contact SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599.

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Some Warning Signs of Fire Damage Remediation Issues in Tallahassee

3/8/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged room Don't despair after a fire. Contact our certified fire damage remediation team for an assessment and effective services.

Rely on Our Content Cleaning Specialists After Fire Damage in Tallahassee

Continual advances in the products and techniques used to capture and remove fire residues on the structural surfaces of your Tallahassee home offer hope that interior spaces can return to preloss condition. After thorough cleaning, and repairs we can help arrange, the structure of your home looks, feels, and even smells “Like it never even happened.” Unfortunately, the same cannot always be said of the furnishings and personal belongings filling your home.

Ponder a Pack-Out

Proven protocols also can mitigate and remediate the harm done to your home’s contents after Tallahassee fire damage. Our production facility makes available a wide range of specialized cleaning, deodorizing, and disinfecting services developed for everything from furniture and household goods to belongings and mementos of great personal value. Our Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) offers a comprehensive and secure system that inventories items packed up for evaluation. Using lists, digital photos, and barcoding, we can track articles and the interventions we perform for your information and to provide documentation for your insurer.

High-Level Skills and Access to Innovative Resources

When helping our customers deal with the overwhelming amount of soiling and deterioration of belongings after a fire, SERVPRO employees often note a sense of hopelessness and despair. The stress experienced after the crisis can cloud the judgment of homeowners unaware of the ability our trained and experienced professional restorers have to return even badly corroded or soot-covered items back to function and appearance. 

Controlled Environment with a Wealth of Options

Once your belongings undergo evaluation at our production facility, we can choose appropriate cleaning products and techniques away from the high-energy circumstances in your home. SERVPRO technicians can control the environment as we work through your items. Examples of specialized procedures we offer at the production facility include:

  • Freeze drying of documents saturated by firefighting water
  • Small drying and deodorization chambers for upholstered furniture, allowing focused treatment for persistent odors due to smoke and water damage 
  • Immersion cleaning, with the option of ultrasonic treatment, using sound waves to dislodge deeply embedded soils

Consult with the experts at SERVPRO of North Leon County to explore opportunities for individualized contents cleaning after fire damage. Call us at (850) 536-6599 to coordinate an assessment after the official all-clear for your property.

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Water Removal Services In Tallahassee

2/29/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged home “Like it never even happened.”

After Removing a Badly-Behaved Water-Using Appliance, Homeowners Need Water Removal Services in Tallahassee

Many homeowners in Tallahassee update their kitchens with new appliances regularly, even if the current model installed in their home works fine. Often, this happens to increase energy efficiency and lower utility costs. Other times, new appliances replace older models that leak or no longer function the way they should. In either case, tightening the water lines’ and drain’s connections bands can keep future leaks from happening.

When water leaks, or worse, in your Tallahassee home, calling for water removal services immediately can protect your property from increasingly worse damage. Doing so is at least as important as it is to keep things modern and efficient. Both reduce the expense required to maintain a safe and comfortable home. SERVPRO is always near, ready to answer your questions and mitigate existing damage. We work swiftly and keep damaged areas from growing in size, which helps keep your costs low.

High pressure forces a huge amount of water out of any water supply line that breaks or detaches from its connection. This can create flooding in the immediate area. The force of such water coming out of the hose or pipe can also push the water into a wall’s interior. Appliances that leak, especially those that lose water slowly but steadily each time you use them, can cause water to spread widely. SERVPRO technicians bring the high-tech devices needed to locate water in both situations.

Removing all of the water and eliminating damp conditions is necessary to protect your house and its contents. While we use extraction units similar (but more powerful) than a wet-n-dry vac, we also set up air movers, desiccant machines, and heaters. Our Injectidry system extracts water or forces in warm, dry air, depending on our needs. Our specialists can float a soggy carpet, so it gently dries without stretching, making it possible to relay it again, as soon as it and the floor below no longer hold any moisture.

SERVPRO of North Leon County can be reached at (850) 536-6599, year-round, 24 hours a day. We use water removal methods to restore houses in Centerville, near Florida State University, and also around Lake Iamonia. When appliances fail, pipes break, or other water issues create messes in your home, call us so we can make it “Like it never even happened.”

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How SERVPRO Cleans Flood Damaged Tallahassee Restaurants

2/10/2020 (Permalink)

Restaurant and table and chairs. Should your restaurant experience flood damage, call SERVPRO for fast remediation.

Ideal Cleaning Products in Tallahassee Restaurants After Flooding 

Aromas can be an enticing element to your marketing for the Tallahassee restaurant that you run, as the right smell can draw in passing pedestrians. After a disaster like natural flooding that invades a small portion of your dining area, you might not experience the need for a full closure of your restaurant. However, cleaning is a vital step to getting this area back to normal. Much like the aroma that can attract business, harsh cleansers like phenolics can deter foot traffic as well. 

Choosing the right cleaning product for the job involves a calculated scoping of the work to get done to restore the flood damage in your Tallahassee business. Mitigation tactics can prevent the spread of potential contaminants and floodwater to other areas of your dining space, and we can construct temporary containment barriers to prevent cross-contamination from unsuspecting guests in your restaurant wandering into a drying zone. Cleaning surfaces and contents in this workspace utilize potent cleansers that are not abrasive to your customers’ senses. 

Quaternary Compounds  

Disinfection is an essential element of recovering your dining area after mild flood damage. After you have extracted surface water from non-porous materials like concrete subflooring after removing carpets and padding from the damaged area, our SERVPRO technicians can utilize disinfectants like the quaternary compounds. These products can get mixed with specific detergents and have a naturally pleasant smell and has the strength to counteract other offensive odors in the damaged area.


Natural agents like thyme oil and citric acid are the base for many of the botanical cleaning products that our professionals use. Regarding odors, botanicals are much more pleasing to the senses than most of the chemical compounds commonly used as biocides, antimicrobials, or disinfectants. 

Both of these types of products can provide a lasting clean that addresses the present contamination threat without overwhelming the rest of the structure with odors you might experience with chlorines like bleach or phenolics. However we can keep you in business after a disaster like flooding, you can trust our SERVPRO of North Leon County team to help. Give us a call at (850) 536-6599. 

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How to Navigate When Water Damage Affects Your Tallahassee Home

2/9/2020 (Permalink)

backed up sump pump Backups and flooding situations happen on a daily basis. Get help from the certified technicians at SERVPRO when it happens in your home.

Sewer Backups and the Professional Water Removal Services needed to Fix them

It is not possible to protect your home from flooding absolutely. However, safeguarding your home by taking precautions ahead of time can benefit your home. Checking state warnings can help you to keep track of potential flood risks in the local area. You may also want to run crucial maintenance on your property before wetter, colder months. Maintenance may include clearing drainage, roof gutters as well as regularly testing equipment and appliances. Unfortunately, even when performing all the necessary safeguards, homes can still flood. 

When your property suffers from flooding, you may want to consider emergency water removal in Tallahassee. Emergency services SERVPRO can provide include the removal of standing water as well as restoration from start to finish. When you home floods, there is a strong chance of permanent damage occurring to both structure and contents. By intervening with a professional company, you can make sure that your home has the best chance of making a full recovery. 

Flooding in your local area can lead to a sewer back-up. At SERVPRO, we recommend that you consider installing a backwater prevention valve, which allows sewer waters to leave the house but prevents them from coming back. Homes without a working backwater prevention valve may have sewer back-ups. These can result in severe amounts of sewage returning into the home. Since sewer water can be hazardous to your health, the best mitigation work you can do as a homeowner is to try and remove furniture or possessions from the affected area quickly and safely. 

Our job at SERVPRO is to remove sewer waters quickly and efficiently safely. We can deploy powerful self-priming trash pumps to the affected area, which are capable of removing water with the solid-waste present. Wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE,) SERVPRO technicians can enter the area and thoroughly disinfect it using chemical products. If the affected area is tiled, we can often restore it to a preloss level. Unfortunately, structural materials that are porous need removal and replacement to ensure the home does not become cross-contaminated.

Sewer back-ups are harmful to your health. Contact SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536- 6599 for professional assistance.

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Some Warning Signs of Fire Damage Mishaps in Tallahassee

1/30/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged home Regardless of how bad the fire damage seems, calling SERVPRO is a great recourse. We are standing by 24/7 to take your call.

Reasons to Hire Professionals to Restore Your Fire Damaged Tallahassee Home 

After a fire starts in your home, lasting damage can occur. After putting out the fire, ash, water, and smoke can continue damaging your house. Using DIY techniques to clean your home may cause more problems because you may not remove the residues effectively.

Even though you may be anxious about cleaning your Tallahassee home after fire damage, remember that while certain cleaning materials and techniques are safe to use, others can cause further damage. You can hire a fire restoration company such as SERVPRO to help you prevent additional damage. Our crew can take steps to remove the smoke residues, debris, the chemicals, or water used to put out the fire and odors.

When restoring fire-damaged homes, worker and occupant safety is a priority. Our crew can inspect your home thoroughly, noting all the destruction the fire caused. When checking your home, our team can identify and address safety hazards. This includes slip and trip hazards, electrical hazards, and air quality issues. We can separate burnt electrical equipment and cords for disposal and unplug and tag questionable electrical appliances so they can be evaluated for safe operation. We can turn off the electrical power and keep it off until a licensed technician evaluates it.

Smoke quickly travels to rooms that the fire did not affect, causing other damages such as stained walls and bad odors in the house. Therefore, our team can deal with smoke damage immediately to prevent costly repairs. We have suitable tools to remove ash and soot. We can clean all the walls and ceilings that have stains from the smoke. We take care of all the debris left after the disaster.

Smoke may also affect furniture, clothing, and electronics. Our SERVPRO technicians can restore your salvageable contents to their preloss condition. We can use the immersion cleaning technique to clean items that can tolerate being completely saturated with the cleaning product like Venetian blinds. Our restorers can also immerse small washable items in the cleaning solution and use brushes or towels to dislodge the soils. After cleaning the things, we can use fresh water to rinse them. We can also use a less labor-intensive and more straightforward immersion cleaning procedure known as ultrasonic cleaning to clean items. We place the contents into an ultrasonic tank that is filled with water and a suitable cleaning solution.

During the restoration process, we work directly with our customer’s insurance company to come up with the loss estimate. We update our customers about every decision we make and give them a chance to air their views.

After experiencing fire damage in your home, you need quick, professional help. SERVPRO of North Leon County can help you to handle the fire loss. Call us today at (850) 536-6599 for prompt restoration.

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SERVPRO's Skillful Use of Drying Equipment Greatly Mitigates Storm Damaged Tallahassee Properties

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

green service vehicles and stacks of air movers at the staging area The SERVPRO Green Fleet Provides an Extensive Arsenal of Drying Equipment to Mitigate Storm Damaged Tallahassee Homes and Businesses

Flood Damage Restoration in Tallahassee Involves Calculating the Setup of Air Movers

Once the water from a storm enters your house in Tallahassee, it can cause you several problems. Any moisture that penetrates your house from the outside can cause your residence extensive flood damage. If liquid H2O gets inside your house, it can quickly start ruining your contents and building materials. For example, saturated carpet can start to delaminate, which means the fibers start to separate from the backing.

Also, if your flood damage in Tallahassee goes too long without being mitigated by a professional company such as SERVPRO, mold can develop. The main priority when restoring moisture-related damage is to remove or dry out all wet materials. When your contents or building materials inside your house get too wet, then they may get ruined and have to be removed. However, by utilizing industrially advanced equipment and techniques, we can often save items that got negatively affected after a storm.

The first step our SERVPRO technicians take after you are left with problems resulting from a vicious storm is to extract all water while it is still a liquid. Once this is accomplished, we begin the applied structural drying or ASD phase. We can often dry out a structure by using drying equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers.

We set up air movers in specific areas based on each situation. Air movers always get placed so that air gets pushed across wet surfaces. If your walls are wet, air movers get placed so that they blow air against the walls at a 45-degree angle. This way, the wet air gets pushed away from damp surfaces so that more water can become airborne and then condensed with the dehumidifiers.

We also calculate the correct amount of air movers and dehumidifiers with each unique situation. If too few air movers per dehumidifiers get used, then the drying process will be slowed down. If too many air movers in relation to dehumidifiers get implemented, then it can result in secondary water damages. The science of psychrometrics can greatly mitigate the damage caused by dampness if utilized correctly.

If you ever need help after a storm, it is wise to call in a professional restoration company. For assistance from the pros at any time of the day, call SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 24/7. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Did Water Damage Your Tallahassee Subfloor?

1/7/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged hardwood When water enters your subflooring, structural issues can occur. SERVPRO has the training to dry your flooring. Call us today!

Removing Water from Plywood Subflooring in Tallahassee Homes 

Carpeted areas and other floorings in your Tallahassee home can become highly damaged by standing water soaking through the layers to the subflooring. In most modern homes, the supporting layer beneath the carpet and padding is either plywood or OSB board. Both of these engineered wood options, created by pressing either layers of veneer together with water-resistant resins or fibers and strands, use the same adhesive. 

When standing water becoming a threat to the property, it is vital to understand how to begin water removal for Tallahassee homes when the water has reached this layer of flooring. The first thing that our SERVPRO professionals must determine is the extent of the moisture damage to this layer, the padding, and the carpet. A penetrating moisture meter can often identify where moisture has traveled in this engineered wood layer. 

A visual inspection of this layer is often advisable, too, especially when the layers above it required removal. Any signs of warping and distortion should be enough to encourage replacement. Changing the composition of these materials can provide weak areas or vulnerabilities that could eventually collapse. As a whole, OSB and plywood are more resistant to direct water damage than other subflooring products because of the use of water-resistant glues in pressing the layers together. Even still, delamination or disintegration are probable outcomes when water exposure happens over several days. 

Our SERVPRO professionals can show that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, but what we can do for a home depends on how efficiently the team gets notified of a loss incident. With fast responses to these emergencies, we can expose the subflooring and put air movers and dehumidifiers to work. In most situations, specialty equipment like our drying mats are not necessary, which can help to increase overall drying times. 

While carpeted areas exposed to standing water for several days might not be salvageable, the floor itself might not be a total loss. Our SERVPRO of North Leon County team can help with direct strategies designed to limit tear-out and reconstruction in your home after a water loss incident. Give us a call today at (850) 536-6599. 

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How SERVPRO Restores Water From Your Tallahassee Home

12/26/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians unloading drying equipment outside storage facility Each of our vans is fully stocked with drying equipment to restore your water damaged home.

Efficient Flood Water Removal in Your Tallahassee Property Calls for Expert Techniques

Millions of properties across the U.S.A are affected by flooding caused by disasters like hurricanes and storms. Rainfall patterns are shifting because of global warming, making torrential rain prevalent in many parts of the nation. With the human alteration of lands, such as the increased construction of buildings in floodplains, engineering of rivers, and damage to natural protective systems, many areas are prone to experiencing costly and destructive flooding.

After such an incident, contacting professionals to perform flood water removal in your Tallahassee property is the best decision. You should also take some steps to safeguard your health. Floodwater contains hazardous pollutants, which can cause health issues. Wear rubber gloves if you contact with any content in the floodwater. Also, discard any food items that got into contact with the floodwater.

SERVPRO can help you to mitigate the damage and restore your property to its usual condition. We understand the stress associated with flood damage, and that’s why our team of highly trained technicians can remove the floodwater quickly to prevent additional destruction. Our team can inspect your home thoroughly to get a clear picture of the magnitude of flood damage. Our team can use thermal imaging cameras to check moisture in hard to reach areas like high ceilings, and behind walls, since we only must point the equipment to those areas.

Natural calamities like hurricanes and storms can affect power lines. Our technicians use advanced equipment during the restoration process, and it requires a source of power. If your property does not have electricity, we can use a portable generator to power water extraction equipment, temporary lighting, and air filtration devices. Floodwater carries much debris, including:

  • Damaged structural components
  • Building materials
  • Uprooted shrubs
  • Rocks and mud

Since the floodwater may contain many kinds of waste, our technicians can use self-priming trash pumps to extract it. The pumps extract the water together with the debris. Our technicians can remove as much water as possible. Moisture is the other issue that you need to deal with after your home has flooded. Our SERVPRO crew can use air movers to increase air circulation in your home, which can speed up the drying process. We can also use desiccant dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air.

Our team members have the knowledge and experience to handle even the most substantial messes associated with flood damage. We offer our services with a focus on customer satisfaction to ensure that you get the desired outcome.

When you need flood water removal services, call SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 for exceptional restoration services. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Water Removal Tallahassee – Why Rush to Remove Water on Hardwood Floors

12/18/2019 (Permalink)

Room with SERVPRO equipment on a carpeted floor We have the equipment to remove water damage from your floors

SERVPRO Can Help After Water Damages your Floors

Many clients who have experienced water leaks that spread to various rooms in their home containing wood flooring or subfloor are surprised to see the deformation of the wood after the surface of the floors has been dried. There are several reasons for the wood to deform. Often moisture has penetrated between the joints or into the wood itself, causing the wood to swell.

Whenever SERVPRO receives a call from potential clients in Tallahassee about water removal, we urge consumers to act quickly. Repairing the leak and removing the surface water is a high priority. Use mops and towels to remove as much water as possible. Then focus on removing moisture from the floor that may have penetrated the floor. SERVPRO can help to remove all of the moisture.

Hardwood Flooring

Water may have seeped between the joints, and the wood can gradually absorb this moisture. The average moisture content of wood in North America is 10%. Higher amounts can cause the wood to swell, causing buckling and cupping as the wood absorbs moisture. Moisture absorbed along the sides and bottom of the wood cause cupping. Moisture absorbed from the top of the wood can cause it to crown. Various wood types are susceptible to these situations, depending on how porous it is.


Subfloors for carpeting, tile floors, and hardwood floors are typically made from particleboard, plywood, or oriented strand board. The water may dissolve the glue that holds these materials together if the glue is water-soluble. These floors may disintegrate, swell, warp and buckle, causing unattractive floors and poor structural support.

Carpet over Hardwood

Many clients have placed carpet and underpad over hardwood floors for a variety of reasons. Carpet and underpad can be dried; however, the hardwood flooring underneath may absorb moisture, causing some of the effects previously mentioned, and it may be permanently damaged.

SERVPRO can help minimize the damage by removing the surface water immediately and then focusing on drying the wood flooring before cupping, crowning, warping, buckling, or disintegration occurs.

Call SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Lake Lamonia, Homestead Ridge, Bradfordville, and the surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Mold Damage Tallahassee – Avoiding Mold Infestations

12/12/2019 (Permalink)

Mold spots on a ceiling. Let us be there Tallahassee to guide you through the mold.

SERVPRO knows best when it comes to your Tallahassee mold issues.

Consumers may not realize that mold is present in their homes, outdoors, and just about everywhere. Mold spores are microscopic and float in the air until the spores find the right conditions to grow into colonies. Warmth, moisture, and a food source can provide the right conditions for mold to grow in your home. Mold produces mycotoxins that can seriously affect your health.

SERVPRO has extensive training in the control of mold damage in Tallahassee. We understand how to remove mold infestations and, more importantly, how to remove moisture in your home that mold needs to grow. Mold cannot be eliminated; however, it can be controlled, and consumers can avoid the associated health problems.

Checking for Sources of Moisture

Mold needs moisture to establish a colony. SERVPRO uses moisture sensors to help find any area in your home that may be contributing to moisture and high humidity. Lowering the humidity to below 45% in your home can help to deter mold growth.

There may be a leaky pipe, condensation on cold water pipes, or small leaks around windows. Whatever the cause, we can find these sources and propose solutions to control the moisture source.

Removing Mold

Consumers should take action to manage a mold infestation immediately. Waiting, hoping that it disappears or attempting to remove the mold yourself, usually allows the mold infestation to grow and cause more damage.

The mitigation process for dealing with mold infestation depends on the location and the extent of the area affected. Severe infestations may require the removal of drywall, flooring, and even structural elements. We follow appropriate removal and disposal procedures to protect the occupants. We remove porous materials from the affected area. Wash hard surfaces with a chlorine bleach solution. Remove the moisture source, and the environment must be dried. Keep humidity levels below 45%.

Call SERVPRO of North Leon County / Tri-Lakes at (850) 536-6599 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Florida State University F S U, Lake Iamonia, Homestead Ridge, and the surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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How SERVPRO Mitigates Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Miami

11/18/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipoment drying ceiling olf business After responding to a water loss even at this business, we were able to provide a complete restoration with minimal interruptions.

Commercial Water Removal Tallahassee – Keeping You and Your Clients Healthy 

When there is a water leak, most consumers and business persons focus on the leak. In particular, business people want to limit the amount of damage and return to normal operations as fast as possible. We understand this requirement; however, SERVPRO also focuses on avoiding safety issues that could cause a variety of accidents and health issues. 

SERVPRO provides 24 / 7 response to commercial water damage removal emergencies in the Tallahassee area. Our teams are trained to assess the situation for a variety of safety-related issues, the type of water damage, and the most appropriate means of removing the water. We aim to remove all of the moisture while maintaining a safe environment for your employees and your clients. 

Potential Hazards to Keep in Mind 

Our SERVPRO crew chief is usually the first team member to respond to an emergency. The crew chief assesses the situation, the damage, the amount of water, potential hazards along with staff and equipment needed. He or she checks for many different hazards: 

  • Ceilings filled with water that could collapse
  • Electrical hazards in water situations that may be contaminated
  • Poor lighting situations
  • Crowd control during work activities
  • Vulnerable individuals such as young children and adults with health issues 

Managing the Situation

Every water damage event and the building offers a variety of risks and potential hazards. SERVPRO's crew chiefs may implement control measures to protect both clients, customers, and our team from identified hazards. He or she works closely with your onsite representative to manage expectations and make sure everyone is safe. These could include: 

  • How can the hazard be eliminated?
  • Can tasks be completed safely by using an alternative?
  • Can the hazard be eliminated or reduced?Can scheduling of the cleanup reduce the risk?
  • Should personal protective gear be used to reduce potential exposure to hazards? 

Our SERVPRO team is trained to deal with all types of water damage events and assure that your staff and clientele are protected from potential hazards, while cleanup and drying operations are underway. 

Call SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Florida State University FSU, Centerville, Lake Iamonia, and the surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

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Let Our Team Save Your Tallahassee Home

11/17/2019 (Permalink)

water damage in home “Like it never even happened.”

Why Do You Need SERVPRO in Tallahassee?

When you live or own a home in Florida, you are well aware of the different needs your home has. For example, you may need someone to take care of your pool or trim your palm trees. You also know that your home needs to be ready for severe storms and winds and prepare by installing shutters or impact windows. Overall, you become attuned to the geographic effects Florida has on your property. Consequently, you have a Rolodex of contractors you can call if disaster strikes, and they implicitly become part of your emergency plan.

If you still wonder why SERVPRO is part of your water damage plan in Tallahassee, you may not know enough about our services yet. Our focus is on fire and water cleanup and restoration, and we train our technicians to act under pressure and in stressful situations to minimize your losses. Whenever water causes damage in your home, whether it comes from a storm or a broken pipe, our water restoration technicians (WRT) come into your home carrying industry-grade equipment and expertise designed to help you restore your property to normal as soon as possible.

Some homeowners wonder what the main difference is between a do-it-yourself solution and calling a professional service. For starters, our SERVPRO crew has at its disposal instruments designed specifically for measuring and controlling humidity levels in your home. Contrary to popular belief, the goal is not to eliminate any trace of moisture; instead, we aim to bring it back to balance. Unless you have access to technology such as infrared moisture readers, you run the risk of causing further damage by not drying each surface properly.

Another crucial aspect of our services is that we strive to restore as much of your home as possible. Instead of assuming that all your belongings, floors, and surfaces are beyond repair, our SERVPRO staff applies itself to restore as much as possible. Restoration translates into savings in terms of time and money, both of which are to your benefit.

Whenever you think of your home and its vulnerability to the elements, think of SERVPRO of North Leon County. A call to (850) 536-6599 may be all you need to address the damage and leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

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Solvent-based Fire Damage Cleanup for Tallahassee Residents

11/10/2019 (Permalink)

Inside of a home that has fire and soot damage. Cleaning your Tallahassee fire damage is very serious, let us be there to assist you.

Tallahassee, SERVPRO is here for all your fire damage needs.

Usually, a property fire is followed by a lengthy cleanup process. Certain charred materials need removal and disposal. Others may be considered restorable or salvageable. Being able to sift through debris as well as identify the areas in your home where soot or smoke residues may reside is essential to performing a quick service. Your estimator may inspect and test residues to put together your claim expense. Equally, our fire and smoke restoration technicians (FRST) can conduct pre-tests of residues to determine an appropriate cleaning method. 

We can handle your fire damage cleanup in Tallahassee from start to finish. After pre-testing surfaces and soiling, SERVPRO can begin the process of capturing dry residues. These dry residues are usually created by the combustion of natural materials or soot that get blown outward from a high-pressure fire. We use wet/dry vacuums to help remove any loose soot from the surface, which can help prepare a surface for the solvent cleaning stage.

Solvent-based cleaning methods are useful on surfaces where there are no loose particles. As a wet-cleaning method, these can be more time-consuming as drying times becomes an additional factor. However, by applying the correct wet-cleaning methods, SERVPRO can complete a thorough cleanup that can help to reduce odor while getting your home back to its preloss condition. 

Solvent cleaning agents can be water or oil-based depending on the type of smoke residue we are removing. Generally, the solvent is applied, which loosens the bonded particles from a surface. These particles become suspended in the solvent then removed by washing away cleaning products with clean water. SERVPRO technicians can significantly reduce the drying times by applying air-movers or other drying equipment to the affected surfaces.

If you are considering conducting fire cleanup yourself, it is vital to be aware of the state and local laws regarding the disposal of cleaning solvents. You should never dispose of solvents in sewer or septic systems, avoid storm drains, or disposing of solvent in septic tanks. 

Our technicians can dispose of the solvent correctly in line with local and federal laws during fire cleanup. Contact SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 for expert assistance. 

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Tallahassee Mold Infestations Are Everywhere--Call SERVPRO for Mitigation and Remediation

10/28/2019 (Permalink)

Workers in Protective Clothing Removing Mold Spit Shot SERVPRO Says "Like it never even happened," Applies to Mold Cleanup and Remediation in Tallahassee

Safely Removing Mold Damage from the Structure of your Tallahassee Home

Microbial growth issues in your home can escalate quickly or be a continual, recurring issue without the correct intervention methods. Homeowners may fear the spiraling costs of mold investigations, but in most cases, Laboratory testing is unnecessary. Our team of qualified remediation technicians is equipped to tackle mold at the source and put in place protective measures to reduce the likelihood of repeating problems.

Uncovering mold damage in your Tallahassee can be an anxious experience. Frequently the materials and structural components of your property must be removed and replaced with non-contaminated materials. Mold, like rot, can spread quickly, causing an extensive infestation. SERVPRO technicians are here to help find the source of mold and then remove the remaining colonies from your property.

While the replacement of materials like drywall may sound costly, these materials are typically inexpensive. SERVPRO can conduct controlled demolitions of infested materials safely. Using a containment barrier, either negative air-pressure or plastic sheeting, we can ensure that demolitions do not cause mold spores to spread throughout your home. We can set up clean rooms and decontamination zones to prevent cross-contamination during the service. Mold typically spreads through spores that become airborne and land on damp spots or places where moisture may reside.

While the replacement of structural contents may be necessary, areas of the home's actual structure can be a considerable project. SERVPRO technicians can use soda-blasting or ice-pellet blasting to remove the surface level damages without causing irreparable harm to the structure. Often natural woods are used in load-bearing walls or the foundations of your property. Woods can suffer from microbial growth. In most cases, a SERVPRO technician can safely sand the wall and refinish it using an anti-microbial primer to prevent excessive damage. Using professional restoration service technicians can tackle mold without the risk of recurring issues. We use fully-licensed, trained mold assessment, and remediation technicians that give your home the best chance of making a full recovery.

The remediation of mold in your property is a professional job, contact SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599.

When Tallahassee Attics Experience Flood Damage

10/17/2019 (Permalink)

Two SERVPRO vans and equipment SERVPRO is equipped and ready to handle all of your water damage restoration emergencies.

How Certified Professionals Tackle Attic Flood Damage in Tallahassee

Over the next three decades, Florida residents can expect flooding to occur in tens of thousands of homes, with some estimates as high as 68,000. With this in mind, preparation is key to minimizing damage. However, flood preparation does not always translate to being able to restore your home after the fact. Without proper, thorough cleaning, attic flooding in any home can lead to structural damage inside wall cavities, as well as the destruction of insulation and other crucial structural components.

In the event of flood damage in your Tallahassee rental home, certified SERVPRO technicians strive to bring you thorough and professional disaster mitigation to minimize costly repairs and make it safe to dwell in once more. If left unchecked, you can be at risk for mold and dry rot, as well as warping and cupping in the attic from porous surfaces absorbing water.

SERVPRO uses a variety of tools and techniques to address and mitigate damage in your home, starting with a wide array of moisture measuring tools. These technicians can even use infrared cameras to evaluate areas behind structures like walls and ceilings for signs of water damage. In cases of flooding, many items may have to be discarded, including insulation, due to sanitary concerns, mold, and other issues.

While it may not seem particularly dangerous at first, floodwater often carries microbes and contaminants that can affect the safety and integrity of structures without professional mitigation. Biocides are applied twice in environments that suffer from potential sewage contamination: before cleaning to prevent the spread of microbes, and then after cleaning to minimize exposure further.

The cleaning process after flooding involves careful extraction of any remaining standing water with portable back-mounted extractors, and, if needed, truck-mounted pumps, as well as removing porous, water-affected materials. Thorough disinfection and drying of remaining items and structures are also necessary. During the drying process, industrial-grade centrifugal air movers are crucial to the drying process because of their ability to pull moisture off of surfaces for dehumidifiers to capture and eliminate from the home.

SERVPRO of North Leon County can be at your home within hours to ensure that it looks, "Like it never even happened." When disaster strikes in your home, you can always call (850) 536-6599 for high-quality professional cleanup.

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We Can Help If Your Water Heater Causes Water Damage In Tallahassee

10/4/2019 (Permalink)

A leaking faucet on a water heater For more information or to have a team come out to your residence, call (850) 536-6599 today.

Water Heater Leaks Require Water Cleanup in Tallahassee

Did you know that water-related claims are among the second most common insurance claims filed in the US after wind and hail damage? While Floridians are used to damage from storms and floods, homeowners also need to look out for another common culprit: their water heater. If left unchecked, a leak in a water heater can quickly turn into gallons of water soaking into your floors and damaging your possessions.

If your home requires immediate assistance after such a disaster, SERVPRO is a name you can count for professional water cleanup in Tallahassee. Technicians are fully certified and trained to focus on damage mitigation and prevention to save you time and money and restore your home to its preloss condition.

Checking Your Water Heater
Whether a corroded tank or leaky inlet is the culprit, here are the steps you can take to minimize damage:

    •    Locate the leak. Check around the inlet and outlet connections, look for corrosion around the tank itself, and examine the valves.

    •    Turn off your water heater. This could be done by turning off a dial or switch or by using your circuit breaker. Make use of the shutoff valve near the tank to slow leaks.

    •    Drain the tank. If you cannot undertake repairs yourself, call a plumber or repair technician right away to fix it for you.

    •    Dry the area. If you have carpet or other porous items around your tank, remove them to prevent mold and mildew proliferation. Dry wet floors and walls, ensure that your home has adequate ventilation, and use a dehumidifier or desiccant products like silica gel if you have them.

SERVPRO technicians can be at your residence within four hours to assess the damage and get started on the cleanup. Various sensors are used, including moisture sensors and infrared cameras, to determine exact moisture levels and extent of water damage behind surfaces. Technicians can use wet/dry vacuums and portable extractors to remove water from surfaces like tile flooring and address water damage to walls, upholstery, and other fixtures with the help of commercial-grade centrifugal air movers and dehumidifiers.  Experts also use OSHA-approved antimicrobial cleaners that can eliminate odor-causing bacteria and reduce the risk of further damage to your home.

SERVPRO of North Leon County is always available at a moment's notice to clean up your home. No matter the disaster, we can ensure it looks, “Like it never even happened.” For more information or to have a team come out to your residence, call (850) 536-6599 today.

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What Everyone Must Know About Commercial Mold Damage Remediation in Midtown Tallahasee

9/29/2019 (Permalink)

mold on a room wall corner Finding mold in the corner of your business property can be quite overwhelming. Contact our certified technicians for remediation services.

Ways to Avoid Bar and Grill Mold Damage Remediation in Midtown Tallahassee

Mold needs only a few things to transform from microscopic spores that float and settle on surfaces with little consequence in Midtown Tallahassee. A source of moisture and an organic surface to grow on and infiltrate covers most mold species’ requirements. Your capital city restaurant can offer mold a stronghold. Our remediation experts can abate a current outbreak and then help you adapt your commercial space and procedure to avoid constant mold growth in the future.

Be Vigilant About Water Cleanup

Inhibition of mold damage in Midtown Tallahassee dining spots can be as simple as wiping up spills and maintaining humidity levels between 30 and 50 percent. Bars and restaurants use a lot of water, but mold growth and damage are not instantaneous. A neglected leaky dishwasher supply line or inadequate cleaning protocols in the bar area can present mold spores with the 24 to 48-hour window needed to absorb the moisture and start the fungal life cycle.

Be Sure to Use Exhaust Fans

Restaurant kitchens are steamy places, and failure to vent moist air provides the kind of environment in which molds thrive. If our SERVPRO team arrives to evaluate mold damage, the first things we look for are sources of moisture. This search includes obvious things like evidence of unmitigated and unremediated water losses. Food preparation spaces can support mold growth on walls and ceilings when kitchen fans are non-existent or inconsistently used.

Rely on Our Expertise When Mold Damage Occurs

If your dining destination does suffer from significant mold damage, our adherence to industry best practices can clear active colonies and reduce the chance of recurrence. We employ the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols for schools and commercial buildings:

  • Contain the moldy space with plastic sheeting and a negative pressure air scrubbing system.
  • Remove the mold from solid surfaces with scrapers and brushes.
  • Consider the use of abrasive blasting technology to clean mold off porous materials. Soda blasting removes mold and incapacitates the organism’s hyphae or roots.
  • Use HEPA-filtered vacuums to collect residues on surfaces for lawful disposal.
  • Apply an EPA-registered disinfectant/antimicrobial to inhibit mold growth rebound.

SERVPRO of North Leon County is a trusted mold remediation specialist for commercial property owners struggling with the challenges of microbial growth and damage. Call for an evaluation at (850) 536-6599.

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Fire Damage, Water Damage, and Maybe Mold in Tallahassee, Oh My!

9/17/2019 (Permalink)

Active blazing fire on a kitchen stove. We know fire damage can consume your home in Tallahassee, if not taken care of properly the damage will get worse.

SERVPRO knows there stuff, when it comes to a fire in your Tallahassee home.

Fire damage delivers a host of issues to a residential property. The charred debris, the water from extinguishing efforts, and then the prospect of mold brings the need for professional restoration services to the forefront. 

Clearing fire damage from a Tallahassee property necessitates several steps to ensure the home is safe for habitation. Soot is unhealthy to breath (not to mention the foul odor) and requires removal for a healthy environment to live in. The challenge comes for SERVPRO technicians as soot particles exist smaller than humans can see, and that is why they deploy specialized equipment to remove these microscopic specks. 


Consumer-grade equipment simply cannot match the specialized machinery SERVPRO technicians have access to. Air scrubbers for the removal of soot particles to robust odor control units increase the chances of restorability to more of the building structure and contents for the best outcome. 

Fire Debris Cleanup and Removal

It is vital to remove any charred items as they have zero restoration potential and spread odor. Sheetrock frequently shows double damage from not only the fire but also water damage. Once wicked into the sheetrock, it buckles and warps requiring cutting away. 

Correct Cleaning Methods

A single room may show different types of smoke damage and require different methods of cleaning depending on the temperature of the blaze and the items consumed by the fire. For example, high heat fires produce a dry smoke that causes more damage when exposed to liquid cleaners and instead needs a dry-sponge cleaning approach for removal. While wet smoke residues require suspension using oil-based or solvent cleansers to release their grip on the surface for successful removal. Metal beams attract smoke webs around the ceiling; in particular, they are found in corners and can be swept away cleanly. 

When fire damage is a problem, contact SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599. Our emergency response technicians are available 24/7 to make the fire loss to your home and contents "Like it never even happened."

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Why SERVPRO Is The Leader In Tallahassee Fire Damage Restoration

9/6/2019 (Permalink)

A kitchen that encountered a fire with smoke and soot damage Fire Damage in this kitchen began on the stove. The photo shows the hood of the stove and the cabinetry charred by the fire damage.

Why Soot and Smoke Removal Include Residential Contents Cleaning in Tallahassee

When a fire loss occurs in your Tallahassee home, you might be shocked at the extent and severity even after what seems like minor fire. Smoke spreads quickly through a dwelling, drifting on air currents or through the HVAC system if left running. Structural components and fixtures attract soot throughout the house. Contents, from household goods through personal possessions, also risk exposure to the fire residues. Our professional training in all these cleaning needs is why homeowners need to call.

Fire Residues Are Corrosive and Toxic

Cleanup after Tallahassee residential fire damage can pose risks to the individuals completing it. Chemicals, gases, and particles created by the incomplete combustion of burned materials can be health hazards and need to be managed by trained technicians. Our employees complete core and advanced courses developed by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to be certified as Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) and Contents Processing Technicians (CPT). The precautions we learn and implement during this training are critical for your family’s safety, why relying on our expertise is vital.

Pack-Outs Help Clean Contents and Speed Structural Remediation

Removing smoke and soot-damage contents to a secure place within another area of your home or at our production facility is best practices for two reasons. The contents get the attention needed from our specialized production technicians, and the cleared out spaces in your home are more easily cleaned and treated. Our Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) keeps track of items moved, why SERVPRO can clarify restoration and replacement claims with your insurance company throughout the process.

Professional Techniques for Smoke Removal

Merely airing out a fire-damaged space or collection of contents is ineffective to remove smoke. Our team members include containment strategies in the overall mitigation and remediation plan, an important reason why SERVPRO has the reputation of delivering efficient fire recovery services safely. Creating workspaces with plastic sheeting barriers and the sealing properties of negative pressure air scrubbers both in your home and at our production facility promotes HEPA filtering and exhausting of airborne contaminants. 

Soot Removal Evaluation Followed by Appropriate Strategies

Fire deposits varying types of soot depending on the temperature, oxygen availability, and materials burned. Our training and experience permit a proper fit between the products, tools, and methods used to remove the soot either on structural surfaces or affecting the contents of your home. Our production facility and employees have resources such as ultrasonic immersion tanks, innovative washing and drying systems, deodorization and drying chambers, and other options to return your possessions to “Like it never even happened.” This broad range of options is why SERVPRO is an industry leader in fire damage restoration of homes and their contents.

Explore why SERVPRO of North Leon County has solutions for nearly every challenge presented by structural and contents fire damage mitigation and remediation. One call to (850) 536-6599 gets an assessment team at your home fast, ready to start immediately.

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Is Your Tallahassee Warehouse Storing Fire Damage?

8/19/2019 (Permalink)

Each of our vehicles are stocked with equipment to restore your commercial fire damage.

The Unique Challenges of Commercial Fire Damage in a Tallahassee Warehouse 

Fires in commercial spaces such as a warehouse present many challenges to emergency and restoration crews. For instance, firefighters have to make forays deep into a building to access the seat of the fire. Restoration crews, on the other hand, have to remove significant amounts of debris and face additional challenges to restore normal operations at your Tallahassee warehouse. 

Why the Cause Matters

The challenges faced when restoring commercial fire damage in a Tallahassee warehouse can trace back to the cause. Most cases of warehouse fires happen because of problems in the electrical distribution lines, heating systems, and in some cases, arson. Small fires in a warehouse quickly become uncontrollable blazes because of exposure of combustible materials. Such materials could include waste paper, wood, or even the products stored in the facility if they are highly combustible. 

Vast Spaces Covered with Residues

After extinguishing the flames, other problems become apparent. Soot covered walls and roofing in the facility is one such problem. The massive size of these surfaces makes the task of cleaning them tough. Without the right resources, it can take a long time to restore normal conditions. Our SERVPRO technicians help tackle this problem in different ways. Our crews have self-propelled cherry pickers which ease access and movement when cleaning elevated surfaces. We also have pressure washers, which help remove residues from surfaces faster. 

Safe Hazards during Restoration

The different materials burnt during the incident can leave noxious fumes and aerosols at the loss site. Contact through the skin or inhalation can cause different health problems. Our SERVPRO technicians counter such hazards with the use of PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, including full-body suits, respirators, and heavy-duty gloves during the restoration process. We can, therefore, work faster without exposing ourselves to risks.

After a fire affects your Centerville, Florida State University or Midtown Tallahassee warehouse, faster restoration should help your business resume normal operations more quickly. Call SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 to help. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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We Discuss Basic Cleaning Principles For Your Fire Damaged Tallahassee Home

8/13/2019 (Permalink)

If a fire ever starts inside your home call SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 because We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Fire Damage Professionals In Tallahassee Talk About Basic Cleaning Principles

If a fire ever starts on your property in Tallahassee, there are various problems that could take place. Fire damage can exist in various forms, including burnt materials and soot residues. Many times structural blazes get put out with water which can create other issues. Adding moisture to the situation can create moisture-related issues, including soot getting soaked deeper into your building materials.

Luckily, our SERVPRO fire damage technicians in Tallahasse have vast amounts of experience in mitigating various types of problems. Our highly trained team provides fast 24/7 service so that we can start restoring your structure immediately after the burn takes place. We also have at our disposal advanced technology and techniques that help us be successful when attempting to return your house to its previous state, “Like it never even happened.”

Our fire and smoke restoration technicians or FSTs at SERVPRO know that cleaning soot residues and soils can be a significant portion of your restoration project. Most cleaning procedures involve either changing or altering the soils or residues. Our FSTs frequently use the following chemicals to clean and remove soot residues and other stains.

1. Enzymes
Enzymes are living organisms. They digest protein soils like starch, dairy products, perspiration, body discharges, blood, eggs, and fish slime.

2. Bleaching Agents
Bleaching works by chemically altering a stain to reverse the coloration of a stain.

3. Removing Water Stains
Our SERVPRO FSTs often use a peroxide-based water stain remover called Brown Out.  Brown Out produces a chemical change to remove “browning” caused by overwetting or slow drying of fabrics or carpets.

4. Removing Rust
When removing rust stains, we frequently use a strong acid chemical called rusticide. This strong acid has a pH of 2 and dissolves rust stains on cotton, linen, silk, wool, synthetic fibers, and carpeting.

5. Deodorizing Through Chemical Changes
Ozone is a colorless pale blue gas consisting of highly volatile O3 molecules. When ozone molecules contact odor-causing molecules, they oxidize the odor molecules, neutralizing them and breaking them down to smaller, less offensive materials.

If a fire ever starts inside your Killearn, Centerville, or Meridian home call SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 because We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Our Specialists Explain The Issues Associated With Lightning Strikes In Tallahassee

8/3/2019 (Permalink)

If your house ever gets hit by lightning, contact SERVPRO at (850) 536-6599 immediately after the disaster strikes.

Flood Damage Technicians From Tallahassee Talk About Problems Associated With Lightning Strikes

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the state of Florida has more insurance claims due to lightning every year than any other state making your Tallahassee home at risk during the summer season. Once lightning strikes your structure, it can create a hole that rainwater can enter, sometimes causing excessive flood damage. Once items inside your building get wet, it is wise to call in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO.

Our team knows the best methods to quickly mitigate your flood damage in Tallahassee so that mold growth or other secondary problems do not occur. In 2018, the state of Florida ranked number one with the most lightning losses with over 7,100 reported claims. The total money lost that year exceeded $74 million, which comes out to more than $10,000 per claim on average.

To reduce the amount of the loss, our SERVPRO technicians work towards removing as much moisture as possible in a short period, preferably in less than 48 hours before mold can grow. As soon as you notice items inside your house like your contents and building materials got wet, there are a few things that you can do to help our crew speed up the overall restoration process.

First off, once you notice rainwater pouring in from where the lightning hit your structure, try to plug the hole to stop water from entering. If you can, board up the hole in your structure or seal it with plastic so that moisture cannot keep coming into your home. Next, try to keep the water that did get in from spreading all-around your house by stopping it with rags or more plastic.

Then, it is wise to remove any of the loose contents in your building so that they do not cause moisture to spread to other places and your building materials. Removing any wet contents inside your house can also help keep your indoor relative humidity level from rising to a point where it can cause secondary damage.

After you have stopped water from coming in and you have removed all of your wet contents from the affected area, it is time to remove any water that you find. If your carpets got wet, it is smart to utilize a wet/dry vac. Finally, you should set up fans to create an airflow inside your structure to help speed up the natural drying and evaporation process.

If your house in Lake Iamonia, Killearn, or Homestead Ridge ever gets hit by lightning, contact SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 immediately after the disaster strikes.

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Our Crew Has The Proper Techniques To Handle Your Fire Damage In Tallahassee

7/24/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage in this kitchen began on the stove, we were able to arrive right away to begin restoration on the hood of the stove and the cabinetry.

Tips for Removing Odors After a Fire Damages Your Tallahassee Home

A fire incident can injure the residents of a house and ruin various parts of the building and the possessions in it. The items that survive the fire damage can bring comfort, but when the smoke scent sets in, removing it from clothing, fabrics, furniture and other porous materials can seem like an impossible undertaking. Acting speedily to eliminate the odors is essential because the longer they remain in your house; the harder it is to remove them.

You can take several steps to eradicate smoke odors after a fire damages your Tallahassee residence. Begin by removing most items that have a smoke scent such as furniture, area rugs, clothing and wallpaper to streamline the process of eradicating smoke smells. If the weather allows, open the windows and place fans in your home to circulate the air. Ventilation helps to minimize the scent while drying out the moisture damage that happened in the fire extinguishing process.

You should also eliminate soot from fabrics to prevent secondary destruction because it is acidic. Since soot holds the scent, it is advisable to use an industrial vacuum to eradicate the oily residue. Make sure you hold the nozzle of the vacuum cleaners above the carpeting, fabric or drapery to prevent it from staining or damaging the materials further. To deal with smoke smell, also consider sealing the porous surfaces that may have absorbed it such as raw, unfinished wood.

It is also essential to use the odor removal services that SERVPRO offers. We have the sophisticated equipment and expertise required to eliminate smoke smells after fire damage. Our technicians usually combine several deodorization techniques to solve odor problems. The same deodorizing product or technique cannot solve all scent issues. Some smells require direct spraying, some fogging and others activated oxygen. Our odor control technician (OCT) can use safe and efficient strategies to achieve the best results possible using equipment like:

· Hydroxyl generators
· Thermal foggers
· Ventilation box fans
· Ozone generators
· Air scrubbers

We can also clean and sanitize your belongings by using ultrasonic technology to remove soot. Ultrasonic cleaning can restore ceramics, glass, plastics, hardware, toys, cloth lampshades and blinds among other items. Once our SERVPRO technicians deodorize your house, it can smell fresh once again. Our deodorization process seeks to make the fire and smoke damage seem “Like it never even happened.”

When a fire ruins your house and you need a rapid response and quick answers, contact SERVPRO of North Leon County to deal with the smoke scents. Our crew can locate and restore the areas and items that fire, soot, and smoke have ruined. You can reach us 24/7 at (850) 536-6599.

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How to Handle Commercial Flood Damage in Tallahassee

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

We routinely inspect our equipment so that it is always ready to meet your water damage needs.

Flooding in Commercial Zones Damages Buildings, Equipment, and Goods in Tallahassee

When you own a retail business in Tallahassee, maintaining things becomes crucial to keeping customer satisfaction high. Not only this, but you also need to maintain safe working conditions for your employees. The two often overlap in how you achieve them, but accidents and extreme weather can make things more difficult for any size business.

When business owners in Tallahassee face commercial flood damage in their retail setting, they can depend on us to help get everything up and running again quickly. We work in teams to better address all of the elements in your retail setting simultaneously. Doing so helps all of the different aspects come to an end concurrently, decreasing any the chances of additional interruptions and other delays.

As one group of specialists work on the building itself, other employees gather merchandise into one area. Other technicians work on placing all the furnishings into one section as compactly as possible. Having everything situated and condensed in this manner gives us more room to work in cleaning, drying, and working in the building. When we have additional space, it allows us to get into areas that otherwise might prove difficult or cumbersome.

To get your inventory and furnishings in preloss condition requires special cleaning, as well as drying. Contamination of surfaces happens store-wide and can spread easily. We continue spraying disinfectants as we work to ensure microbes never gain a foothold. 

We also depend on specially built chambers we construct on-site that allow us to use a combination of air scrubbers and air movers. Our specialists work inside these chambers to clean soiled items and dry them at an accelerated rate. The air scrubbers work to keep microbes and other airborne contaminants from reaching newly-cleaned areas outside of the chamber.

Retail stores depend on their merchandise, and without a stable supply, meeting consumer demand becomes unlikely. We help our commercial customers meet their needs by sorting current stock into three categories. We box up undamaged items to prevent problems with damage and loss. We list water damaged items for you so restocking these things becomes more manageable, as well as facilitating insurance claims.

Some items, both from your inventory and also from your store's furnishings, might seem more damaged than what a bit of restorative work can recover. However, we carry the necessary tools and cleaning agents in our Green Fleet, keeping us prepared for every situation. We can help you recover a majority of seemingly damaged items and help reduce the costs incurred in recovering from a flood.

SERVPRO of North Leon County wants to help after flood damage harms our communities and causes area-wide damage. Minor flooding can prove just as devastating in isolated areas, also. We are prepared to mitigate retail and other settings in Centerville, near the FSU Campus, and around Lake Lamonia. Contact us at (850) 536-6599 for fast and professional service, 24/7, year-round.

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We Are The Crew To Call If Your Tallahassee Home Experiences A Flood Damage Disaster

7/3/2019 (Permalink)

We have the resources to deal with any form of soiling “Like it never even happened.”

Necessary Cleanup After Flood Damage Incident In Tallahassee

Flooding incidents can inconvenience homeowners in many ways. One of the inconveniences is leaving your Tallahassee property murky by depositing mud, silt and raw sewage or other soils. It is crucial to perform a thorough cleaning exercise to regain preloss conditions. We offer professional restoration services that help carry out all the necessary cleanup steps efficiently.

Removing all the soils from your property after flood damage incidents in Tallahassee is a crucial restoration step, albeit not an easy one. Depending on the intensity of flooding, the soiling might be substantial. Also, the presence of dangerous contaminants such as raw sewage or industrial chemicals necessitates precautionary measures when handling the soils. Our SERVPRO technicians work faster because we have the PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, allowing us to wade into any section of your property easily.

Apart from the water flowing into the property, there are other dynamics involved in a flooding situation, leaving different materials in a property damaged. Debris removal is another essential part of the cleanup. In many cases, debris removal involves a bit of teardown to get rid of damaged drywall, insulation, carpets, and other building materials. Our SERVPRO technicians handle this process effectively because we have the necessary training and equipment. We always pack a variety of equipment in our product trucks for such tasks including:

    •    55-Gallon trash cans on wheels
    •    Rubber hammers
    •    Pry bars and Crowbars
    •    Molding lifters
    •    Awls

Water removal is also part of cleanup because if left unchecked, it can cause several problems including bad odor and mold. Removing standing water is simpler than removing the water that dissolves in building materials or and contents. Our SERVPRO technicians rely on both simple and advanced equipment such as water extractors, buckets, mops, air movers, and dehumidifiers to accomplish this step.

To clean up your property thoroughly after flooding in Centerville, Florida State University F S U, and Midtown Tallahassee, call SERVPRO of North Leon County to help. You can reach us at (850) 536-6599 ant time. We have the resources to deal with any form of soiling “Like it never even happened.”

For more about Tallahassee click here.

SERVPRO Provides Water Damage Restoration to a Tallahassee Retirement Facility

6/24/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage is stressful-especially for seniors. We commit to treating those affected by water disasters with compassion and reassurance.

Professional Water Damage Restoration at a Tallahassee Retirement Facility Demonstrates Care and Compassion 

A water loss causes fear and concern for the tenants of any multi-unit housing building in Tallahassee, but the stress for residents of a retirement facility and their families is particularly intense. Individuals in assisted living homes often face mobility issues, needing help to stay safe when a water disaster strikes. Everyone’s risk of slip and fall injury increases when excess water intrudes into public spaces and individual apartments, but the elderly are particularly vulnerable. 

Recently we assessed and provided restoration for water damage at a Tallahassee retirement facility. As the photo illustrates, the water loss mitigation and remediation required significant controlled demolition. The flood cuts in the drywall extend more than two feet above the floor in the hallway as pictured. Cutting above the wet materials permitted our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Reconstruction Certification (IICRC)-trained technicians to release and evacuate water trapped between walls and improve the efficacy of structural drying strategies by increasing the airflow in the affected spaces. 

Fast water removal and drying even in hidden areas are crucial to reduce the potential for microbial growth. The SERVPRO team knew that in as few as 24 to 48 hours, water damaged spaces could support mold growth if moisture levels remained elevated. Susceptible individuals among the residents in the assisted living facility might experience heightened sensitivity or allergic reactions if mold growth accelerated. 

SERVPRO crews include Applied Structural Drying (ASD) technicians ready to use industry best practices to inhibit fungal outbreaks and inhibit continuing deterioration of building materials.  We also treated the water damaged surfaces with EPA-registered disinfectants to minimize contamination of the facility’s spaces with pathogens. Our ability to accomplish rapid drying consistently means the residents of the retirement facility experienced as little disruption as possible during restoration. 

The image of a resident’s walker alongside SERVPRO’s industrial grade dehumidifier is a reminder of the human element in all of the projects we complete. We commit to treating those affected by water disasters with compassion and reassurance during a frightening and challenging time.

Encourage anyone with aging parents or other loved ones to keep contact information for SERVPRO of North Leon County nearby in case of a water or other disaster. Coordinate with building managers to call (850) 536-6599 when multi-unit living quarters suffer a water loss.

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Water Damage Remediation in Tallahassee, Don’t Go At It Alone!

6/15/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage remediation can cause chaos. Contact SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Hose Bib Damage Can Flood Tallahassee Homes

Outside hoses are a vital component to living in the often scorching Tallahassee heat. While these connections to your outside can get used for implements like watering the lawn or filling up smaller pools, these hose bibs are also susceptible to problems of their own. Aging components alone can cause these connections to begin to leak or break down, but an unexpected impact with the outside spicket can break the pipes loose, allowing for substantial water loss incidents to occur before you can get the main supply shut down.

As unexpected of a water damage emergency as that might become for your Tallahassee home, many owners might still be under the impression that conventional drying methods can work to correct these issues. Unfortunately, with this hose bib moving through the wall to the outside of your home, a breach in this straight pipe can lead to substantial pooling and saturation of wall cavities. The faster that you can get professional water restoration specialists like our SERVPRO team involved, the better protected these affected elements are in the property.

Along with certifications in Water Restoration (WRT), many of our restoration crew also have accreditations in Applied Structural Drying (ASD). These endorsements signify a level of training and expertise to our customers that our technicians have the knowledge and the experience to overcome all of the obstacles in removing standing water from your house and drying out the affected construction materials, contents, and structural elements.

While repairing this small portion of plumbing is critical to give your home its full functionality again, we must also determine where the water damage has spread to and the best approach to drying out these effects. We can position rapid drying equipment in critical areas to maximize results, and in some cases, must also perform flood cuts to replace overly affected and compromised sections of drywall or paneling.

While homeowners often worry little about the status of their hose bib and connections to the interior plumbing, this could be an area worth inspecting from time to time. If you find yourself facing a water loss emergency, you can count on the fast response of our SERVPRO of North Leon County team. Give us a call at (850) 536-6599.

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Our Trained Technicians Will Restore Your Tallahassee Home After A Fire Disaster

6/5/2019 (Permalink)

A fire in this Tallahassee kitchen began on the stove, the hood of the stove and the cabinetry were charred by the fire.

Fire Odors in a Tallahassee Home Can Come From Many Sources

One of the most common complaints we get from local homeowners about fire odors in their residences is that the odors may have remained in their homes for many years, sometimes since before they ever purchased their homes. Smoke odors can, depending on the volume and type of smoke in the building, take decades to fall to unnoticeable levels. Given that smoke odors can bother those in and around your home and potentially decrease property values, investing in a permanent deodorization treatment may be worth your time.

Fire damage in Tallahassee homes can come from many different sources and may pose unique challenges even to SERVPRO technicians certified in fire damage treatments by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Different types of smoke produce significantly different particles that may require variable mixtures of absorption agents, adsorption agents, and other odor-neutralizing chemicals to treat. Over the years, however, we have learned to treat fire odors from sources ranging from long-term tobacco use to large-scale house fires that can affect the entire building. Telling us over the phone what type of situation caused the odors can help us to prepare adequately for the work to come.

Some projects may pose additional difficulties due to the volume and spread of smoke particles throughout the home. Significant fires or long-term tobacco use can cause smoke odors to spread throughout the air vents in your home and lead to a more prolonged and extensive odor removal process. SERVPRO technicians also receive IICRC certifications related to the cleaning of your home HVAC systems and can use this training to eliminate odors that might otherwise circulate around your home. We provide full and total coverage for your home when eliminating odors of any kind, leaving the place looking and smelling "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of North Leon County specializes in reversing the effects fire and smoke damage can have on your home. Call us as soon as possible after a disaster at (850) 536-6599 for our 24/7 services.

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Gas-Powered Extractors for Water Removal in Tallahassee Homes

5/31/2019 (Permalink)

Don't let your electricity stop your water damage clean up.

Call SERVPRO today to find out how we can help you take care of your water damage. 

There are many disasters like water loss incidents that can affect the power and electricity to your Tallahassee home. While our professionals can often supply temporary power for our recovery equipment and practices, not to mention to help our customers, it is sometimes beneficial to utilize some of our equipment that does not require electricity. In situations where substantial water loss incidents have taken place, leaving several inches of standing water in certain areas of your property, our team has the appropriate equipment that does not put a strain on the generator and removes this pooling water quickly and effectively.

Water removal is one of the most vital steps to the recovery of water loss incidents in your Tallahassee property. With multiple extractors available to our SERVPRO professionals, gas-powered trash pumps can provide a powerful draw of standing water in your property without a demand on the temporary power solutions within the house.

From the time that our SERVPRO technicians first arrive at your home, we can get to work quickly on setting up this temporary power to help run the other mitigation and restoration equipment in the recovery of your home. In situations where a family does not need to vacate on account of the water loss recovery, our large generators can supply the whole house with electricity to allow for a more comfortable existence while work continues on the premises.

Trash pumps are less portable and maneuverable as many of our submersible pumps or the wet-vacs with extraction wands that our SERVPRO team can also utilize, but these gas-powered options have a much more powerful extraction force. These machines are ideal for situations where there are several inches of standing water or more, and when the extractor truck is either too much force for the severity of the damage or unnecessary for the situation.

There are many reasons why our gas-powered trash pumps can see usage when extracting standing water from a loss incident in your home. No matter when disaster strikes, or how severe the effects, you can count on our SERVPRO of North Leon County professionals to make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime at (850) 536-6599.

Did Recent Storms Cause Water Damage to Your Tallahassee Ceiling?

5/15/2019 (Permalink)

You can trust SERVPRO of North Leon County for all of your water restoration needs.

Addressing Saturated Ceilings in Flooded Tallahassee Homes

Severe weather systems are common to Tallahassee, especially during the spring and summer seasons. With torrential rainfall and high-powered winds sweeping through this area of Florida, roofs are particularly susceptible to damages and vulnerabilities caused by missing shingles and wind effects. Any penetration points that develop during a severe weather event could be the unfortunate opening necessary to allow floodwater into your property.

When flood damages begin in your Tallahassee home, it is imperative to address these concerns as quickly as you can. We have a commitment to readiness that ensures that no matter when disasters strike and to what severity, we always have the resources, personnel, and equipment to overcome it. Our SERVPRO professionals have accreditations in mitigation, water restoration, and applied structural drying through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IRCC). Our continued education in these fields helps us to approach even significant loss incidents with experience and confidence.

Our professionals can appreciate the importance of responding quickly when roof vulnerabilities have allowed water penetration, as this can cause substantial damage to the ceiling of your property. We have moisture detection equipment that can help to identify the worst of this saturation and direct our tools and machines to dry out this damage as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With ceiling saturation, especially with common materials like stucco and plaster, addressing saturation is critical. The longer these materials remain exposed to oversaturation and moisture, the more warped and damaged they become. In a short period, ceiling construction materials and insulation can become unsalvageable. Our Injecti-Dry System can penetrate beyond the surface of your ceiling to dry out moisture and dampness in the insulation and the cavity to the roof without requiring demolition. 

While ultimately homeowners need to get the vulnerabilities in their roof addressed as the storm passes, our SERVPRO of North Leon County team can help you and your property through the stages of mitigation and recovery. You can count on us to make this situation “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call at (850) 536-6599.

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Tallahassee Fire and Soot Problems? SERVPRO Is a Premier Cleaning and Restoration Company--Ready to Help

5/8/2019 (Permalink)

Even SERVPRO Cannot Restore Every Fire Damaged Chandelier in Tallahassee--But Most, We Can!

Structural Content Restoration after Fire Damage in Tallahassee

A minor or medium scale fire usually causes damage to structural components that requires professional remediation. Unlike contents, structural components are fixed in place which can make them awkward to clean correctly. Gaps that can be penetrated by smoke but are tough to access also could create an odor issue in your home.

We provide expert restoration of cabinets, attics, lighting fixtures, insulation, windows & glass as well as drapery rods and fixtures that have suffered from fire damage in Tallahassee. Each of these structural components presents a unique challenge for restorers, and here at SERVPRO we continually develop approaches to ensure an efficient service from start to finish.

The kind of approaches we develop incorporate the latest technology as well as care and attention to detail. Chandeliers, for example, frequently require detailed cleaning due to decorative trim or color. Our technicians can use steam cleaning to restore onsite, or pack the chandelier down and send it for ultrasonic immersion cleaning. Once the restoration is complete, we can re-assemble it in its preloss condition.

Cabinets present a different challenge due to their fixed nature. It is also not uncommon for cabinet interiors to be unfinished woods which means standard wet cleaning methods could cause further damage. For the inside of your fittings, we can apply dry cleaning to remove soots and place odor neutralizing pellets inside the cabinet. We can also drill small holes to create airflow in case any residual moisture from the firefighting procedure is left behind.

Fabrics including curtains, furniture covers or clothes can often assimilate soots and become difficult to clean with household appliances. SERVPRO has Esporta washing machines capable of removing up to 99% of soiling from fabrics. We make an inventory of any items requiring a pack-out and can restore them to your property once cleaning is complete.

Getting your structural contents back to preloss condition is our specialty. Contact SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 today.

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Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Tallahassee Fire Damage

5/4/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage can leave smoke remnants lingering in your home. Contact SERVPRO today for remediation help.

Fire Damage can Leave Your Windows Blackened in Tallahassee

The scene of a fire with smoke spewing out of windows and firefighters' vent holes in the roof does not always mean the complete loss of the home. Even smaller fires can cause smoke to pour out of open windows. This often causes neighbors in Tallahassee to call the fire department and check to see if they might help in some way. SERVPRO advises our customers never to re-enter a burning house and to leave such dangerous activities to the fire department.

Once the firefighters extinguish the flames and check to rule out any hot spots that might restart a fire, SERVPRO can check your house for the severity of fire damage in Tallahassee. When a fire stayed contained in a single area of a home, the rest of the home merely needs extensive cleaning. The windows in these areas, as well as mirrors and other hard, smooth surfaces, often contain high amounts of carbon residue. This black soot can also contain other components from plastics and other synthetic materials that burned during the fire.

Replacing windows in otherwise undamaged areas can impose unnecessary expenses on the homeowner. Cleaning these structural elements of a home while we also restore more seriously damaged areas of your house reduces your expenses and helps your family get back to normal routines faster. Reducing your overall costs means your budget also bounces back more quickly.

Our ability to clean these items without their removal also keeps your home more secure against vandals and looters. Our presence during the time we work can help deter curious teens and others who want to see what a fire damaged house looks like, protecting both them and your family's belongings.

There are many aspects to a fire, and how it can affect your home. When we clean the interior and work on removing damaged items, we take these different issues into consideration of how they interact with other parts of the mitigation and restoration process.

SERVPRO of North Leon County can help get your family's home back to its preloss condition, “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (850) 536-6599 to find out more about our services, training, and our dedication to our neighbors in Centerville, Meridian, and Miccosukee. Fire damage of any degree needs professional specialists who can safely restore your home.

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We Tackle Clean Water Emergencies In Tallahassee

4/12/2019 (Permalink)

We have equipment waiting to restore your home after water damage. We are available 24/7 so don't hesitate and call us right away.

Limiting Microbial Growth when Water Damage Happens in your Tallahassee Home

If at some point during the ownership of your property you are faced with the prospect of damages it is vital to reach out to a professional restoration provider. One of the most common causes of property damage is excess water which can intrude into the home environment from a malfunctioning HVAC system, heavy rainfall or problems with internal plumbing. Sometimes, a situation like this can develop outside of your view and only become apparent after the damage is done.

We pride ourselves on restoring properties to their preloss conditions after suffering water damage in Tallahassee. One area that has become an increasingly noticeable issue in the industry is the impact of microbial growth on the home. Where there is water, there are microbes and when these bacterias are given the right conditions- a warm, humid environment- they can proliferate rapidly.

Excess water that has intruded into the home can raise the humidity levels in the affected area. At above 60% GPP, microbes begin to germinate. A SERVPRO technician is trained to measure and control humidity levels using a combination of thermo-hygrometers and dehumidifiers. Bringing humidity under control quickly is essential since mold spores can begin to grow in as little as 12 hours in the right conditions.

The majority of the work we carry out is tackling clean water emergencies. Clean water emergencies are usually from a clean source like a water pipe or HVAC system. However, failure to control microbial growth can see clean water deteriorate into a grey or black water emergency. SERVPRO technicians are given PPE to allow them to safely work in an area where there is a heavy microbial presence, but we may place physical barriers to prevent microbes spreading.

The most effective way to control microbial growth is by removing water and controlling humidity levels. We use industrial extraction units that combine vacuum strength with heated elements to remove hundreds of gallons of water. With water removed, we can double protect your property by treating surfaces with Biocides and anti-microbial treatments.

Light property water damages can deteriorate without immediate attention, contact SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 for help.

This month, the City of Tallahassee is celebrating Earth Month click here for more information.

Don't Waste Time! Some Facts to Start Effective Water Damage Remediation in Tallahassee

4/7/2019 (Permalink)

Our technicians arrive with advanced equipment to figure out the extent of the water damage in your home. Contact SERVPRO for efficient remediation.

Scoping Helps in Restoration of Water Damage in Tallahassee

Cases of water damage require immediate action to restore the property to its preloss state. However, starting restoration processes without doing some evaluation first can lead to problems that can affect the outcome or delay the process. Before doing restoration in Tallahassee properties experiencing water loss, we do thorough scoping first.

Every case of water damage in Tallahassee is unique, and therefore most homeowners are not sure what immediate effects an incident has and what processes follow. Our SERVPRO technicians first reassure the homeowner since they have vast experience dealing with similar cases. We then inspect the contents and the structure to figure out the necessary drying and safety procedures.

Scoping helps establish the source of water and whether it has stopped. It also helps establish whether clean or gray water is involved and how long the water has been standing in the building. If pooling water sits for too long, it can deteriorate from one level of contamination to another so a situation that initially involved clean water may end up becoming a gray water loss. Our SERVPRO technicians can fix small leaks to stop more water from flowing into the building. Based on the amount of water in the building, we can select the right water extraction equipment including high capacity ones such as the truck-mounted water extractors.

An evaluation also helps establish all areas the water reaches. Even areas far away from the source might be affected since the water seeps into porous materials then migrates widely. Leaving materials wet after restoring the property can lead to other problems such as microbial growth. Our SERVPRO technicians use sophisticated moisture detection tools including moisture sensors, moisture meters, and FLIR thermal cameras. Using such equipment, we can tell whether walls, cabinets, baseboards, carpets, ducts or crawl spaces need drying. Such information helps set drying goals.

If there is a water spill in your Centerville, Florida State University or Lake Lamonia property, call SERVPRO of North Leon County to help evaluate the damage and mount the right response. You can reach us at (850) 536-6599 any time. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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SERVPRO can Help Wash the Damage From Tallahassee Hair Salons

3/26/2019 (Permalink)

Trust the SERVPRO Brand for all of your water damage restoration needs.

Helpful Tips When Mitigation Effects of Commercial Water Damage in Tallahassee

A water spill in a commercial setting can cause several problems. In a hair salon, some of the issues you are likely to face after such an incident include damaged upholstery items and bad odor. The water is also likely to ruin building materials especially the porous ones such as wooden cabinets. We offer professional mitigation services to businesses in Tallahassee enabling them to restore normal operations fast.  

Among the most crucial steps in the restoration of commercial water damage in Tallahassee is to address all inconveniences that customers served by the business might encounter. In a salon where people seek grooming services, even small issues like bad odor can have severe ramifications. The mitigation process must, therefore, dry all moisture and to prevent mold development since it is the most likely source of an unpleasant odor. Our SERVPRO technicians use air movers and dehumidifiers to dry all wet materials in the affected property.  

If the water affects the electronic equipment used in a salon such as driers, they are likely to cease functioning immediately or after some time. Before resuming operations, it is necessary to check such equipment to ensure issues related to the water spill do not lead to breakdowns in the future. Our SERVPRO technicians are skilled in the restoration of electronics. We also offer document drying helping you save important business records.  

Spilled water causes staining easily especially in upholstery items and carpeted areas. Stains can transfer from other fabrics such as drapes if they are non-colorfast when exposed to water. Even shampoos and other products found in a salon can cause stains if they spill during the restoration process. Our SERVPRO technicians have extensive training with stain removal. We use different approaches including using professional cleaning agents to remove the stain element. We also work on stained materials when they are still wet because removal is straightforward in such a state.  

In case of a water problem in your Centerville, Midtown Tallahassee or Lake Lamonia business, call SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 to help restore normal operations. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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We Have The Equipment And Training To Handle Your Tallahassee Fire Damage Restoration

3/15/2019 (Permalink)

When your home has suffered from a fire you can rely on our experts 24/7 with the restoration process call us right away so we can get started.

How Advanced Training Improves the Outcomes in Restoration of Fire Damage in Tallahassee

A fire incident can happen anytime considering the number of likely sources in a house including stoves, electrical equipment, and even chimneys. Whatever the cause, taking remedial action immediately after the fire is out can make a significant difference to the outcome. Choosing a team of restorers with advanced training in fire and smoke restoration helps in many ways.

Many incidents of fire damage in Tallahassee also includes aspects of water damage especially if the blaze is big enough to involve the fire department. As water is sprayed into the property to suppress the flames, it soaks into any porous materials in the vicinity including carpets, wall materials and contents such as upholstery. Our SERVPRO technicians can tackle different aspects of water damage including extraction of standing water and drying moisture from materials using advanced equipment and skills.

Once the fire is out, you are left with many types of wastes in the property including charred item remains and residues such as soot on surfaces or airborne particulate matter. Removing such wastes requires different approaches. Removal of larger items charred by the flames requires physical strength. Our SERVPRO technicians have no problem doing this since we work as a team. Removal of residues requires skills because the heat from the fire opens up pores in materials embedding residues deeper. We use powered multi-surface scrubbing equipment and professional cleaning agents to remove residues from surfaces.

Fire damage leaves different types of damages on surfaces either due to the action of heat, flames, and residues. Restoring materials affected in the blaze instead of replacing them can help reduce the overall cost of the process. Through the use of advanced techniques such as soda blasting, our SERVPRO technicians can restore slightly charred furniture surfaces effectively. We also understand how different residues affect materials. For example, soot tends to be acidic causing rust or stains in metallic and stone materials respectively. We remove such residues from surfaces at the earliest possible opportunity to prevent such outcomes.

After a fire incident in Centerville, Lake Lamonia and Meridian areas, call SERVPRO of Leon County to help restore your property. You can reach us at (850) 536-6599 any time.

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Water Loss in North Leon County? Contact a Premier Restoration Company Like SERVPRO -- We're Faster To Any Size Disaster

3/12/2019 (Permalink)

"I Love Tallahassee" and the Water Loss Restoration Services of SERVPRO

Depend on SERVPRO for Every Aspect of Your North Leon County Water Removal Needs

Water is a necessity of life. We drink it, cook with it, wash with it, cool with it, and clean with it. Throughout every home and commercial property, it is available readily, directly plumbed into faucets, sinks, appliances, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and more. When the pipes, fittings, and hoses containing and directing this essential flow of fluid become corroded, loose, or cracked water can invade a property in large quantities and with considerable force. Removing the water fast is essential as it is incredibly destructive to building materials and contents.

In the Florida panhandle water also falls from the sky as rain, sometimes as a gentle sprinkle and other times as a fierce storm. Rapid and complete water removal in a property after heavy precipitation causes an intrusion through a roof leak, or overland flash flooding is just as crucial as when a plumbing or appliance fail fills a home with moisture. Partnering with our reliable team of water damage experts can prevent the ruin of a business or loss of a home.

Property owners get the best water removal results when the team from SERVPRO of North Leon County is on the scene. Customers can reach us 24/7 because we know how critical fast evacuation of water is to a successful restoration. Managing a water event requires skilled technicians, high-efficiency equipment, and a remediation company that puts the customer’s needs first and foremost. We are proud to meet all of these requirements for every project, large or small.

When SERVPRO arrives, a seasoned crew leader assesses the water damage, devises a plan, and gets the crew to work. If areas of your property need to be secured with tarps or boards, we are on that part of the job first. Fully stocked service vehicles then support our ability to respond to water removal fast. Onboard each signature green truck are pumps and water extractors that can take on with ease even a significant commercial water event. If the electricity on your property is unavailable temporarily because of a storm or other safety concern our gas-powered pumps and truck-mounted and generated extractors prevent any delay.

SERVPRO prioritizes advanced and continuing IICRC training for our work crews and managers. The industry-leading knowledge of water removal science and strategy shared with our team through this coursework is second to none. Our commitment to supporting our technicians with both this targeted training and the on-the-job opportunity for hands-on experience with master water mitigation personnel means we handle your job in the most efficient, professional, and safe manner possible.

Learning how to evaluate the three categories of water from clean, to gray, to black is vital to ensuring we respond appropriately to contaminants found in the waters threatening your home or business. Water removal procedures vary depending upon the category, with clean water simply requiring evacuation into sewer systems. The increasing contamination with gray and black waters might include the need to contain and dispose of the water as hazardous waste. SERVPRO is familiar with the rules and regulations about contaminated water in all of the communities we serve near the capital city region. This ensures both yours and public safety when we respond to your water loss.  

One aspect of water removal the average home or business owner might not consider until it happens is the need for it after suffering a fire. Firefighters use copious quantities of water as they extinguish a blaze. Getting the water out of the structure is necessary before the SERVPRO team can move on to soot cleanup, charring management, deodorization, and a host of other tasks. Because the water is by definition contaminated after a fire, the expertise of our trained crews is the key to your health and well-being. Other restoration tasks can commence safely once we address the slip and fall and electric shock potential at the scene.

The speed with which the SERVPRO responds to any Florida water removal situation is the foundation of our success. Water damage is immediate for some porous materials and progresses swiftly the longer the moisture remains. Some materials such as insulation and carpet padding might need replacement regardless of how quickly we respond. Other items are salvageable if water is extracted and drying goals are met. It is imperative that moisture levels decrease to normal within 24 to 48 hours to avoid the risk of mold growth.

Do-it-yourself water removal in the Tallahassee area is not recommended. The tools a home or business owner possesses rarely have the capacity of our industrial strength equipment. Even if a commercial building has a regular in-house or contracted cleaning crew, hiring our Tallahassee water damage restoration experts is the most time and cost effective method of mitigating water losses because we specialize in water disaster restoration.

Challenges that only a dedicated water removal team can conquer reliably include finding and extracting hidden caches of water. Our water damage techs use thermal imaging and moisture probes and other sensitive tools to locate water under floors, behind walls, and in other cavities. Specially designed equipment like floor drying mats and wall access drying options like the Injectidry system help pull moisture from spaces otherwise difficult to reach.

SERVPRO technicians are skilled in moisture measurement and monitoring, fundamental concepts to completing water removal in your home or business in northern Florida. Moisture can linger in building materials long after standing water is just a memory. Our crews use a combination of air movement, heat, and dehumidification to dry out the structural components of your property. We check on moisture levels throughout the project to make sure we hit the goal for each kind of material. The green fleet has heated air movers and both desiccant and evaporative dehumidifiers on each truck to accelerate the process.

Working seamlessly through the steps needed for water removal is our mission and delivering your property back after a water loss “Like it never even happened.” is our goal. Contact SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 for expert assistance with any size water loss.

How Team SERVPRO Helps Homes in Tallahasee Recover From Flooding

3/8/2019 (Permalink)

Flooding can affect the area quickly and leave the contents of your home underwater. Contact SERVPRO for water removal services.

Flood Extraction Methods for Homes in Tallahassee Pave the Way for Restoration Work

Once an area experiences a flood in Tallahassee, homes look like they can never become suitable for living in again. SERVPRO helps homeowners restore their homes from the worst disasters, and we start by being Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Immediately after your home in Tallahassee floods, we can start restoring your property with flood extraction techniques. Restoration work comes with many dangers, and extracting the water covering many of these helps make things safer for our restoration crews.

Pumping the unwanted water out with the use of our submersible pumps means we can extract water from every area of your home, no matter how deep the water rose. When crawl spaces retain water, this can cause health effects in occupants because of the elevated humidity and the increase in airborne pathogens, including mold.

Because crawl spaces also hold any silt or other sedimentation that the floodwaters pushed in, we remove these deposits by hand when necessary. Sand and mud can retain moisture, making it harder to dry these areas out later. The same deposits also exist on the ground floor of your house after a flood, although below-ground level areas might contain considerably more.

Where carpets and porous floorings like laminate and wooden tile cover your floors, these often become inundated with not only water but deposits of sediment. We remove the carpeting in cut sections that we roll up and place in bags. The padding, however, often needs removing with the use of a shovel.

Floor coverings that contain wooden pieces can become so saturated that their glue fails. The jumbled pieces also get cleaned up and removed with the help of our shovels. We do our best to leave the floor as smooth as possible to help the installation of new flooring happen more smoothly. Saturated sections of drywall need cut away to reveal the framework in walls, and these, like the flooring pieces, find their way into doubled bags.

SERVPRO of North Leon County wants your family to be able to live in your own home, free of the stress that comes with a life-changing disaster. Our water extraction and removal methods make this possible and in a rapid manner. Contact us when you need a caring, professional company who hires qualified professionals. Our 24-hour service line is (850) 536-6599.

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Tallahassee Water Invasion after a Storm? Call SERVPRO for Mitigation--Real Fast!

3/6/2019 (Permalink)

Tallahassee Hassle from Flooding? Call SERVPRO for Help

Remediating Attic and Crawlspace Flood Damage in Tallahassee

The weather may be clearing around Tallahassee now, but recent storms not only drop water onto areas homes but other problems as well. Tree limbs and other debris crash onto roofs, allowing water to enter and flood attics and crawlspaces.
Overhead is a type of Tallahassee flood damage that other restoration services may not be prepared to treat. SERVPRO restoration specialists, however, train for every type of disaster in our area, no matter in what part of the home it may strike.
Personnel start operations by sealing off the roof against further water, wind, or even animal intrusion. Unless the damage is extensive enough to require a licensed contractor, our specialists can place tarps or board-up until a permanent fix can be done. Keeping out the elements is crucial to water mitigation.
If enough water already entered the attic or crawlspace, it can compromise the insulation. The material compresses into a thin layer, eliminating its effectiveness to help heat or cool the home. Attempting to dry the insulation is a very labor intensive, expensive process with no guarantee of success. Removal and replacement is by far the cheaper and faster option.
Once specialists finish with the insulation, a SERVPRO inspector examines the floor of the attic or crawlspace for additional damage. Our specialists can expertly remove panels, and floor and ceiling joists to ensure the integrity of the interior so there are no leaks down into the kitchen and other rooms of the home.
Finally, if the interior humidity is too high, there is a risk of moisture compromising the new insulation and even causing mold to expand and grow through the attic. We can apply an antimicrobial product to affected areas to help reduce the likelihood of a future mold infestation. To lower the moisture content, team members install a dehumidifier to draw water from the air. They keep it in operation until a normal content result show on an air moisture meter.
At SERVPRO of North Leon County, we understand that removing water is only the beginning to restore a home to a dry, safe condition for reoccupation. If you need our assistance, call us today at (850) 536-6599.

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Is There Hidden Water Damage in Your Tallahassee Property?

2/19/2019 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO Franchise professionals at the first sign of water damage.

Finding and Repairing Hidden Water Damage in your Tallahassee Property

Water that appears clean to the naked eye can still carry and attract microbial bacteria. If left alone clean water can stagnate and move to a more severe stage classed as Grey Water or even Black Water, which is harmful to your health. A small-scale caused by a leaking pipe should always be remedied by a professional with an awareness of potential outcomes and the associated property damages.

Leaks occurring in a non-frequented area of the home in like a wall cavity or attic space can cause permanent water damage in Tallahassee. Reaching out to SERVPRO Franchise professionals immediately for assistance could help to contain the issue and avoid expensive replacements and remodeling work. Our technicians are local to the area and have experience in dealing with properties like yours.

Since our inception, SERVPRO has a superb record of helping property owners overcome these issues. We provide employees with the training and qualifications they need to be consistently effective. On top of that, our technicians have access to modern equipment which can make a critical difference in your restoration service.

Two types of equipment that SERVPRO can make available to our water technicians are injectidry systems and drying mats. Both are designed to drain moisture from difficult to reach areas such as wall cavities or beneath floorboards. Using vacuum power and injectors or mats these technologies are incredibly effective at drawing water. In the long run, deploying this type of equipment can prevent unpleasant odors or secondary damages like mold growth.

The restoration of possessions after coming into contact with water is not always easy. However, we promise to work with restoration over replacement. In severe situations, we can perform pack out services which involve sending items to external cleaning facilities, treating them with industrial-grade ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Usually, odors in the home pass once moisture is dried. If this is not the case, our odor control technicians can thoroughly deodorize the affected area.

If you are struggling to deal with property damages by yourself, contact SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599.

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Our Trusted Experts Will Arrive With Urgency To Restore Your Tallahasse Home

2/11/2019 (Permalink)

If you discover a busted pipe like this in your home call our experts right away, they are available 24/7 and will respond quickly to your emergency.

Restoring Your Tallahassee Kitchen After Water Damage 

Fixtures in the kitchen of your Tallahassee home do not get safeguarded from aging, deterioration, or accidental damages. When something affects one of these fixtures immediately, or even over a long period, leaking and drips can begin. While there are certainly worse situations that a steady leak on one of your water lines, this situation can still allow for widespread damages without the steps taken initially to correct and repair the issue. Our rapid response team can help quickly. 

When water damage occurs in your Tallahassee home, you want assurances that the right steps get taken quickly to prevent worse conditions from developing Our SERVPRO response team is available 24/7 to help mitigate loss and work quickly to contain the spread of the damage to prevent the situation from getting worse until restoration work begins. 

Our advanced equipment is something that helps to set our professionals apart from some of the other options that you might have for restoration work. We arrive with equipment like thermal imagery cameras which can allow our technicians to see behind walls, into affected materials, under flooring, and other inaccessible areas to identify moisture pockets that exist from the steadily leaking fixture or plumbing element. 

Often when a situation like a leak has occurred over a longer period, cabinetry, flooring, walls, and other materials absorb the moisture and can begin to deteriorate. Our SERVPRO technicians who arrive can assess the stability of structural elements, construction materials, shelving, and cabinetry to ensure that what can stay and get restored is structurally sound. Other water damaged materials that have become compromised by the lingering moisture and dampness must get removed with controlled demolition techniques. 

Water loss incidents can occur over a long period, where fixtures and plumbing connections wear and degrade to the point of leaks and openings. The effect that this situation can have on nearby structural elements can be severe without the right professional assistance. Give our SERVPRO of North Leon County rapid response team a call anytime you need us at (850) 536-6599.

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Is Water Damage on Your Tallahassee Restaurant's Menu?

2/11/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Franchise professionals are ready to restore your water damaged restaurant.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration for Your Tallahassee Restaurant

Your restaurant in Tallahassee has an assortment of essential plumbing needs which need attention. If you fail to meet these needs, it can have catastrophic consequences because the plumbing can experience significant clogs or other disruptive and damaging problems. Even though these issues can be severe, it is not uncommon for the senior members of management and the owners to be ill-informed about the necessary steps which can be taken to avoid potentially significant problems with plumbing.  

Commercial water damage issues in your Tallahassee restaurant are a huge hassle. It can stop your normal daily operations depending on the severity of the problem, and that means lost profits for you as the owner. Because we at SERVPRO understand this, we won’t hesitate to get to your business as soon as you contact us. As professional remediation specialists, we have the training and tools needed to get your business back up and running quickly.  

If there is any standing water when we arrive, we use truck-mounted pumps to extract as much as possible, then use industrial fans and dehumidifiers to get the affected area dry again. If the damage is confined to a smaller area and you were able to keep your doors open to the public, we always work respectfully around you and your customers so we cause as little disruption as we can.  

The sewer line is a part of your plumbing system which can be most prone to problems. It is wise to clean it out every few years. When it becomes clogged, it can contribute to the whole plumbing system of your restaurant getting backed up and causing flooding. The best way to avoid this potential issue is having the sewer line cleaned professionally. It can be done in a few hours during times your restaurant is closed, so you do not disrupt your operations.  

Your restaurant’s plumbing is especially prone to clogs and other problems from large amounts of grease which can enter the plumbing from cooking utilities or washing dishes. Therefore, minimizing how much grease enters the plumbing is essential. Installing grease traps is a wise investment to make, as they help intercept any grease which accidentally enters the drain. The traps should be cleaned and emptied regularly to keep them functional.  

Toilets can be another source of problems for any business that is open to the public. Installing high-capacity toilets can reduce the potential of them becoming clogged because these toilets use more water to flush.

SERVPRO of North Leon County knows that when your business in Miccosukee, Killearn, or Lake Lamonia is experiencing a water damage emergency that time is of the essence. Call us right away at (850) 536-6599 so we can come and assist you in fixing the issue and cleaning up your restaurant and getting you back in business.

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Drilling to the Root Cause: Why SERVPRO Uses Drills to Help Your Water Damaged Tallahassee Home Dry

1/31/2019 (Permalink)

This ceiling has water damage. Call SERVPRO to safely remove the water and restore the ceiling.

Why SERVPRO Uses a Drill during Water Damage Mitigation and Restoration in Tallahassee

Just like the fire department's habit of making holes in a burning Tallahassee home's exterior makes little sense at first, some of SERVPRO's techniques might seem excessively aggressive. However, we do precisely what industry standards require.  

So, why does SERVPRO use a drill when mitigating water damage in Tallahassee? We do this for two reasons. Water can drain from small weep holes made in the area behind baseboards once we remove them, and also from ceilings that hold water. The other reason is to allow our air movers to push air into wall cavities and other enclosed spaces and then exit out another hole. Unless we drill small holes to allow for air movement that would otherwise remain stagnant, mold can begin growing while wallboard continues to deteriorate.  

When we drill holes into different places of your home, we always use the smallest sized bit possible. For weep holes in ceilings, we use very tiny bits that make almost imperceptible holes. We keep this series of holes in a line, so it becomes unlikely to miss individual ones when sealing them. Once dry, they might seem more significant because swelling diminishes, but patching them is something still very quickly done.  

Allowing water to drain out of walls requires a series of holes, also, and we drill these slightly above the floor, and when possible, behind recently removed baseboards. To keep from marring the wall, we use a thin board, so our tools do not damage anything as we pry the baseboard loose and away from the wall's lower portion. Once drained of excess water, we replace the baseboard, making it “Like it never even happened.”  

More massive holes get drilled to let forced air into enclosed spaces where trapped water has mostly drained away, but moisture remains. We can detect hidden moisture with our moisture meters and then tackle these areas. We want to remove all the lost water before it can cause water damage to your home. Drills become an essential tool for our work, and without them, many damp areas of your home would remain inaccessible to us.

SERVPRO of North Leon County uses drills and other tools to mitigate water damage from homes in Centerville and Killearn, as well as those around FSU and Lake Lamonia. Call us at (850) 536-6599, and we can help get your home restored to its preloss condition.

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SERVPRO Offers Tallahassee Residents Mold Remediation to Improve the Home Environment

1/23/2019 (Permalink)

The SERVPRO Van Is Loved by Tallahassee Property Owners and Feared by Mold

Is a Moldy House Part of Living in Tallahassee?

We all love Florida, with its lush landscape and ever-blooming vegetation. Tallahassee, in particular, is very appealing because it retains a bit of the cold air and crisp temperature of winter without having to shovel snow before leaving your driveway. However, in humid climates such as Florida’s mold damage can slowly creep into your home without you realizing it, leaving you vulnerable to its effects.
Mold damage to your home in Tallahassee should not be taken lightly. To understand what may be the cause of mold in your home you must understand that mold lives in the air and it is virtually impossible to eliminate it. However, certain conditions can encourage proliferation, such as humid climates and water accumulations. Your home in Tallahassee may become a breeding ground for mold solely based on its geographic location and its exposure to rainfall and storms.
At SERVPRO, our team is specially trained to treat any mold colonies that may take residence in your home. If you see a stain or smell mold, you should contact us to determine how widespread the problem is and to allow our team to make a plan of action for remediation. It is crucial to limit the sources of excess water where mold may thrive and control indoor humidity. Ideally, maintain a level below 45% humidity to help prevent any growth.
Our SERVPRO team focuses on air filtration usage with HEPA air scrubbers as we remove mold colonies from your home. If the root cause is not eliminated (excess moisture) the infestation can once again form. Luckily, our team has been trained to help you manage the acceptable levels of fungal activity in your home. We suggest steering away from any mold colonies as they may cause health effects to you and your family. The remediation service is the same for all species of mold, notwithstanding the "bad press" that Black Mold holds.

Mold damage can be quite commonplace in more humid climates, and our SERVPRO of North Leon County team is ready 24/7 to take action. Contact us at (850) 536-6599 as we aim to make you feel "Like it never even happened."

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How Fire Damages Your Tallahassee HVAC System

1/9/2019 (Permalink)

Your HVAC system can circulate smoke and soot damage throughout the house.

Cleaning Your HVAC System After a Fire in Your Tallahassee Home

Combustion in some area of your Tallahassee property can create both smoke and flames, both of which can present substantial concerns for the entirety of your house. When you factor in that many homes utilize their air circulation appliances almost continually, it is often running whenever the fire breaks out. This added variable allows smoke odors, residues, debris, and other airborne concerns to travel to every room in your house from the source of the fire via the ductwork.

Cleaning up the fire damage and present debris in your Tallahassee home is a vital component to beginning restoration. Among the chief concerns with the cleanup is any health hazard or potential risk for our technicians on site or others that might come into contact with the area. Removing buildup and residue from the ductwork system can help to reduce the continued spread of the damage and keep the bulk of the restoration work to occur confined to the area where it happened.

This process begins with a thorough inspection of the HVAC system affected by the recent fire. Much like our traditional cleaning efforts for this area of your house, we visually inspect and use equipment to determine the full extent of the damage through unreachable areas of your ducts. Once we can determine the problem areas, our SERVPRO technicians bring out the equipment that is necessary to clean out the HVAC system thoroughly.

Bristled brushes that can get extensively extended get used to help break apart buildup and sediment caked to the walls of the ducts. These brushes can get attached to a drill base to offer more power and precision for cleaning set in debris. High powered vacuums seal over floor grates or ceiling grates to clean large portions of the system without the mess.

Reducing the buildup and trapped dust, debris, smoke residue, and particulates within the system allows for our professionals to better prevent the spread of fire damage throughout your home and helps to allow later the HVAC system to run more efficiently. Give our SERVPRO of North Leon County rapid response team a call to help with any emergency at (850) 536-6599.

The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory is located in Tallahassee and is the world’s largest magnet laboratory.   Click here to read more.

We Are The Team To Call When You Discover Mold In Your Tallahassee Home

1/2/2019 (Permalink)

If you need our service, call today at (850) 536-6599.

Mold Remediation Experts For Tallahassee Homeowners And Residents

For Tallahassee homeowners and residents, mold is the silent, almost invisible disaster. It does not pop and crackle as appliances burn or cover floors ankle deep, but mold still causes millions of dollars in damages each year.

For thorough mold remediation in Tallahassee homes, SERVPRO response teams have to perform four key steps to ensure the home is clean and reduce the risk of a recurrence. They establish containment, remove mold spores and contaminated property, clean the affected area, and dry all items.

Once the owner discovers mold, preventing it from contaminating more areas of the home is our initial priority. Our technicians block all access points with thick, plastic sheeting to form barriers. They also block all HVAC vents to prevent loose mold spores in the air from entering the ductwork.

If the mold growth is excessive, technicians also construct a clean room where they can store protective clothing and tools to reduce the threat of cross-contamination. Their final action in this step is to establish ‘negative air pressure’ inside the affected area to force spores out of the home.

Next, SERVPRO teams remove mold from the structure, furniture, and other property. The methods used depend if the surface is nonporous or porous. A nonporous surface is often glass, metal, and plastic, which can be wiped down with a sponge or cloth. If the mold layer is thick, team members may use a spray bottle with water or a mild, anti-fungal cleaner to break it up.

Porous surfaces include carpets and fabrics. Mold spores are extremely difficult to remove from these items; enough so, it is often more cost-effective for the owner to order disposal and buy a replacement. That is also true for structural materials like drywall and insulation.

After completing all removal actions, our remediation technicians wait for the dust to settle. Then, they wipe down all surfaces again to clean them, pushing dust and lose spores toward the negative air machines to force them out of the affected area.

Finally, our teams examine the area for excess moisture if the air content meter shows a high humidity level, they set up dehumidifiers, and exhaust fans to lower the level and secure the home against future mold growth.

Remediation is not a quick process, but SERVPRO of North Leon County works to complete each one thoroughly with the owner aware of each action. If you need our service, call today at (850) 536-6599.

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Did You Know That Fire Damage Remediation in Tallahassee Often Includes Dealing With Both Water and Mold As Well?

12/23/2018 (Permalink)

When fire damage affects your home, bringing in certified SERVPRO professionals immediately creates the best restoration results.

The Effects of Firefighting on Your Tallahassee Home

While homeowners are undoubtedly grateful for firefighters and first responders arriving at their Tallahassee home at the first sign of trouble, often the steps necessary to put out a blaze can leave your home with additional effects to overcome. Understanding not only how fire can affect your property but also the added potential effects of fire extinguishment efforts can show you the benefits of choosing experienced restoration specialists to handle this work.

Fire damages in Tallahassee can spread quickly throughout your home, which can often prove challenging for first responders to overcome. To battle the growing fire, these firefighters often require new access points and high volumes of water. Once the fire has gotten successfully put out, you can reach out to our SERVPRO emergency response team to dispatch our professionals to your address with the tools and equipment to make a difference quickly for your home.

The water necessary to put out the fire often creates substantial water damage throughout the property where the blaze had its highest concentrations. This pooling water absorbs into materials and works to weaken structural elements almost immediately, so the mitigation team we send out works fast to remove this excess from the area with our advanced extraction equipment.

Our SERVPRO technicians must also contend with the access points that firefighters made in the home when such controlled demolition was necessary. Often these situations involve holes cut into a side of the home or into the roof for fast access to where the need for the water is the greatest. We can prepare these areas for reconstruction work with extensive cleanup and further controlled demolition where it is necessary.

With so many different effects that a fire could have on your home, many homeowners do not fully understand the extensive work required to return it to preloss conditions. Our SERVPRO of North Leon County team of fire restoration specialists can quickly assess the damage and overcome both the effects from the fire and the potential additional damages caused by putting it out. Give us a call anytime disaster strikes at (850) 536-6599.

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Tallahassee Properties Benefit from SERVPRO'S Rapid Floodwater Removal

12/10/2018 (Permalink)

The Green Fleet from SERVPRO Offers Rapid Floodwater Extraction to Mitigate Storm Damage in Tallahassee

Flood Water Removal Teams Dry Out Tallahassee Homes and Prepare for Restoration

Homes in Tallahassee that sustain water spewing out of broken pipes need to have an emergency response to protect them from developing permanent damage. Many areas of a home can become damaged after a short period and raise the cost of restoration drastically. SERVPRO works with homeowners to prevent this from happening.
If your property in Tallahassee needs flood water removal, the work involved is similar to that involved with incidents involving clean water from broken lines. However, cleaning up mud and silt, as well as any other debris, means our teams must wear PPE (personal protective equipment) to stay safe. Pathogens can cause health risks, and we do everything to prevent this, and also to protect your family once they return home.
We extract all of the water using submersible pumps if the water is at least 2 inches high. These come mounted on one of our Green Fleet's larger trucks. Other units that we use are much smaller, and we attach these to smaller tubes. Reaching into tighter areas, we extract as much water as possible. The reduction of liquid water in these areas reduces the amount of time that drying machinery must run.
When we respond within a short amount of time, we can often dry walls and clean them, without needing to tear them down. However, the slightest delay can result in over-saturated walls that disintegrate from the effects of absorption and drying, making such drying efforts wasteful. Instead, we cut the saturated areas away, plus a bit above to ensure no upward wicking occurred inside. In the trade, we call this a flood cut.
Air movers need to push the air around and outside of your home after a flooding event, and flood water removal efforts involve several of these. Even though higher levels of your home may have remained dry during the disaster, we find that these help prevent water vapor from condensing on surfaces in otherwise unaffected areas of the house.
SERVPRO of North Leon County has the equipment ready at all times, day or night, to help prevent severe damage to your home. Flood water removal teams can arrive soon after you call us at (850) 536-6599 to start the process of drying out your home and cleaning things for you. We are always here to take your call.

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When A Kitchen Appliance Causes Water Damage To Your Tallahassee Home, Our Experts Are Faster To Any Size Disaster!

12/4/2018 (Permalink)

Supply lines are essential to your dishwasher, but they can leave you in need of water cleanup services when they break.

A Broken Dishwasher Supply Line Can Leave Your Tallahassee Home In Need Of Water Cleanup Services

Supply lines are essential to get water from your plumbing into your dishwasher, but they can leave you in need of water cleanup services when they break. As they break, gallons of water can leak out and spill onto your kitchen floor, pooling and causing a rather large puddle in the middle of your hardwood floors. In order to prevent further damage, it is essential for you to get in contact with a professional remediation and cleanup company so they can address the water spilled out onto the floor.

Leaving water damage in your Tallahassee kitchen untouched by professionals for an extended period can destroy your property. The liquid can seep into your floor and cause stress to the hardwood, making it bubble, swell, and even split. Furthermore, the water can begin to absorb into the base of your cabinets that run along the floor of your kitchen. As they are also made of wood, they can begin to become misshapen and even mold if left too long.

The faster that you get professionals inside of your kitchen to clean up the mess your dishwasher caused, and to dry any overly moist areas, the better it can be for the longevity of your home. When you contact SERVPRO, we always rush to arrive at your home swiftly with a team of expertly trained IICRC-certified technicians. We know that the sooner we arrive, the better it is for you.

SERVPRO can use advanced equipment to clean up the water on your hardwood flooring, such as powerful industrial-quality wet/dry vacuums. Once the water has been removed, our experts can check the moisture levels and then begin to set up other pieces of equipment up which are designed to draw moisture out of the structure of your home.

SERVPRO technicians can set up air movers, axial fans, and dehumidifiers to help reduce the moisture levels inside of your home to an acceptable level. Furthermore, we are known for our use of drying mats and our injectidry systems, which also help reduce moisture levels inside your home. Once the levels are brought down, we can clean up and then your home feeling as it did before the accident in your kitchen happened.

If an appliance should leave you in need of water cleanup services, never wait to call them for help. Phone (850) 536-6599 to speak with SERVPRO of North Leon County. No matter the time or date that you call, our technicians are ready to help.

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When Water Damages Your Tallahassee Warehouse

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

Warehouses, because of the inventory they house, are particularly susceptible to water damage.

Tallahassee's Commercial Water Damage Experts Talk About Issues With Products

If your Tallahassee shipping and receiving warehouse ever suffers a plumbing system failure, your products could be at risk. During every commercial water damage project, our SERVPRO team inspects all of the items stored in the affected areas to see if they got wet. If moisture directly contacts certain pieces, they can get ruined and cause a loss. Once water enters a structure, vapor in the air can also cause problems with your building materials and contents. When mitigating commercial water damage, we test moisture levels inside your building materials and take humidity readings.

Once our SERVPRO technicians determine which materials got wet, we set up drying equipment to lower levels back to what they were before your warehouse's plumbing system failed. We know that part of restoring any commercial water damage problem in Tallahassee is to control the environment so that rapid drying takes place. We use air movers to push around wet air so that moisture can keep evaporating from wet materials. We then set up dehumidifiers to pull vapor out of the air and reduce the relative humidity inside the affected areas.

If we know that many of the products stored in your warehouse were damaged by the water, then we can add equipment to help dry them out as well. Porous storage materials like boxes can hold moisture and possibly ruin your products. Extra dehumidifiers can sometimes help pull moisture out of the boxes so that your stored items do not receive damage.

In some more severe cases, our SERVPRO crew removes your affected contents and dries them in a separate unaffected area. Drying out items in a different part of your warehouse or a different location altogether can help speed up the process. If we do have to pack out any of your items, we keep an inventory of them and make sure they get returned to the correct location once they are dry. If you ever have a pipe break in your shipping and receiving warehouse, call SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 any day of the week.

The word Tallahassee means 'old fields.' Click here for more information about the history of Tallahassee.

Our Team Of Professionals Can Restore Your Mold Damaged Home In Tallahassee!

11/28/2018 (Permalink)

Mold issues are not uncommon in a damp climate like Tallahassee’s.

Why SERVPRO Is Tops In Tallahassee Mold Damage Remediation

Mold issues are not uncommon in a damp climate like Tallahassee’s. Despite the general humidity challenge, it is possible to control moisture levels in the majority of homes to avoid significant mold growth. If a leak or spill defeats your vigilance and mold does thrive, engaging the services of an expert mold remediation service sooner rather than later is the key.

Be aware of the possibility of mold damage in Tallahassee. Often the first sign is a distinctive musty smell. Being alert to the possibility of mold growth permits a quick response. It is vital that mold growth is not just treated with a topical treatment like diluted bleach. A bleach solution can lighten a dark mold stain, but it usually does not penetrate deeply enough to kill the growth. Bleach already has a high water content, and dilution can make it more of a fuel than an antimicrobial.

The reason why SERVPRO remediation technicians have a good chance of success is the multistep approach taken to knock back mold damage. We use the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocol to clear out ongoing mold activity systematically. Most importantly, we educate our customers to eliminate the source of moisture that supports the mold growth.

When called to a mold damage project, our technicians assess the dimensions of the microbial growth. The EPA guidelines require containment of the active mold colonies during the removal stage. We use physical barriers like heavy duty plastic, taped down to prevent mold spore and debris drift. A reason why SERVPRO mold remediation boasts success is the use of technology like air scrubbers, a negative pressure system that forces the air in the affected area through HEPA filters.

The mold colonies meet their match as SERVPRO technicians scrape and brush them away, bagging the residue for proper disposal. Solid surfaces shed the mold better than porous, but we have strategies like soda blasting that remove the mold from surfaces where the mold infiltrated.

Final steps include vacuuming with HEPA filtered equipment and the application of EPA registered antimicrobials. The goal is to reduce the spore load in the air and on surfaces to normal levels. A company that brags it can eliminate all mold is promising an impossibility. Mold spores are always airborne and settled on surfaces. The honesty and integrity of our crew are why SERVPRO urges prevention of moisture buildup as the best strategy to avoid future outbreaks.

SERVPRO of North Leon County takes mold remediation seriously, following step by step the EPA protocol. Call to schedule an evaluation at (850) 536-6599 when you suspect mold damage.

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Tallahassee Counts on Mold Abatement from SERVPRO-Why Not You?

11/8/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Uses High-Powered HEPA Air Scrubbers to Remediate Mold in Tallahassee--That's Why to Hire SERVPRO

Fast Remediation for Mold Growth in Your Tallahassee Home

There are specific circumstances that Tallahassee homeowners can treat and remedy on their own regarding upkeep and cleanup for their property. Certain conditions offer more widespread effects that require immediate attention from highly-trained professionals to overcome. Mold growth in your home can spread fast and cause substantial damage to the structural integrity of the house, which makes it essential to get the right team of certified technicians in to resolve the situation right away.

Even without understanding the full measure of mold damage to your Tallahassee property, many homeowners can agree that this harmful organism is not one that they can contend with on their own. Our SERVPRO IICRC-certified Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians undergo extensive training to learn all about residential mold types and the best methods for removing them from the property.

Not only does each of the technicians on the remediation team go for certifications through the IICRC, but we also offer in-house continued training opportunities to improve the quality of service we can provide every customer. From Mitigation Awareness Response courses to web-based training programs specific to the niche of restoration and remediation a technician belongs to, we can offer an emergency response team that can get prepared for anything we might face.

Much of the work that our SERVPRO technicians can do in your home following the discovery of mold rely on our advanced technology and industry-leading equipment. We can prevent the spread of mold spores throughout your home with the use of HEPA air scrubbers which trap particulates as small as .3 microns or our OSHA-approved anti-microbial solutions that prevent the growth of mold on unaffected or newly affected surfaces. Containment barriers, when needed, offer the perfect complement to air scrubbers.

Our approach to mold remediation focuses on providing the most effective and most efficient service possible. Through the experience and education of our highly trained technicians to the advanced equipment made available to them, you do not have to put up with mold growth in your home for very long. Give our SERVPRO of North Leon County response team a call today at (850) 536-6599.

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Why Your Tallahassee Business Needs to Reopen Quickly After a Hurricane

10/22/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of North Leon County is equipped and ready to be Faster to Any Size Disaster.

After a Hurricane, Retail Businesses Need Commercial Water Removal in Tallahassee

The aftermath of a hurricane is often destruction of smaller buildings nearest the impact area, with others faring far better. Retail businesses of all kinds in Tallahassee need to reopen as quickly as possible afterward which helps the community at large and also helps decrease the chances that a business fails after a disaster. When few stores remain open, residents become even more dependent on the few lucky enough to open their doors first.  

SERVPRO employees live in Tallahassee and can help local water damaged businesses recover quicker by using commercial water removal techniques. As soon as we arrive in our Green Fleet, we assess the situation and begin removing any remaining water. High winds can blow water in almost every direction so using moisture detection devices helps us locate all areas holding water. Water from the ocean contains salts and other minerals, as well as organic matter. These substances can lead to corrosion of metal surfaces and adversely affect electrical systems.  

Water removal techniques used by SERVPRO employees help get things dried out, but we also clean up any residue left behind afterward. Understanding that you want to reopen your retail business as soon as you can, our dedication to you helps this occur soon after we begin.  

We can help clean up any inventory and list destroyed stock for a smoother experience in communicating with your insurance company. We also list the damaged areas that require replacement and any viable options that might further decrease expenses while still resulting in your business's restoration “Like it never even happened.”  

Working with you on getting things back to normal helps ensure your satisfaction with the outcome. We partner with you, so you remain in control of your business and its operations. Because such disasters can come from any direction and at any time, we encourage businesses of all sizes to sign up for our free READY Plan Profile. Profiles can save precious time that can significantly reduce mitigation and restoration expenses.  

Always here to serve you, SERVPRO of North Leon County can help you restore your retail shop and get you ready to reopen your doors. Water removal means making your interior area safe and dry again so employees and customers can carry out their normal activities. Call us at (850) 536-6599 any hour of the day or night for professional mitigation and restoration experts.

Tallahassee was Florida's first capital.  It was the territorial capital before Florida acquired statehood. Click here for more information.

Why Your Tallahassee Business Needs to Reopen Quickly After a Hurricane

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SERVPRO of North Leon County is equipped and ready to be Faster to Any Size Disaster.

After a Hurricane, Retail Businesses Need Commercial Water Removal in Tallahassee

The aftermath of a hurricane is often destruction of smaller buildings nearest the impact area, with others faring far better. Retail businesses of all kinds in Tallahassee need to reopen as quickly as possible afterward which helps the community at large and also helps decrease the chances that a business fails after a disaster. When few stores remain open, residents become even more dependent on the few lucky enough to open their doors first.  

SERVPRO employees live in Tallahassee and can help local water damaged businesses recover quicker by using commercial water removal techniques. As soon as we arrive in our Green Fleet, we assess the situation and begin removing any remaining water. High winds can blow water in almost every direction so using moisture detection devices helps us locate all areas holding water. Water from the ocean contains salts and other minerals, as well as organic matter. These substances can lead to corrosion of metal surfaces and adversely affect electrical systems.  

Water removal techniques used by SERVPRO employees help get things dried out, but we also clean up any residue left behind afterward. Understanding that you want to reopen your retail business as soon as you can, our dedication to you helps this occur soon after we begin.  

We can help clean up any inventory and list destroyed stock for a smoother experience in communicating with your insurance company. We also list the damaged areas that require replacement and any viable options that might further decrease expenses while still resulting in your business's restoration “Like it never even happened.”  

Working with you on getting things back to normal helps ensure your satisfaction with the outcome. We partner with you, so you remain in control of your business and its operations. Because such disasters can come from any direction and at any time, we encourage businesses of all sizes to sign up for our free READY Plan Profile. Profiles can save precious time that can significantly reduce mitigation and restoration expenses.  

Always here to serve you, SERVPRO of North Leon County can help you restore your retail shop and get you ready to reopen your doors. Water removal means making your interior area safe and dry again so employees and customers can carry out their normal activities. Call us at (850) 536-6599 any hour of the day or night for professional mitigation and restoration experts.

Tallahassee was Florida's first capital.  It was the territorial capital before Florida acquired statehood. Click here for more information.

Did You Know the Many Factors That Help Mold to Flourish in Your Tallahassee Home?

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Finding mold on the walls of your home can be stressful. Contact SERVPRO to contain and remediate.

A Fungus Among Us: Factors Contributing To Indoor Mold Growth Tallahassee Homeowners Should Know

Mold thrives in dark and damp environments. As a toxic substance, it can grow on your ceiling, floor, walls, behind walls and wallpaper. As a Tallahassee homeowner, getting to know the factors that contribute to mold growth can save your family.

Poor ventilation
One major cause of mold damage in your Tallahassee home is poor ventilation. Common in homes with single pane windows, indoor humidity builds up and since there is no proper airflow, the surfaces remain cooler.

Moisture can start condensing on such surfaces - walls, ceiling, and floor. If left unchecked, mold spores can thrive. While you may notice small patches of mold on your walls and ceiling, a colony may be growing behind the walls.
To prevent mold growth, allow air to circulate in and out of your home. If need be, use fans. This helps to remove the humid air and keep your home dry.

Low temperature
As you already know, warm air has more moisture than cool air. When warm air comes into contact with a cool surface like your walls, condensation occurs. The water can start running down your walls causing the paint to blister and wooden frames to rot.

To prevent extreme condensation in your home, invest in an air conditioner. This improves airflow in your home and keeps the humid air low. Also, have your walls and plumbing system especially cold water pipes insulated.

Localized sources of humidity
When cooking or boiling water, steam can fill up the air. If you shower with hot water, steam can fill up your bathroom too. Since the walls, ceiling and floors are cool, moisture is going to condense into water.

To lower the level of localized humidity, hire professionals to install dehumidifiers. Using dehumidifiers or air conditioners, you can maintain localized humidity levels below 70%. Doing so denies mold spores a crucial factor needed for reproduction and growth.

As a locally-owned and operated business, SERVPRO of North Leon County technicians have the expertise and equipment to handle mold damage in your home. To protect and keep your family safe, call our 24/7 emergency line at (850) 536-6599.
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Hurricane Michael, Tallahassee, Leon County, and SERVPRO Working for You

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Evacuate from the Path of Hurricane Michael in the Tallahassee Area Says SERVPRO

Hurricane Preparation Essentials and then Evacuate Your Tallahassee Area Property 

When living in areas that are a frequent target for hurricanes, it is vital for you to know how to prepare for a storm. Creating a simple outline of tasks to do to prepare for a hurricane can be more than helpful for when a storm passes through your Leon County area. When it comes to times of panic, having a plan can decrease the risk of injury among you and your family.

So, what should you do to prepare?
 The very first step you can take in hurricane preparation is to sign up for local alerts. Hurricane season is June 1st-November 30th, the peak being the month of September, but here we are in October, and Hurricane Michael is projected to come ashore in the Tallahassee area as a Cat 4 storm. This is historic. During this stretch, checking the local weather and signing up for weather alerts can give you a heads up. Should a hurricane be predicted to be very severe, a warning is invaluable, as it can give you time to evacuate the area. You must evacuate this Hurricane.
Stocking emergency supplies is vital during hurricane season. If you live in an area that is frequently hit by tropically-based storms, and you do, having an extensive first-aid kit, as well as fresh water and food supplies, can go a long way. In general, keeping a "hurricane" kit somewhere in your home can save lives. Consider stocking it with extra clothes that are rain resistant, (850) 536-6599flashlights, a first aid kit, bottled water, canned foods, and necessary survival tools. You will need this kit when you return to a home that hopefully is still standing.
Additionally, SERVPRO recommends creating an evacuation kit can be equally as important. When evacuating an area, it is essential for you only to take what you need. Pack a bag that has extra clothes, any documentation that you may need, extra food, and bottled water.
Preparing your property for a storm can be equally as important as preparing your family. Looking around your house for any objects that need to be anchored, such as fuel tanks. Surveying your home and determining what could be a danger if knocked loose is an excellent way to determine what to reinforce. Similarly, you can investigate the inside of your home and look for entryways you can reinforce, such as windows and doors. Doing so may prevent severe damage to the structure of your home during a storm.
When it comes to hurricane season, it is essential to have a plan. Figure out where you can go during a storm and make sure you have the necessary supplies with you in that place. Having a plan and staying calm in emergency situations can not only prevent injury, but it can save lives.

You must evacuate now. When you return contact SERVPRO of North Leon County, and we promise to do our best to work towards restoring your home to a preloss condition. (850) 536-6599

Local weather conditions in Leon County here

SERVPRO (Pan)Handles Tallahassee Properties After a Fire Loss

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Tallahassee Houses, Fire and Smoke Damage, Now What to Do?? SIMPLE Call SERVPRO

Widespread Effects Following a Fire in Your Tallahassee Home

One of the things that Tallahassee homeowners try to prepare for is the threat of natural disasters in their home. With the severe weather systems that steadily work through the region through over half of the year, these disasters are never far-off possibilities. It is the disasters that happen inside of your home, causing widespread concerns that are challenging to overcome that can catch you even more off-guard. A fire breaking out in your residence is an excellent example.

You might not realize just how much fire damage can affect your Tallahassee residence until the situation is upon you. From the immediate threats to the structure of your home to substantial secondary effects to contend with, a homeowner can often find themselves overwhelmed at the thought of what it could take to return their home to the way it should be.

From the moment that our SERVPRO team appears at your door, we start assessing the full scope of the damage that the house has sustained from the disaster. With fire damages, the effects rarely remain isolated to the origination point of the fire. Instead, these effects travel through adjoining rooms and areas, even through the ductwork, to influence many regions of your house.

Among the most challenging and widespread of these effects to overcome, even for our experienced and well-equipped SERVPRO technicians, is smoke and soot damage. These symptoms of the fire travel well beyond the range of the primary effects and can alter not only the open areas of the house but also its contents and construction materials. While soot can often get cleaned with conventional approaches, locating it throughout your house can be a chore, even with our sophisticated equipment. Smoke damage often presents itself as the harsh odor throughout your house, and this can get addressed with the use of thermal fogging deodorization equipment, at least. There may be a need for ozone generated molecules to neutralize foul odors.

Fire damage only gets worse the longer that you wait to repair and restore the effects in your house. Trust our SERVPRO of North Leon County technicians to help you recover from this incident and restore its damages efficiently, "Like it never even happened." Give us a call anytime at (850) 536-6599.

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How SERVPRO Restores Your Damaged Property And Contents In Tallahassee

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When a supply line suddenly ruptures, it can cause a lot of water to flow out onto the floor of your laundromat.

Your Tallahassee Laundromat Can Become In Urgent Need Of Water Cleanup Services After A Supply Line Ruptures

Owning a laundromat means that you have many washing machines hooked up to a water source and if any of them leak, it can leave you in need of professional water cleanup services. When a supply line suddenly ruptures, it can cause a lot of water to flow out onto the floor of your building, leaving your services virtually inaccessible until the problem is fixed. No one wants to walk around in puddles of water while indoors.

The best thing you can do for your Tallahassee laundromat is to call for water cleanup services as soon as you can. The quicker that professionals can address the problem, the less likely it is that water damage can permanently set in. Should the water just be left to sit, it can cause rusting on the metal outside of your other equipment and, it can sink into your tile floors and cause splits and cracks. Additionally, water on the floor can wick up into the walls, causing water damage there as well. The greatest thing an owner can do for their store is to call for help immediately.

SERVPRO understands your need for quick service. Foot-traffic loss can become a valid concern for the health of your business. Thus, we work around your schedule. If the accident in your store happens in the morning, we can work through the day. If it occurs at night, we can do the same to get the initial water-spill cleaned up.

At SERVPRO, our IICRC-certified technicians can use advanced equipment to address the standing water inside of your laundromat. We can use extractors and wet/dry vacuums to remove the water as swiftly as possible. Once the initial water is out of your store, we can check moisture levels and then SERVPRO can set up equipment like ventilation fans and air movers to address any water damage. Once we're done, you can reopen your business and feel "Like it never even happened."

If equipment failure causes your property to become in urgent need of water cleanup services, never wait to get help. Get in contact with SERVPRO of North Leon County by calling (850) 536-6599. 24/7, we are available to take your call.

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How To Dry Out Your Tallahassee Home After A Flood Damage Experience

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Flood damage can affect your property in several ways.

How To Dry Out Your Home After A Flood

Flood damage can affect your property in several ways. For instance, if the wallboard remains wet for a long time, it can disintegrate; wooden items can warp, rot, or swell; electrical circuits can malfunction, short out, and cause shock or fires. The silt, mud, contaminants can make your items dirty and create health hazards. Mold also thrives under wet conditions, and it is likely to cause further damage and health effects. That is why you need to dry your Tallahassee property as soon as you can.

We are going to cover some of the steps that our SERVPRO technicians follow to dry your Tallahassee home after a flood damage experience. Lowering the humidity can speed up the drying process and stop mold growth. When we are working in closed up areas, we can run dehumidifiers and air conditioners. We use desiccant dehumidifiers to absorb moisture from closets and other locations where air does not move through. We can also use fans to move drier air around the structure and replace the humid air that is existing on wet surfaces.

Our experts understand that different homes have different types of insulation and each reacts uniquely after getting into contact with moisture. Styrofoam has survival chances, and we hose it off to remove the dirt. We discard fiberglass batts when they get soaked with muddy water. It is only possible to restore them if the water is from a clean source. If the structure has cellulose or blown-in insulation, Our SERVPRO technicians replace it once it gets soaked with flood water. It usually loses its fire retardant and anti-fungal properties after such incidents.

Flood water carries many contaminants, and wallboard usually acts like a sponge. If the wallboard stays wet for an extended time, it becomes very fragile and starts to fall apart. Even if or SERVPRO technicians finally manage to dry it up, some contaminants and mud remain inside. It means we have to remove and throw out soggy wallboard after a flood and make replacements.

You can rely on SERVPRO of North Leon County in the event of a storm, fire, water, and mold damage. Our highly trained specialists have experience in all commercial and residential disasters. Call (850) 536-6599 for a free quote and consultation.

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SERVPRO - Commercial Water Removal For Tallahassee Businesses

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You can trust our SERVPRO professionals to take care of your Tallahassee business and restore the damage "Like it never even happened."

Trust SERVPRO to Restore Your Tallahassee Commercial Property From Water Damage

Tallahassee businesses face disasters every storm season, but also have to deal with the problems that come from more common problems like a faulty dishwasher or handwashing station. Plumbing issues like these often result in repair and restoration costs that can equal the damage caused by a severe weather incident.

Tallahassee commercial water removal is usually more simple if the problem resulted from a plumbing incident. If the water came from through an inlet point to the facility, it is uncontaminated or ‘clean’ water. SERVPRO service techs can immediately begin the removal process to help return businesses like a bakery to a dry condition so they can begin turning out turnovers and start serving customers again.

Our service techs can perform minor plumbing repairs, but if there is a major break or another issue, the team leader shuts off the water and recommends to the owner that he/she bring in a licensed plumber or general contractor. The team’s usual first task is bringing in a commercial pump to remove the majority of the water. Pumping out standing water normally requires a full day or two, depending on the size of the facility and how long the leak filled the structure.

Once the water covers the floor surface, they can remove it using extraction wands and long-handled squeegees. The powered wands can draw water quickly from open floors and leave a clean, dry surface. For tight corners, especially under large ovens and other equipment, squeegees are the preferred tool. For puddles far back underneath a large appliance, SERVPRO team members also use sponge mops to soak up and remove water.

Service techs set up a combination of box fans and air movers to remove the last traces of water and leave a dry environment. The box fans draw damp air out of the building and blow it outside. The air movers generate warm, dry air they can direct across floors and underneath appliances and other equipment to dry them when personnel cannot crawl under to dry by hand.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

The goal of SERVPRO of North Leon County is to help our fellow business owners reopen for customers as soon as possible. If you need our help with your structure, call us at (850) 536-6599 today to set up an appointment. We are here for you.

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Sources of Moisture You Might Overlook When Trying to Avoid Mold Damage in Tallahassee

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Moisture in the atmosphere allows mold to spread throughout your home. Contact SERVPRO to quickly evaluate and remediate the damage.

Team SERVPRO Understands All the Possible Causes of a Mold Infestation in Your Home

In a warm and humid area like Tallahassee, it can be challenging to avoid mold spores from absorbing moisture and multiplying into significant colonies. Even if you are vigilant about wiping up spills and examining plumbing for small leaks that cause bigger problems, mold can grow in your home. We are always on the lookout for unique sources of moisture and ready to take remediation action if mold takes hold despite your best efforts to keep areas dry.

Allowing laundry to collect in a confined space or in large piles on the floor can contribute to mold damage in Tallahassee. Dishcloths and bath or beach towels can hold enough moisture to support mildew or mold growth if you postpone laundering for two or more days. If anyone in the family exercises or works up a sweat doing outdoor chores in the heat,  the residual moisture on their clothing can provide fuel for an opportunistic mold spore to begin growing and multiplying.

Air out damp clothing and linens and make sure they are dried thoroughly after washing. Cleaning the lint trap and vent is also an excellent way to make sure excess moisture does not collect and feed mold growth. SERVPRO technicians can assist in dryer vent cleaning as insurance against mold proliferating in the laundry room.

Your cooling system can be to blame for mold growth if condenser coils are dirty or a drain line plugs, creating a mini pool in which mold thrives. Most AC configurations work at least in part by reducing humidity through condensation of water vapor in the air. If your air conditioning unit needs cleaning or adjustment humidity can rise. Ironically, another way an air conditioner might encourage mold growth is when it is too large for the space you need cooled. The equipment shuts off too soon in these cases, cooling the room without dehumidifying the air to below 60 percent relative humidity. SERVPRO technicians can inspect HVAC ductwork for mold growth, and cleaning or sealing off of microbial activity can improve air quality by containing and removing the mold damage.

Condensation can also build up if kitchen and bathrooms are not equipped with exhaust fans or if the fans installed do not operate consistently. Steam from cooking, bathing, and showers provides enough moisture for mold growth any time of the year and exacerbates and accelerates the potential of microbial damage during the warmer months of the year. SERVPRO remediation crews can contain and remove mold following EPA protocols. Proper fan use in the future should minimize recurrence.

SERVPRO of North Leon County awaits your call for mold damage remediation assistance and help to locate the source of moisture feeding the infestation. Our phones at (850) 536-6599 pick up 24 hours a day.

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Residential Water Removal in Tallahassee

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A broken water line or hose in your home can cause a great deal of water damage before it is found. Call SERVPRO immediately.

SERVPRO Technicians Arrive On the Scene With Equipment to Effectively Dry Out Your Home After Water Damage

Even with the storms of last year, most Tallahassee residential water damage comes from common sources like a split water line running to the dishwasher or your refrigerator’s ice maker. While it can be as physically damaging as storm flooding, water from a plumbing issue is not considered to be contaminated.
For a Tallahassee home needing water removal, this means a SERVPRO restoration team can bring in the right equipment and get started immediately. No time is lost to spraying water surfaces with anti-bacterial or anti-fungal agents to protect technicians or residents from potential hazards.
In private homes in Florida, there are no basements and rarely a sub-floor space, so the water inside is usually shallow unless the surrounding landscape drains into the home. That means our technicians do not need a commercial pump to remove large amounts of water, and instead use extraction wands to draw water off of the floors and out of the carpets.
The extraction wands in our equipment inventory come in a variety of types and sizes. For small rooms, team members use a portable device that captures water in a separate tank. For larger rooms and hallways, there is also an extractor that a SERVPRO technician stands on as it propels itself across the room. Both work well on carpets and wood flooring.
Every extraction device in our inventory has adjustable vacuum speeds and a heating element. These settings help our trained specialists match the type of carpet to ensure the water is removed quickly without causing damage to the nap of the carpet or accidentally overheating the glue holding the layers together, separating them and causing air pockets to form. Careful application of heat also helps speed the process of drying out wood floors without causing or aggravating any warping or cracking of the floorboards.
To finish the task, technicians use air movers to force warm, dry air across floors and underneath carpets. This process dries both, removing the last traces of moisture, and returning the home to its original condition.
Regardless of how the water got into your home, you need to remove it as quickly as possible. If you need us, call SERVPRO of North Leon County today at (850) 536-6599. We are here to help you return your home, and life, back to normal.

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Handling Loosely And Firmly Attached Smoke Particles After A Fire Damage Incident In Tallahassee

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After a fire damage incident, you need to know the items you can and cannot refurbish.

A Fire Damage Incident In Your Home

After a fire damage incident, you need to know the items you can and cannot refurbish. It is time you need to seek professional advice as you work towards returning your property to its former state. Working with fire restorers can help you reduce further damage and in the process avoid the costly option of replacing restorable materials. We are outlining how we handle the different forms of smoke residues when such events happen in Tallahassee.

When responding to fire damage incidents in Tallahassee, our SERVPRO technicians begin by performing an inspection. During the inspection, we can determine the types of smoke residues and the extent of the damage. It helps us to establish the most appropriate cleaning services and restoration procedures to use. Remember, all fire events are unique, and they require professional expertise and the use of logic to salvage items and restore your property.

To remove the residues from surfaces, our SERVPRO technicians must use appropriate capturing techniques that are either fluid or air-based. Vacuuming and dissolving are the two common processes that we use when capturing and removing the smoke residues. We prefer vacuuming when the site has dry particles which are loosely attached to the surface. If we introduce moisture at this stage, the surface may absorb them and end up being hard to remove.

After we are through with vacuuming and all the loose particles have been captured, we then loosen the bond of the firmly attached particles by dissolving. Once we have suspended all the residues in a cleaning product, it is time to rinse the surface. The type of smoke particles as well as the surface they are attached to usually helps us to select the cleaning agent we use to dissolve the particles. We use solvent based cleaning agents when we are dealing with particles that are not water-soluble. It's also important to note that some surfaces can get additional damage when cleaned by water or solvents.

At SERVPRO of North Leon County, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster be it fire, water, storm, or mold damage. Call us at (850) 536-6599 for our highly trained technicians to offer you 24-hour emergency services.

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Fast and Efficient Water Removal in Tallahassee

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Knowing this Green Vehicle Is at Your Home for Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration in the Tallahassee Area Means All Is Well

Rely on SERVPRO to Mitigate Water Damage with Rapid Extraction and Drying

Water damage is one the most severe events in a home or organization. SERVPRO has a highly trained team in water removal and damage restoration for both commercial and residential water losses. The working team follows the best practices of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification IICRC, and they are certified to have exceeded the expected industry demands.

The source of the water is not a problem to the team since there is cutting edge equipment handled by qualified technicians to perform the required tasks without delay. Our company has an excellent reputation for water removal and handling damage events in the Tallahassee area. When water affects a property, not to worry, our teams are well trained for any level of water removal and cleanup. Using the water extraction machines, SERVPRO team members can dry property fast and offer documentation to validate when the drying process has reached the desired moisture content level of the building materials and possessions.

The office staff, managers, and technicians all have knowledge of repair and restoration. The SERVPRO team has added the advantage of many years of working experience hence developing much confidence to handle various situations. The expert understanding of removing water helps to extract water quickly, detect moisture in a hidden area and ensure a thoroughly clean and dry home. Water damage is unique in different areas, therefore, requiring different techniques in removal and restoration, but the procedure is similar.

SERVPRO is locally owned and operated and is ready and near to help, the main aim being to make the surrounding areas including FAU free from the effects of unwanted water. The strategic position of the company plays a significant role to access many areas immediately either during the day or night. The primary goal is to return the damaged areas to its preloss condition, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of North Leon County is a quick emergency response team ready to serve you at any time of the day. Contact us 24/7 by calling (850) 536-6599 in Tallahassee, FSU, and Centerville.

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Safety Concerns for Your Centerville House Following Flood Damages

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Flooding can happen quickly and hide hazards in the flood waters. Call SERVPRO to come out and dry out your property after a storm.

SERVPRO Technicians Quickly Assess Safety Issues Before Entering Your Home to Remediate a Flood Damage Situation

You might not always be thinking clearly when a flood affects your Centerville residence. While you work to make sense of the damage that you see, which is often widespread, you start to forget the risks associated with the damage itself. The instinct that many homeowners have is to get to work as best they can to remove the water and to rescue the items and contents of their home still trapped inside. Unfortunately, this is rarely a safe or recommended course of action.

One of the focuses that a homeowner should have following flood damages in their Centerville house is to keep everyone safe. There are many factors and variables that our own SERVPRO professionals look into before springing into action on flood restoration projects, and they should be the same considerations that you make prior to a restoration team arriving.

Electricity is one of the biggest issues that our project managers and estimators must assess before reaching affected areas of your home. With water being the conductor that it is, standing liquid in rooms of your house could quickly get electrified under the right conditions. This fact should be a warning to assess a situation before jumping right in.

Another critical consideration our SERVPRO technicians take into account is the structural integrity of the house itself. While flooding might not have had the time to weaken the load bearing implements, ceiling material could grow too heavy for support and collapse, flooring could grow too weak to support your weight, and drywall can crumble and break off from where it had gotten installed. All of these situations could cause severe injuries to you or a family member inside of the house.

There are threats that present themselves after your home has gotten exposed to high volumes of water that you might not be ready to face. From debris and broken glass to crumbling interior construction materials, safety should be a significant focus as it is with our company. If you have flood damage in your home, give our SERVPRO of North Leon County restoration specialists a call today at (850) 536-6599.

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Cleaning Actions For Fire Damage In Tallahassee Homes

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The SERVPRO Green Fleet: We're Faster To Any Size Disaster--The Fire & Smoke Cleanup Specialists in the Tallahassee Area

SERVPRO Provides Fire & Smoke Options for Cleanup and Restoration

Tallahassee homeowners usually deal with floods much more often than fires. If left untreated or poorly cleaned, the residues left by a fire can cause as much or more damage than a tropical storm.

Cleaning up Tallahassee fire damage means breaking the bonds between the residues and other soils that settled on the various surfaces in each affected home. SERVPRO restoration technicians use four different actions to break these bonds, tailoring each one to the surface to prevent any further damage.
First, there is the Mechanical Action. Agitation is effective in dislodging residues and soils from many surfaces; metal, stone, and hardwoods in particular. Technicians also use it as a pre-cleaning method to remove the bulk of dry, non-greasy soils before applying a cleaning agent.
Once our specialists begin cleaning, using an agent for a Lubrication Action can be very useful. The goal here is to use the cleaning agent to make the surface slippery, so the residue or other soils slide off the surface without affecting it. Depending on the chemical agent they use, specialists can dissolve the residue or isolate it in the cleaning agent, away from the personal or structural property.
In some instances, SERVPRO technicians have to use a Chemical Action to alter the residue. After they change it, they remove the residue or other soils with one of our bleaching agents or a concentrated shampoo. This method is used primarily on fabrics and carpeting to prevent colors from bleeding while also removing stains. It is especially useful on cotton and wool carpets and upholstered furniture.
Finally, there is the Suspension and Dispersion Action. It is the most common action our restoration teams use. Specialists use one of the cleaning agents in our inventory designed to loosen the soils from a wide variety of property. Once loosened, the soils become suspended in the solution which then disperses them throughout, preventing clumps from forming. They eventually dissolve in the solution, and our clean-up teams dispose of them.
These methods take time, but when accomplished by a professional restoration service like SERVPRO of North Leon County, they can return your home to its original condition. If you need our services, call us today at (850) 536-6599 to schedule a visit.

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The Importance of Professional Remediation For Mold In Your Centerville Home

6/26/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Defeats Mold in Centerville Homes, "Like it never even happened."

Mold Damage Progresses without Removal--Call SERVPRO for a Remedy

If you thought the humidity levels throughout the year near your Centerville home were only inconvenient to your comfort level, you would, unfortunately, be mistaken. High humidity means a lot of moisture in the air, which means that conditioning appliances in your home are working overtime to turn this muggy atmosphere into pleasant conditions inside. It also means that areas of your home (like your basement or crawlspace) that do not experience much of this conditioned air instead can be burdened with this high-humidity environment.

The moisture in the air can allow for conditions like mold damage to occur in your Centerville basement or crawlspace. For mold growth to occur, the only requirements are warmth, moisture and organic material for spores to develop into colonies. With this understanding, and with the met conditions, mold can begin growing within 72 hours. Once you have discovered colonies growing in the house, professional remediation is necessary to remove this presence as efficiently as possible.

Many homeowners get misguided into thinking that they can take harsh cleansers like bleach to the present mold patch and scrub away the organisms. Truthfully, this action is only taking away the problem that you can see, but leaves the rest of the organism growing and thriving below the surface. Our SERVPRO professionals have techniques which allow them to penetrate beyond this surface level to remove the entire hyphae.

One of the steps that our SERVPRO technicians take when we get started with removal is to spray the area down with an antimicrobial solution. This chemical solution adversely affects the entire colony (and can even eliminate parts of it on contact). This process gets followed up with either soda blasting, dry-ice blasting, vacuuming, or sanding the material where the colony was found to reach deeper layers.

You might not ever be ready to see mold growing in your home, but there are steps you can take to get rid of these intruders. The best choice you can make is to reach out to our SERVPRO of North Leon County applied microbial remediation technicians. They can show up quickly and help you limit the spread of the colony while they work to remove it from your home. Give us a call anytime at (850) 536-6599.

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Understanding The Full Extent Of Fire Damage In Your Tallahassee Home

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With the variety of ways that fire can begin unexpectedly, it serves as one of the most devastating events for a homeowner.

Fire Damage In Your Home

Among the things that pose the most significant threat to your Tallahassee home, it is challenging not to include a fire around the very top of the list. With the variety of ways that fire can begin unexpectedly, it serves as one of the most devastating events for a homeowner. Fortunately, even with more substantial damage, your insurance company insists that the work needed to restore your home gets done professionally.

That is where our team of SERVPRO professionals comes in. From the moment that fire damage affects your Tallahassee home, our team is ready and waiting for the call to head out to your home and begin cleaning up the mess and setting things right. We respond quickly to provide your family with the assurance that our technicians want to get the job finished to the highest quality and in the most efficient of ways.

This process begins with an initial inspection of the affected areas throughout your residence. This assessment determines the work that must get done, the personnel required, equipment necessary, and even a rough estimate on how long the job takes to complete. This information gets shared with the insurance adjuster handling your claim, which can save both time and effort on your end for our project manager or estimator to work directly with the insurance company on your behalf.

This same estimation takes into account structural damages that are too severe to clean and restore as they are. It notates the materials that must get removed and replaced, and if any reconstruction efforts are necessary on a grander scale. Finally, our SERVPRO estimator also takes the time to assess the effect that the fire had on the contents of your home, both what can get salvaged and what has gotten irreparably damaged.

It may seem like a lot to merely discuss the inspection process; it can show you how thorough our team is when it comes to restoring your home after a disaster. You can count on our SERVPRO of North Leon County professionals to get the job done. Give us a call anytime at (850) 536-6599.

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Water Damage Odors in Tallahassee Can Make Your Home Smell

6/13/2018 (Permalink)

When you have water leaking from a broken or burst pipe, your home can quickly sustain damage. Contact SERVPRO right away.

SERVPRO Technicians Use Advanced Techniques to Permanently Remove Odor From Your Home

Excess water is standing in your Tallahassee home due to a pipe burst. Water migration and drying are important steps in water damage restoration, but odors can also be a factor in your home. Calling a professional may help remove or reduce strong smells in your home. The first step to deodorization is to get rid of what is causing the smell. Sewage, dirt, moisture, trash, and mildew are some of the most common sources of water damage odors.
SERVPRO water damage services in Tallahassee may include deodorization. The most common techniques we use for odor removal are injection, direct spraying and wet fogging. Before we put any of these methods in place, we take proper precautions. The technicians make sure food, pets, plants, and homeowners are not in the areas that we are going to deodorize.
The injection method involves using a syringe and needle or pump to inject small amounts of deodorant into spots on carpets or upholstery. Direct spraying includes the use of hand pumps or powered sprayers to apply disinfectants on affected areas. Wet fogging is another method we may use to remove odors. With this method, ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers dispense deodorizers. These foggers generate tiny deodorant particles that can penetrate into hidden areas and neutralize foul odors.
Our SERVPRO technicians may also use high-velocity box fans to remove odors. Fans can properly air-out structures before and after deodorization. High-velocity exhaust fans quickly ventilate the affected areas and can lessen drying time and may help remove odors from your home. We may also use air scrubbers to eliminate odors from the air. These scrubbers pull dirty air through a cycle of filters and trap particles and odors. Once that happens, the air scrubber exhausts clean air back into the home environment. When possible, these methods help freshen your home by removing odors.
SERVPRO of North Leon County offers top quality and efficient water damage services in your area that can help remove strong odors such as mildew from your home. Contact us at (850) 536-6599 24/7.

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Mold Damage Removal for Tallahassee Residences

5/28/2018 (Permalink)

Finding the source of the mold in your attic insulation is sometimes like looking for a needle in a haystack. Contact the technicians at SERVPRO.

Team SERVPRO Investigates to Find the Source and the Extent of the Mold Infestation in Your Home

Mold can not only exist in every Tallahassee home; it can return to cause more problems if the residence is not fully cleaned and dried. Small patches of mold spores no bigger than a dime can begin expanding and grow over an entire attic or down a wall if the insulation is not thoroughly examined.
Insulation mold damage to Tallahassee homes can hide the infestation that did originate there. SERVPRO technicians extensively train and work to make certain they do not miss what can be a small part of a much larger residential disaster.
Infested insulation, rolled or blown-in, is difficult to clean. In nearly all cases, we recommend complete removal and replacement. If our personnel find only small patches of mold on the surface of a rolled section they can, at the homeowner’s direction, use an industrial-grade vacuum to remove it and then spray the surface with an anti-fungal or anti-bacterial agent to kill any possible remaining spores too small to see.
For blown-in insulation, there is no method to determine that one area is completely free of mold if another spot in the attic or behind a wall is affected. Our team leaders know only to remove the infested material. It is too costly for the homeowner regarding labor hours to try and do anything else. Insurance companies do not cover such actions when it is cheaper to remove and replace the insulation.
SERVPRO technicians begin the process with a vacuum and flexible hoses to draw up the insulation and then blow it into a sealed bag outside the home. They use hand tools to dig out the corners and remove every visible scrap. If needed, other team members remove drywall and other building material to help ensure they get it all.
Once they finish removal, our restoration team sprays every surface where there was insulation. For areas difficult to enter, they also have the option to use a fogging machine to create a chemical cloud that efficiently covers every surface. After the agent dries, our teams look for any possible leak or another source of moisture to prevent further mold growth.
Our final task is to walk you through a mold-free home as soon as we can. If you are dealing with a mold problem or any other type of disaster issue, call SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599.

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Water Removal and Drying Techniques In Tallahassee for Furnishings

5/14/2018 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO For Water Removal in Tallahassee and the Surrounding Areas Homes and Furnishings

SERVPRO's Knowledge, Equipment, and Team Handle Water Damaging Events

Whenever moisture affects your Tallahassee condo, both contents and building materials can get damaged. After any water present gets extracted using advanced equipment, both structural drying and the drying of contents takes place. During both procedures, air movers and dehumidifiers get set up to create ideal conditions for rapid drying.
Drying equipment helps speed up evaporation and can be useful for dehydrating contents and structural building materials. Tallahassee's water removal technicians know that moisture can cause several problems with contents such as furniture. Both wooden furniture and upholstery can get ruined when saturated.
Wood furniture can get water spots if near leaks. Water spots can get removed using specialized wood care products if caught while still wet. Moisture can also cause swelling, cracking, and the loosening of joints. If the damage to furniture is severe, then a furniture refinisher gets contacted to repair the item.
Some types of furniture are made of particle board that reacts poorly when it comes into contact with water. The laminate covering one side of the particle board can act as a vapor barrier, whereas the non-laminated side can absorb moisture. When one side of the material gets wet and the other does not, warping of the furniture can take place. The moisture removal process must be monitored to ensure that the extraction is not too rapid. This can cause wood to split.
When removing water from a piece of furniture's upholstery, our SERVPRO technicians utilize specific techniques. First, all furniture stains get treated with a stain removal agent. If necessary, we wet the entire piece of furniture evenly so that water spotting does not occur.
Next, the extraction phase begins, utilizing different tools as needed. A medium sized extraction wand can be implemented on large pieces of furniture. Smaller units and those made with delicate materials get extracted with a small upholstery extraction tool.
After moisture gets extracted out of the upholstery, the drying process occurs. To prevent rust stains, metal buttons get dried out first, and wax paper gets placed in between the fabric and any metal parts such as zippers. The piece of furniture gets put on small blocks of foam and cushions are placed in a "tent" formation to concentrate on moisture removal from the fabric and the filler material.
In many water damage scenarios, furniture items require particular attention to avoid damage. If you ever need professional help with content drying, call SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 any day of the week.

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When Your Tallahassee Grocery Store Needs Water Removal

5/6/2018 (Permalink)

Should your grocery store sustain a water damage event, contacting SERVPRO for remediation services is your best recourse.

SERVPRO Technicians Arrive Quickly to Tackle Water Damage at Your Store

While you might have all kinds of things you use to draw in customers to your grocery store, from weekly specials to coupons in the circulars, there seemingly are just as many things that could compromise the success of this Tallahassee store as well. A great example of this would be a water emergency, as its unpredictable nature and need for professional intervention can limit your business from functioning as it usually would.
The more significant this water emergency, the more that your business can get affected negatively if the situation does not get handled quickly. For this reason, you should be thinking about the professional commercial water removal services for your Tallahassee grocery store when the damage is widespread and substantial enough.
Regardless of the cause of this significant water damage in your business, our SERVPRO team can respond quickly to help you address the issues that it has caused and start to set things right. This process begins with a thorough inspection of the affected areas to determine the full extent of the damage that your business faces and how our technicians can restore this damage at the least possible cost to your time and potential profits.
As a business owner of this kind of facility, you not only have to think about the regular flow of customers that would typically use your store for their food requirements, but also the employees that depend on this store for a paycheck to provide for themselves. That is what makes professional restoration, like what our experienced SERVPRO professionals can provide, so critical to your business when you need extraction work.
While our team can work quickly to ensure that your business does not have to close its doors any longer than is necessary, we cannot respond to a disaster we did not know existed. Do not hesitate to call our SERVPRO of North Leon County restoration specialists anytime you need us at (850) 536-6599.

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Staying in Your Home After Minor Fire Damage in Tallahassee can Reduce Expenses

4/29/2018 (Permalink)

Localized fires can offer the homeowner a chance to stay in the home during the remediation. Contact SERVPRO to come out to inspect the damage.

SERVPRO Finds Ways to Help Your Family After a Fire With a Customized Remediation Plan

Many homeowners who experience a fire in their Tallahassee residence lose almost everything, while other people fare much better. A smaller, more localized fire which never spreads can still create a considerable amount of havoc in your life and even cause you to doubt the safety of your home.
If your Tallahassee home suffered minor fire damage recently, SERVPRO professionals can help you and your family. We work with both homeowners and insurance adjusters, so your experience involving your home's restoration becomes less stressful. In the case of smaller fires, many families find they can remain in their own home while we work on just the areas damaged directly by the fire. This requires some preparation that eliminates the smoke damage and its odors in the area intended to become your primary living area during the restoration work. However, staying in your home while restoration helps keep children calm, schedules on track, and medicines, necessary documents, and other vital belongings within your reach.
One of the things we do first includes cleaning excess soot from the most easily damaged surfaces in your home. These include chrome and other finishes on your bath and kitchen fixtures, as well as any other belongings that include a metallic component. Works of art and pieces of American history often contain metal that can quickly corrode when covered by abrasive soot and ashes from the fire.
Even though the soot may seem minor, the effects can become permanent over time, as well as cling to anyone unfortunate enough to wash their hands at the sink before we clean the faucet handles. As sticky as soot seems, it easily transfers to anything touched, making a messy trail rapidly.
We wash the linens and clothing your family needs immediately, and then return these to you as soon as possible. We want to help you as much as possible during this challenging time, so your family can recover faster and with less stress. As soon as we complete the initial cleaning of your undamaged-by-fire living area in your home, our Odor Control Technician (OCT) can eliminate the odors that your family can do without smelling.
Using thermal fogging, our IICRC-certified technician chemically bonds leftover and hidden soot particles to the neutralizing agents in the fog. With spot treatments, fresh scents can soon fill your rooms with odors that your family enjoys. We use safe and effective chemicals that do not cause problems for your home, family or the environment.
Staying in your home after minor fire damage can help save you from the brunt of a disaster. SERVPRO of North Leon County can help you through such a trying event when you call us at (850) 536-6599, our local 24-hour service number. We serve the communities surrounding Centerville, Killearn, and Bradfordville.

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What You Should Do When Flood Damage Strikes Your Tallahassee Property

4/10/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Helps Restore Flooded Homes in Tallahassee After Storms

Call SERVPRO, Fast Water Removal and Cleanup After Flooding 

Flood damage is never a situation that anyone would want to come home to find. Because of Tallahassee's unique geographic location near the Gulf, many lakes, and small bodies of water, it is quite easy for flooding to happen. Sudden storms and heavy rainfall can lead to an excess of water. That water can leak into underprepared homes and cause damage. While a few centimeters of water in your basement might not seem like a huge deal, it is enough to do damage to the structure of your home. Fortunately, professional help is nearby to assist you.

Our IICRC-certified technicians are skilled and can help remove and dry the damaging flood waters from your Tallahassee home. After receiving your call, we can send our technicians to your home as soon as possible so they can investigate the damage. Then, they can immediately begin to tackle the water in your home and removing it.
Our SERVPRO technicians can use powerful industrial quality wet/dry vacuums to remove the flood waters from your basement. Along with the help of portable pumps, using these tools allows us to get the water out of your home as soon as possible. Afterward, we can inspect the damage done to the areas of your basement that were covered and take the next steps to drying out the structure of your home and your belongings.
Should the flood waters have brought any dangerous pathogens, sewage, or other contaminants into your home, some of your belongings may become unsafe. SERVPRO can help sort through them and recommend what is safe to keep and what is not. After cleanup, our technicians can use advanced technology such as dehumidifiers and air movers to dry out any damp structures in your basement and create a moisture-neutral environment.
If flood waters damage your home, do not wait. Call SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599. Day or night, we can take your call and send our technicians to help return your home to its preloss state, "Like it never even happened."
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Why You Need Professionals For Mold Damage Restoration To Your Centerville Home?

4/3/2018 (Permalink)

Mold damage often gets ignored, especially during the early stages by many homeowners.

Mold Damage Restoration To Your Home

Mold damage often gets ignored, especially during the early stages by many homeowners. Unfortunately, ignoring it often leads to the damage getting out of the hand. Your best chance of a successful restoration lies in seeking for professional help as early as you can.

Professionals have the technical knowledge, skills and necessary safety equipment to remedy the mold damage to your Centerville home. Understanding the basics about mold itself can help you realize the importance of professional intervention in tackling this problem.

Say No To DIY
Many people make the mistake of trying to clean the mold themselves. There are many reasons for never doing this. First of all, mold can have health effects, and you do not have the necessary safety equipment to protect yourself or your loved ones occupying the house. SERVPRO professionals, on the other hand, have the necessary equipment that ensures the safety of even your pets. Another critical thing to note is that mold spores can spread very quickly. When you try to clean the damage, the spores can easily become airborne and spread to the uncontaminated parts of your home as well.

Treat The Underlying Cause
Mold damage is often due to an underlying cause such as water damage. The spores need a conducive environment to germinate. Moisture plays a big role in germination of the spores. If you leak your plumbing or any other form of water damage, the excess moisture can promote the mold growth. As a result, it is essential to eliminate the underlying cause to prevent recurrence.

SERVPRO Professionals can assess your home and look for the cause that led to mold damage. If you try to clean the damage by yourself, you can often miss the underlying cause, and the problem can recur soon. Seeking professional help can eliminate the cause of the damage and can prevent the mold from coming back soon. Call SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 to speak with one of our experts today.

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Fighting Flood Damage in Your Tallahassee Home

3/30/2018 (Permalink)

The sooner you contact the highly trained professionals at SERVPRO the quicker we can get to work restoring your home and preventing further damage.

Rely on SERVPRO for Expert Flood Damage Remediation

Florida residents are no stranger to severe weather events, even as far inland as your Tallahassee home. With so many large storm systems that rage in from the coastlines, it can often be a difficult thing to predict the severity of a storm that comes and how much damage it can do in its wake. The unfortunate aspect of this unpredictability is the damage that this weather can do to your house, leaving it vulnerable to flooding on top of the structural weaknesses. 

The primary concern with flood damage in your Tallahassee residence is the kind of impact it can have on the structural integrity and far-reaching effects it can have on surfaces like flooring and ceilings. Fighting this kind of situation requires you to move quickly and reach out to certified restoration specialists that can get to work quickly to get rid of the present water and protect your home from further damage as they restore the current concerns. 

While extraction is a priority when our IICRC certified SERVPRO technicians arrive at your home, a greater concern for our restoration specialists is to prevent further external damage. Our team conducts a thorough inspection of all vulnerable points affected by the storm damage and sealing up these areas of penetration with tarps, plywood, and boards to keep further water damage from occurring while the restoration process is underway. 

Extraction is a key component of the restoration plan for our SERVPRO professionals. Using a combination of equipment, water gets quickly pulled from the flooring to thwart penetration through levels of your home and prevent further expenditures for remodeling and reconstruction. For significant volumes of water, truck mounted pumps get used in conjunction with wet-vacs for spot extractions in tighter areas. 

Drying is another critical element to the restoration process, and upon completion, allows for a thorough assessment of structural concerns that require your attention.   

When severe weather leaves you with flooding damage, acting quickly can save the contents of your home from irreparable damage and save your out of pocket expenses as well. Give SERVPRO of North Leon County a call whenever you need us at (850) 536-6599.

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What to Do When Your Home in Tallahassee Has Excess Water That Needs to Be Removed

3/18/2018 (Permalink)

If your dishwasher malfunctions, it could cause gallons of water to spill onto your kitchen floors. Call SERVPRO to remove the water fast.

SERVPRO Acts Fast to Restore Your Home after Water Damage

The water removal process after a dishwasher has malfunctioned and leaked water everywhere in your kitchen can be daunting. Once stopped, cleaning up the remaining water from the leak in your Tallahassee home is not a task you should have to do yourself. After all, this task requires specialty equipment.

The leftover water from the leak is more than what a towel can mop up, and it is sinking into the floors of your Tallahassee home. If left unattended, the water can do untold damage to your property. Fortunately, help is never far to assist with the removal of the remaining water and process of drying out your home.

SERVPRO can get to the scene quickly, and our excellently trained technicians understand how to deal with the excessive water. No matter the amount of water, we can remove it. Additionally, removing the excess water helps reduce the overall drying time of your property and destroys an environment in which bacteria can thrive.

The leak in your kitchen can damage your floors, cupboards, and other belongings but there is no need to worry. Our crew can work to remediate all of the damaged items and ensure their quality returns to its preloss state. Here at SERVPRO, we understand how sentimental and valuable your belongings can be, and we strive to make sure you that can keep them.

To address the lingering water, we can use truck-mounted and industrial quality wet/dry vacuums to remove the excess. If our vacuums are not enough, it is not the end of our help. We can also employ powerful submersible pumps to remove the water from your home. After removing the water, we can use dehumidifiers and axial fans to dry the structure of your home and your belongings.

If an appliance breaks and spills water all over your property, do not wait. No matter the time, Contact SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599. We can employ our technicians promptly and address the situation, so you can feel "Like it never even happened."

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Mold Damage in Your Secondhand Shop in Tallahassee

3/9/2018 (Permalink)

If you discover mold growth in your commercial space, contact SERVPRO right away to remediate the damage and prevent future growth.

Rely on SERVPRO to Remediate Mold Damage in Your Commercial Space

When a slow leak has caused an area of mold growth in your Tallahassee secondhand shop, you want to get the issue looked at right away. Holding off on an issue such as this only allows the infestation to grow and spread throughout other parts of your building. Since mold can not only cause damage to your building and merchandise but also create health effects for your employees and customers, getting it cleaned up as soon as possible is essential.

Therefore, if you notice mold and mold damage in your Tallahassee secondhand shop, you want to get a hold of our professionals at SERVPRO right away. We have the proper training and tools to clean up the infestation for you and make your establishment safe again.

When we arrive at your building, we conduct a thorough inspection to see how far the mold may have spread. We follow safety protocols that are needed during remediation. We attempt to find the source of the moisture. If it is a minor leak we may try to fix it, which can help to prevent future growth of the fungi.

SERVPRO staff then prepare the work area, setting up a containment area to stop the mold from spreading to unaffected areas during the cleaning process. The area which is contaminated is put under negative pressure to keep the air from escaping. If any porous materials were affected, we would remove them. These can include drywall, wallpaper, and insulation. We follow safety protocols to help us determine what can be cleaned and what we need to throw away.

The affected area is then cleaned and sanitized. We use a variety of methods according to the needs of your situation. Any materials that are non-salvageable are torn out and discarded following EPA guidelines. We attempt to bring your business back to its preloss condition “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of North Leon County understands that the health and safety of your employees and patrons is of primary concern. Protecting your inventory also protects your business. We can also help enterprises in Lamonia and Centerville by calling (850) 536-6599.

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Protect Yourself From An Assignment of Benefits (AOB) Crisis In Florida

3/7/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO - informational flyer Five things you need to know about the AOB

Homeowners who face the chaos and confusion commonplace after storm, fire, and water damage in North Leon County Florida look for a restoration company that offers a wide range of services. Many companies including SERVPRO of North Leon County highlight their ability to help with insurance claims and submissions during this stressful time as a critical service, streamlining the financial aspects of a restoration job.

Working with the customer's insurance company can be a great benefit to a property owner when done ethically. Unfortunately, there is a growing trend pursued by deceitful and ruthless home-improvement and disaster recovery companies in Florida that can result in adverse consequences unintended by a trusting client.

These unscrupulous businesses prey upon the anxiety and fear victims of severe weather, and other emergencies feel as they try to sort out the overwhelming crush of concerns and tasks following major catastrophes. Within the hours and days after a storm or flood, some shady vendors deliberately arose panic among victims. They follow up exaggerated statements about the devastation with promises to take care of all aspects of damage restoration if only the customer assigns his or her homeowner's insurance payout directly to the company pledging to fix the damage.

This practice is termed Assignment of Benefits or AOB, and has become of great concern in North Leon County and elsewhere in Florida when pursued dishonestly by disaster recovery companies. The problem stems from the unprincipled actions of dishonest and immoral individuals who inflate the cost of restorations and recommend unnecessary repairs to increase the flow of money into their coffers from unsuspecting customers' insurance carriers. Not infrequently, the vendors that demand a customer sign an AOB also perform low-quality work that does not stand the test of time.

Homeowners trade control over the restoration process and direct communication with their insurance agent and company for a potentially false sense of security. The company assigned the benefits makes all the decisions if an insurance company resists paying. Also, the property owner typically agrees in the AOB documents to cooperate if the restoration company files suit against the insurance company. Because of details in Florida's current AOB statute, insurance companies risk paying significant attorneys fees if claims presented are refused or paid at a lower rate, so they sometimes pay to evade the perceived penalty.

The overreaching effect of the AOB practices of some immoral restoration companies is steep increases in premiums and the unavailability of homeowner insurance coverage in areas where weather damage is predictable. High-pressure tactics to sign AOBs, little history of quality restoration in an area, and fear-mongering are signals that a restoration company is part of the problem, and not the solution you seek.

With decades of top-notch restoration experience and a demonstrated desire to work with you, not instead of you, SERVPRO of North Leon County is a strong contender when you look for a restoration partner. Contact us (850) 536-6599 and set your mind at ease when we explain our clear communication style and transparent dealings with you and your insurance company as we restore the damage.

Fire Damage Professionals In Tallahassee Are the Answer

2/26/2018 (Permalink)

After the First Responders, Call SERVPRO for Tallahassee Area Fire & Smoke Cleanup and Restoration

The Question Is Who Do You Call for Smoke & Fire Cleanup?

Nobody ever plans on it happening, but sometimes fires start inside a building. If a fire ever starts inside your Tallahassee condominium, the first thing to do is make sure everyone is safe. Next, either you or the fire department puts the fire out so that the danger gets eliminated and the condo is safe to re-enter.

After the fire is extinguished nd it gets confirmed that everyone is safe, it is now time to assess the damage caused by the fire. The best call is to SERVPRO's fire damage experts in Tallahassee to assess and mitigate the damage present. Our technicians are IICRC certified and have experience in dealing with all types of fire damage.
Anytime a fire burns inside a structure, both the heat and smoke ruins contents and building materials within your condo. SERVPRO trains all of their staff to know how fire and smoke behave so that all of the damage created by the fire gets found and mitigated. Sometimes smoke coming from fire affects areas of the home that are not in the direct location of the fire's source.
Due to convection smoke initially rises straight up as the less dense hot air rises and cold air falls. Smoke then heads to other rooms of the structure leaving behind less and less soot the further it travels from the source. The longer a fire burns, the more evenly soot gets deposited onto the walls and ceilings. Smoke often follows the natural air flow inside a building and gets attracted to colder surfaces first. At times the partially combusted particles can ionize and attached to objects like iron filing to a magnet. People often mistake smoke tags (webs) as spider webs. This is often the case with furnace puff back in colder climes.
Sometimes soot collects heavier in some areas of the home than others. As smoke follows the building's airflow, areas near intake vents and cavities above suspended ceilings sometimes attract more soot than in other places. Smoke travels through closed doors and leaves thicker soot deposits in cracks where smoke gets concentrated as it travels past the door.
In some fire damage scenarios smoke damage is found in areas you would not think about. The best solution is to call in the professionals of SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 for assistance 24/7.

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Air Purifiers are Not a Solution for Mold Damage in Your Tallahassee Area Home

2/20/2018 (Permalink)

Call on SERVPRO if you discover mold spores in your home in order to properly remediate the damage and keep your family safe.

Mold Damage Requires Professional Mold Remediation Specialists

Mold causes problems for homeowners throughout the Tallahassee area. It is a nuisance that everyone faces at some point. As a homeowner, you look for solutions to mold wherever you can find them. Recently, more and more of you utilize air purifiers in an attempt to rid your home of airborne pathogens.

While mold can cause health effects, it is a natural part of our ecosystem, found everywhere. The air that we breathe, food that we eat, and surfaces in our Tallahassee home all contain mold. However, having mold damage is something entirely different. 

After finding mold damage on your property, some of you may think that because your air purifier has a HEPA filter that it can protect you from contamination found in your home. However, these purifiers were never meant to serve as a method to treat the underlying mold problems that exist in your home and should never replace professional services used to protect your family from mold growth. 

Air purifiers serve as a method of improving your overall indoor air quality and are great for reducing problems you may experience with common allergies. However, the best solution to mold found on your property involves contacting a qualified mold remediation specialist who has access to the personnel, equipment, and resources needed to detect mold growth as well as dry and restore affected areas, like SERVPRO.

SERVPRO has IICRC certified mold remediation technicians available 24-hours a day, with years of experience helping homeowners just like you take control of mold damage found on their property. We can provide you with containment methods to prevent the spread of mold, helping you retain a clean, healthy living environment, you and your family can enjoy.

SERVPRO technicians proudly serve members of our local community, providing quality mold remediation services that follow local, state, and federal guidelines for the handling and disposal of contaminated materials found on your property. You can count on our remediation technicians to meet or exceed any expectations you might have in regards to returning your home to a quality pre-damage condition. 

SERVPRO of North Leon County stands ready to assist you day or night, providing mold damage solutions throughout Lamonia, Meridian, and Miccosukee, call today. (850) 536-6599

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We All Do Better When Prepared -- ERP For North Leon County

2/14/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO's ERP Plan Helps Mitigate Storm Damage in Tallahassee and other North Leon County Areas

SERVPRO's Emergency READY Profile Plan Helps Prevent and Mitigate Storm Damage

Home and business owners in North Leon County hope to avoid significant water, fire, storm, and mold disasters. It is not always possible to predict if or when a particular property may experience an accidental, weather-related, or other loss. The situation is easier to manage if pre-planning is in place. Technology plus clear communication combine in our prospective disaster preparation applications.
Hurricanes and other storms, plumbing fails, and fire damage from a range of sources all cause costly devastation and misery for residents and businesses in North Leon County. We developed the Emergency Ready Plan (ERP) to give our Tallahassee customers and us a head start when it comes to recovery from these circumstances. Employing a mix of our expert assessment of physical layouts with a mobile app-driven checklist property owners complete, we partner with our customers to create a concise and individualized framework of how we respond when disaster strikes.
Start the process by scheduling a no-obligation walk-through of your premises with one of our project managers at SERVPRO. We take note of the location of key equipment and shutoffs and use the opportunity to make suggestions that can limit future damage if your property does endure water, fire, or mold damage. Our observations and pictures build the general structure of how to best navigate issues arising from water incursion, fire, or other damage. Storm-related floodings and resulting structural damages can be greatly mitigated with rapid remediations.
You then fill in details with our mobile Emergency READY Profile app. Step by step instructions permit you to establish recovery task hierarchy and appoint responsible staff, family, or other contacts to act on your behalf if you are unavailable during an emergency. You clearly designate SERVPRO of North Leon County as your restoration company of choice. This is an extremely valuable tool for our commercial clients. Vendors and other contractors who possess information about your mechanical systems, appliances, and structural components slot into your profile so we can gain knowledge about how to best approach the details of restoring all aspects of your business or residential property.
Between the Emergency READY Plan and the accompanying Emergency Ready Profile, our crews have the necessary facts and your priorities solidly in hand. One contact after the disaster asserts itself and we jump into action sure of our agenda. The faster and more surely we respond the more likely it is we deliver your property back to you "Like it never even happened" swiftly and successfully.
Decide to take control of a potential disaster by contacting SERVPRO of North Leon County today to develop an Emergency Ready Plan and Profile. A call to (850) 536-6599 starts the preparatory process that saves time and ensures the best possible outcome.

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The Benefits Residents of Tallahassee Get from Water Removal Services

2/8/2018 (Permalink)

Call on the professionals at SERVPRO when you experience water damage, we are experienced and trained in water removal.

Professional Water Removal Services Can Save Your Property

Naturally, it is expected any property owner in Tallahassee to react in a certain way when there is flooding or any water damage related issues. Nevertheless, what are the right procedures to follow as far as water removal is concerned? How do you determine the contents to replace and what is salvageable after such a disaster? You need a peace of mind during this stressful time, and professional services is the answer.

The timing determines the success of any water removal situation in Tallahassee. It is advisable you report the incident immediately after it happens to prevent further damage. If SERVPRO is your preferred service provider, you should expect our technicians to respond immediately equipped with the relevant restoration equipment. Before the restoration starts, we usually inspect the level of the damage and based on the results we choose the most suitable tools and procedures to use.

Whenever water comes into contact with your contents, some absorb it, and with time they may become unsalvageable. The contents in the hard to access areas may rot, and unpleasant odors might result. To deal with these odors, our SERVPRO technicians locate their source and remove them. If they are coming from cracks and inaccessible areas, we spray deodorants by using ULV foggers or thermal foggers to neutralize them. Deodorization also sterilizes areas to prevent the growth of mold.

Drying the wet areas is very crucial during the restoration, and as a result, we set up air movers to facilitate the flow of air. When evaporation occurs, the air acquires additional moisture, and that can lead to additional problems. With time, this additional moisture cools down and settles on the walls and under sub-floors and lead to possible damage. That is why we perform dehumidification to draw the suspended moisture from the surrounding areas.

SERVPRO of North Leon County is an experienced leader in mold, fire, storm and water damage restoration. Call us at (850) 536-6599 when faced with any disaster.

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Commercial Water Removal Services After a Flooding Event in a Tallahassee Store

1/26/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of North Leon County is here to make your commercial water damage "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Offers Commercial Water Removal Services to Tallahassee Retail Stores

Commercial water damage is a terrible nuisance for Tallahassee store owners, as it can disrupt work for a long time. As such, any type of flooding in a retail store should be treated with serious concern. This could arise from a burst pipe, a sewage backup, a faulty sprinkler system, or even storm flooding. A good percentage of property claims for insurance in the area are linked to water damage restoration, including store fixtures and losses of inventory. Failure to initiate immediate drying can also lead to secondary damage, often necessitating a complete shutdown.

At SERVPRO, our goal is to get your premises back to a pre-damage state quickly and efficiently. Our experienced, highly-trained water damage and water removal experts provide professional cleanup services to Tallahassee business owners in the area and its environs. As per IICRC guidelines, we use industry-standard tools and techniques in every restoration project to protect your property and prevent additional damage.

It is always tempting to linger around a flooded area in a bid to move stock and other important items to safety. However, the first thing you should do is turn off electricity at the main power supply to avoid electrocution. SERVPRO technicians can be there within four hours after contacting us.

We have a specific protocol for dealing with commercial water damage in retail stores. A certified SERVPRO technician conducts a thorough inspection to establish priorities, tasks, goals, and schedules. The water removal process often involves the relocation of building contents, extensive cleaning, sanitation, and debris disposal.

Water extraction from walls, floors, and ceilings is done using advanced truck-mounted vacuum systems. We conduct structural dry out procedures using a combination of dryers, dehumidifiers, and high-capacity air movers. Our water damage restoration experts can also clean and dry any affected carpets, hard-surface items, and upholstery. Throughout the water removal process, we regulate and maintain proper temperature and humidity levels to ensure quick and efficient drying.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

We understand that a flooding event in your area has serious repercussions on your retail store. As soon as it happens, contact SERVPRO of North Leon County for commercial water removal services. You can reach us anytime at (850) 536-6599.

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Types of Water That Can Cause Flood Damage to Your Tallahassee Home

1/21/2018 (Permalink)

When facing flooding in the home, the best bet is to call the certified professional SERVPRO team to dry out your property and remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Responds Appropriately to the Type of Water That Flooded Your Home

A flood is a natural disaster that can have a long-lasting impact on your Tallahassee home. There is no doubt that you need professional help in dealing with such a situation. Furthermore, the sooner the professionals get to work, the better.

If you face a flood damage situation in your Tallahassee home, the first thing to do is to ensure your and your family’s safety. SERVPRO considers contamination as another issue to be wary about following the aftermath of a flood. The restoration process depends on the type of water causing the flooding. Successful restoration depends on understanding the type of water involved in the flooding.

Clean water
Clean water is the safest floodwater that does not pose any immediate health risk. Such floods can result from melting snow and heavy rains. However, if the clean water is not removed promptly, it can get contaminated in as little as 48 hours. Thankfully, SERVPRO technicians get to work within four hours from our team receiving your call.

Gray water
Gray water contains microbial contamination and can pose health hazards. It is essential to get rid of this water as soon as possible. Flooding often results in gray water pooling if the floodwater mixes with busted sewer lines.

Black water  
It is perhaps the most dangerous floodwater that is often seen in city-wide flooding. It may contain human waste, raw sewage, chemicals, pesticides and even flooding animal carcasses. As a result, this type of water is laden with dangerous bacteria. SERVPRO professionals do not offer a cleaning and disinfecting service for carpets, paddings, and walls affected by black water.

Make sure that you call in expert flood damage restoration professionals as soon as you can. The experts can assess the situation, devise a plan and get the restoration done in no time.

Call SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 today to speak to one of our technicians to discuss your situation. Our professionals work hard to restore flood damage “Like it never even happened.”

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The Effects of Commercial Water Damage on Your Tallahassee Bike Shop

1/12/2018 (Permalink)

Customers depend on your bike shop to keep bikes in tip top condition. Keep your store in great condition by contacting SERVPRO after water damage.

Our Certified SERVPRO Technicians Aim to Dry Out Your Water Damaged Property to Improve the Environment For BOTH Customers and Employees Alike

Water inside your Tallahassee business' pipes helps keep your employees hydrated and able to use the facilities as needed. However, when a pipe leaks or drips, your store's environment changes, becoming the perfect setting to develop damages that you most likely want to avoid.

When customers come into your bike shop, visible commercial water damage in Tallahassee can make your building seem old and ugly. Invisible damage comes in the form of musty odors and high humidity. SERVPRO technicians use their experience and training to restore businesses to pre-damage condition. For situations involving broken water lines that flood your company, we want to remind you that we are Faster To Any Sized Disaster, ready to help you prevent possible damage from happening.

Regardless of the size of your company, the amount and extent of the damage, or the source, our technicians work rapidly to repair the damages so your business operations can proceed flawlessly once again. In addition to removing any materials that sustained damage from the water, we can restore your store's display units, if needed.

Odors from water damage can affect not only your customers' shopping experience but also your employees' morale. Coming into work every day, many times, the little things, such as persistent odors, can make the performance of normal duties seem tiresome. Customers want to shop in a location that smells and looks clean. Water damage can rob your business of both aspects.

High humidity can affect rubber tires, metal bike parts, and allow mold to grow on leather accessories. These problems stem from water damage, but we can prevent them from happening. Once they begin to show up in your inventory, however, we can help you recover by cleaning them and providing other restorative services. We can discuss with you exactly what your business needs to make a full recovery from any type of water damage.
SERVPRO of North Leon County wants to help your company succeed. Removing the signs of water damage can help you achieve your company's goals. Contact us for the restoration services your business needs by calling (850) 536-6599.

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Mold Damage Remediation in Tallahassee

1/5/2018 (Permalink)

Mold can spread rather quickly through your home. Contacting SERVPRO at the first sight or smell of mold is your best bet to remediating the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Do Their Due Diligence When Remediating a Mold Infestation in a Home

Tallahassee has had more than its fair share of fire and water this year; especially water. With so many homes underwater or isolated by storm damage, mold has become a huge source of secondary damage to area homes.
Stopping and cleaning Tallahassee mold damage is extremely important for rebuilding area homes. SERVPRO knows that finding a mold infestation means certain things can happen: It slows down and sometimes stops the restoration work, this increases the cost to you and your insurance carrier, and, mold can cause health effects.
If one of our restoration team members finds mold, we pull technicians off other tasks to determine the extent of the infestation. We use air content meters to find the highest concentration of mold spores and trace it back to its origin.
Next, we find and stop the water source which feeds the mold growth. Usually, this is a leak, but in an already water damaged home, this can also be a water-soaked carpet or building material like drywall. When that happens, our only option is to remove the affected material and property from the home.
Other property not water soaked can still be affected by mold. The surfaces of these items and the spores on them are usually dry, which makes it fairly simple to remove them. Restoration team members carefully wipe down these surfaces top to bottom with dry sponges or soft cloths.
Property not affected by mold still requires protection as we remove the infested material. SERVPRO technicians spray an anti-fungal cleaning agent on surfaces to protect them from our removal actions and any mold spores that are already loose in the surrounding air.
Each of these actions increases the number of labor hours, equipment needed and cleaning agents used in each home. Although the health effects of mold are minimal to most people, we are not experts and prefer to leave each home cleaner than when we arrived.
The goal of SERVPRO of North Leon County is to get you back into your home as quickly and safely as possible. Since our office is a locally owned franchise, this is more than just a job to us; each home is one of our neighbors. If you need our services, call us today at (850) 536-6599.

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Smell Isn't the Only Effect of Smoke in Tallahassee Fire Damage

12/24/2017 (Permalink)

Contact SERVPRO after a fire in your home so that we can remediate the damage and clean your property thoroughly to prevent finding secondary damages.

Our Technicians Look for Smoke Residue Throughout Your Home to Prevent Secondary Damages

Smoke is one of the most costly aspects of most instances of fire damage in Tallahassee. Smoke creates a pungent odor that is very difficult to mask or remove without powerful treatments. However, odor is not the only problem that originates from smoke damage. Smoke can also damage your home in other ways, especially if left untreated for longer than necessary. Here are a few ways smoke can cause further damage to your home.
Discoloration from smoke may, in some cases, be the single most prominent sign of the fire damage in your Tallahassee home. Some types of smoke leave behind gray and black films over anything they reach. Without treatment, this can severely damage patterned belongings or surfaces such as wallpaper, furniture, and clothing. These films are separate from regular ash and soot, often possessing a finer texture and requiring a deeper clean. In addition to looking bad, discoloration of this variety also often comes with a foul and sticky or slimy texture. SERVPRO technicians use a variety of industrial-strength cleaning tools to remove any visible signs of smoke around the house.
Acid Damage
Many types of smoke are also acidic, especially when combined with some amount of water (even water suspended in the air). Over a relatively short time, this can eat away at materials in your home and cause permanent damage to fabric, wood, metal, paper, and almost anything else. Fast treatment is crucial to avoid as much of this effect as possible.
Clogged HVAC Systems
Heavier smoke particles and larger fires may sometimes clog up your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Most residential HVAC systems operate with relatively weak filters and machinery, and these can fail or get stopped up when too much smoke interferes with their operations. SERVPRO staffs trained and certified HVAC technicians to make sure that your systems can get back online as soon as possible.
SERVPRO of North Leon County is always ready to respond to your call for help after a fire, 24/7. Give us a call at (850) 536-6599.

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Water Removal Services For Your Tallahassee Area Business

12/11/2017 (Permalink)

Your equipment does not function well when wet or even when there is excessive moisture. Contact SERVPRO after a water damage event at your business.

Our Technicians Remove Water From Your Commercial Location As Well As Properly Clean the Property to Prevent a Mold Infestation

Water entering your Tallahassee workplace can easily slow or even stop production in your factory, warehouse, or office. The hazards involved when water comes into contact with electronic machinery, or other equipment can make the situation extremely dangerous.

Finding a company you can trust to perform commercial water removal services on your Tallahassee property is not as hard as you may think. With IICRC certification, advanced equipment, and several years of experience, we are here to make sure your business remains running. Regardless of your situation, we have access to a variety of resources. No job is too big or too small; our technicians handle anything you throw our way.

SERVPRO technicians have access to extractors, air movers, dehumidifiers, and water detection devices of all types. We also have experience removing water from hard to reach places such as attics or crawl spaces, cabinets, HVAC ducting, within walls, or under carpeting and wallpaper. Our technicians make every effort to limit your losses and reduce the time it takes to get back to work.

SERVPRO technicians follow strict safety guidelines and follow specialty drying procedures to produce the highest quality results possible. We pay specific detail to equipment safety, electronics, biohazards, structural damages and any secondary problems that may arise. It is our job to help you prevent additional problems that may pop up as a result of the water intrusion, and we take our job seriously.

SERVPRO’s water removal services make controlling microbial growth and getting back to work a quick and efficient process. We use approved chemical agents, EPA registered disinfectants and advanced cleaning methods to ensure the safety and security of any job site. If you are experiencing water issues due to do improper ventilation, we can install professional equipment such as dehumidifiers and vents that help control the relative humidity on your property.

All you have to do is call SERVPRO of North Leon County to obtain quality water removal services anytime. We are available 24/7, 365, day or night, including holidays. Give us a call today; qualified professionals are standing by to assist. (850) 536-6599

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The Importance Of French Drains For Your Tallahassee Home

11/22/2017 (Permalink)

New construction of any residential building in Florida is required to include a French drain system.

The Importance Of French Drains

Florida is no stranger to damaging storms. With little warning, a seemingly insignificant storm could result in significant flooding concerns across lower lying areas. If your Tallahassee home falls along these lower-lying floodplains, you are already at a higher risk for significant water damages from heavy rainfall. When you couple that with the lack of a functioning French drain system, you could quickly end up with water in your basement.

Flood damage to your Tallahassee home may not always be something that you can avoid, but if you take the appropriate precautions and implement the right equipment around your house, you might experience these conditions much less frequently. New construction of any residential building in Florida is required to include a French drain system. This perforated pipe system along your house is your last line of defense against water penetrating through your foundation.

While this might be something that contractors are required to do for modern houses, you might not have a home constructed in the time where this was a requirement. While there have always been forward thinking contractors that installed these drains underground to protect their construction for years to come, our SERVPRO team has also encountered many older homes that never had this critical line of defense put into place.

Pooling water around your foundation eventually penetrates through block and mortar. While these are some of the best building materials meant to last for years, they are not impregnable. Without a way to move this high-pressure water from the foundation walls, it is only a matter of time before it ends up inside. If that happens, you might be dealing with a substantial amount of water if the area is currently dealing with a severe storm.

Our SERVPRO emergency response team can arrive quickly to begin removing the water and repairing the damage to the foundation where water is coming in. We have a large assortment of pumps and drying equipment to eliminate the water while simultaneously working to ensure the threat of future flooding is resolved.

In any case of flood damage, your timing is critical to mitigating the losses of the affected area. The faster SERVPRO is made aware of the damage, the faster we can restore the damages and prevent them from getting worse. SERVPRO of North Leon County is only a phone call away, and you can make that call to us 24/7 at (850) 536-6599.

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Commercial Water Removal for Tallahassee Restaurants

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restores your restaurant after water damage "Like it never even happened."

Trust SERVPRO to Thoroughly Remove Water and Mitigate Damage to Your Restaurant

Tallahassee has many excellent restaurants, and each has extensive plumbing to serve the kitchen, salad bar, and restroom facilities. A small water line break is all it takes to flood a large area.

When a Tallahassee restaurant ends up with flooding, commercial water removal is required. Starting this process soon after the water line breaks can often help us save carpeting, as well as wood flooring, much more efficiently. When these become extensively damaged, saving them becomes much less likely.

Removing water from a broken line is much more than pumping out all the standing water. SERVPRO technicians also use hand-held extractors, heated floor mats that cause an increased rate of evaporation, and massive air movers. Drying out walls, much like flooring, can save these from needing replacements, if completed quickly. Rapid drying keeps moisture from spreading in interior areas of drywall, flooring, and other materials.

Furniture can also become saturated when water wicks upward from floor-length fabric pieces. These need specialized care that our Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technician (UFT) expertly provides. Protecting the look your patrons know and recognize is important to us.

In the kitchen, however, there remain a vast supply of food goods that, according to local health regulations, can no longer find their way to diners' tables. Disposing of the food inventory that came into contact with flood water is always listed on an inventory sheet. Part of restoring your restaurant includes helping you replace what the disaster destroyed.

Odor often results from saturated carpets, regardless of how clean your staff keeps them. Minute food particles that escape vacuum cleaners adds significantly to the smell. Our Odor Control Technician (OCT) can ensure that those dining at your establishment find no unwanted odors present to interfere with their enjoyment of your chef's creations.

SERVPRO of North Leon County is always available when you need them the most. Call us at our local number, (850) 536-6599, for the latest in technological advances that make a difference in the final result of your water removal needs.

For more information regarding Tallahassee, visit http://www.talgov.com/.

Call SERVPRO Even for Small Mold Problems

11/3/2017 (Permalink)

Having even small mold damage taken care of by professionals can prevent future, more extensive damage.

SERVPRO Keeps You in Mind When Remediating Mold Damage

Many mold damage cases in Tallahassee we are called in to deal with are not large, disastrous affairs. A great deal of our mold remediation work is done on small colonies and limited damage. If you have one such small-scale mold problem, you may be hesitant to call in professional help for fear of excessive expenses and inconveniences associated with remediation efforts. However, our work in these situations is non-invasive and often less costly than if you were to ignore the problem or try to resolve it yourself.

We keep costs down for minor mold damage cases in Tallahassee by controlling our efforts and exercising restraint in preventative measures. While caution and preparedness are important when dealing with mold, we also understand that many situations do not require the full retinue of our services or expensive treatment options. However, it is not just our cost-reduction efforts that save money on minor mold remediation jobs. Insurance companies often provide a bonus or subsidy for our services to avoid further damage to the home, and to encourage homeowners to call for professional help rather than attempting to clean up the mold on their own.

We also intentionally restrict some of our remediation efforts to make things easier for you. While we never stop short of the work required to ensure that all visible and impactful signs of mold damage have been eliminated, we also make every effort to avoid overcomplicated jobs and plans that can entangle you and your home in a lengthy and challenging remediation process. When the mold can be contained and acted against in an isolated way, we make every effort to be as non-intrusive as possible. Calling SERVPRO to resolve mold damage problems should make life more comfortable, and we take this principle to heart.

SERVPRO of North Leon County is a local damage mitigation and restoration company with national resources, training, and connections. Give us a call at (850) 536-6599 to learn more or request our services.  

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Irma Transforms From Hurricane To Destructive Tropical Storm In Tallahassee

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Keeps Tallahassee Dry with Prompt Water Removal After Floods, Hurricanes, or Just a Leaky Appliance

SERVPRO Supports Your Damaged Property with Swift Water Removal and Clean Up

If Irma damaged your home, it matters little if it was designated a hurricane or a tropical storm when it blew through your neighborhood. Twenty-two miles north of the Gulf of Mexico, the city of Tallahassee still had over 40,000 households without power and 3000 individuals forced to move to shelters because of the destruction. We understand the force a tropical storm brings, and offer help to all in the capital city area.

Homes suffer tremendous hurricane damage from downed trees and power lines even when the winds decrease. Torrential rains add to the homeowner’s misery if missing sections of walls or roofs allow water to collect in your residence. Recovery from this type of destruction requires teams of skilled and trained technicians as well as heavy-duty equipment to remove water from your Tallahassee property and dry out the structure and contents.
Upon arrival at your storm-torn home, SERVPRO team members first assess the risk entailed for both residents and themselves if work progresses. Live electrical lines must be dealt with by utility crews before we start securing your home by boarding and tarping up areas open to the elements. After protecting the house, an experienced project manager develops a plan to remove water, dry spaces, and begin general cleanup.
Our truck-mounted submersible pumps and powerful water extractors thankfully do not rely on local electricity to do their work. Often the water flooding through your home after a hurricane or tropical storm is contaminated. Nearby drainage systems overflow and send debris, sewage, and even dead animals into your home. SERVPRO technicians are familiar with gray and black water protocols, containing the water for proper and legal disposal.
Once most of the water is removed, drying commences. Air movers and dehumidifiers lower the interior moisture levels in the structures and air. Our experts seek out hidden pockets of water and use proven strategies to release them. As drying moves toward the goals established by moisture monitoring, we use effective antimicrobials to sanitize affected areas.
Exterior and interior repairs complete the process, with SERVPRO collaborating with your contractors of choice. Throughout the process we keep your insurance company informed and involved to minimize your out of pocket expenses.
SERVPRO of North Leon County is equipped and staffed to help your hurricane damage recovery. Call for an inspection at (850) 536-6599.

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Deodorizing Smoke Smell in Your Tallahassee Attic After Fire and Fire Damage from a Candle

10/19/2017 (Permalink)

Smoke and Fire Damage and Odors Remediated by SERVPRO in Tallahassee Properties

SERVPRO Manages Fire and Odor Control

Even a small fire in your Tallahassee home can create all sorts of damage to the structure. Fire from a candle in an upstairs bedroom, although gotten under control and put out before it reached other areas of the home, can create unseen damage above the bedroom inside your attic. The removal of smoke and soot is essential, as it is acidic and can corrode items in your home. When the smoke rises into your attic, you are looking at having to get rid of the smoke odor as well.

Smoke odor from fire damage in your Tallahassee attic can be a troublesome thing to clean. Therefore, you need our professional staff from SERVPRO to assist you. Attics present challenges which are unique when it comes to deodorizing them after a fire. Items stored in your attic may have to be moved out so we can determine whether the odors are coming from the contents or your structure. Two materials which are affected in attics are structural materials such as rafters and insulation. How badly the smoke penetrated these materials determines the procedures of deodorization we need to use.
When insulation has been severely affected by the smoke, it may need to be taken out and replaced. If air pressure was low during the fire, smoke residues likely settled on top of the insulation, meaning it could be deodorized by following some simple steps.
First, SERVPRO techs ventilate your attic area to the exterior of the structure, then we spray or ULV-fog a counteractant which is water-based. We then thermal fog your attic and if needed, put a new layer of insulation over the old.
How intense the fire also affected whether structural materials have only light smoke residues, or they are charred and damaged by heavy smoke. We ventilate your attic, then clean the residues before sealing. Smoke odor removal, regardless of burnt elements, requires careful effort, to eliminate and not mask the odors.
SERVPRO of North Leon County can expertly take care of the smoke odors in your attic after a fire. Just give us a call at (850) 536-6599 if you live in the areas of Bradfordville, Centerville, or Tallahassee.

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Damage in Tallahassee from Your Water Heater

10/6/2017 (Permalink)

Exchange Your Tallahassee Home's Water Heater Before Leakage

Prevent Water Issues by Inspecting Your Water Heater -- SERVPRO Tip

Your water heater has a usable lifespan of 8 to 12 years, according to experts. It can last longer, but with each additional year, you risk problems due to deterioration, rust, and cracks. The team at SERVPRO sees flooded basements in Tallahassee on a regular basis, many due to a water heater long past its prime.
As a homeowner, you suffer from more than water damage in Tallahassee when a heater wears out. It can also create a significant hole in your budget. A flooded basement warps floors, stains walls, ruins carpets and contributes to mold and mildew growth in boxes of stored goods.
The best way to avoid a slow leak from a failing water heater is to replace it after 10 years. If you choose not to invest the money, you can reduce your risk by inspecting the appliance at least once a month. Look for condensation, drops of water on the floor, rusting around the holding pan or couplings, and signs of warping on floors and walls around it.
The experts at SERVPRO suggest that you always inspect your water heater before taking off on vacation. It is easy for a small crack to become a major leak. If you are not around, the water can create a flood in your basement, destroying your possessions.
If your water heater springs a leak, we are here to help. Our team is highly trained and certified to the highest industry standards by the IICRC Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, the group that sets best practices and criteria for quality work.
At SERVPRO, we approach cleanup with a focus on restoring your space, replacing only when necessary. After a complete inspection and assessment, we extract as much water as possible. Then we concentrate on drying the area, using state-of-the-art air movers and dehumidifiers. Then we clean and sanitize your basement rooms, and deodorize it. When we finish, it looks "Like it never even happened.”
For all types of water damage services, SERVPRO of North Leon County is here to help. We are available 24/7, (850) 536-6599, serving Tallahassee, Centerville, and Meridian.

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Flood Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Tallahassee

9/21/2017 (Permalink)

Your home does not have to be submerged to need professional restoration services. If there is any amount of water in your home, call SERVPRO.

Emergency Services for Flood Damage in Your Home

Hurricane Irma, which caused a wave of tension across the country throughout the better part of August and September 2017, spared Tallahassee by a whisker - a startling reminder of the powerful force of Mother Nature. In fact, statistics from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) indicate that floods are the most common and devastating natural disaster in the U.S, causing millions of dollars in damage yearly. Vehicles, for instance, can become submerged in the floodwaters and experience serious problems, while houses may sustain extensive damage from within - ultimately diminishing their market value.

If you are at risk of flood damage in Tallahassee, it would be comforting to have a restoration company at hand. When it comes to water damage restoration, SERVPRO is your go-to solution. We have a team of highly trained technicians on call 24/7, ready to respond to any emergency. Following IICRC recommendations, we can reverse the damage and restore your property to preloss conditions in a jiffy, "Like it never even happened."

Your home does not have to be submerged in water to sustain flood damage. Even a small amount of water can lead to tremendous losses when it enters your house. So regardless of your location, it always pays to take precautionary measures.

Flood water can make its way into your home through walls, windows, doors, roof, or the floor. It can also enter through sinks, bathrooms, toilets, and other openings in your drainage system. It can come in the form of a gush of water rushing in or a slow trickle. In any case, the resultant damage can be costly.

Financially, it can ruin your doors, furniture, windows, floors, electronics and electrical fixtures. Once the floodwaters recede, all these contents should be repaired or replaced with new ones - putting a heavy burden on your finances. Emotionally, the floodwaters may damage sentimental items such as old photographs, trinkets, and recordings associated with people you love. It is virtually impossible to replace these things. Furthermore, water suddenly flooding into the house can provoke panic and fear in you and your family. If the floodwater stays in and around your property for too long, it could lead to permanent damage. However, this does not happen very often; it is just a small possibility.

Exposure to flood damage does not have to be the end of the world. If you act fast, SERVPRO of North Leon County can come in quickly and begin the cleanup and restoration process. For queries and emergencies, call us anytime at (850) 536-6599.

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Localized Blazes can Cause Fire Damage to Homes and Outbuildings in Tallahassee

9/14/2017 (Permalink)

Fires in garages and sheds are as likely as house fires. Prevent the start of a fire with SERVPRO and contact us after a fire for remediation.

Our Technicians Prevent Fires and Fire Damage By Taking Some Precautions

Although hurricanes leave our area saturated with water, fires can start anywhere in Tallahassee. Gas pipes and power lines do not fare well during a hurricane and fires can spread to nearby structures with ease. Firefighters and their trucks can find themselves delayed by flooding on streets and washed out bridges.
Unattended homes, garages, sheds, and pool houses can sustain extensive fire damage in Tallahassee even when saturated. However, SERVPRO technicians can restore homes and other structures after a fire and smoke ruins them. When gas is involved in a fire's ignition, saturation with water provides little protection for the structures located in the area. Restoration begins with removal of all the damage. Working with property owners, we continue the restoration work, matching trim, paint, and other ornamental details as closely as feasible to the original materials.
When fire claims garages and sheds, the risk of explosions increase because of the increased likelihood these buildings hold stored containers of gasoline, charcoal lighter fluid, or other accelerants. We can clean the area around these buildings after such events, and prepare the area so reconstructive work can proceed safely. Broken shards of glass, bent metal pieces, and wooden beams complete with protruding nails all pose severe safety hazards to anyone present.
Rebuilding sometimes requires demolition to pave the way for new structures, and we can assist with this step of the process. Rest assured, we always salvage everything of value to avoid any wastefulness, protecting our customers' interests as much as possible. We have a network of over 1700 other franchises which we rely on whenever a job requires extra-specialized attention. There is no job too complicated or complex for SERVPRO, especially when we work as a team, either locally or with other franchises. Being your neighbors, we know how Florida weather can affect families in the area and always treat our customers in the manner in which we would want our own family members treated.
At SERVPRO of North Leon County, our technicians know that the fire damage sustained by your home or outbuilding can keep you from using your property as you would like. Contacting us at (850) 536-6599, which we answer 24/7, is the first step in getting your property back under your control.

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Mold Damage Prevention and Cleanup Services in Tallahassee

9/6/2017 (Permalink)

You can help prevent mold damage in your home by reducing clutter and keeping air vents unblocked by household items and furniture.

Causes and prevention of mold damage

Mold can be damaging and cause health effects when it creeps into your property. Something every homeowner in Tallahassee should understand about mold is that it can thrive anywhere with oxygen, moisture, and organic material. It is particularly common in damp, humid areas such as showers, crawlspaces, and basements.

For mold damage remediation services in Tallahassee, contact SERVPRO immediately before the fungi grow out of control. We specialize in restoring any property that has sustained mold damage, helping you save money in the process. With many years of experience, our IICRC approved technicians can assess the extent of the damage and come up with feasible solutions on the spot.

Knowing how to prevent mold growth can go a long way towards controlling mold damage. Inspect your home for leaks or excess moisture, especially in areas that are highly prone to damage. Once you discover existing leaks, SERVPRO can come in and begin the remediation process. To prevent an allergic reaction when looking for mold, always wear a mask or respirator approved for work with mold spores. 

Mold damage remediation involves removing moldy debris from areas such as drywall, sub-flooring, and hard surfaces. SERVPRO technicians use commercial mold control products with different compositions to treat these materials and eradicate any surviving mold. We also have a stock of advanced mold control equipment ready to dispatch whenever needed.

A good way to prevent mold damage in the house is cutting back on your clutter. Sort your household clutter and then pare down your belongings. Clutter hinders air flow and affects how your HVAC system circulates air. Furniture and draperies blocking supply grilles promote condensation. This moisture accumulates and forms micro-climates within the structure, which in turn welcome and support mold growth. To be safe, declutter and get rid of things you no longer need or use. Pull furniture away from grilles and vents to facilitate air circulation.

Playing with the air conditioner during hot, humid summers can also contribute to mold damage. If you set the thermostat too low, cold surfaces develop that allow water vapor to condense. If you set it too high, the air conditioner fails to dehumidify the air effectively. A general rule of thumb is to set the thermostat at 78 degrees F to prevent moisture problems.

Mold growth in the house is unsightly and may cause health effects. If you suspect the presence of mold damage in your Tallahassee home, SERVPRO of North Leon County can help get it under control. We are locally based and offer emergency mold remediation services for the Centerville, Tallahassee and nearby communities. For any assistance, call us today at (850) 536-6599!

Visit http://www.talgov.com/ for more information about Tallahassee.

Unexpected Fire Damage Hazards in Your Tallahassee Home

8/23/2017 (Permalink)

Keeping your laptop on a desk rather than on a bed or blanket can prevent it from overheating and potentially catching fire.

Preventing common household items from causing house fires

As homeowners, we are all aware of the dangers of fire. You have most likely heard the most common advice such as get a fire alarm and check it regularly and do not leave hot pans or burning candles unattended. SERVPRO understands that people in our local Tallahassee community want to be fire aware and minimize potential fire risks. That is why we would like to draw your attention to unexpected fire risks that you might not know about.

In the event of fire damage to your Tallahassee home, SERVPRO is on hand to assist with all aspects of fire remediation. We train our IICRC-certified technicians in all elements of fire damage cleanup, including the most appropriate cleaning actions for soot and smoke damage, and the use of thermal fogging, air scrubbers or even ozone machines to eliminate lingering odors.

However, prevention is always better than remedy, which is why we recommend you check for these unexpected fire damage hazards in your home today.

Laptops. You probably already know that laptops can get very hot. As such, they pose a fire risk if you leave them on a bed, couch or blanket. We recommend placing your laptop on a desk or laptop stand, and always switching it off when not in use.

Used charcoal. Have you ever thrown charcoal back in the bag after a barbecue, ready to use for next time? It is a common habit, and many of us do it. However, it can also be dangerous because there is a risk that the charcoal could catch alight and start a fire. That is why it is best to always store charcoal in a metal container with a tightly fitting lid.

Old appliances. As appliances such as kettles, TVs, hairdryers or stereos get older, they suffer from wear and tear. Old appliances might have frayed cords, poor connections, or damaged insulation, all of which can cause a fire hazard. It is a good idea to check appliances regularly and repair or toss any that are showing signs of damage.

Dryer lint. You might not think of your dryer as a fire risk, but in fact, dryer lint can spark a blaze. The heat from the dryer plus the lint is a potential fire starter. SERVPRO recommends cleaning out dryer lint after every use and checking the connecting hose and inside the drum for any stray lint, too.

SERVPRO of North Leon County is on hand to help with any fire cleanup jobs in Tallahassee and throughout the county. Call us today at (850) 536-6599 for assistance.

To learn about the history of the Tallahassee fire department, click here.

Finding A Solution To Water Damage In Your Tallahassee Area Home

8/4/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage in Tallahasse? Call SERVPRO

SERVPRO Provides Skilled, Professional Services for Water Intrusion Mitigation

You are up for quite an adventure when dealing with water damage in your home; there are many things to think about throughout your journey, some that make a huge difference in the results you receive.

Dealing with the aftermath of water intrusion often leaves you wondering how to address water damage on your Tallahassee property. With a variety of companies in existence these days, finding the right one can be quite a pain. Luckily, if you understand what to look for, this task can be easier than you might think.

A quality water damage restoration company offers a variety of services. The years of experience a company has in the industry makes all of the difference in the quality of the service you receive. You want to look for someone who does pre-recovery assessments to determine the proper avenue to take initially. However, you also want someone who manages the entire affair, including repairs, someone like SERVPRO.

A full inspection of your property helps locate hidden dangers, reduce secondary damages, and gives technicians a good action plan. Directing their attention to primary locations throughout your home can help workers reduce any losses you experience. These inspections also help point technicians in the right direction, focusing on certain areas of your home that hold higher significance.  
The company you use, should give you a full description of their services and produce price estimates before work begins. If they deviate from the plan at all, you and your insurance company need to know, immediately. Our local SERVPRO keeps you informed throughout the entire restoration process. We provide services that get the water out of your home and do everything to protect what is left. We help you with your claims paperwork regarding the restoration.

SERVPRO also has access to fully licensed contractors, with experience in performing everything from full remodels, to placing the finishing touches on specific areas. Our technicians can make your entire experience much better, leaving you with the satisfaction of knowing that an experienced professional produced quality results, just for you.

Contact SERVPRO of North Leon County to receive quality work from IICRC certified water damage professionals, today. (850) 536-6599

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Who Should Handle Mold Damage Found In Your Tallahassee Home

7/24/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO can even tackle contamination to your HVAC or ventilation system, where you discover mold near an intake vent.

SERVPRO is The Answer For All Your Mold Damage Issues 

After discovering mold on your property, it can be hard to determine who should perform the cleanup. With all of the articles about mold available online, different people saying different things, you may think it is much easier than it is to handle the job yourself.

Choosing to hire a professional to handle mold damage in your Tallahassee area home is likely your best bet. However, you should always check references and ask the company you intend to use, for more information about the guidelines they follow to perform their services. Normally, if they reference the EPA, or American Conference Of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH), you can count on them to carry out a thorough cleaning.

The right company can even tackle contamination to your HVAC or ventilation system, where you discover mold near an intake vent. SERVPRO technicians easily address these problems and more, providing you with the repairs you need to remove moisture your while controlling the spread of mold. Mold can cause staining and cosmetic damage to a variety of items found in your home, all of which may be possible to restore with little to no losses.

Always avoid exposing yourself or others to mold, it never hurts to get help. Think safety first and wear the appropriate protective equipment while checking areas that may contain mold growth in your home. If you are unsure, call a professional. You never want to get into a situation over your head or cause additional damage. SERVPRO can assist with furniture repair, art restoration, carpet, and rug cleaning, repair water damage and provide the services necessary to get things under control quickly.

SERVPRO technicians understand how much all of these conditions inconvenience you and your family. Our staff does everything possible, ensuring a stress-free, fast, effective mold remediation service and provides you with many suggestions to help prevent mold problems like this occurring again in the future.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Contact SERVPRO of North Leon County for professional mold remediation services you can count on to restore a safe, healthy living environment within your home. (850) 536-6599

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Hidden Water Signs in your Tallahassee Home

7/17/2017 (Permalink)

Wall stains are often an indication of water damage or possible mold. Call our team of trained technicians to investigate the problem.

Having Professionals Inspect Your Home for Possible Water Damage can Help Prevent Any Secondary Damage

Since water flows anywhere it wants once it is loose inside your home, you need to be aware of signs of water damage in areas which are hidden. The amount of interior spaces and voids where water can penetrate and stay unseen are just about unlimited.
That big pool of standing water in the middle of the floor is the easy part to see and clean, but what about the hidden water damage that is lurking in your Tallahassee home? Knowing what to look for helps you to find the damage faster before more can take place.
SERVPRO can come to your rescue when you find any hidden water damage. As a professional water damage remediation company, we can handle any water damage quickly and efficiently.
First, be aware of any unpleasant odors. Hidden residual water stagnates and encourages bacterial and mold growth, which makes an earthy, musty smell – an enormous red flag you have unseen water damage. You should also be aware of visible mold growth. Airborne mold spores are microscopic and can find their way into hidden crannies in your home’s structure. Water does too, and when moisture touches dormant mold spores, active mold growth starts. If you see fuzzy discolorations in spaces which are out of the way, have one of our SERVPRO technicians check it out.
Stains on ceilings and walls are also a telltale sign. Water which seeps into wall voids and the space in between levels can look like a blotch or stain as it saturates the ceiling or wall board next to it.
Peeling paint on the outside of the wall is another symptom of loose water in your wall spaces. Drywall saturates and the paint the loses its adhesion. Sagging ceilings and walls are also an indication that drywall or ceiling materials are saturated. They become quite heavy with added water weight and start to buckle and deform eventually.
The water looks for the lowest levels and seeps under floor coverings such as tile, carpet, and vinyl, soaking the subfloor as well. It may be necessary for us to remove some of the floor coverings, especially carpeting and padding.
At SERVPRO, we have tools such as moisture meters which can find the hidden moisture fast. We look for mold growth and clean that up as well if needed. Drywall and other damaged materials are replaced, and the affected areas are thoroughly dried with industrial fans and dehumidifiers.
SERVPRO of North Leon County is ready whenever you need us for a water emergency. You just have to dial our number at (850) 536-6599, and we come quickly to your home to restore it back to its original shape. We also do water removal for Florida State University.

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Remove Mold Damage From Your Tallahassee Area Hotel the Right Way

6/30/2017 (Permalink)

Moldy smells and hotel rooms are never a good combination. Call SERVPRO when your staff smells a musty odor to investigate the mold.

Team SERVPRO Will Be on Your Business Site Within Hours of Your Call

If you happen to smell a musty, dank odor anywhere in your hotel, never put off dealing with it. Mold damage can occur anywhere, leave stains behind, and cause excessive damage. However, mold can also flourish on the inside of your walls, under the carpet, or in dark hidden places where the right conditions exist.
When it comes to dealing with commercial mold damage on your Tallahassee area property, never take chances, locate professional remediation services as soon as possible. Remember, mold spores are everywhere, without the proper equipment and experience you may have to deal with this issue for quite some time.   
SERVPRO technicians have access to infrared moisture detectors that assist with locating mold growth anywhere in your hotel. Even without visible signs, our technicians can locate and repair problems fast, protecting both your employees and guests from harmful contaminants that put their health at risk.  
SERVPRO’s mold remediation services go beyond normal cleaning, providing you with the quality solutions you deserve. Our cleaning technicians use advanced cleaning and sanitation methods, as well as industrial-grade equipment to remove conditions that promote mold growth in your hotel in a quick and efficient manner.
SERVPRO maintains a safe, healthy, work environment, using containment methods that prevent the spread of mold to other clean areas while controlling growth that can pose a serious threat to your business in just a matter of days. We can help you keep your doors open and assist you with learning how to prevent future growth.
Any area of your hotel that contains common building components such as wood, paper, drywall, ceiling tiles, insulation, along with fabric, upholstery, and carpeting, provide mold with a perfect food source. Add excessive moisture from condensation, humidity, or water leaks of any kind, and you have mold growth and damage that requires professional attention to resolve correctly.
Get ahead of mold damage now, contact SERVPRO of North Leon County, today. Our certified, licensed, experienced technicians are ready to assist 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, without hesitation. (850) 536-6599

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Understand What To Do Immediately After Fire Damage Occurs In Your Tallahassee Area Home

6/7/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Can Board Up and Restore Your Tallahassee Home After a Fire

The Degree of Damage Dictates the SERVPRO Steps to Recovery

Those of you who have faced fired damage on your property before have likely heard that you should never enter your fire damaged home until the proper authorities tell you that it is safe to do so. Even then, you might want to consider waiting for some help before attempting to enter.  

Admitting that you do not know what to look for to prevent additional damage, or avoid injuries after a fire can save you from making a huge mistake. Fire damage occurring in your Tallahassee area home is bad enough, never add to the problem by tromping through damaged rooms and making things worse. Knowing whom to call and how to act after a fire incident occurs in your home can make all the difference.
With your family safe and the fire under control, you want to split responsibilities with your significant other, if you have one. Hopefully, you do because your day or night is far from over. Send one of you off to find temporary housing, make contact with family, friends, and your insurance company. Securing your families comfort for the next few nights, getting the kids and pets out of harm's way. If the damage caused by the blaze is not extreme, then we can rapidly expedite a return to normal.
The other should stay at the damaged home, secure the location, and make it a point to handle contacting a qualified restoration company, like SERVPRO for help. You never want to leave your damaged home all alone after an event occurs. Regardless of how quaint your neighborhood is, looting happens quite often, leading to further losses.  
Once your SERVPRO representative arrives, they can assess the area for damage, hazards, and help you perform a walk through safely, catching a glimpse of damages first-hand and make it clear to you what needs to happen as you move forward. Fire damage itself can be devastating. However, smoke, ash, and soot residue can make everything look far worse and actually be far worse.
Only someone with an expertly trained eye can tell the difference between an item that is irrevocably damaged and one that might be restorable with the proper services. SERVPRO technicians put several years of experience, IICRC certifications, and industrial-grade restoration equipment to work recovering your home and its contents immediately.  
Call us anytime, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. SERVPRO of North Leon County can make the fire damage in your home disappear, “Like it never even happened.” (850) 536-6599 Check this site here for more information.

Protect Yourselves Against Flood Damage The Right Way - Call SERVPRO In Tallahassee Today

5/24/2017 (Permalink)

Tallahassee Area Flooding is Helped by Expert SERVPRO Extraction

Flood Water Extraction Is Crucial to Mitigate Damage

Everyone understands what a flood is, right? Anywhere that an overflow of water submerges land or property that is usually dry. So, it does not take a rocket scientist to understand how keeping an eye on water sources found in our home can prevent damages that water causes.
Every home in the United States is susceptible to flood damage, even Tallahassee residents. Having the right insurance, taking the proper precautions, and performing the maintenance required to prevent catastrophic damages on your property makes sense.  
It is just like riding a motorcycle or driving a car. You would never drive a vehicle without insurance, or ride a bike without a helmet. They may not prevent accidents from happening, but they serve as protection against the damages that might occur should things get out of control.  
The same methodology applies to flood insurance or preparation services provided by a quality restoration company for your home. Insurance gives you protection after an event occurs, giving you a financial cushion to fall back on. Seeking preparation services from a company, like SERVPRO, provides you with many ways to strengthen your home and prepare against damages that may occur during an event.
While SERVPRO also gives you access to expertly trained technicians, industrial-grade equipment and a variety of resources that make recovering from a flood incident as painless and stress-free as possible. You could even look at emergency situations as an opportunity to make improvements, leading to ideas in prevention that you never thought of before.  
With the help of professionally trained ASD, Applied Structural Drying techs, you and SERVPRO can protect your property against all kinds of emergency situations. Fortifying your castle and protecting your family against all that attempt to harm them. When you consider the choices available today, the advances in technology or the level of comfort we have all become accustomed to, it is not hard to imagine us as our worst enemy. Consult with us about our ERP, the Emergency READY Profile plan with a mobile app to help you be prepared.
Take the proper steps to avoid catastrophic damage to your property, contact SERVPRO of North Leon County for assistance with preparing your home today. We can help you overcome any emergency situation and get you on the road to recovery today. (850) 536-6599 Visit the Capital: http://www.talgov.com/Main/Home.aspx

Mold Damage and Your Tallahassee Home

5/16/2017 (Permalink)

Mold comes in many colors and textures. Call SERVPRO to investigate and/or remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Focus on the Factors That Lead to Excessive Mold Growth in Your Home

Your home has many different elements to it, making a house into your place of refuge and safety. Intruders are easily kept out, for the most part, but the smallest unwanted guests are already present inside your home. These tiny trespassers are mold and mold spores, and they live everywhere.
Tallahassee homes are safe from mold damage, even though mold is always present unless certain situations develop that permit mold to grow profusely. When these conditions are present, mold can quickly become a costly nightmare for even the best-kept and cleanest of homes. Until then, mold can only lurk and wait while causing no harm.
Excess moisture must be present in sufficient amounts for mold to grow and start creating damaging problems for your home. Moisture can become elevated in localized areas of your home or throughout your home, depending on the source of the moisture. An overly damp basement can make an entire home damper, while habitual wetting of the floor outside the tub from showering or bathing without a mat can create elevated moisture levels in the bathroom. There are other aspects that also must be present for mold to grow – excessive humidity is not the only requirement.
Darkened areas, free of natural sunlight, are needed for mold to flourish. Sunlight slows the growth of mold, which is why placing items in the sun outdoors can help prevent mold growth. Short periods of sunlight are not sufficient to completely stop mold from growing, but it can slightly slow it down.
The other environmental presence required by mold to grow is also what is usually damaged by that same proliferation of mold growth – food! What you see as your home's walls, floors, furnishings, and many of your personal belongings – books, clothing, and the like, are considered to be a plethora of food sources to mold. This is because most of these items are made of, at least partially, cellulose, which comes from plants.
The plants used in the building materials used within your home vary, but wood is from trees, linen is from the flax plant, just like cotton is from the cotton plant, and drywall has a paper covering, which is another product derived from trees, as are the pages in books and magazines. Sometimes, materials that are otherwise non-organic, such as brick or concrete, have cellulose trapped in their crevices, allowing mold to grow there, also.
Living things in your home can also become affected by mold. Houseplants can become affected by mold, and providing them sufficient water for their needs can also provide moisture for mold to thrive. Your food (fresh fruits and vegetables, cookies and bread, cheeses, even dried pasta) can also grow mold and become unpalatable. This is because of both high moisture and cellulose contents in these items.
Because there is no such thing as 'mold-elimination' in a home, SERVPRO concentrates on both removal of excess mold and the materials that suffer from mold damage, and the control and reduction of moisture inside the home, instead. After the amount of mold has been reduced and excess moisture is brought under control, air scrubbers can further decrease the number of airborne spores.
We at SERVPRO of North Leon County want to help make your home healthy once again. Mold damage can be ugly, and also reduce the strength of your home's structural framework. Because mold is often located in hidden places, we are available at (850) 536-6599, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information about the County of North Leon, Florida visit: http://cms.leoncountyfl.gov/

Problems Unique to Storm Damage in Tallahassee

4/28/2017 (Permalink)

Storm flooding can be powerful and destructive. SERVPRO can be your ally during this stressful time. Call today.

SERVPRO Technicians are Standing By to Help Remediate Storm Damage in Your Home

Storm flooding is less common than clean water flooding but is much more destructive. Clean water floods start from a source inside the home, such as a water-based appliance or busted pipe. Storm floods come from outside the home, carrying waters caused by rainfall or river overflow into the home. As this water has come into contact with many more substances and materials than most clean water floods, storm flooding comes with a host of unique issues SERVPRO personnel have to work against in the fight to get your home back to normal.
One of the most easily visible effects of storm damage in Tallahassee is the staining of floors, walls, and furniture that comes with most of these floods. Even if it is only a very shallow layer of water, storm floods carry dirt, debris, chemicals, and plant matter that stain nearly everything they touch. In addition to heavy discoloration and warping of materials, stains of this sort usually imbue the damaged surface with a pungent and unpleasant odor. SERVPRO handles these messes with heavy cleaning equipment and special deodorizing foggers.
Organic Waste
Organic matter is one of the more unpleasant aspects of many storm floods. In addition to plants and timber, floodwaters can carry dead animals, fungi, and human waste into the home, creating potential biohazards requiring extreme care to handle. Luckily, we are fully certified to handle biohazards, so these issues should not interrupt our work process.
Power Outages
Power outages are a common facet of many storm damage cases, especially when far-reaching disasters like hurricanes are the principle cause of damage. Most of our equipment runs on alternative fuel sources or is self-powered, meaning that even though power may be out for the area, we should still be able to get work done and repair your home.
SERVPRO of North Leon County is ready 24/7 to help local homeowners mitigate the effects of storms and weather disasters. Call us at the first sign of trouble at (850) 536-6599.

Get The Help You Deserve To Tackle Water Damage In Your Tallahassee Home Today

4/10/2017 (Permalink)

Tallahassee Homeowners Benefit from SERVPRO for Water Removal from Their Homes

SERVPRO Answers the Call for Water Removal in Tallahassee and the FSU Area

A leaky roof, broken appliance, and plumbing issues affect more homeowners that you may think. Getting things under control often requires the attention of a professional restoration company, which means that the type of insurance you obtain is important.
Do you have a plan for when an incident like water damage strikes your Tallahassee area home? Water damage can produce devastating results; even small leaks lead to massive amounts of damage that wreak havoc on your living environment.
Having a relationship with a quality restoration company, like SERVPRO, before problems exist on your property gives you a variety of options you would not have otherwise. We can help you prepare your home for common issues affecting homeowners in your area and give you the assistance you need during an emergency that helps get things back to normal quickly.
SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified and follow EPA and OSHA safety standards and practices to provide you with the services you need. Making the call to our offices, before you need us, gives us an opportunity to inspect your property and assist you with preparing your home and avoid problems that can create substantial problems.
We have professional technicians available to test the grading on your property, install the proper drainage, backflow valves, and submersible pumps to help protect your home during a flood. We can also inspect your entire home to protect it against seasonal changes, insulating pipes and performing encapsulation services to improve your indoor air quality and the whole living environment of your home.
SERVPRO gives you access to industrial-grade water extraction equipment, including hand-held and truck mounted extractors of all shapes and sizes that make reaching hidden moisture an easy task. We also have a variety of moisture detectors, air movers, dehumidifiers and other drying equipment that helps provide you with a quick, efficient drying process.
We manage your entire restoration from start to finish, handling everything including water removal, drying, cleaning, deodorization and the repair of any damaged areas in your home. Our services are designed to provide you with a one-stop solution for all of your restoration needs, making it as stress-free as possible.
Get water under control now, contact SERVPRO of North Leon County to obtain the services you deserve. (850) 536-6599

How Flood Damage Affects Wood Floors In Your Tallahassee Home

3/25/2017 (Permalink)

Wood Flooring is Restored by SERVPRO After a Flooding Event in Tallahassee

SERVPRO Salvages Wood Flooring Post Storms and Floods

Wood floors are popular with homeowners. A natural wood floor has an elegance that is perfect for a family home or for entertaining. Unfortunately, wood floors are also susceptible to damage as a result of flooding.
Flood damage to your Tallahassee home can be the result of severe weather. This is a particular problem during hurricane season. However, the weather is not the only cause. A burst water main or even a faulty appliance can cause flood damage, too. Flooding is especially harmful for wooden floors and can damage them in 3 main ways:
Warping and Buckling
Wood floors that absorb excess water are susceptible to warping and buckling. The water soaked boards become misshapen and push against one another. There is a real risk of the warping or buckling becoming permanent as the floor dries.
Crowning happens when the top of the wood floor absorbs more moisture than the bottom or the sides. The top of the boards bow upwards to form a “crown”.
Cupping happens when the bottom or sides of the wood floor absorb more moisture than the top. The edges of the boards rise slightly to form a “cup”.
Flood damaged wood floors are not a lost cause. Quick action and proper drying make it possible to save the wood floors in your home. SERVPRO has all the equipment necessary to assess and treat your damaged wood floors and give them the best chance of restoration.
Our IICRC-certified technicians arrive with truck mounted and standing pumps ready to extract as much water as possible from the surface of your wood floors. Thorough water extraction is an important step in restoring wood floors. We can set up floor mats which are devices that cover about 8 square feet of flooring and helps in suctioning out water from the joints of the slats and also helps to dry the floor joists. We also remove any wet floor coverings as these hinder the drying process. We can install temporary floor tents (cover with poly sheeting) and introduce air circulation and dehumidifiers to draw out the moisture.
The correct drying process is vital. We train our SERVPRO experts to position air movers and dehumidifiers in the most effective way. We understand that proper drying of wood floors can take days or even weeks. You can rest assured that our technicians are on hand to monitor the drying process from start to finish. Some damage is improved by sanding after the surface is completely dry - our team takes care of sanding for you, too. We attempt to restore rather than to replace damaged flooring.
SERVPRO of North Leon County is here to help restore your wood floors after flood damage. Call us at (850) 536-6599 for assistance.

Commercial Water Damage near Tallahassee

3/22/2017 (Permalink)

Drying out cinder blocks is not totally straightforward because of inside spaces. Call SERVPRO and let us put our experience to work for you.

Area Businesses Depend on SERVPRO's Adept Water Damage Remediation Skills

Water damage, especially flooding, closes the doors on Florida businesses every year. The weather looks pretty nice for our area over the next week, but that can change in a matter of hours.

Water removal in a commercial structure in Tallahassee or anywhere else in Leon County is not a short and straightforward procedure. Storage facilities are not necessarily vulnerable to many types of damage, but their construction means a more difficult task in getting rid of water and moisture. Fortunately, SERVPRO has the experience, training, and equipment needed to get the job done.

The cinder block building materials in storage units and facilities make for an interesting set of problems. Standing water usually drains itself except for small areas that pump out rather quickly. The difficulty with cinder blocks is removing moisture trapped inside the walls. Each block has an open space or cell in the middle. Each block retains a surprising amount of moisture normally and blocks that have been under water or otherwise exposed (excessive rain for example) may contain standing water. Once this occurs, the blocks begin to sweat. Sweating is the process of the moisture slowly passing through the cinder block to the exterior.

Sweating increases the air moisture level of the inside of the facility, which raises the possibility of damage to boxes and property. For boxes stacked against a sweating wall, moisture quickly begins soaking the box and anything inside.

To remove the water or moisture, our technicians drill a hole in the joints between the blocks. This hole, through the mortar at a point near the floor; is an easily patched exit point and is unnoticeable to pretty much anyone except a mason.

The exit point provides a drain for water, and additional points increase airflow through the open cells. This increased flow also accelerates the sweating process as well. If the internal moisture is very high, technicians set up dehumidifiers. These machines remove over 20 gallons of water from the surrounding air every 24 hours.

Non-penetrating moisture meters are used to ensure moisture levels are back to normal inside and outside the walls. If the interior levels are still high, additional exit points are drilled into the mortar to improve airflow at higher points on the walls.

Protecting your business and the property of your customers is a top priority for SERVPRO of North Leon County. If you suspect that your facility has damage from recent flooding, contact us today at (850) 536-6599. We are here to help.

SERVPRO Cleaning Methods for Fire Damage in your Tallahassee Home

3/2/2017 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO after fire damage in Tallahassee.

Methods for Cleaning Fire Damage

The threat of a home fire is perhaps the most terrifying of possible disasters. What the flames do not outright destroy, smoke and soot stain and ruin nearly everything else if there is not quick action. Replacing personal contents after even a small fire runs into the thousands and even ten thousands of dollars.

Restoring the contents of your Tallahassee home after fire damage often costs less than total replacement. Not every item is salvageable of course, but SERVPRO has years of experience in the restoration industry and maintains an expansive inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment, as well as a 24-hour response team to make certain your property has the best options available.

The methods we use are the standards of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Each one has been developed and refined over decades, providing us the best ways to serve you:

Dry Cleaning - Despite the name, this has nothing to do with getting an ink stain out of a shirt pocket. Our restoration technicians use dusting cloths and feather dusters to remove soot and dust and dry sponges to remove particulates and larger pieces of debris from dry surfaces. This method is sometimes enough or is used to remove excess amounts of residues before wet cleaning.

Wet Cleaning - The process uses water, sometimes mixed with a cleaning chemical to remove moderate to heavy soot and smoke residues. In nearly every instance, restorers saturate the item to ensure success.

Spray and Wipe - If an item might be damaged when saturated, technicians use a spray bottle to apply a mist of water and chemical to an affected surface. It is more time-consuming than wet cleaning, but this method provides the restorer more control over the amount of product used. Product control is critical if the surface has a veneer or paint the owner wants undamaged, regardless of how long it takes.

Foam Cleaning - This method works well on many types of furniture and bedding. Restorers use the foam to apply a cleaner directly without using too much product and a lesser amount of water. Foam is especially useful on upholstery dyes that bleed when soaked or fabrics that are more likely to shrink. This method is also excellent for mattresses and box springs.

Abrasive Cleaning - This method uses a mechanical device to agitate the surface of an item. Restorers use this with a cleaning chemical when the residue is very thick, or the surface is very uneven such as some types of stone and marble. Technicians may use a hand brush on small items.

Restoration is a long process, but it is often cheaper and saves property that is more valuable regarding memory rather than dollar amount. SERVPRO of North Leon County is here to help put those memories back to their original state before the fire. Call us at (850) 536-6599 today to begin.

Mold Remediation and EPA Certified Lead-Safe Restoration For Your Tallahassee Area Home

2/16/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Is EPA Certified for Tallahassee Property Restoration

Trust the Expertise of SERVPRO for Mold Damage Restoration

Purchasing and renovating properties can be fun while requiring a bunch work at the same time. Especially when dealing with older properties that may have special circumstances you should consider. The odors may originate from mold infestations or lead based paint that has been disrupted.
When, you are searching for a restoration company to help with a possible lead paint restoration service or mold remediation on your Tallahassee area property built before 1978, give a call to SERVPRO. The EPA supplies you with a list of lead renovation, repair, and restoration companies who are certified to handle lead-related issues you may face on your property.
This list makes it a little easier to locate a certified company, like SERVPRO, which can provide you with the professional technicians to help you get the job done right on an older home. Remember that painted materials, such as drywall or plaster in older homes contain lead and can cause severe health issues if handled incorrectly.
By taking the EPA-approved training courses, SERVPRO technicians understand the proper ways to contain lead dust on your property. The RRP Lead-Based Paint Activities and Renovation programs stress mitigation of lead dust generated throughout the restoration process and a quality post-treatment clean-up process.
There are substantial fines levied against owners of properties caught using non-certified restoration companies that attempt to work on homes with lead paint. So, make sure that you hire a restoration company who is EPA-certified.
SERVPRO takes a proactive approach and follows all lead-safe practices, assuming that lead is present in all pre-1978 structures. Performing inspections for lead contents in painted surfaces such as walls, ceilings, painted brick, and any painted wood surfaces. If our technicians discover lead-based materials on the property, the on-site manager explains any potential risks and procedures involved in managing lead exposure during the restoration process to ensure everyone's safety. He can gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have.
Our technicians then construct a work containment system around the affected area that includes sealing off the HVAC system and maintaining negative air pressure while using HEPA filtration devices. All damaged materials are bagged and sealed before leaving the containment area for disposal. We also document our RRP service using the EPA's cleaning verification procedure.
Contact SERVPRO of North Leon County today for additional information and lead-based preparation. (850) 536-6599

Recognizing Water Damage In Your Tallahassee Home Early To Prevent Additional Loss

2/7/2017 (Permalink)

Damage from Water to Foundations and Basements in Tallahassee Is Frequent

Be Aware for Signs of Water Damage to Your Home Tallahassee Property

Many homeowners take on the responsibility of performing visual spot checks in various areas of their home every year to get ahead of possible water damage that may exist. However, as a new homeowner, you may not understand what to look for, or where to look.
It is important to remain vigilant in your battle against water damage in your Tallahassee home. Existing homeowners find value in recognizing these signs early on, to help avoid turning small leaks into major issues that affect their homes. However, if you are selling or purchasing a new home, you may want to read further as well.
At SERVPRO, we find that water can cause damage virtually anywhere in your home, but you can inspect a few high-risk areas to help prevent significant losses from developing if you manage to catch them early enough and contact professional help immediately after discovering the problem that exists.
One of the easily recognized signs of water damage that you may experience are stains that develop on your walls or ceilings, while stains around your windows, or door frames are also a common sight. Leaky pipes or cracked drains inside of your walls can cause drywall and other structural materials to expand and crack in various areas, sometimes leaving behind a swollen appearance or a soft-to-the-touch spongy area.
SERVPRO also receives many calls for water damage in flooring, which often leave behind white or dark stains on wood floors or wet carpeting that is accompanied by a musty damp odor. Besides the stains, your flooring may have bubbles developing on the edges or in other areas of the floor, or have warped or buckled sections. Ignoring these issues gives water free reign over these areas, eventually so